When there’s a phenomenon such as a 26-year old rock star oozing with cuteness right in front of my eyes, my brain experienced a series of short circuits due to cuteness overloaded.

This huge bundle of cuteness will be the death of me.


STAR Stage, Fisher Plaza
Seattle, WA

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, proceed at your own risk~

All photos credited to STAR 101.5FM

previously: intro | Round 1 – Yakima | Round 2 – Seattle

「David Cook Live on STAR Stage」

It was the hottest ticket in town for the past couple of weeks.


The fight began when our local radio station, STAR 101.5, started giving away tickets to this event on 8/10. It was fierce. It was insane. It was frustrating. Because you had to be really lucky. Fast fingers could only get you so far as you had to be caller #10 to win a pair of tickets to this show. As soon as they started giving out tickets, there were a bunch of buying offers on Seattle Craigslist, most offered to pay top price.

If you missed my intro post, you missed all my craziness during that week, but in the end, my awesome sister won a pair of tickets! Which was a relief to my entire family because they’re afraid I’d be really disappointed and probably depressed for weeks. I knew I would. ^^;

Anyway, my boss and coworkers were also excited for me! They kept counting down each day to this event. When I went to the office Wednesday morning, they’re like.. ahh BIG day today! LOL My brain wasn’t really in the office that day, I finished some reports, and left the office around 11am to pick up my sister, and slowly made my way up to Seattle.

By the time we reached Fisher Plaza, my sister saw a bunch of people in front of the building. It took me a while to find the garage, thanks to all those one way streets. We parked and got inside to get in line and I was surprised to find one of my coworkers there!! Wow, how weird was that? We worked in the same office area, her desk was probably 20 feet away from mine. When she saw me she was like, and I was wondering why you left early! xD

After checking in and waiting for a while, we all took an elevator up to the studio floor. They let us inside the dining(?) area, where Pac Island Grill laid out all the yummy food for us. Thank goodness, it’s way passed my lunch time, I was starving! LOL My favorite dish was probably this smoked Kalua pork and their salad, sooooo goooooooood~


Kent Phillips, STAR DJ, was our host for the day. He informed us that DC and Neal were doing some soundcheck and we’d be moving to the studio after we finished our lunch. No photos allowed during the performance. Ouch…

It’s quite interesting how half the room went to gather in front of the exit door right after that, I guess they really wanted to be up front. My sister was like, it’s only gonna be 60-70 people, which I agreed, we’d be close enough even in the back. Plus, they wouldn’t let me take pictures anyway.

They announced 10 lucky fans who just won DC’s autographed CD and photo. I used up all my luck for the tickets already, so nope, not me. LOL

Soon, we moved to the studio next door. It was a studio for some local ABC/KOMO shows I think. One of them was Northwest Afternoon as we recognized the set. My sister and I got an aisle seat and the next one on the 4th (or 5th?) row, way to the left (when facing the stage)


Kent reminded us again. No photos. No videos. *pouts* There’s a station video camera setting up off to the right, and a guy with a big camera walking around taking pictures, so I was half-okay with that. He also told us that David liked to talk (LOL) so he’d be doing some Q&As too. YAY!

Shortly after, Kent came back to introduce David! *LOUD APPLAUSE*


He came out from the right with his goofy entrance walk, Neal was right behind. Once he got on the stage and I saw his T-shirt, I couldn’t help giggling. It said:

It’s always sunny in the city of lust

Very appropriate, you big green spandex dork! XD

(Fine! I caved, PacSun got my money over the weekend!! LOL)

And leave it to David Cook to wear a beanie during summer time LOL Bad hair day, I supposed? Since he had to be up early to catch a flight from GEG to SEA. I’m pretty sure it’s the earliest Mr. D has ever been up to tweet~ XD


We meet again, indeed~ ♥


I could tell I was trapped by this charming machine from the get go.

