So, a lion and a crocodile were having a fight. How the heck did I die?

Oh, they were fighting over David Cook’s tummy~ LOL


Oregon State Fair
Salem, OR

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, severely lacked of photos, proceed at your own risk~

Also, 10 brownie points to whoever catches a ‘thing’ I did with the above banner~ ;)

previously: intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle | Round 3 – STAR Stage

It was the very first pair of David Cook concert tickets I bought, and it was the last show that we went to (for now! LOL).

There was a time when Oregon State Fair was the only show on the list that I could totally manage.

I didn’t followed the fandom closely back then, so I had no clue about pre-sale or the fact that getting front row seats at David Cook concert was like fighting for limited oxygen in a sealed chamber (to put it mildly LOL), so by the time I decided to go to Salem (aka finished begging my awesome sister to go with me), all front row seats were taken, dang it.

(In fact, back then, I thought row #13 was pretty decent, but after being spoiled rotten by Yakima and Seattle shows, watching from row#13 was like watching from another state. Seriously.)

Next, a hotel reservation.

My entire family was picky about hotel rooms, so my sister flatly refused to stay in Howard Johnson, or Travelodge, or anything among those kinds in Salem. LOL I ended up booking a room in Tigard instead for convenience’s sake as my brother would be having a golf tournament on Sunday 9/6.

As we all know, plan A never worked. My brother got sick a few days prior to our trip, so he decided to opt out and stay home, which meant I got promoted to the driver’s seat! LOL Let’s just say that my dad helped me drive (from the backseat) all the way to Oregon. I bet it was one of his most stressful trips ever, he didn’t even doze off! xD

Anyway, we arrived in Tigard a little before 1pm, went straight to the hotel to see if we could check in right away, and YAY we could! I love Embassy Suite!! ♥ After dumping everything in our room, we went to a Thai restaurant in Hillsboro, owned by my parent’s friends. The food was sooooo delicious, my sister and I ate way too much that in the end we had to drop roasted corns at OSF off our plan as we couldn’t stuff anything in our tummy anymore. That was the last meal of the day. LOL

After the late lunch, we finally hit the road around 3pm, and got stuck in traffic like, forever! My goodness, I couldn’t believe that many shoppers went to Woodburn outlet! Who said economy was bad? I knew about the sidewalk sale, but the amount of traffic was insane! We finally arrived at the Fair a little before 5pm, met up with Barbara and Diane (ladies, we’re sooooooo sorry we’re late!). Obviously missed the soundcheck, but caught a short part of it through the voicemail that Barbara left for me~ *chu* We walked around for a little bit, seeing some cute and smelly animals, then we went inside the amphitheater.

That was when I really realized: Yikes, row#13 was on the moon, looking longingly at stage earth!

I whined, but my sister told me that it’s a good spot to be as we could see the entire thing, and enjoy the concert atmosphere, which was true.. but still.. T__T

BTW, my prop was still awesome. When I pulled it out for this photo, a bunch of people behind my sister couldn’t stop giggling LOL


So, the place was getting filled up, I didn’t know that you can change seats on the show day. Well, I didn’t know a lot of things, so my loss, I guess? ^^” Oh, and it rained right before the Crash Kings set, for like 28.3 seconds (I had a thing for this number LOL), then stopped. And that’s all the rain we got for the night, which was totally incredible considered the weather forecast! YAY!

The lady DJ (I supposed) came out to introduce the Crash Kings and a few minutes later, they came onto the stage. YAY! YAY!

Wait a second, FOUR?

That dude in gray hoodie? and white heart-shaped sunglasses? who went straight to sit at Kyle’s spot? *DIES LAUGHING* OMG I LOVE HIS RANDOM SILLINESS!

No wonder they didn’t cover Kyle’s drum set during the Crash Kings set LOL

So, DC was just sitting there, hands in his jacket pockets, and slightly bobbing his head during the song. When each song ended, he’d sit very still, never looked up or anything. He just sat there, and started bobbing his head again when the next song began. He didn’t even flinch when Tony thanked him for having them on tour with DAVID COOK~ xD Fans had a lot of fun yelling (screaming) at him. I have to say it was quite distracting (in a good way, of course! LOL) I couldn’tt even remember the Crash Kings set list!! XD

I pulled out my Canon because my tiny one didn’t have powerful zoom, and the mean security dude came right at me and told me that I couldn’t use this camera. DANG IT!!! Speaking of taking the fun right out of a fangirl! BOOOOOO! T____T  (my sister took some shots anyway LOL)


So, it’s almost fine that I didn’t get to see any green spandex because bobblehead David Cook (right next to Ken Griffey Jr bobblehead doll!) was really adorably hilarious!

