a series of inspired-by-“God Is”-ad wallpapers

It’s quite simple why these three wallpapers are my favorites. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on each one of them and they turned out way better that I was shooting for.



It started when I was looking for an idea to make a Neal wallpaper. During my family vacation to East Coast back in May 2010, I saw this ad while we’re riding NYC subway.

Speaking of a light bulb moment. I knew right away exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t get to exercise that idea until 3 weeks later. :)

Pulling bits and pieces from every MWK song, my favorite phrases and words. His words. Font selection was always a pain due to my nature *lol* but what took me the longest was the color scheme. Seriously, I felt like I couldn’t pick the right color for him. I tried everything from pink to green to rainbow (HA), and finally decided to go with purple to match his website instead.

Photo: Morongo Casino when Neal walked over to stage right. A perfect moment.



Almost three weeks later, I decided to make my very first Andy wallpaper!

At the beginning, I was going to make it black and white to match NEAL, but later opted for a combination of B&W and some bokeh lights instead.

Since I was into MWK songs, and knew what I was doing already, it started out pretty quickly. I tried not to use the same verse as NEAL (I used some anyway *lol*), and also took more phrases from To Have Heroes lyrics. White fonts were much easier to deal with (compared to purple).

Until my Photoshop crashed. Not once. Not twice. THREE TIMES!! OH MY GOSH frustration. I saved my stuff regularly but with a bunch of randomness when I moved these words around and adjusted opacity and what not, there’s a lot of change every minute! *lol*

Photo: Capitol Theatre, my very first DC concert. I just love Andy’s expression and his hair~



About a week later, I decided to give DCook wallpaper a try to complete this series.

As a progression, this one was full color *lol*

I thought it’d be easier since I was more familiar with DC songs, but that was totally not the case. Instead of a word or a phrase from each song, I seriously wanted to use every single line from each song and that’s greatly problematic on 1280×800 space. *lol*

I spent more time deciding on words as I wanted each one to be meaningful and remind me of him. You can probably pick my fangirl brains by looking at my choices. Some tidbits:

  • “PERMANENT” was intentionally placed on the opposite side of “EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY” (also, caps lock vs lowercase too)
  • “something I could believe in” was my first choice from TOML but I decided to go with “MAGIC RAINBOW” for the obvious crack reason *lol*
  • I simply had to include “THE WORLD WE KNOW” from U and I
  • Some lyrics also related back to NEAL and ANDY wallpapers even though they came from different songs. (ie. CIRCLES, MAKE BELIEVE, etc)

Photo: Showbox SoDo, an amazing place to be up front. Remind me again why I chose this photo to begin with? Look at the original shot I took with my poor P&S camera and see how much blotchy purple/yellow space I had to create?! LOLZ insane~ No wonder it took me 3 days!




I printed these wallpapers out before I went to Pet-A-Palooza in Las Vegas on 4/9/11 as a just-in-case-I-ran-into-them thing, and ended up getting all three of them autographed along with some hilarious moments (read: me freaking out to infinity *lol* you can read about my after-concert-craziness towards the end of this Pet-A-Palooza recap)

Like I said above, it’s quite simple why these three wallpapers are my favorites. ♥


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