Being a fangirl, you kinda transformed into a kitten from hell, as you can die repeatedly in such a short period of time.

This is the case.


Showbox SoDo
Seattle, WA

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, heavy image. proceed at your own risk~

BTW, again, this banner is a picture of the entire band, if you can find Neal LOL Doctor, step a little to your right hand side, please, Neal! XD

previously: intro | Round 1 – Yakima

I woke up before my cellphone alarm went off.

When my sister woke up 2 hours later, she accused me of being totally crazy, she said: you couldn’t sleep, you’re making noise, etc etc. To my defense, it was almost 6am when I opened my eyes, which wasn’t really early, and hey, a girl needs to pee yo! TMI? oops~

We had a relaxing morning in our hotel room, having breakfast and catching up on our online lives. My sister picked out some photos from last night to post them on her facebook. We finally left Yakima a little after 10am. My sister tried to talk me into selling my extra Showbox ticket as I’d be going by myself. Two tickets were not gonna get me any extra personal space.

We were talking about food, and were starving by the time we got back to our familiar territory. So, we went straight to Verrazano’s in Federal Way for lunch. OMG Yummy~


OT —  have I ever mentioned that one of my dream jobs is to be a photographer for Food Network magazine? LOL well, my ultimate dream job is still to be a traveler. There’s sooooo many places I really want to go visit. Imagine being anywhere your heart takes you (*coughs*if you ask me now the locations are probably the same as whatever listed on Declaration Tour schedule? XD) without worrying about income? I should start buying a lotto, huh? LOL

Anyway, I dropped my sister off at her place, trying one last time to make her change her mind and go to Showbox with me. No luck. She told me to sell the ticket on Craigslist. XD

I went back home, sifting through 700+ photos again, grinning like an idiot. Very understandable. My brother called and asked me about the plan for the night. Our first plan was for me to pick him up from work, then he could drop me off at Showbox around 4pm, and come pick me up around midnight.

brother: what about your sister?
me: she’s not going.. :(
brother: when was the last time you talked to her?
me: when I dropped her off… an hour ago?
brother: I just talked to her, she’s thinking about it, you’d better call and bug her~
me: *bounces* YES!

So, after several phone calls back and forth, between dad, mom, brother, sister and me (and I bet some convincing talks from my parents), my sister decided to go with me (OMG I REALLY LOVE HER!) under one condition. LOL We’d be there for the concert, means atmosphere. I wouldn’t attempt to be in the front, hence, no need to be there in the SoDo lounge area since 4pm for the 8:30pm door open time. I agreed as I was grateful for her sacrifice!

We finally left our house around 6:30pm, got there before 7pm. There was a long line outside already, so we went inside the lounge area. Wow, a bunch of people in here too! We found our new friend we just met at Yakima, Barbara, who was there since 11am. While we had a mini chitchat, Barbara showed us the magic green ticket they gave out in the morning to early bird fans so they could get in first. And she said she thought about us so she got tickets for us too!





Anyway, skipped forward to 8pm, some fans were at the Mariners game watching David throw out first pitch at the M’s game! (earlier, my brother sarcastically told me to do that too LOL). I’ve heard the pitch was high, but definitely reached the home plate, GJ DC! Sweeney was the catcher I think? (And I still think Sweeney looks nice in our M’s blue yo! LOL)

We were waiting outside for a while before they let us in. Showbox staff took away my baby, I know it’s big but it’s totally not a professional camera!! Oh well. My sister said it’s a good thing as I didn’t have to carry it all night, plus without much personal space, it’d be hard to use big camera anyway. Plus, she reminded me, we’re here for the fun, not photos. Win-Win! (on a second thought, I was like, dang it, should have brought my uchiwa instead!! LOL)

We were on 2nd row, dead center. And when I said DEAD CENTER, I really mean it. My sister started looking for an emergency exit, just in case anything happened, and we came to an agreement that there’s no way we could fight the crowd out, so the fastest way out was to climb over the fence, got on the stage and ran through their back door. Sounds like a good plan to me! LOL

