They said your life would flash before your eyes when you die.

I saw the stage, and the damn lucky mic stand.

I saw 5 amazing guys, and the awesomeness beyond any explanation.

I saw the smile that melted me into a puddle of goo.

I surely died happy in fangirl’s heaven called David Cook’s concert~  ♥


Riverside Theater
Milwaukee, WI

warning: fangirl incoherent thoughts, flailing guaranteed, quite a bit of photos, proceed at your own risk~

That’s Kyle’s hair right there, hardly noticeable because of photoshop’s smart blur filter. I did not cheat, it’s another band banner!

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report
intro (again) | Round 5 – St. Louis

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Please send an ME team to pick up my body from The Pageant. I died because of this epic concert on my friggin’ birthday.

Death by David Cook is definitely a perfect way to go.


The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, a bunch of blurry photos, proceed at your own risk~

oh, as usual, the above banner is a picture of the entire band~ can’t you see Andy’s hand?! XD

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report
intro (again)

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aka the story behind getting-ready-to-be-slaughtered process~ lol

Forgot to post this before going to the concert last night. If you’re looking for St. Louis recap, skip this one and wait for the next blog~

intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem | Autopsy Report

It’s all started with my best friend’s husband got a job offer in Austin, TX last year, so they relocated there, and I promised to go visit them. I finally found the perfect time in November, and we set the date for 11/13-11/16.

That was back when Friant, CA was the last show on DCO’s events page.

My brain did a mini calculation and decided that I could take an extra day off, so I went to my boss and got an approval for my vacation.

Eventually, I got a ticket to Table Mountain Casino show on 11/12.

Anyway, I must have slipped and called this trip to Fresno a plan at some point, because we all know, PLAN A never works. A few days after I got TMC ticket, DCO announced additional shows.

One of the shows happened to be on my birthday and all of a sudden my brain went:

I WANT TO GO TO ST. LOUIS!!! Even though I’d never been there before and didn’t know anyone in that area. HA!

Are you trying to kill me or what, David Cook?! (oh well, that’s kind of the whole point of this blog series, eh? lol)

I thought about it for a day or two, then went to ask my boss if I could take additional days off, basically I’d be gone from the office for the entire week. He asked why and where I’m heading to, so I confessed. He asked if it’s worth going all the way to STL for a concert. The economic part of my brain silently answered no, while the crazy part of my brain said ABSOLUTELY! My boss just laughed while I repeatedly said “but it’s my birthday~” in a very high pitch voice XD He eventually told me to go get a concert ticket first then we’d talk about this.

So, I went ahead and got a concert ticket. LOL

During that time frame, David Cook himself announced another concert in Milwaukee on 11/11 via Twitter.

Hmmm… interesting…This one actually made me scratched my head since they’ll have to be in Friant, CA the next night, and back in Ontario, Canada on 11/14.

I strongly believe that they need a logistics analyst to plan their tour route LOL

Anyway, after consulting google maps and expedia, I found that plane ticket from STL to MKE only cost $39. Now my lovely brain went:

OMG I WANT TO GO TO MILWAUKEE TOO!!! Though, again, I didn’t know anyone in the area and never been there before~ XD

I eventually got a concert ticket for Milwaukee show. LOL awesome seat! oh my life~

Long story short, I finally got all logistics sorts out, plane tickets, hotels, etc. My family didn’t freak out, which was a surprise. Probably because I told them that F-san’s going to STL with me (got another ticket from Ticketmaster, OMG AMAZING SEAT!) I didn’t tell them about Milwaukee though..

In fact, only my boss and one of my coworkers knew about the entire trip. Just in case.

As I said before, the high from his concert is so addictive, I cannot wait to be slaughtered by this precious killing machine again.

Cannot wait.

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I refused to call this an epilogue.

Simply because I have a big thing with this word song word, and also because I’m not ready for my David Cook journey to come to an end.

Withdrawal is a bitch, and lovesickness is even worse.


previously: intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage | Round 4 – Salem

4 shows in 2 weeks.

It probably sounds like nothing compared to a bunch of fans who’ve been to to 10~20+ shows already (how did they manage to pull that off btw?! If I ask for that much time off, my boss will definitely aim a staple gun at my head, and squeeze the trigger without any hesitation.. well, not that we have a staple gun in the office, but you get the point! LOL), but it means a whole lot to me.

The experience. The excitement. The emotions. The moment.

One of the best 2-week periods of my life, hands down.

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So, a lion and a crocodile were having a fight. How the heck did I die?

Oh, they were fighting over David Cook’s tummy~ LOL


Oregon State Fair
Salem, OR

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, severely lacked of photos, proceed at your own risk~

Also, 10 brownie points to whoever catches a ‘thing’ I did with the above banner~ ;)

previously: intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage

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