Name: Sara / naughtiest / iNaughtiest / SuperPopcorn
Location: Seattle, WA
Interests: traveling / photography / postcards / photoshop / sports / books / movies / music / live concerts / Takitsuba / David Cook & the Anthemic / boys who’re born in 1982 *lolz*
Contact: twitter: iNaughtiest / email: i(at)naughtiest(dot)us


I registered this LiveJournal username in 2005 after spending 2+ hours trying to come up with a one-word name without numbers or special characters, speaking of being stubborn!~ It was quite a surprise that this name was available back then. I guess LJ peeps are not that naughty, huh? :)

Also, I believe my domain,, looks suspicious to a lot of people. *lolz*


I got into T&T fandom because of my dear friend, A-san. She’d been trying to get me to look at Takki stuff for ages while I’d been trying to stay away from JE for forever. A-san finally succeeded after my first trip to Japan, and our Venus clip watching together.

Oh how she changed my life. *lol* I turned into a T&T fangirl even though I didn’t (still don’ understand Japanese. That’s how awesome they are! I adore their relationship. They’re at their best when they’re together.

And I was lucky enough to have a chance to be completely lovesick after 2007.05.27~ ♥

David Cook

I don’t even know how exactly I got into DC fandom. *lol*

I didn’t watch American Idol when he was on, I YouTube-d some clips on S7 finale night so I could understand what my coworkers were talking about. I stumbled upon Hello, and I was hooked to his voice right away. More YouTube clips later, I believed I fell forever in love with his voice.

Still, I wasn’t that crazy.  I didn’t really follow him until early 2009. That was when I started to fall for his personality, his strength, his sense of humor and his wicked brain. So many things happened since then, and everything shifted. It’s no longer just a fangirling fun for me, I truly admire him as a person.

And David Cook first murdered me on 2009.08.23~ ♥

Welcome to my blog~




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