About an hour later, the Crash Kings started their set with lots of smoke. My sister was like, oh, so they looked like this! (She couldn’t see their faces when we were in Yakima!) I think they sounded better than when they’re in Yakima, I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe because I could see them better? IDK. Still too much smoke, I could hardly see Jason in the back! A really funny girl behind me kept asking (aka yelling): Jason, where’s your shoes? xD

After the Crash Kings, it’s the stage crew’s turn to set things up for @thedavidcook and the gang (yeah, I kinda started calling him by his twitter’s name, oh my life… LOL). Tonight I saw an extra stage toy, the Mariners’ bobblehead doll! 8/24 wasn’t a bobble head night but I *think* it’s Ken Griffey Jr. one!

The crew brought out the setlist to tape to the floor, and my 20/20 caught a sight on A DAILY ANTHEM at the bottom of the page. I swear, I SAW IT! *bounces*



ready for the show? Alrighty, dim the light, here we go!

DC and the band came out and Heroes kicked off this epic nightl! David was in the same outfit he wore during the Evening Magazine interview with Kim Holcomb earlier. *ahem* could someone please just go pop his top button open like in the interview, please please? XD


The fans were really loud tonight, like really really really loud, energy level was totally through the roof. Showbox was gonna explode! YAY!

As soon as Heroes ended, We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping started. The band was on fire already~ I don’t know who’s feeding energy off who, us off them or them off us, or maybe it’s a loop thing, but everyone was soooooo pumped up and it’s soooooooo much fun. It’s totally completely insanely different from what I experienced the night before in Yakima. I mean, Capitol Theatre was a really nice venue, the sound there was great, but here at Showbox, everything was so raw. Emotions. Energy. Everything. Awesome!


I was lucky I didn’t get a heart attack when my heart was trying to catch up with the music the way they’re jamming towards the end of the song! Seriously!!!

After the song, he wanted us to get louder and we actually delivered! LOL Didn’t he know that #12 fans are the loudest in NFL? Seattle rocks! xD

I Did It For You was next on the set list. DC and Neal’s guitar hero duel at the end was sooooo cool it’s insane!!! ♥


DC said he could tell “we’re gonna have a fantastic time tonight” (OH YEAH HE WAS RIGHT). He asked if anyone went to the Mariners game earlier (Safeco Field was only a block (or two?) from Showbox), not a lot of people were there (couldn’t blame them, M’s kinda fell off the chart again this year T___T). So David was telling us about him throwing first pitch tonight, like, “if you were there, you know what happened, don’t tell anybody . If you weren’t there, I threw a friggin’ strike (then in a tiny voice) I’m such a liar” ROFL!!! He’s so adorable I want to pinch him!!

Mr. Sensitive was about to kill me. Being smack in the dead center has a pro and a con. A minor con was that the mic stand was friggin’ in a way of seeing his entire face while he’s singing, luckily, he’s not standing still like a robot so everything was great. A major pro was that I could see things really clearly. Like every action happened. DC taking off his ear piece, his goofy silly face, the way he wiggled his fingers when he wanted us to go louder, how he touched the mic stand (more on this later! LOL), the way he smacked his guitar, and so on.


One moment that completely slaughtered me during Mr. Sensitive was when he came up front during Neal’s solo, and DC was crazily strumming along. There was a very short moment when he bent slightly down while slowly ran his chubby fingers through his guitar neck. IT WAS DAMN SEXY MY NOSE WANTED TO BLEED! *thuds*

Man, this was why I said I have to be a kitten from hell, because 9 lives are definitely not enough yo!