David greeted the audience before jumping right into Heroes. ACOUSTIC RULES! Watching youtube clips of him and Neal perform acoustic shows at other radio stations could never ever compared to watching this live. It was really beautiful. His voice.. HIS VOICE!!! *flails* I also love how they jammed together, the rhythm between them. And Neal was totally awesome (but that’s a given LOL).

The song ended and there’s a mini pause before we started clapping. I bet everyone was reluctant because we weren’t sure if it’s really the end of the song XD So, David made a joke about that, like, we finished the song but nobody knows that it’s over? (precisely!) I think someone suggested something because he strummed the last chord and said “end~” LOL


So, the first Q&A session!

→ The first question cracked everyone up. Do you know how to change a flat tire?

You have to see the look on his face! SOOOOO CUTE! It’s definitely an unexpected question LOL  So, he was like, he’s not gonna be working in a pit crew so if you give him an hour, he could probably figure it out.

He then said, it’s a weird way to start this thing out… can you make a quiche? *dies laughing* oh boy, how could he be this adorable?! I love how he just randomly brought up a quiche into the conversation! XD

→ Next question was about the most important thing he learned about himself.

I think his impromptu answer was that he didn’t know how to change the tire LOL

But his real answer was really good. He said growing up in Kansas City area, he tried to get out of there, then Neal and Andy told him to move down to Tulsa to join MWK. Once he moved down he realized he’s on his own, having to pay rent and bills…CRAP..  (quite possibly the cutest “crap” I’ve ever heard from a grown up man LOL) So, literally, he’s now spending the rest of his life trying to get back home. (awwwwwww)  So, he learned that there’s something good about being in a familiar place, now that he’s in a different place everyday, he’d like wake up in the same bed for 2 days in a row, just once, to see how it feels.

I love the way he tackled this question.


→ A fan in the front asked whether people recognize him right away, so he told us a few stories.

The first one was when he was in Washington DC and went to a bar (aka a nightclub that could quickly give you migraine). A guy came up to him and asked if he’s from TV. He said: Yeah… Then, the dude asked for his name. So he said: David. Then 10 minutes later, an intoxicated girl came up and said: I know you, you’re that David guy from TV (LOL) So, he asked her: What’s my last name? And ARCHULETA was her answer. LOL

If Archie was there, he’d be totaly like really? haha.. too bad.. haha~ ← wanna bet?! XD

Then he said that his peripheral vision has become 20/20 because of this gig, and the way he told this story was hilarious!! His body language was so so sooooooo insanely cute~ ♥

He said normally people just asked if he’s David Cook and he talked to them.

All the while, Neal sat there looking bored.. XD

→ A story behind new band name, the Anthemic!

He said, they came up with 45,000 other band names, most didn’t work or has already been taken. Said this name fit what he wanted to do right now. He mentioned U2 and their uplifting music after 9/11. BTW he didn’t consider himself to be Bono, or the band to be U2.

→ A boy behind me asked if he’s allergic to anything

He said he had seasonal allergy, grass, hay-fever and life. xD  Also, said something about finding out he got hives during Idol? (couldn’t remember.. -“-)

He asked for water, and it was right next to his stool. LOL his expression was priceless~ I think he spilled some water on his pants while introducing Neal and the next song. Said by putting this song out there he hopes it would make the next record *fingers crossed*


OMG *FLAILS* Acoustic Souvenir was amazing!! Sooooo soooooooooo soooooooooooooo beautiful!!! ♥__♥

After the song, DC picked out one dude from the crowd. It was Chris again! LOL For real, Chris is definitely one of his favorite fanboys out there! He told a story about Yakima (he couldn’t really remember the city name!! LOL) where there’s more female than male, tried to imitate fangirling squeeeeeeeals but couldn’t reach that high pitch, IT CAME OUT MORE LIKE A STRANGLED VERSION OF CRAZY LEGS!! ROFL! So he said he couldn’t do the tone girls do when they’re excited..