Once the Crash Kings set ended, DC just got up and walked off the stage, hands still in his jacket pockets. Just like that LOL

I felt like @crashkings set was really short but I wasn’t sure until I got back to the hotel and saw their tweet that they only had 20 minutes, ummm.. rush much OSF? I don’t know, would be nice if they could get things started a little earlier, so they could go with the full set list, eh? But I guess that’s the reason why DC came out and sat there? If he had to bob his head through a 45-minute set, he’d surely need a neck massage after that XD

Stage crew came out and worked their magic to set up the stage at lightening speed, while security peeps were sitting right there, and standing everywhere, facing the crowd, looking bored as hell. You know what, they’re fangirls’ enemy for life!


Tada! Cue the music, the fantastic night started… NOW!

uh oh.. o_O” oh no, everyone stood up at the same time and one fact smacked right on my forehead: dang it! A very tall dude in Red 3 is obstructing my Cookie line of sight! along with other taller people partially blocking the rest of the stage!!! ARGH!!! *shorty wails*

And they say that a hero can save us..  oops.. wrong one.. XD

Heroes came to kick everyone’s butt!

OMG! I love this outdoor amphitheater!! The acoustic was totally amazing!!

You know what, DC was right: ♪ You’re all I need tonight~ so what if I didn’t have the best seat, being there was awesome enough!!

I simply adored the way he teased the audience, all those little things he did, the goofy smiles, the little smirks, the way he looked at the crowd, the wiggling fingers when he wanted us to go louder, the way he touched his guitar neck, his fingers, his fingers…. *thuds*


Moving on to Mr. Sensitive! Mr. D was totally in control. The band was incredibly awesome rocking out this song! I felt like the entire song was a lot more intense than usual! btw, ever since I saw Mr. S live in Yakima, it’s been climbing up my ‘OMG SEXY’ performance list, geez, keep spanking your guitar, Mr. D! We love it! XD

If my memory served me right, I believed Monty did his adorable spins during this song too~ LOL

ooh ooh! The last “MISTER SENSITIVE~!!!” towards end of the song practically made my knees weak. There’s something about the way he uttered these words that made it insanely hot! Gah!! *purrs*

Time to say hello to the crazy crowd~ What’s going on, Oregon?

He then said that, as soon as it left his mouth, that rhyme sounded really stupid. XD

DC told us that they stayed in Portland the night before (btw, I’m still curious about a bear in Neal’s and Andy’s room xD), and when he got up this morning, it was raining like hell, so he was like oh no~. Then, the music god has smiled on us, we got a dry night!

*me thinks the music god totally loves you, David Cook~*

He rambled on about Ferris wheel that seemed to be in working order, then told us that he was on the slingshot with TC who didn’t threw up on him, but was surely leaning into that direction LOL Apparently, TC said something very funny that he couldn’t repeat (teaser!)

Let’s move things along with Life on the Moon

OMG!! OMG OMG OMG!!! *thuds* It’s my first time watching this song live and I was blown away *__* It’s way heavier than the album version, and he sounded totally fantastic!!! (←which is a given fact at any time XD) Oh oh, and I love it when Andy’s on piano~

I really love LOTM from the very first time I heard it, and this was like doubling the love!! My heart was thumping so hard during this performance~ ♥ I don’t know, the song was very haunting and he made it so gorgeous live.

Live David Cook concert FTW!!

That “ALIVE~~~~” high note was glorious!

He wanted to hear how loud we could get, and we all went nuts screaming our heads off nonstop that DC had to eventually tell us to save some of it, save a little… LOL

oh man, I love it when he chuckled!

He went back to finish the song in his epic way, and my brain was totally fried, geez, this was only what? the 3rd song? (at least I could still count! LOL YAY brain~)


The house exploded with Declaration! Fans totally went wild during this song especially when DC walked around the stage, demanding us to go louder! His glory note at the end was totally amazing!

YES! You’re way more than enough!! YES! I can hear those words that night~ AWESOME!!

Well, I have to say something, OT, sort of.

Luckily David Cook has already slaughtered me repeatedly, otherwise, here’s the point where I’d get stampeded to death by protective fans. LOL *ahem* For some reasons, I felt that his tummy was chubbier than ever that night! I mean 10 days ago I friggin’ squeezed him and I swear that his tummy wasn’t that huge! OMG, so a lion and a gator were fighting on top of a whale’s belly? ROFL ouch! no throwing rotten stuff in my blog!!