He made a joke about getting an email from his ex-girlfriend, before leading into the next song. What what, Lie was next! *squeeeeeeeeeals*


Okay, so people around me were taking pictures and filming this performance. I kinda thought it was normal since we saw tons of photos and clips on youtube from every show. However, at the beginning of the song, cue in Mr. Big Security guard, he came right at us and talked to the girl behind me, telling her not to take pictures or maybe video? Maybe she sneaked in a professional camera? I had no idea. I didn’t turn around to look because, hello?, I was busy looking at David Cook singing Lie! Duh. I was actually annoyed by this security dude. But I guess I had to thank him instead. LOL As everyone said that DC was very well aware of everything that’s going on during the show, he looked at the security guy, then looked right at me! *inserts eye contact* OMG I ALMOST FAINTED!!! He looked me in the eyes during Lie? Are you kidding me? *thuds* And all I did was making a silly face back while tilting my head towards the safety dude. Jesus, I failed at impromptu reaction! *grumbles*

Luckily, it was all over in less than 30 seconds, the dude left before a capella part, otherwise, I was pretty sure I’d whack him even though he’s about tripling my size!

A capella part was soooooo beautiful, but Seattle fans, a bunch of you failed at being quiet during this!! ARGHHH!! And I didn’t enjoy the shushing sound either -__-” Anyway, it was bad enough that people sang along when he’s singing without a mic, but screaming? hello, the girl who SCREAMED like a butcher was cutting you into pieces during this song, whoever you are, YOU TOTALLY FAILED AT LIFE! Period!! Bleh!


*purrs* Lie was friggin’ awesome. Seriously, I can listen to this song all day.

Wow, time to kick things up a few notches! Intro to Kiss on the Neck started and fans went nuts!! DC, Neal, Andy and Monty turned around facing Kyle during this drum solo, then turned back at the same time and walked towards the front (if I write *kakkoiiiii~~* here, will anyone get it? xD).

The way he sang “with just a kiss on the neck” tonight was insane. The first time, he touched his neck which was an instant kill. The second time, he had a mini pause before the word ‘neck’ which made it more insanely hot. His moaning sound was such a killer too *faints* What what, OMG HOTEL CALIFORNIA! *screams* OMG AWESOMENESS!!!


I’m squinting my eyes trying to see if I can find a part of Kyle peeking out from behind DC, so I could call this yet another band photo LOL

How about a little break so our hearts could settle down?! He said he kinda lost track but thought this was show #105 (I thought it was #107? LOL) Anyway, he said “this is actually special, because we’re actually filming the show tonight


OMG DIES! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A TOUR DVD!!! (quite possibly for the deluxe edition of DCTR? but but but I want a full length tour DVD!!) It’s the first time he’s bringing the camera crew right right?!

(BTW, on Wednesday 8/26, during STAR 101.5 interview, he said he had a gut feeling that they’re gonna have a great vibe at that show. And really the crowd didn’t disappoint! SEATTLE FANS FTW!! ^____^)

The next song wasn’t on the record, but in his humble opinion, it will be. YES PLEASE!! I really really love this song! Call it a Souvenir~


Dead center! LOL

Bar-ba-sol would forever knock me off my feet. David Cook was ooooooozing off hotness during this song, here we go,



It’s the way he sang, the way he held on to his mic, the way he friggin’ ran his fingers up and down the mic stand that slaughtered me!!! *dies* AND YES, I STILL WANT TO BE THAT DAMN LUCKY MIC STAND!! LOL



Neal~ ♥__♥


Craziness. Bar-ba-sol totally kicked asses!!!

Stage crew came to take DC’s guitar. He talked about GMA appearance, mentioned Adam and Kris as if they’re gonna come out (ladies and gentlemen, without further ado… ) dork! XD

Little Lies was amazing! I really love how he interacted with the crowd, everyone was screaming their heads off! And Neal’s guitar solo was scream worthy as always!


DC picked out 3 signs from the audience. It was funny, one girl was holding the sign upside down, and he said he couldn’t read it XD #1 “it’s my birthday” blah blah sign, #2 Daveless in Seattle, #3 First show ever blah blah (by a 11 year old boy), DC likes #3 the most, I kinda like #2 though LOL The band kept teasing him while he’s showing off the sign, wouldn’t let him finish his sentence peacefully. So David was like, OMG we’re gonna have a whole new band tomorrow~ (I seriously love it when he says OMG, it always sounds sooooooo cute!)


