what, when, and why – behind all my blog headers

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2007.10.12 – My first ever blog header when I moved from LJ to this domain.

I actually made this banner for T&T forum, but forum admin went with my other one instead, so I picked this one up to use it here.

Photo scanned from T&T 2007.04-2008.03 calendar box. I think it’s my most favorite calendar as I left it on my wall for 2 years *lol*

“at our own pace” was a quote from T&T. I thought it was appropriate for their anniversary.

Also a perfect start for my blog. At my own pace.

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[#2] Takki – SEDUCTIVE

2007.12.09 – Every once in a while, these overpriced JE shop photos are amazing~ This one was from their Takitsuba BEST album photoshoot.

In fact, anything with Takki lying down is awesome. Anything with hadaka!Takki and Tsubasa is awesome. Anything with them together is perfect in my book *lol*

Having the toughest time coming up with the wording. So many suggestions from my friends, varying from S.E.X to Come ‘n Rape Me *ROFL* I was also thinking about in bed with me *so obvious* or take me, honey or rape-able. *lol* Couldn’t blame my brain, can’t you see how inviting he was?!

I bleached the color out and made him look really really pale so his red hat would stand out more.  I think I learned how to properly (to some degree) work on layer adjustments from this header ^^

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[#3] T&T – ENDLESS

2008.01.27 – I scanned my pamphlet and felt like dying while pressing it hard against the scanner bed… Why oh why Takki had to be sooooooo close to the spine?! (T__T)v

Photo from 2007 Kuricon pamphlet. Totally love this shot of them, together, open sky, endless possibilities.

I made a few variations of this header. With different colors and lighting, but ended up with B&W silhouette version. I think it gave out a mysterious aura somehow. Kinda sexy, IMO. *lol*

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2008.06.16 – A temp crack header just for fun ;)

Screencaps from T&T Premium Live DVD. Who could resist Tsu’s butt? Let’s leave it at that. *lol*

oh how I missed seeing a (huge) glimpse of Tsu’s Backbone and Takki’s bra strap! XD

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[#5] TAKKI – ねぇ、逢えないの?

2008.06.18 – facepalms!Takki from Koi Uta PV ♥ I love T&T ballads!

Screencap taken from acoustic PV. Anyway, the awesome 20+ minute mini drama is highly recommended to understand the story in this promo PV linked above. Takki was a guardian angel, while Tsu was a BFF of this blind girl who lost her parents. In the end, Takki abused his angelic power to help the girl regain her sight, so he lost his angel status and joined JE #FallenAngelIsMyFavoriteThing~

I love how Takki always. ALWAYS. has a split second moment that grabs my fangirling soul. Like that bad ass shot in Samurai PV. Like that hot damn hand movement from Black Butterfly. Yup, just like that.

THIS one was the moment from Koi Uta PV. He looked so broken (I wasn’t referring to his pinky *lol*) and his solo line was heartbreaking.


hey, I want to see you.
hey, can’t we see each other?
Even though I care for you so much…

~ ♥ ~


2008.08.24 – I LOVE THIS AMAZING NAKED BACK. This W2TP pamphlet was so friggin’ awesome.

Look at my hilario~ sketch and you will laugh to the poor Pluto. xD #PleaseDoNotPutMeInABoringMeetingEverAgain #IHaveNoDrawingSkill #AndIDrewHisButtCrackOhMyHeck XD

I actually wanted him to be half angel half devil. Like 2nd face. That was the image in my brain but I still didn’t know how to translate that mental image into reality *lol*

Totally love this color combo – black, white and crimson. I think it’s perfect for Tsubasa.

~ ♥ ~


2008.09.11 – T&T 6th Anniversary banner. I took on a big fan project that year and it came out awesome I was super happy~ ♥

The idea was simple. TOGETHER. Hence, all unit photos over the past 6 years since their debut. I just love it when they’re together because they seem so relaxed and natural (even when they make kakkoii serious faces *lol* I really adore the Oricon Style photo in the middle, see, I EVEN LOVE THEIR BACKS, OKAY?

Kakko Tsukanai Tonight was such a moe moe performance, getting closer and closer while looking at each other. Just kissu kissu already, boys! HA!

Myojo photoshoot manip on the right was my #1 photoshop success ever. They were on the other side of the bed for crying out loud and I did THIS~ *lol* Oh what a fangirl can do.

“together having 6th” ← I love this blurb so hard. Big thanks to Tsubaholic for coming up with it, she’s brilliant~

~ ♥ ~


2009.01.11 – Completely under Takizawa Kakumei spell, I knew I had to have this header.

