April 14th & 21st, 2007

I remember sunflower1343 said that tulips are happy flowers ^^ I wanted to be happy, so I went to see tulip festival twice this year! LOL

Round 1: going with lilybrie and my non LJ friend, the weather was terrible almost throughout our 1.5 hours drive up north to Skagit Valley. However, it turned out to be such a lovely day when we arrived there, lucky~

Round 2: a week later, taking friends from Thailand who came to visit there, sunny day, they loved it, mission accomplished! ^__^ First day with my new camera too!

Last year I complained about gloomy weather and rain when I went there. This year, I’ve come to my conclusion, I like gloomy weather better when it comes to taking pictures at the Tulip Festival. I think the vast field of tulips looks too bright when it’s sunny, they looked.. plastic? XDD well, just me, maybe ^^”

Alright, here goes, my favorite shots from this year festival~

















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