• In an attempt to organize my external HDs several months ago, I’ve found 7-8 T&T icon folders sitting in various sub of sub of sub folders. ^^; Looking back at these icons, I have learned a lot about Photoshop during the past year. Believe me, this program is the best tool to test your patience and tolerance. LOL

    One thing I’ve noticed about me and most of my icons, I couldn’t leave them alone without fonts! *adds text layers* XDD I’m insane, I could spend hours choosing fonts for only one word (and ended up using the same old fonts anyway LOL), and even more hours picking the word itself! ^^”

    I make T&T icons when I’m happy. I make T&T icons when I’m mad. I make T&T icons when I’m fangirling. I make T&T icons when I’m depressed like hell. I make T&T icons whenever I have time LOL Of course, they’re not a pair of super heroes, but for real, making these icons has helped save my days far too many times to count. Just look at them simply make me smile and put me in a good mood.

    I’m grateful for my chance to be their fan. :)

    So, I’ve created this page to be a place to talk about my T&T icons/wallpapers that I’ve shared with T&T fandom, other Photoshop related works, and my random thoughts on them. (I’ll probably come back and talk about my personal icons later.)

    I’m definitely not an expert on making graphics but I always do it with my heart when it comes to Takki and Tsubasa.

    They inspired me.





  • My first real evil manip which took me all night (of course, worth it! LOL) Heh, for real, who could stand them sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed like in the original photoshoot?! XDD. When I first saw the scan, I thought that Takki’s legs position was weird, but just like a jigsaw, it fits right in entangling with Tsubasa’s legs! xDD And nope, I don’t think Takki would mind waking up with the worst cramp ever! wooohooooo~~ *runs*


because they are loved.

MANIPULATED from Myojo 01/2007 photoshoot by me, for viewing pleasure only.
DO NOT claim, take or make any further graphic from this manip. Thanks! ^^
Credit: Tsubaholic for original scans.


  • I kept thinking about what to make for Tsubasa’s 26th birthday but couldn’t really come up with any cool idea, so I decided to copy a magnet board in my bedroom LOL The real thing actually looks pretty much like this, but with lots of Takki’s and Tsubasa’s pix. Basically, I don’t have any space left for any kind of notes, important or not!! XDD Mini cheat on the magnets, I took a picture of my real ones as I was running out of time ^^”

    And please don’t kill me, I really couldn’t leave Takki out! LOL

    BTW, I do realize that this wallpaper is not working well with lots of icons on desktop, that’s why I used the 1024×768 one on my big screen and set the screen to black instead XD

    1024 x 768

    1280 x 1024


  • Recent wallpaper and icon batch for T&T’s 5th Anniversary. Each icon represents Takitsuba’s release during their five terrific years together, because I do appreciate every single one of them! ^___^

1024 x 768


  • This 1.5-second shot towards the end of Samurai PV caught me off guard and put me into a coma~!!! LOL I swear, this bad boy look of his is going to be the end of me!!!! #()%&$^)!@)#$*!! TAKKI-SAMA!!!!!!!! XDDD My first attempt at 10 variations. It was a lot more fun than I thought! :)


un-resized rotated B&W mirror double
re-colored whole image stock original not square

  • Starting off with only 4 pix in the middle, just to learn how to use polaroid brushes, 30+ hours later I ended up expanding the canvas size 3 times XD The Idea is to have T&T pick out some photos and scribble down short notes, some of them are connected because, yes, I’m lame XD Along with this wallpaper are some by-products (aka a bunch of quick icons :P).Anyway, this wallpaper is so far my most favorite PS work I’ve created. :)







  • A crack wallpaper to celebrate the kickoff of Tsubasa’s WWP in August 2007. I really like this moment from the offshot. I wouldn’t blame Takki for being excessively possessive! Takizawa-san..YOU’RE SO DAMN LUCKY TO HAVE IMAI-SAN AS YOUR PARTNER!!! LOL


    1024 x 768




  • Made for Takki’s 25th birthday in March 2007. Yes, I’m a month early, but the idea came to me and kept me thinking about it over and over, so I had to abandon my comfy bed and start working on it over the weekend. First, I tried a pix of Takki’s back with wings, but with wings this size, I couldn’t see his face when he turned to look at the camera. After going through my T&T folders, I came across his lickable 6-pack, and that’s it, the end of me! LOL This is what came out ^___^

    1024 x 768

    1280 x 1024



  • I made Kat a birthday banner in December 2006 from this pix, and she recently wondered if I’d want to make it into a wallpaper. Heh, who could say NO to Tsubasa in white?! Obviously not me! LOL My daydream of a back cover for Tsubasa’s 2007 photobook, produced by his aikata. That’s why I added © and Takki’s name there for a kick ^^ Of course, Takki has reserved all rights on his Tsubasa! *runs to TxT land*


    1024 x 768

    1280 x 1024





  • Made from T&T 2007 calendar ad, to be used as LJ background. White and blue, my favorite colors ^__~ The layout is simple but it was my first time using this LJ theme, oh boy, it took me hours to figure it out the settings +__+

    1024 x 768

    1280 x 1024



  • The first wallpaper I ever made. I didn’t even know how to work on multiple layers back then, so instead of using filters which would have made my life 10x easier, I used smudge tool to blend and get rid of stray pixels from the scans. ^^” dumb-o me. Quoted from Takki’s Ki.Se.Ki because it’s the song I first fell for him, make sense? XD

    1024 x 768



  • A quick plain wallpaper made when I got my first copy of Takkicon DVD. Quite a pain to remove all those texts across the bottom of his outfit (dress? tail? xD) though. Plus a little cheating on those vines too ^__~ Anyway, the bottomline is Takki was so beautiful.

    1024 x 768



Credits: Huge thanks to all kind souls who shared these magazine/photo scans.

Please do not edit, reproduce or repost either any part of the wallpaper or icons elsewhere without my permission.

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