He caught it 1.2 seconds later and was like: OMG, that sounds terrible!

ROFL I friggin’ love it when he says OH MY GOD~

He went back to tease Chris a bit more, as Chris didn’t go to Spokane, DC was like, you took the night off, gotta rest your voice sometimes, right? LOL

Now, moving on to the next Q&A session!

→ Favorite song he sang in choir?

This one was really funny! Neal said something to him, probably teasing about him being an ex-choirboy, so David told him to shut up LOL He said he was in choir for class credits, then a fan told him that she’s in choir, so he changed his answer and said he did it of the love of choir. *dies giggling*  what a dork!!

He said he couldn’t remember the name of the song, and started singing it a little bit. Turned out, the verse he sang was the song’s name LOL


I think someone asked if he met any celebrity or had any star struck moment since he became famous.

DC was like, umm.. Paula? LOL He told a story about TCA last year when he was on Idol tour on the East coast, then he and Archie had to hop a flight to LA for the award ceremony, being all giddy sitting in the front row because they knew the stage crew LOL During commercial break when he’s talking to Archie, Adam Sandler walked by and slapped his foot/boot that prop up on his knee. He said he should have a celebrity ID card to have something like that happened (I think?). Also mentioned Will Smith and I am Legend.. LOL Being a sport fan, he’s more like geeking out on baseball players

→ The next fan asked about his first pitch at the Mariners game on 8/24

He told a story about him pitching in American Region Ball (I think? I caught that on ESPN a few weeks back LOL), and tore his muscle (a long name that I couldn’t quite make it~) blah blah. So he practiced throwing a lot for the M’s game as he didn’t want to mess up on the big day, and by the time he got to the mound, his arm was already worn out XD

→ Favorite song he’s ever written?

Smarty pants answered: THE NEXT ONE while grinning and tapping his temple. *cuteness overloaded* Jesus, this dude is too cute to be true!!

Anyway, he said it’s kinda cliché but every song he writes is like a child. Some of them he likes more than the other, but he loves them all the same (ROFL very cliché indeed), while songs that he writes with Neal are like step-children, he loves them but just a little less.

I was surprised Neal didn’t whack him on stage LOL

The third song was Come Back to Me. As always, beautifully done.


I love this acoustic version! ♥ I love his voice! ♥ I love how he and Neal played guitar together! ♥ I even love how he stamped tapped his right foot on the foot rest of his stool even though I was afraid for a second that it might break and he might fall off that stool! LOL

Alright, last Q&A session!

→ Someone asked if he did anything fun in Seattle?

He kept the answer PG-13. Dang it, I wanted to hear about all extreme things they did! LOL

Well, they went to a bar (no surprise), and went shopping for ‘guys stuff’ and ‘sport memorabilia’ XD

(Well, it used to be a debate between me and my friends. All my guy friends don’t ‘shop’, they said they ‘research’, then ‘purchase’ LOL)

Said he didn’t like the Yankees (YAY!) as they had way too much money (evil empire ne~), mentioned sharing A-Rod and also the least-paid Yankee’s bullpen staff probably makes more than KC Royals star.

Totally agreed!

→ What he’s listen to on the radio?

Everyone was like telling him to answer: STAR 101.5! LOL I think he even pointed to the logo behind him? I believe his answer was Top 40, but it also depends.

Personally, I don’t think he has time to listen to the radio though.

One guy two rows in front of us raised his hand. David picked him out and immediately made a face “SOX? really?!” ROFL! he’s wearing a White Sox jersey. The guy said he’s from Chicago and DC was like, yeah I understand I just won’t look at you. AND HE TURNED AWAY!! ROFL

→ Anyway, this guy turned out to be an Idol fan, he watched the show and liked how David came across kinda emo gothy(?), so when he got the CD, he was like this is more like pop, so he asked if the next record will lean more towards gothy rock type?