He went to talk to the little boy, asking him what’s cool for an 11-year old. The answer was Guitar Hero, so DC was like, well, you know.. we played guitars.. so does that make us kinda a little.. cool? LOL dang it, David Cook, why are you so adorable?! XD

Time for Declaration!! I didn’t even know the energy level could get any higher, but it really did! He’s slightly off-pitched at the beginning, but this is what I love so much about going to a live concert! It’s all raw and instant. If you want perfection, go listen to the CDs at home yo! LOL

Grainy as hell, but for once I could see Kyle sitting still ↓ And it really was a band photo this time! haha~


He said he considered himself musically influenced by a grunge movement (originated from Seattle area during the mid-1980’s) from this area, and thanked the fans before introducing the next song.

My haunting song! Come Back to Me!! The color came back to me too! LOL oh yeah, I switched back to color mode just in time to catch Neal/Andy/Monty epic 3-way jamming! *bounces* IT WAS INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!


I really like how he ended the song. Simply left off at the high notes, come back to me~~

Then he left the stage, heck no no no no no, COME BACK TO ME!!!! XD

About a minute of screaming in the dark, fans started a “David” call.


The stage crew finally came out to set up the guitars, we went back to screaming our heads off, until DC and the band (should I say “DC and the Anthemic” instead? LOL) came back out. YAY!

(OT — two fans in front of me threw 2 pieces of garments on the stage when they walked back… the crew grabbed one of them off stage right away, the other one remained there but DC didn’t touch or even look at it. hee~ :P)

Intro for Died in Your Arms kicks in and I died from his very first verse! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I LOVE HIS VOICE!!! ARGHHHH!!! *flails*


The band went totally nuts along with the fans too! OMG ANDY WALKED OVER TO NEAL AND NEAL PLAYED ANDY’S GUITAR *faints*




Oh boy. It was hot. It was crazy. It was insane. It was awesome. It was soooooooo EPIC! I didn’t even know how to describe what I felt during this song. It was so incredibly amazing!

After the song, David said they’ve been on the road since Valentine’s day, putting on so many shows, and this has been absolutely one of the most incredible crowd!! And he couldn’t wait to come back here!!


He thanked the Crash Kings, the crew, the venue, and the fans for our supports. Then it’s time for the last song! (awwwwwwwwwwwww)

Wait a second, Light On?! Did he just say LIGHT ON?!



*wails to Pluto*

Fine! I still have another concert to go to! There’s still a chance for ADAM! (I friggin’ love this song and he just wouldn’t play it in Washington!!!) And we got 13 songs tonight! Seattle still wins! xD

Yeah, I thought about all that during the intro. LOL

Alright, back to Light On!!

The fans were really really loud that he had to put his left ear piece, that he usually left off, back in since the very beginning of the song. *purrs* I confess I even love the way he put the thing in his ear and reached behind his head to grab/adjust/hide the wires. I love these little details so much~ (obsessed much? oh yeah.. LOL)

And Neal continued his epicness!!! *faints*


Yet another band photo, if you can locate any part of Kyle! xD


Sadly, the end of this song meant the end of this EPIC concert.

David Cook said: “Seattle, thank you guys so much!


The crowd started leaving Showbox. I went to the coat check counter to get my baby back. The staff were really nice, they even put it in a locked cabinet. Thank you Thank you! We went outside and said goodbye to Barbara (but we will definitely meet again in Salem!!!). It was almost midnight so I gave my brother a call. I couldn’t hear a thing he said on the phone though, my ears were seriously ringing nonstop. LOL Anyway, turned out, even though we told him to come around midnight, he came half an hour early to wait for us so we didn’t have to wait for him outside the venue. I have the best big brother on earth, guys.


On the ride home, I finally managed to tweet to thank DC and the band, after accidentally hit the wrong button three times, and my message went kaput, and I had to retype it again. That was when I realized my brain was about to shut down.

