My coworker saw my new wallpaper, he said it’s nice, but he thought they’re all different guys on it XDD *whacks* only 1 (plus 1) yo!! Next week I should volunteer my laptop for staff meeting,I think they’re getting used to T&T pix flashing on the big screen by now LOL

The only time I actually listen to T&T songs from a CD is right before I’m ripping the CD. LOL After that, it’s MP3 all the way. The precious CD will get back into its case, and its shrink wrap respectively, never to open again unless I want to lick scan the booklet XDD


Some random thoughts on these best albums, besides I LOVE YOU, TAKITSUBA!!! xD

I’m kinda disappointed about the packaging a little bit. From the flash header on T&T site, I was expecting a paper cut-out boxes, not these severely plain covers. Of course, I like the simplicity of Red-Green-Blue, but…..

Also, when will Avex stop having T&T stand like a pair of soldiers next to each other?! This is their “BEST OF” album, kick all those solo shots away!!! I want more unit actions! 3 jackets, only 5 unit shots, only ONE squee-able shot.. Avex, you need help! You guys seriously don’t know how to sell your idols! *whacks*

And I still think that cellphone wallpaper idea is evil since overseas fans don’t get to participate. *pouts*

DVD! T&T Time Machine!! Just like many of us, I also braced myself for another 5 minutes History clip, so when I popped it into the player, and it said 30+ minutes, I almost cried with joy LOL This is a good thing about expecting the worst, when things are better than that, it’s like half-way to heaven already! (aka Earth, since it’s supposedly between heaven and hell xD *runs*) I wasn’t very excited about the PV portion, since it’s like compressed version of PV DVD ^^ Of course, being greedy, I still want for more more more more more! LOL Come on, Avex! You actually filmed everything, give us more!!!!! At least for now, GIVE US DAMECON DVD ALREADY, Onegaishimasu!!!!!


Koi yo — oh god, please take me back to Osaka! *bawls* Totally love this song since the first time I heard it, the way their voices blend together is just wonderful. My confession is that I’ve tired so hard listening to the recording repeatedly to figure out who sang which harmony when (if you would understand what I mean LOL) Even A-san said that it’s getting harder sometimes to distinguish their voices. What a harmony, eh? ^^ I think the melody at the beginning is kinda ..echo/reverberate(?) in a weird way, especially the keyboard sound. It’s hard to explain, kinda distort to some degree, I don’t know LOL

Aishiteru ze, T&T — That orgasmic voice of Tsubasa is going to be the end of me *severe blood loss* Takki’s “Koi no Hana” is brilliant *thanks Tsubaholic and A-san!* and THAT high pitched “You Tachi~~” is so damn cute! I wanna go to their concert and hear these live again!! >__<

Daydreamer — LOVE this song! Instant LOVE!! It’s the kind of songs that I can listen to all day ^^ I love their harmony, really love it whenever one of them hits high notes, their voices are so beautiful. I hope this song will attract more new fans since it’s going to be a drama theme song!

Kimugare JET — ROFL, ok ok, I took it back that this song hurt my ears when I first saw him performed it! XD Takki, you’re such an adorable dork!

Nagare Boshi — melts me to no end, omg, Tsu’s voice…

Journey — a song that has Takki carrying a suitcase image attached to my brain XDD It really is a pretty song ne, no wonder Tsubasa really likes it ^^

Words of LOVE — When I first got into T&T, I used to have this song stuck inside my head without knowing the song title ^^” Takki’s voice is sooo sexy here *drools*

Axel — I can only see Tsubasa dancing, his body, his arms, his legs, his hips! His voice really changes a lot during these years ne~

DO ME CRAZY — he really does us crazy, doesn’t he? LOL I love his dance track, his voice is sooooo sexy!! and I want to see him dance! DVD!! DVD!!!

Kamira Tamara — love the arrangement! and their harmonies! ahhhh i really love how their voice mixed together. BTW, I still couldn’t get Takki’s silly pointing move out of my head though LOL

Real DX — of course, T&T Anthem~ still weird to hear it on a CD, as it really does have a concert atmosphere attached to it


Basically I love all their pre-debut songs here, it’s really nice to hear how their voices improve so much over time, love love love love their harmonies ^__^ Anyway, there’s a hidden treat in this post, LOL, let’s see if you can find it! ^^ So good to finally have these songs in HQ ne, it’s kinda strange listening to them without fangirls screaming as a background though xD




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