Scanning the pamphlet was the most painful thing a fangirl could ever imagine. I actually cut it this time in order to capture everything along the spine *ouch* >”<  well, at least I bought 3 copies, so it’s almost okay. *lol*

I love how inviting Takki looked in this photoshoot. Simply adore his white shirt, white pants, and this kimono-ish kinda jacket. Tono was so delish. ♥

Using the word “LOVE” from Enbujou LOVE because I thought it’s fitting. Plus, {Takki = kamisama} in my fangirl brain anyway *lol*

~ ♥ ~


2009.04.12 – A T&T header as a continuation from the 6th anniversary banner. I changed my blog theme to iBlog right around this time and really love how clean my blog looked when the header has no border. Took me a big while to photoshop the string, but the result was very satisfying. (and I do have this photo string in RL too, thanks to IKEA~ *lol*)

I called this one “CONNECTED” because of the two pictures from their Love Q&A book in the middle where it looked like they’re texting/looking at one another. I truly believed that even though they’re concentrating on solo activities, they would eventually come back to the unit, to their home. ♥ That’s why I put their smiling faces together, and they’re connected in both T&T photos. Takki showing up at Tsu’s show on this birthday made me happy for weeks.

That T&T charm from their keitai strap remains their best concert good to this day.

~ ♥ ~


2009.05.14 – An impromptu Kris Allen header as a result of Kris going to finale, instead of Gokey *lol* We had a celebration at my office the following day. *lol*

Photos credited to whoever took them. I really love the one on the far right. The feeling of that photo was amazing.

~ ♥ ~


2009.06.12 – A super long overdue David Cook header. I finally admitted that I love this dude. But more than that, I admire him. So much. For his heart and his strength.

Thank goodness he’s real.

Photos snatching from all over the place, credit goes to whoever took them as usual. That Permanent photo on the right is one of my most favorite shots ever. So heartbreakingly beautiful. ♥

This photo-string template has become my most reused theme for both header and wallpaper. YAY lazy me~ *lol*

~ ♥ ~


2010.11.20 – I went to David Cook’s concert on my birthday in St Louis, hopped on a plane to Milwaukee the following day for another concert, then took another flight to Austin, TX to visit my friend (which was the initial plan, tsk tsk, priorities) *lol*

David Cook debuted Make Believe at the Pageant. It was amazeball! THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. ♥

Photo from Riverside Theater the next night, taken when DCook was being all adorably playful, climbing the speakers. Oh, I also got to go to M&G before the show (which lasted about 25 seconds, but whatever, i got a picture with the entire band. HA!)

When can we go back to the first time we met?
Just a glance in a room
Kept us drunk through the moon
I still remember telling you that your smile
It could light up the sky
When the night time fell over Hollywood …
Now we’re always so unsure

Can we make believe
That we still believe
In anything
You know that all that I am
Is in the palm of your hand
So make believe that you give a damn
And make believe

~ ♥ ~


2010.02.28 – Pulled a 28-hour ninja trip to David Cook’s concert in Cabazon, CA on Feb 27. Came back home the next day lovesick as usual *lol* He’s so precious.

Photo taken during Lie, which was beyond gorgeous. I can’t even. *purrs* Not the best quality pic ever but I really love his emotion during this song. Plus, I still want to be that damn lucky microphone, okay?

A series of surprises that day finally led us to this awesome moments when DCook and the Anthemic debuted this new song, U and I. I practically died and went to a fangirl heaven.

so tell me you believe in the world that we can’t see

just you and I, do or die
as the sun burns everything that’s in our eyes
so take my hand, take a stand
’cause there’s nothing left to stop our dreams again

You and I

I also got to meet/make new friends. A ninja life was awesome :)

~ ♥ ~


2010.10.04 – My very first Archie header, after 7 months with the previous header. What? Really? Have I been ignoring my blog that long? *lol*

Screencap from behind-the-scenes clip of his album, The Other Side Of Down, photoshoot. I couldn’t resist this adorbness. Look at his smile. He’s too much for my heart ♥

Title from track #12 on this album. My Kinda Of Perfect is such a romantic song. I really love the message of this song.

but I keep wondering
how and when and why I haven’t met you

I’ll keep searching for my kind of perfect

~ ♥ ~


2010.11.14 – An impromptu header change. I guess I just love this photo-string template too much *lol*

November is a good month. So many awesome things.

Photos taken from everywhere. Credits to whoever took them. This header is in the other side of down mood. I really need to go see David Archuleta live. Watching a ton of youtube videos is definitely not enough. ♥

~ ♥ ~

[#16] T&T – Takitsuba Matsuri

2010.12.18 – I wasn’t in a high mood for T&T header during their 2½ year hiatus, but now that they’re back, here comes a long overdue T&T header~ ♥

New template but the same style as my usual headers. Polaroid series continues! *lol* I just love how clean it looks on my page yo!

Photos from that infamous paparazzi shop at Takeshitadori *lol* Thanks to my dearest friend for risking her life walking into that crowded street with me. Anyway, all photos from Takitsuba Matsuri 2010 concert. Takki carrying Tsubasa over his shoulder was awesome. I’d probably scream my head off if I saw it live. *lol*

I missed their concerts so much.