Nice question! DC said he wanted to try something different (I believe, from what he’s been doing pre-idol? from Analog Heart?), and this record for him is pretty “poppy”. He wanted each record to be different, but not like he’s gonna do something like calypso jazz for his next album. LOL

→ How old is he and what’s his goal besides music?

Definitely didn’t do homework with the age question, eh? He said he’s 26 and will turn 27 in December. Then another girl asked: December what? Obviously didn’t do her homework either.

Anyway, he asked if she’s gonna give him present? Said he kinda liked money. ROFL! Genius!! Also, he made fun of the Cheez-It answer he put on Idol Q&A about favorite snack. Said fans are amazing, once he put something out there, fans would be sending them in mass! LOL He was so sure he’s single-handedly kept Cheez-it brand in business during the past year. (It’d be hilarious if someone actually counted how many boxes of Cheez-It he got!)  And his goal was to be happy.

→ Someone asked him about his allergy and Neti Pot, he said he tried it already, and from the looked on his face, I didn’t think he enjoyed the experience. I almost choked when I first tried it too! LOL This one went on more like a conversation than a question so Kent came onto the stage, uh oh we’re running out of time! David asked Kent if he could take 2 more questions.

→ The boy in the back said he had 2 questions~ LOL It’s about CBTM music video (where he had to memorize the lyrics and sing backwards – he sang here a little bit), and he wanted to trade his hat with David. Mr. D said he had an odd shaped skull so he politely declined the offer LOL

His Marvel-comic-villain baby picture instantly popped up in my head! XD

→ Last question! The girl in the front row asked for his pick! ROFL!! SMART CHEATER!! That’s not a question! But he tossed her his pick anyway xD


→ The real last question was about teeter-totter (aka Twitter)

He saw it as a promotional tool. He tried to make it fun but it’s just Twitter.

Part of the job, I guess? (but it’s so much fun when he’s active! Remember last Saturday (8/22) brotherly tweets between @thedavidcook and @ACookOfficial? I laughed my butt off when Andrew played Time of My Life and practically got kicked out of the house via twitter! Not to mention, AC read my tweet about green spandex on air! XD)

uh oh.. I think he mentioned McCartney and Springsteen at one point but I couldn’t really recall the question and the answer? T__T STAR 101.5, WE NEED THE ENTIRE VIDEO YOU FILMED!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *down on her knees*

He asked one little girl at the end how she’s doing, and gave her his pick afterwards. Awwwwww so sweet~

David said he hope we’d catch them on the road. (I said we prefer them coming back to Washington more often xD) Kent went up to the stage again and made Neal say something. Neal was like, what do you wanna talk about?! LOL

According to Kent, this was the longest STAR Stage ever! Hail to talkative Cookie! :)

Now, group photo time! YAY! Due to time limit as DC and Dr. had to go catch a flight, they let us out row by row to go on the stage and take 2 shots with David and Neal. Then the staff would herd escort us down and out the building.

When it was our turn, I jumped shakily walked on to the stage, looked him in the eyes, and asked David if I could get a bear hug. He chuckled and said ‘of course’





My brain instantly went kaput, though I managed to thank him and tell him that he’s amazing. ♥

Next, we took our group pictures, geez, I had the silliest smile ever. LOL


After that, I turned around and asked Neal if I can have a big hug. He said sure, gahhhhh!!! his smile was soooooooo adorable!!!



I thanked Doctor and told him that he’s really awesome. ♥

Then I stumbled off the stage and collapsed on the nearest chair. LOL My sister had to drag me up.

We took the elevator down to the main entrance. My sister went outside to check out Café Darclée as they used to have really nice mints from France. Not anymore. They offered her TicTac instead. LOL We still need to go back there sometimes though, their crepes were like super delicious!