Ok, ok, I could blame it on my seat from the moon as false perspective could happen from that distance. Or the color of his T-shirt, maybe? Or should I just blame Monty and the beer cart at the golf course somewhere near Portland? (and now I want to see his scorecard LOL) Anyway, the whole point is that I think his chubby belly made him look even more cuddly, which was perfect for snuggling~ LOL


DC thanked the crowd, said he had a good time so far (YAY!) and what about us?

He talked about Katy Perry show on Friday night, and he was there, having a great time, and she called him out which was a little weird being called out by a pop diva XD So, there’s a dude asking DC to call him out, and David was like, what? call you out? I’m not a pop diva~ XD But he turned around and he did called “that bro” out anyway. He said he hoped for the rest of his life the dude would be called “that bro” LOL

Mind if I rant for 20 seconds?


Next was the song for everybody who’s not in love tonight~

OMG, Kiss on the Neck was smokin’ hot!! It was fierce. It was intense. It was extreme. The band was on super rock mode!

And the moan! THE MOAN!!! *nosebleeds*

DC wanted to see our hands in the air *raises hands* (← see, good fangirls are very obedient, I bet we beat Dublin in this category LOL btw, I wonder if he can get Dublin to shake his hand? xD) then probably a dude up front said something, because he replied: “there’s another step, sir, hold on~” ROFL!!

Here we go! *claps claps claps*

YAY for Hotel California inserts!!

IT WAS INSANELY HOT HE SET EVERYONE ON FIRE! *melts into a puddle of goo*

Btw, his glory notes that night were all amazing! Like, really really amazing! He hit them all perfectly!


He started fiddled around with his guitar, and there’s a lot of “I love you~” flying his way, finally he replied back: “and I love you.”

Medical examiner team, I believed you could collect a few more corpses in the front~ LOL

Lie was extremely epic at OSF.

He started off acoustically which was always beautiful. When he reached the acapella part, he stepped back, and fans started screaming really loud. So DC put his finger up to his lips to silent the crowd. I think it’s brilliant. He finally found the most effective way to make everyone cooperate. It was really dead quiet before he started singing. Some fans started humming along towards the end of acapella part anyway lol but for most part, it was totally incredible.


And the acoustic of the amphitheater made this song 100x gorgeous!


Band introduction was really cute tonight. He said he had a cool gig, got to travel the country while playing music share stage with bunch of guys he’s known for a long time.

He then went on to introducing Neal, his good buddy, AKA the Doctor~ ♥  Next was Peek-a-Boo, Mr. Kyle Peek. DC then made a joke that he called Kyle “mister”, so Kyle really moved up in his book, like 3 steps up the ladder. LOL  Next on the list was Monty, and moving on.. XD Ok, he was kidding, he loved Monty~ but teased him about his fashion sense anyway (and that’s the nice thing he’s trying to come up with? XDD) Some fans in the front must have said something about Tiger balms, and DC was like, Tiger balms? I didn’t know what that is, are you making things up, Oregon? *dies laughing* I’m so gonna pack a whole case of this with me the next time I go to his concert!!! Last but totally the cutest, he and Andy locked eyes for a moment.. and this gentleman.. then he walked away grinning. The look on Andy’s face was sooooooo adorable! YAY for Andy~

So he teased everyone, except Neal. Intimidating factor? XD

DC said they’re fantastic musicians, but more important they’re great guys, so we should cheer louder for that~

The Anthemic love~ ♥

He got everyone on their feet again with the song they used to play in a Tulsa bar when nobody was paying attention, We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping!

I think now people will kill to go see them play in that small private intimate settings again LOL

The jamming towards the end of the song was crazy! Kyle!! ♥  DC walked around the stage and eventually got a bag of cookies(?) from a fan, he carried it back with his teeth. I think Neal cracked up when he saw that XD

DC said they’ve been on the road since Feb 13, played in a bunch of educational facilities which happened to include day cares~ ROFL! What a dork! Said it’s a song that fit the vibes.. checking if there’s any teacher in the audience

OMG, he did the water spout on Kyle!! XD btw, it took a lot of lungs ne, I tried to do that once to my friend in college when I was into HHH~ LOL

HOLY!!! Hot for Teacher was super duper hot!!!