We got home safely (of course, it’s my brother not me who’s driving xD) and instead of taking a shower first, I downloaded all photos to my lovely iMac first. So long, my priorities. LOL

My brother told me that I created all sorts of troubles/chaos simply because I wanted to go to a concert. Oops. My parents stayed up waiting for me to come home, my dad was worried sick when I went to yakima, my sister was sore all over from 2 days of standing and sitting in the car, my brother had to drive back and forth dropping me off and picking me up at night. Not to mention they previously had to bear with my whining about STAR stage tickets for a week.

I still love being the youngest.

Finally, after a long hot shower, I went to bed that night wondering how on earth I was gonna wake up and go to work the next day…

ps1. I did wake up and go to work on time! my ADAM ringtone wins! :P

ps2. I was thinking about flying to Spokane, but mentally kicking myself repeatedly for even think about that. I did told my boss I really really wanted to be in Spokane on Tuesday though. He just laughed. LOL

ps3. stay tuned for round 3 – STAR Stage, Seattle! *flails*

edited — 7:30am 8/29/09

ps4. Yikes! blog stalkers, identify yourself, maybe? please? LOL geez 70 hits in 30 minutes, I’m a little nervous, where are you guys coming from?!

edited — 8:16pm 9/1/09

ps5. come to think of it, I think I could probably blame Archie for no ADAM at Showbox! It’s all because he didn’t reply to @thedavidcook‘s tweet earlier that day. See, Cook sent him a super short clip of the epic ending of ADAM in Manila, where Archie was on the stage with him. Oh my heck, @DavidArchie, Cook was definitely in ADAM mood that day, why didn’t you tweet back?! Gosh, this is definitely your fault~ LOL


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22 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 2 – Seattle

  1. ph246 says:

    My God, Girl, you are some kind of fantastic photographer! Great recap. Your enthusiasm is infectious! And yes, it was a truly amazing concert.

  2. LaLa says:

    Wow! Your photos are amazing! Are you a professional? Great job.

  3. Sky says:

    Hey someone posted your link on twitter. We are fans of David. Great blog, great pictures. I was at both shows but sadly did not get to go to the starstage, could not win tickets.

  4. jetcitypink says:

    LOL .. gurl, you captured the energy of the Seattle show perfectly! My 2nd DC show ever – Only after reading your musings, was I able to put myself back where I was on Monday night, FRONT ROW between David and Neal!! Yes, I was one of the fangurlies that showed up early at 7am. Our group was awarded the golden green tickets too! I loved LIE in Yakima, such an acoustically perfect venue and the audience was so quiet during his acapella solo! Your photos are amazing, and just so you know, I was able to get all of KotN from Seattle uploaded to my YouTube early the next morning AWESOMENESS!! Then the Star Stage thing on Weds – too many Daveventures this week! I too must come back to life, back to reality .. till Salem at least! Catch me on twitter same nym. xoxoxox <3 <3

  5. songkat says:

    Your photography is AMAZING! Seriously, some of the best I’ve seen this entire year. Brava!!!!

  6. naughtiest says:

    Thank you! I was practically bouncing in my seat while writing this blog LOL just want to relive this concert to the fullest! I’m glad it’s infectious!! ;)

    awww Thanks so much~ but nope, I’m on the other end of being a professional photographer, I just love taking pictures, and these objects on stage were perfect to begin with xD

    *waves* thanks for your comment! He was really cute in Star Stage, too bad they didn’t let us take pictures, but STAR 101.5 did post some cute pix of him, so we’re good! :)

    LOL the more Daveventures, the merrier~ coming back to reality is so NOT fun! BTW, how did you guys know that you have to be there at the wee hours? I need to learn from you folks, next time he comes back, please drag me along!! xD BTW, I think we met in front of Showbox, you’re with Marilyn?

    awwwww, thank you for making me blush!! ♥

  7. crazy4you says:

    I love your energy and your humor. This is so lol funny and I completely understand where you’re coming from. Adorable and rockstar technically shouldn’t be used in the same sentence but David changed that rule. He is a rockstar and adorable and sexy and funny and dorky. Your pictures are amazing. Tell your family you have to go to every DC and the Anthemic concert that’s within 4 hours from your house because we need your recaps and pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  8. hoaloha says:

    More great pictures! It’s so fun to live the concert through you. I can’t wait for your pics from Salem! Thanks for sharing.