My sister and I walked back inside and took the elevator down to the parking garage with the nice lady and her son who sat next to us. So we talked about the show, and she told me that David was so cute she wanted to take him home for dinner! XDD

For real, David Cook was oooooooooozing with cuteness for the entire 40-45 minutes he was there. You could totally see how smart and confident he was from the way he answered the questions. He’s brilliant story teller with wicked sense of humor. And his witty personality really shined through.

A very talented charming rock star~ ♥

I was giddily happy for the rest of the day. It was an awesome show, and those bonus hugs definitely made my day week month entire year!

Thank you, STAR 101.5, Car Toys and Pac Island Grill for making this STAR Stage happened!

Thank you, my awesome sister!!! Without you, I would probably be weeping in a corner somewhere!

Thank you David Cook and Neal Tiemann for this wonderful afternoon. You’re way beyond amazing!! ♥

August 26th, 2009 was definitely one of the best days of my fangirl life!

ps0. there’s going to be a series of ps for my memory’s sake, you can totally stop here!

ps1. It really was a big grizzly bear hug (well, not that I was hugged by a grizzly before…) that lasted a lot longer than I expected. TWICE. *dies* Thank goodness for my small frame as their arms completely enveloped me into a tight squeeze *purrs* It felt so nice I could totally fall asleep there (LOL well, just so you can get the picture!) Umm.. yes for the tummy~ XD And in case you’re wondering, I squeezed hugged David and Neal back too~ I guess my brain wasn’t quite as dead as I thought it was! LOL BTW, I’m so glad I didn’t faint or have a nosebleed or something along that line because that would be seriously embarrassing!!

ps2. I ♥ my T-shirt! A little chick rocking out a white electric guitar definitely reminds me of DC! LOL umm.. except for the hair, maybe? *runs like hell* But where on earth could I find a T-shirt with a guitar!chick that has Kate Gosselin haircut? or wearing a beanie? I might have to draw that myself! *grabs sharpie*


ps3. Let me make it clear, I’m super grateful that STAR 101.5 put up 100 photos from this event. (can you sense a big BUT coming? lol) Well, as we can clearly see, the photographer took at least 200 photos during DC’s performance and Q&A sessions. Not to mention almost a hundred more from KOMO radio interview prior to the show. I wanna see them all!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! And I saw DC posing with a big KOMO(?) camera, where’s that picture?

ps4. I talked to F-san the other night, I was like, I wanted to be the one taking those pictures! They should have let me help! I’d totally volunteer! No offense, but the photographer wasn’t a fangirl!! He didn’t understand what we I want! (and he’s cutting people’s feet off!) F-san was like, next time, send the radio station your concert blogs as a portfolio LOL So I told him, I’d even take pictures and give them the memory card!! Just let me take those dang pictures!!! F-san cracked up and said, no no  you shouldn’t sound too desperate! Keep the copyright yo! LOL

ps5. In fact, it was actually a good thing that they didn’t let us take pictures during the performance because I could focus all my attention on DC. Otherwise I’d probably be busy snapping away and miss what he said. But, I’m still whining here anyway, because those 100 photos couldn”t satisfy me to the max. You know, it could have been better (and more, like some photos of Neal please, hello?! he’s right there!!).

ps6. VIDEO!!! THEY FILMED THE WHOLE THING! I WANT TO SEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Please please please please please tell me someone has a connection inside that radio station! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!

ps7. I went up to Everett with my team for a meeting on Thursday. When I turned on my computer, the Everett team saw my DC wallpaper on the big projector display (folks here in Auburn are used to that already LOL) while waiting for my computer to fully boot up, one of the guys, Adam, told me that his sister took her daughter to a David Cook show on Wednesday. ehhhh?! The little girl DC talked to at the end of the show was Adam’s niece!! Wow, how weird was that?! Small world! Six degree of separation!