I totally love how he engaged the crowd and basically drove us nuts! Wait for the hand~

Oh boy, Neal’s guitar solo was out of this world  *__*



At the very end of the song, DC went to sit casually in front of Kyle’s drum set and cocked his head left and right along with the tempo. SO CUTE!!

I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I’m hot for the ROCKER~

btw, funny photo moment from H4T, my sister crept her way up front to take some shots, but the stage light wasn’t playing nice to her LOL Whenever she pressed the shutter, the back spotlight would come on and DC practically disappeared from the frame. But but but, he was right there, we got the above picture as a proof!! Shine on~ XD


No time to get my heart rate down, going to a concert was way more extreme than anaerobic exercise! Bar-ba-sol!!

Are you ready?


I couldn’t get over a mic stand whenever I heard this song.. That mic stand.. the luckiest prop on earth! XD

The screams were really loud during this song, thanks to DC encouraging us on! BBS was so hot and crazy!!

He also went slightly off-pitch for a bit during the song but easily reigned it back as soon as he plugged that left earpiece back in~

And Neal and his guitar were epic-ly hot as always (← do I even have to mention this? oh yes I do! LOL)


Another Katy Perry reference, he said he’s watching the amphitheater get filled up on Friday night and he was like, there’s no way that many people will come watch us tomorrow. (are you kidding me, you humble dude?! this is why I love you so much~ there’s no way I’m not going to your show as long as it’s in a reasonable driving distance! LOL) So he thanked us all for coming out that night and completely shattered that (thought)! YAY FANS!

Current single pimp, Come Back to Me, man~ (← he said it like that! CBTM, man~ XD)

The crowd was really loud during this song, everyone around me was singing along, good job guys! I love it when he had us sing “come back to me~~~” verse. Andy sounded fantastic singing chorus (kinda strange, but somehow I heard him so clearly all night that night)~

Ack! Not again, guys, don’t walk off the stage like that! COME BACK TO ME~~~!!!

Here we go, time for the ongoing scream and DAVID calls! And it didn’t take them that long to come back out, YAY!


I Did It For You!!! *bounces* The energy level was really high, everyone was singing along sooooo loud!

DC said the audience was amazing, umm @thedavidcook (← follow him if you haven’t done so already!!), dude, how many times I have to tell you that YOU are the one who’s truly amazing?!

He’s definitely in the zone that night, pitch perfect. I love when he hit all the high notes that showcase his powerful voice (and I adore it to no end whenever he missed some LOL)

Tony @crashkings came out to sit in front of Kyle’s drum in gray hoodie and that lovely heart-shaped sunglasses LOL Payback time, of course ;) Gray Hoodie#2 just sat there being creepy like his predecessor Gray Hoodie #1~


Towards the end of the song, DC went to play in front of Tony, before Andy, Monty, DC and Neal all came to the front of the stage (well, Kyle couldn’t come with them, too bad, huh? LOL), it was insanely hot and awesome! Wow, I’ve never thought IDIFY could be this EPIC but it totally was!!

After IDIFY, DC started talking to 3 kids up front, asking for their names. I guess he couldn’t hear them, so he decided to come down instead. He said it’s going to be funny when he tried to get back (on stage). xD That and.. jump! was probably the cutest rocker moment of the night ROFL

So he came down and talked to the kids (1 boys 2 girls?) and told us to give it up for them. Said he loved seeing them moving around and dancing and making some noise. Also, he liked their shirts, but he didn’t know if he could pull any of it off. Well, they’re all wearing DAVID COOK’s tour T-shirts!! XD (salesman!DC, your management really loves you~ LOL)

My sister asked: kids lover? I answered: future fanbase~ XD

So, now he tried to get back on stage, said maybe Tony would like to help him out LOL

Now, Tony’s gonna play the piano (while still wearing that cute pair of sunglasses.. xD), DC asked us to sing along!

It’s Light On, and it’s PLATINUM LOUD from the beginning to the end!!


One I can feel at night, a naked light, a fire to keep me warm

You’re that light, David Cook.

Oh boy, how I wished Light On was at least 2-hour long so the concert could go on longer than this, but I guess a 4-minute song couldn’t stretch that far. LOL It eventually came to the last note.

Again, DC said: “Thank you guys so much!


We left the amphitheater, thinking about heading back to Tigard right away when we caught sight of a Ferris wheel at night. OMG pretty pretty! So, my sister and I spent another hour or so taking pictures at the fair. Too bad, we didn’t bring our tripod, but it was fun anyway! BTW, my camera could totally do this but couldn’t take pictures at a concert? I failed. T__T


Lessons learned: read the damn manual.

