Well, I don’t think gooides are spoilers since they don’t reveal anything about the show, not even the outfits LOL But if you want to see them for yourself at the theater, stop right here ^^

Personally, I think the goods this time are quite boring with all studio shots. But Takki is gorgeous as always. LOL (do I even have to mention that? xD) It would have been great if these goodies have his current hair instead though.


First thing first. A new year’s gift from Takki to the fans!

It came in a gift envelope with gray/red ribbon print, Takki’s name and Kakumei logo. Inside, there’s a shiny 5 yen coin along with a message from Takki.

Lucky money, 五円 (go en), is also a symbol for good karma/fate, ご縁 (go en) as Takki wish to keep this bond with his fans (Thanks A-san!). At the beginning, I thought they only gave it out during the first show on 1/1, but apparently the staff handed these precious envelopes out through 1/3 (according to the tradition, otoshidama is given between Jan 1-3).

In case anyone wants to read the whole message from Takki:


I felt soooooooooo blessed with this gift!

On to the goodies!

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