ps8. current wallpaper on my office laptop, how am I gonna get any work done when I want to click ‘show desktop’ every 40-45 seconds? LOL


ps9. my blog almost exploded by all hits on the previous ‘DC slaughtered me’ posts. It was quite creepy that I literally had my panic moment~ LOL Thanks to those of you who left me lovely comments~ ♥  I put a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of hours into each recap so it was really nice to see some responses :)

ps10. stay tuned for the final (for the time being!) round #4 – OSF, Salem! coming up after 9/5~ (well, I can’t write a recap before I go to the show eh? LOL) I don’t expect any epic photo this time as our seats are in the back of the red zone *bawls* I’m actually considering bringing binoculars instead of a camera! LOL

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11 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 3 – STAR Stage

  1. TimetoGo says:

    WOW! Your desktop picture is like…..epic! You have to send that picture to DC. It would be perfect for his Myspace pic or Twitter pic or just a pic. Like that pic is Rolling Stone cover worthy or something. You are the official DC picture taker. We need to raise funds to send you to every concert so you can take epic pictures for posterity. LOL did I go overboard?

  2. naughtiest says:

    ROFL!!! well, maybe a little overboard, but I love your idea! XD btw, I don’t even know how the get DC to see these photos! *pouts*

    It’s kinda funny, my boss just mentioned Rolling Stone when I showed him my concert photos yesterday! I think I’m more like a Rolling Pebble though LOL

    Thanks for your comment, you’ve made my morning! *chu*

  3. JK says:

    Love your recap, so much fun to read. Thanks so much for remembering all that detail!

  4. coco says:

    You are amazing, really! Thank-you for your entertaining and detailed report.
    Anxiously awaiting round 4. Have a great time!

  5. Sandy says:

    I so totally enjoyed your blog. It was so nice to hear all of the “goodies” that go on during those special concerts. I love David’s acoustic performanaces also and would happily give an arm or leg to be there. I really enjoyed the conversation aspect of your blog. It gives us so much more insight into David’s day to day personality other than what we see on stage. He is the most beautiful man isn’t he. I was at the stage for one of his concerts and couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I think your desktop picture is amazing. Please publish it at DCO so we can all enjoy it or publish a link where we could access it. You are an amazing photographer. Thank you so much for your very enjoyable blog. It was lovely.

  6. kaydeecee says:

    Ha ha ha, this was so well done. Tres adorable!

  7. Robin says:

    Absolutely perfect recap – it was an amazing day and it was so fun to meet you and your sister at Southcenter and to see you again at Sodo and this incredible Star Stage show. Can you email me a link to your photos? They are amazing!

  8. mac says:

    askhlgldsgh luckkyyyy! i want a Neal bear hug goddamnit! XD

    i am so happy for you! :DDD

    and your wallpaper zgldskklgjfs where did that come from?? guuuuh. i want that too! XD

  9. ariadne says:

    I really enjoyed reading these recaps. You write wonderfully and helped all of us feel like we were ‘there’ too. And your wallpaper is perfect for the newly – platinum Light On. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. naughtiest says:

    thank you! It took a lot of hours ransacking my brain, glad it works! xD

    I’m so glad I didn’t come across as crazy to you on this blog LOL 2 more days to Salem, I cannot wait!

    aww thank you so much for your comment! *blushes* For me, he’s probably not the most beautiful guy out there (*ahem* look at those goofy faces! LOL), but there’s something else more beautiful about him, something special about him that totally captured me. I posted my wallpaper up on my other post, feel free to grab it! :) http://blog.naughtiest.us/909

    LOL thank you!

    We need more event like this!! It was so much fun meeting up with you and your friends too, you guys are so full of energy!!

    YES! NEAL TIEMANN!!! OMG He’s sooooooo cute! My wallpaper came from the photo I took during Seattle EPIC show, you can go check it out now~

    YAY for platinum Light On, it’s amazing! I’m glad you enjoy this post and the wallpaper! :)

  11. anna says:

    I like rock music very much. A rock concert is a unique experience. Try and you convince yourself!

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