Raise your hand if you’re still waiting to read a report on Takizawa Kakumei~ LOL I haven’t seen any complete report out there yet, probably because the DVD is coming out (soon, please, Avex?) or probably because the plot was too messed up xD It took me forever and I doubt anyone still wants to read it but I need to finish this thing so I can move on with my life, oh well.. LOL

Summary: A family combo of (sorta) modern Enbujou and One!, might as well called it 「Two!」 or 「One and a Half!」 for the sake of continuation~ XD Twisted plot that still didn’t make any sense, to the point that Japanese fans gave up trying to completely understand it. Thumbs up for Johnny-san! XD Plenty of Hidejiji and Hidejuice/Holy Hidewater. Still emo. Gorgeous!Takki as always~ LOL

Warnings: A continuation of a long and messy fangirling gibberish. Please do not take any part of my report and repost it elsewhere. Oh, and 「As smoking might injure your health, be careful not to smoke too much.」 *coughs* (what a cute warning label on cigarette package they have in Japan?! How about another one — 「Smoking by minors is illegal.」  -“- )

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Summary: A family combo of (sorta) modern Enbujou and One!, might as well called it 「Two!」 or 「One and a Half!」 for the sake of continuation~ XD Very messed up storyline that I believed only Johnny-san could come up with. Lots of sword fighting, yelling, being emo, and back to sword fighting. Gorgeous!Takki, but that’s a given~ LOL

Warnings: A very long post with lots and lots of fangirling gibberish. It’s going to be super messy and confusing. I wrote a lot of silly details as I love to come back to read my own blog and daydream back to these few wonderful days :)

BTW, please do not take any bit or piece of my report and repost it elsewhere.

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Otsukaresama deshita~~

January 27, 2009 | takki |


Congratulations on the successful run of Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei!! ^__^

Thank you, all the staff, for working together to make this show run safely and smoothly through the end. I am especially grateful for those men-in-black stage crew who were always there to move the mattress to ensure Takki’s safe landing.

Thank you, all cameramen, for recording this show. BTW, I have a very high hope on you, cameraman-san, whichever one of you who followed Takki all day! Don’t even dare cutting a single hadaka shot out of the DVD yo! XD And now could you all just get your ass up and go film Tsubasa’ D&R tour too, please? ^^

Thank you, all juniors who worked really hard to help creating this colorful revolution.

Thank you, Nikki-san, for being such a cool sempai, even though I thought you were falling asleep in Nikki’s corner when I first saw you sitting there~ xD

Thank you, Takki, for all your hard work and dedication. Being able to be there and see you in this show made me admire you even more as I could see how much effort you’ve put into performing each show. And thank you for the shiny otoshidama! XD You’ve made 2060 2009 a special year for me already!

I’m so glad that I got turned into a your (and T&T) fan (Thanks to A-san LOL) as you never cease to amaze me.

Now, I hope you can get plenty of rest and get back to your normal healthy self before the next major task attacks you ^^; Oh, and please enjoy your time off protecting your super sexy Tsubaushi~ XD



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A long fangirling report ahead, proceed at your own risk.

Please note that I don’t really understand Japanese, if you’re looking for a full-blown detailed report, wait for someone else instead LOL

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! ^^

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My fingers are still on vacation. I’d never had this many typos before but I’ve been having problem typing up emails at work all week. Or maybe it’s just my brain that simply refused to work? LOL

Safe post, still no spoiler ;)

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