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September 11, 2006 | vf |

All written for vf_scribbles challenge :)

Fandom: Viewfinder
Characters: Asami/Takaba .. except for one
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 / each
Disclaimer: Yamane Sensei owns them

Title: Priceless
Theme: 7a – Sacrifice

Notes: Obviously inspired by MC commercial. My first attempt at anything in English ^^”

Private Doctor’s bill: JPY186,900

Brand new three-piece tailored suit and shirt: JPY280,000

Matching silk necktie: JPY17,400

A trip to Hong Kong via a private jet, plus a huge amount of bribe to secretly get into the country with a full load of weapons: JPY (Undisclosed 8-figure amount)

Sacrificing everything to get back what belongs to him, to embrace this stupid yet beautiful creature who always seeks out trouble, to feel the warmth of this slender young man against his body, and to feel whole once again: Priceless

There’s something only love can buy. For everything else, there’s his 11-figure earning.

Title: The Eve
Theme: 9a – Celebrate

Takaba was on his way from his apartment to Oba-chan’s place, he’s running late for the New Year party, and Kou had called twice already.

Waiting for a traffic light, he could feel a pair of piercing eyes looking at him. Takaba looked up to see Asami casually leaning against his black limousine, cigarette between his lips.

The light changed, he walked across the street to the older man. Staring into each other’s eyes, the familiar signature smirk started spreading across the man’s handsome face.

When Asami’s lips lowered to meet his, he knew he’d miss the countdown after all.

Title: Zero Alcohol
Theme: 9a – Celebrate

Zero alcohol.

It was a rule of the night for the young photographer who didn’t want to repeat last year mistake. But Oba-chan’s food was delicious and icy-cold beer was so tempting. Well, why not just a sip, a small sip, and that’s it for tonight.

A couple hours later, in front of the restaurant, a black car approaches; a familiar figure gets out of the car with that familiar scent of cigarette smoke. A voice says something his drunken brain couldn’t register.

Hell, really, this is going to be one hell of a Love Surprise night all over again.

Title: Protein
Theme: 10a – Milk

“No way! Don’t you understand, I refuse to swallow that THING!!”

“Why? Think of it as your morning milk.”

“You’re insane! It’s not the same! With that horrible smell, the taste probably makes me sick, and it’s way thicker than 2% milk!”

“It provides a lot of protein, which I’m sure you need. You look pale.”

“And whose fault was it that I look this way?! If you just let me sleep through the ni– mmmmmfff!!”

With a kiss, Asami forced a mouthful of soybean milk down Takaba’s throat.

“How was it?”

Takaba frowned. “Umm…it’s actually– sweeter than I thought.”

Title: Lullaby
Theme: 11a – Music
Word count: 2 x 100

Five successful business deals in the past six days were good, but still not good enough to soothe his restless brain. He’s been having trouble sleeping since he arrived in Sapporo, and he knew it’s because something has been missing.

A sweet voice of the young photographer, crying out his name, panting, moaning, begging, and screaming. His personal enchanting lullaby.

Unable to focus on this current negotiation, though keeping his composure while lighting a new cigarette, Asami frowned. The other party apparently misinterpreted his expression, and hastily made a better offer. Asami smirked. Deal closed. Time to get some sleep.

Takaba had never had any sleeping problem until his life started intervening with Asami’s.

Every time he was in that possessive yet incredibly warm embrace, the sound of Asami’s breathing and heartbeats was like a mesmerizing song lulling him to sleep.

Sighing, Takaba reached out for a bottle of sleep medicines on his bedside table, cursing the man who’s been away on his so-called business trip for causing him this insomnia.

Half asleep from drug’s effect, he thought he heard a faint click from his apartment door, familiar footsteps, a soft voice whispering his name, and lastly, a sweet lullaby.

Title: Customized
Theme: 11a – Music
There’s one bad word in here that is not actually a bad word. According to sunflower1343’s comment, it’s supposed to be Asami’s nickname. ^__~ *runs*

A sensual moan filled the air when he walked out of his bathroom. Raising his eyebrows, Asami walked towards the bed where the sweet voice came from. As he reached for the electronics device, the moaning became louder and more inviting to his pleasure.

“…MY ASS! Asami!!”

The voice screaming his name meant listening time was up. As much as he enjoyed this rarely heard customized ringtone, he had to take this call. Akihito wouldn’t call him unless he’s in a serious trouble. Flipping his cell phone open, Asami snickered at the thought of pervert things Akihito would experience tonight.

Title: Movie
Theme: 12a – Clown

Reaching for a box of Kleenex, Asami asked his trembling lover; “Akihito! Why are you crying?”

“This.. this movie was so touching -hic- the father deeply cared about his son -hic- and he remembered to ask that question so he – hic- could tell his son.” Takaba took some Kleenex, blew his nose, and went back to weeping. His big chibi eyes were tearful.

To maintain his ultimate seme image, Asami only mentally rolled his eyes. He calmly changed the DVD to The Godfather II, his favorite classic. Apparently, Finding Nemo would be on a permanently banned list from now on.

(urr.. I hope a clown fish counts? ^^”)

Title: Loyalty
Theme: 12a – Clown
Characters: Feilong, Tao
This is Tao’s idea of a birthday celebration, not mine XD Fei-sama, Happy Birthday! ^__~

Feilong has never doubt Tao’s loyalty. The boy would listen to every single word he said. Tao’s innocent smile has always been there for him, to cheer him up, to calm him down. More than a servant, Tao was like the only family for him.

Never before today had Tao turned his back on his Fei-sama.

Feilong suddenly felt out of place when Tao eagerly ran away from him to that man. His world seemed to fall apart.

A Happy Meal box in his hand, he glared annoyingly at the screaming kids around him.

Damn McDonald’s and its ugly mascot.

Title: Touch
Theme: 13a – Sea

“Tell me, how does it feel when you touch it?”

“…It’s soft but also hard inside. The skin is so slick. Asami, I really don’t like touching it. Let go of my hand!”

“Hmm? Don’t like? But you seems to enjoy it in your mouth, don’t you?”

“It’s not the same!”

“You love using your tongue to play with it before swallow it…”

“Stop! This is disgusting! You’re going to make me not want to see or touch or do God-know-what with this THING again!”

Amused. Asami waved his hand so the waitress could take the live sea eel away.


(Just because I’m craving for dragon rolls… what were you thinking, you perv! *runs*)


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