fall backward

November 6, 2007 | et cetera |

yet another reason to love Fall season LOL extra hour of sleep was as sweet as always!

been pretty busy during the past few weeks, work is killing me T__T

the only thing that keep me going right now is the thought about going to Japan later this month

come to think of it, it’s a trip to Japan without any T&T related activities *faints* I’m feeling like I could have put my money to a better use! *coughs*kuricon*coughs*

ok, I’m kiddng… partially…
hopefully A-san and the gang will never decide to visit this blog LOL as I’m the reason they have to postpone this trip 3 times already XD We missed the sakura season, because of my business plan We missed summer time, because I ran away to Japan earlier and had not enough vacation time ^^”

If we miss fall color this time, A-san said she’ll make sure to hit me with a stick and use my blood to cover the trees so they’d look red in the photos ..ouch.. +__+

hang on, red leaves, please don’t start falling down just yet!!

last but not the least…..

we still live in the world
where nice people have to suffer
from some inconsiderate actions

life is unfair.


2 Responses to fall backward

  1. Stephi-chan says:

    Enjoy your trip to Japan — lucky u! I can’t go until at least spring or summer. v__v
    We don’t want your friend to beat you. =P lol

    And yah..don’t understand why good people suffer from inconsiderate people either.

  2. naughtiest says:

    ^^ I’d rather go in spring or summer yo! It’s getting cold over there, I don’t wanna drag all my winter gears along with me LOL

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