2009.09.11 – The 7th

September 10, 2009 | takitsuba |



Of course, I wish you guys all the best in whatever projects you’re working on. But please, come home soon, we’re all waiting impatiently for T&T.

As I said last year, you’re the most effective happy pills on earth, so please come back to overdose us to heaven~ XD

One thing that will never change, no matter what happen. You both are loved.



It’s totally awesome! I really love the idea of passing all the releases forward around the world.

Biggest thanks to Azuki and Kat for stepping up and organizing this year project in such a short amount of time! Everyone should be proud to be a part of this amazing project, and proud to be their fan. I know I am!

I’m really happy that we pulled this through as a group *smoooooooches Azuki and Kat* To me, it means that T&T fans still love them. As Tackey & Tsubasa. As a unit. As one.

They will come back as long as we believe in them! ♥

ps. I linked the video to T&T anniversary website, I ♥ T&T circle on upper right corner of this blog will lead your way~

pps. ROFL, forgive my David Cook header, I didn’t get to make a new one but I swear I love T&T!!! XD


2 Responses to 2009.09.11 – The 7th

  1. loonykat says:

    *smoooooooches Azuki and Sara* XDDD I’m glad we are on time!
    Happy 7th Anniversary, T&T!
    And can you believe Avex put them as 8th Anniversary?! LMAO! Baka Avex!

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! Avex?!

    Looking into the future, eh? Maybe it’s a good sign! *coughs*

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