BTW, amazing Ai wa Takaramono promo rush in November, even though I missed most of it due to my travel schedule, but thanks to all kind souls for uploading various clips of their appearances.

I love it the most when they’re together. ♥

~ ♥ ~

[#17] David Cook & The Anthemic – Pet-A-Palooza 2011

2011.05.16 – Just a quick temp header to get me into STAR Lounge mode, pretty much just converted it from Pet-A-Palooza album art I made last month. Yes, I’m a recycle queen *lol* :)

All photos from Pet-A-Palooza concert in Las Vegas in April. I feel so bad for Kyle but I could hardly see him that day *lol*

~ ♥ ~

[#18] DAVID COOK – STAR Lounge

2011.05.21 – As you can see, I’ve been into FRAME mode lately. Blame it on PhotoShake. *lol* Anyway, my sister showed me how to simply create it in Photoshop yesterday, so here we go~

This frame makes my header look clean even with lots of pictures. I guess there will be more headers like this one in the future~ #RecycleQueenRemember? *lol*

Photos from STAR Lounge performance at Club Sno, Snoqualmie Casino. DCook sounded fantastic. I love it when Dave and Neal play together like this. Their rhythm are perfect together. The way they communicate just by looking at each other. I adore how bored Neal looked some time too *lol*

~ ♥ ~


2011.10.22 – Five months after my last header. This time I switched from my usual crimson/black/white to blue/black/white. It looks different. I love it.

October is a crazy months. Seriously. CRAZY. It’s awesome.

Photo from DCook concert at Showbox SoDo. It was an incredible night. David and the band delivered an amazebomb show. I had a fight with stage lights but this photo came out perfect in my book. ♥

Lyrics from Circadian because I think it fits and I love this song so much so much so much.

♪ The fall of who we are is getting closer
And I’m just holding on until it’s over

~ ♥ ~


2011.11.20 – Zombies ate my brain~

Photo from DCook concert at ACL Live, Austin, TX. A crazy zombie night with DCook and the Anthemic. The best Halloween eve ever~ ♥

Decided to use TQN album title. Fitting since I used Circadian lyrics for the previous header to kick off this awesome #TourTime, so Rapid Eye Movement is a perfect choice for me to close off the awesomeness of October!

♪ Give me one more quiet night
‘fore this loud morning gets it right
and does me in

~ ♥ ~


2012.02.11 – This Loud Zombie!

Photo from DCook concert at ACL Live, Austin, TX like my previous header. I just friggin’ love that night. :)

For tagline, I was thinking something about heart, but went with a snippet from Circadian instead. I think it fits. Have I mentioned Circadian is genius? IT IS. IT IS. IT IS. ♥

You can’t escape this drying ink~

~ ♥ ~


2013.01.17 – oh my phantom~ ♥

Currently obsessed with Ramin Karimloo’s voice. And by obsessed, I mean head over heal in love~ HA!

Screencap from ‘Til I Hear You Sing official video. My favorite shot. His tear rolling down his cheek. Break my heart!

This song was so lonely. How Plantom longed for his Christine. Powerful voice. I love it so hard.

And sometimes at night time
I dream that you are there
But wake holding nothing
But the empty air

~ ♥ ~


2013.09.24 – concert-high alert!

David Cook is back on tour! *throws confetti* After almost two years, I’ve got to see them on stage again. OH THE JOY.

Photo from Dosey Doe Big Barn, The Woodlands, TX. It’s such an awesome venue. Legit best show ever. EVER.

DCook and the band were on fire that night, especially the dude, he’s probably still high on steroid in his ass *lol*

~ ♥ ~


2013.10.17 – feeling a little blue but not too blue. *lol* Probably still on concert high but too exhausted to bounce around at the moment.

A quick photoshop work. At first I wanted to use this one as a banner since I really liked the colors, but the composition didn’t work out when it’s wider. So I opted for this simple banner with some light and texture layers instead.

Photo from Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa, OK. Last show of my trip, exhausted to bones, but enjoyed the concert hardcore.

And Monty totally stole the show that night. HA.

~ ♥ ~


2015.03.07 – feeling a little drunk after DCook’s concerts in Napa and Sacramento. Was lucky enough to be THIS close to the stage when he sang Wait for Me. I mean, DCook. Piano. IN MY FACE. Life was so rad.

First header in almost two years. A fairly simple photoshop work. Black, white and blue. For once, I only spent about five minutes deciding on fonts. *lol*

Photo from Harlow’s, Sacramento, CA. Taken with an iPhone. A lucky shot.

~ ♥ ~


2015.08.02 – giddy and excited for the new album, available September 18th. CANNOT WAIT.

Made this header to support the album/single release, playing around with it for a BIG WHILE. I ended up throwing a bunch of texture layers on top of each other. Hope red pops enough. Tried to mimic the fonts DCook uses for this new album but couldn’t figure it out so I just century gothic everything *lolz*

Photo from Uptown, Napa, CA. Blurred but I like. *lol*

~ ♥ ~

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