I begged bugged dragged my sister back to the amphitheater to see if their buses left. The buses were still there, along with a bunch of fans. We caught up with some peeps we knew from Seattle for a bit before we decided to leave the fairground and head back to Tigard.

(my sister was so not gonna let me wait for them again, Yakima was the only time she’d allow me LOL)

Forty five minutes later, we’re back at the hotel, exhausted as hell but high enough to hear heaven~ I took a long hot shower before I went to bed, smiling while the memory of this concert luring me to sleep.

It really was a fantastic night. ♥

ps1. scene from the morning after (9/6)~

sister: hey, can you pick 20 photos from last night for me, good ones
me: *looked at her blankly* I don’t think we have that many
sister: o_O” you’re kidding right?
me: no, I’m dead serious..

LOL yeah, so that’s how it went. We flipped through all photos together, and wailed miserably at them. Tons of stupid and bad decisions that I don’t want to recount, but we’ll be friggin’ prepared for the next concert, I swear!

ps2. I had one of the weirdest dream that night (morning?) after the concert~

I was at a place that looked like a musical theater/bar hybrid. There’s a very loud band playing on a well-decorated stage. I was sitting at a tall round table. And when I looked to the right, Terry the light tech was there, bobbing his head to the music. YES TERRY THE LIGHT TECH!!! (Dear GOD, may I whine for 5 seconds? if you gonna let me dream about him, why did it have to be him in his alter ego disguise?! *grumbles*) Anyway, Terry turned around to give me a nod, then he started doing the batusi dance move! (think John Travolta’s Pulp Fiction, where he made a v-sign across his face, on hand at a time…). And I laughed my butt off before I woke up. XD

Way to mess my brain up, Mr. Hooded Bobblehead, thank you very much! LOL

ps3. it’s weird that I felt like he’s rushing through the concert. It seemed so short when in fact it lasted as long as the one in Yakima, and just a few minutes shorter than the one in Seattle. I guess it’s just me and my brain hoping that the show would go on and on and on…

ps4. I was checking weather forecast all week prior to the show and it was seriously gloomy forecast with chance of rain getting higher and higher. On Saturday morning, Salem local weatherman said that it might not rain at all (but can you really trust the weatherman? LOL). It’s funny how he mentioned that there’s a lot of indoor activities, and he pointed at the map, indoor, indoor, indoor, he even pointed at the stage and said it’s indoor. Of course, the stage has a roof, but the rest of the amphitheater does not! LOL so we’re well-prepped with emergency raincoat and trash bags and ziploc bags in our backpacks. I’m so glad we didn’t get to use any of them! It was totally amazing that we only got a few sprinkles before the show and the rest of the night was totally clear. YAY MUSIC GOD!

ps5. so we saw one lady have a caramel apple at the concert. The next day, my sister and I went to Woodburn outlet, and the only thing we bought after hours of walking was this very delicious English toffee caramel apple. OMG THE BEST CARAMEL APPLE EVER!!!!


ps6. it took me forever to finish this blog entry. Truth is, I was, to some degrees, dreading this concert. Well, I mean I was looking forward to the show, but on the other hand, the fact that it was the last one (in who-knows-how-long-it-will-take-to-get-to-see-them-again) was kinda nerve wrecking in a way. Whenever I tried to finish this, I’d go… awww I wanna go to another concert~~~ and lost my train of thoughts, eventually. LOL

edit — 11:59pm 9/12/09

ps7. so he asked:


and we delivered! @thedavidcook hit 50K-follower mark on 09/12/09 11:29pm PST!


now admit it, who signed up for multiple twitter accounts just to follow him? LOL *shakes head* I could totally tell when I sifted through his follower list~

also, he’s been on trending topic all day today! YAY Twitterville!! #DavidCookRocks! The Best Man wins!


Oh, and I love the fact that Andrew, Andy, Neal and Monty joined the trending party too LOL cradle rocker~


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2 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 4 – Salem

  1. Robin says:

    Sara, how I want to hug you again…you brought me right back to Salem this morning. Even where we were sitting it felt like light years away from the stage.

    “high enough to hear heaven” he leaves my this way every time I see him!

    ps6: It truly was bittersweet.

    Love ya girl,


  2. naughtiest says:

    *HUGS* I’m still living in Salem! And Yakima! And Showbox! And Fisher Plaza! XD It’s really hard to come back to reality, bittersweet it is~

    and I guess we need to sit there ON the stage to be close enough? LOL

    Take care! I hope to see you again soon! *chu*

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