  9. coco says:

    Ok, you sucked me in to round 3.
    Amazing account of your epic concert experience, thanks!
    Love the photos too!

  10. naughtiest says:

    awww you’re so sweet, thank you so much!! I know, he’s gotta be the cutest rockstar on earth LOL oh boy, I would love to go to every single concert everywhere, but I think I need to hook up with other fangirls, so my sister can be off the hook every once in a while LOL (though I doubt my dad will let me go by myself, geez dilemma!)

    you’re welcome, again, I’m glad I can channel the fun of his show!

    LOL thank you thank you! round 3 coming up soon! I’m racking my brain for all the Q&As from that day!

  11. kcgeek4vocab says:

    Girl, these are awesome recaps. And your pix are to die for! Seriously, there are a couple of your Seattle photos that should be his next CD cover! I can’t wait to see what kind of pix you get from Salem. I’ll be at that show too! Looking forward to you Round 3 recap. Your love for David come thru loud & clear in your writing.

  12. JK says:

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for part 3! I have not read any sort of recap from the Star Stage show at all so I’m looking forward to details ;)

  13. haldzigner says:

    Your pictures are pure art! And I’m not talking about the subject matter either…. seriously awesome. From where I was in the crowd, I couldn’t see much… so thank you so much for sharing the them AND for your blog. Truly captured the atmosphere…. felt like I was there again. You have a wonderful family… even tho’ they were worried, they allowed you live out your dreams!

  14. Julia says:

    Your photographs are beautiful! You are so talented. Lovely review, wish I had been there too.

  15. naughtiest says:

    wow, thank you soooo much! Your comment really made my day! I’m glad my blog came through as ‘love’ not ‘overly obsessed’ *phew* LOL his next CD cover? OH GOSH! if he happens to want them for any reason, he could have them all!!! *signs my will* And please don’t expect any epic photos from Salem, I won’t be lucky enough this time to sit up front like these two shows in WA! *hangs head*

    ps. love your username, a wordnerd from kc area, huh? ;)

    Thank you! I think there’s a really nice thread on cougarslovecook about Star Stage too! Mine will probably be sorta hilarity ensued as usual xD

    OMG you guys are so good at making me blush~ (btw subject matter matters A LOT! xD) I’m so glad you like these photos! As for my family, I think they’re used to my fangirl behavior already. In 2007 I flew all the way to Japan for a super-cute-Japanese-idols concert when I didn’t even understand Japanese. THAT was crazy. LOL

    Thank you! I’m happy you enjoy reading this recap! :)

  16. Kel says:

    He is definitely a raper of souls. Glad you enjoyed.

  17. Barbara says:

    Glad you enjoyed the “green ticket”. Amazing photos and love the recaps. See you in Salem. More to come.

  18. naughtiest says:

    I could never thank you enough for the epic tickets you gave us! *glomps* See you in Salem!!

  19. Vickie aka justcookme says:

    Well hey naughtiest! It’s me, Chris’ wife…so glad we met at CarToys and I adore your amazing recaps & pics! Will you please email me? I have a couple questions for you. Thanks!

  20. leastlikely says:

    I was at this fantastic show as well, and you’ve done a marvelous job of capturing the night. It was fun to re-live it through your terrific recap. Thanks for sharing!

  21. naughtiest says:

    I’m now stalking you everywhere! LOL

    YAY FOR SEATTLE FAN! It was such an epic night for us all. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy re-living this experience with me! :)

  22. half fith blessing says:

    you’re a genius. Keep donig it .

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