October 24, 2007 | et cetera |

YAY for T&T #1 album! What a week! Refreshing Oricon page was definitely one of the most nerve wrecking things to do in the morning!!

ran a 3-hr meeting, also realized (almost) last minute that I had to present my business plan, leadership team could pick on every single line item if they wanted, ick, my neck hurts

Uncle K called and told us not to worry even though the fire was jumping around, about 2 exits from his house -__-” Uncle, I still wanna go visit you again. You still owe me a trip to the Chargers’ Qualcomm Stadium!

Dear Hitting God, please help the Rockies. Not that I’m their fan or anything, but I just don’t want the Red Sox to win… urr.. at this rate, I think Pitching God should pitch in and help the Rockies too. Eight days lay-off didn’t help them at all >_<”

iPhone CMs, hmmm.. neh

I think I need to write more… typing too much lately, my handwriting turns into a bunch of worms from hell.. T__T

A-san will allow only one carry-on bag for each of us, otherwise she guarantees it’ll sit outside her room, oops… I hope she won’t count my computer backpack ^^”

all hope is lost for x’mas break trip, either back home or to Japan or both at the same time… I’m not going to spend $2500++ on tickets for a 2-week trip, nada!

Myron Bolitar and Win Lockwood III = ♥ *giggles*

oooh almost forgot, please vote for my nephew, Oscar in these categories: Best Working Pet, Most Athletic, and Sloppiest Drool. Thank you! LOL

*yawns* gotta be at the office by 6-6:30am tomorrow.. is it Saturday yet?


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  1. michelle says:

    ah… i thot there’s a slight chance of u gg for kuricon ne… T_T….

    wanted to vote for oscar~ but read that only ppl residing in washington or something can do so? the ball-in-the-mouth pic is cute:D

    hope work won’t be so taihen for u ne~ *HUGS*

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