Best Album is on the way!

October 14, 2007 | et cetera |

YAY!!! Just got an email from CDJapan that they shipped my order! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!

uh oh, now I have to pray that someone will be home to wait for the package +__+

Chatting with A-san last night about this best album. A-san was like.. oh so we’ll have to buy these same songs again xD She asked which RGB colors I preordered. I told her that was a weird question, so A-san just said… ‘I should’ve known’ (and probably shook her head at the same time) LOL

still haven’t heard about kuricon ballot, when did the FC send it out? *sighs* not that I can make it to Japan this December anyway T__T

8 pills of advil in the past 12 hours, I hope I didn’t overdose myself -“-


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  1. kiwi says:

    kimeta? You’re not going to kuricon?

    haha A-san should be glad that it’s not multiple copies of each…
    or is it? :P

    and that’s a lot of advil! I thought the max dose is like 6 / day or something??

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