I’m so dead. Seriously.

well, just to be perfectly clear. If you’re a cop, no I’m still alive and he didn’t commit any dang crime besides being so epic-ly awesome. If you’re a fangirl, you know what I mean. xD


Capitol Theatre
Yakima, WA

warning: fangirling gibberish, lots of flailing, heavy image. proceed at your own risk~

previously: intro

I woke up early this morning, went to pick up my (awesome, remember?) sister, detoured back to her house to finish off some eBay business, then headed to the Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle for super yummy breakfast. It was funny because I brought my camera with me to take some pictures, but once we saw those croque monsieur, the next thing we knew they’re gone LOL Very tasty indeed~

Anyway, we hit the road a little after 9am, I-90 had surprisingly no traffic. Duh, Sunday morning, what did I expect? LOL My sister and I talked about everything and nothing for 2.5 hours and we eventually arrived at Yakima. Unscratched *knocks knocks knocks* Wow. We’ve made it, Dad!! (he woke up this morning to asked me again if I could really drive to Yakima by myself and I told him it’s not by myself, my sister’s with me!! xD)

We found our hotel just a couple blocks away from the freeway. It was before noon, and check-in time was usually 3pm, we went inside anyway. The awesome staff at Hilton Garden Inn told us that there’s a room available so we could check-in right away YAY! The scariest part of this whole thing was she told me to go park my car in their underground garage. Jesus, the entrance was soooooooo narrow my car was screaming at me!!

Anyway, we got to our room# 329 (Takki’s B-day!!! see, we’re off to a totally great start!!). Nice room with two big queen beds, microwave and fridge. However, the best freebie was free internet access. We both got on our computers right away~

After we had a mini snack that we bought from Bakery Nouveau, we decided to go check the place out, so we walked 476 ft from our hotel to the Capitol Theatre, saw an unmarked silver bus, not David’s though. OMG there’s some fans waiting out front already o_O” There’s also a farmer market today, but they didn’t have a lot of stuff. We walked around for a little bit, the weather was nice and sunny but a bit too hot to continue walking around sweating so we headed back to the hotel. That was when I found out about the band’s name, The Anthemic. EEB/BoUH finally has a name!! XD

Good thing about being a fangirl of Japanese idols, it gave me ideas. I made this uchiwa for my sister! LOL ↓ Hey, the weather was hot, it worked perfectly! xD


Around 3:30pm, we went out again to camp in front of the theatre. It was a friggin long wait from 3:30 to 7pm when the door opened. But during those 3+ hours, we saw DC and the gang arrived at the venue, listened to sound check (I Did It For You and Hot For Teacher) and saw David playing catch ball with his staff, hey, first pitch at the M’s game tomorrow, he’d better be ready~ ;)

Okay, so the door opened. We were actually the early bird campers, but once we got in, the first 3 rows were filled already. I then realized that it didn’t really matter how long you camped outside (well, it mattered to some degree LOL), it’s all about having the right connection. Or win the radio contest, whatever. XD  Anyway, 4th row, center, slight to the left are our seats (too center, I figured later). I thought they were good seats, until everyone stood up during the Crash Kings set and I was like, uh oh damn me for being short T__T (My sister and our new friend, B,  kinda wanted to go to balcony level from the get go, but I kinda wanted to be in the action zone. LOL I failed, but my second prop was cute anyway, eh? XD)


Crash Kings did a good job opening for DC. My poor sister said she’s about to go deaf though LOL I kept messing around with my camera to find the right setting, but they didn’t use all stage lights so it’s super hard to focus and dang frustrating I almost gave up on taking pictures. geez, my official first day with my new baby and I couldn’t get it to work properly ARGHHH!! Crash Kings’ set last for about 40 minutes, then the crew came out to set up for the main event of the night~ *BOUNCES*


About 30 minutes later, they dimmed the light and then David and the band came out, omg, David Cook, you’re so gorgeous *__*  The screams were really loud, couldn’t complain, I did my fair share of squealing too LOL The intro totally pumped us up!

Kiss on the Neck kicked of the show and it was OMG EPIC from the get go. He sounded so good singing live. Watching Youtube clips or listening to MP3 recording couldn’t do any justice. My poor heart skipped a beat every time he touched his neck, very unhealthy indeed! And that moaning sound was definitely the end of me.. *thuds*


DC didn’t waste any time, he continued right away with Mr. Sensitive. Dang it, the first pick he threw during this song landed 2 feet from my seat T___T


Heroes was next and it was, again, AWESOME!!


My sister switched over to her mino, so I took my camera back and started snapping… Let me say again that being short sucks big time when people in front of you are A: taller than you, B: having the wildest hair imaginable, or C: kept blocking your view with their swagging arms. Hence, most photos from this point were taken while I was on my tiptoe.. -__-”

His first banter was really cute. DC asked how’s everybody doing tonight, and 98% of the girls screamed while some guys made a macho sound LOL It was Chris, we met him and his group at the Car Toys tent sale, he’s really funny. Oh, and some girls behind me had really impressive screaming pipes, heck yeah, their vocal chords must be really strong. The band kept teasing him (or interrupting him, according to DC himself LOL) while he made us scream our head off~ which made it all really cute~

(I don’t know if cute is the appropriate word to describe a 26-year old rock star? But he’s so adorably cute! xD)

Up next was Straight Ahead. I friggin’ love songs from Analog Heart! BTW, I think this album is probably the most wanted DC-related collectible item, right? I mean, if it falls into my hand, I’d probably have a heart attack which will be totally worth it! LOL


After a very good screaming session by all fangirls, DC finally got to talk again. He talked about officially being on the West coast leg of the tour. Fans kept screaming and it was really funny because they did scream at almost every single words he said LOL Then, he told Andy to bring out this cow they bought the day before in Yakima. You know, I think these guys really have a thing for squeeeeeeze toys LOL This one made a weird HAHAHAHAHAHA noise.

(took this pix before the show start, was laughing too hard when Andy bought it out to take picture XD and I swear, that chicken was a mini version of Henrietta, my sister’s dog has one! LOL)


He started playing intro to Lie, while telling us that there’s a point to the story he was telling but he couldn’t remember it now LOL He’s sooooo adorable when he rumbled on and on~


If you know me, I’m a super sucker for ballad. This song was so beautiful from the very beginning but the a capella part totally did me in. His voice was so so sooooooo powerful. It’s way beyond stunning I don’t even know how to describe the feeling!

(there’s a lot of shhhhhhhhhh…. from the audience, trying to silence people who sang along too — dude, don’t sing during a capella, this seriously should be one of concert etiquette!)



He said it’s a slower song so it’s okay for people to sit down, yeah right, as if we would, Cookie! Next was Bar-ba-sol!!


Let me say something. NEVER in my life that I wanted to be a mic stand this bad! SERIOUSLY!!! Geez, the way he came down at the beginning and how he held on to the mic stand was killing me! Not to mention he ran his friggin’ hands up and down that lucky prop!!! *faints*


My lucky Andy shot~ (BTW, Neal, you’re moving too fast!!! xD)





He told the ‘that guy thinks he’s David Cook‘ story from Baton Rouge again, and it’s still cute! The way he cracked up when he mentioned his tennis shoes was sooooooo adorable!!!! XD

Next on the set list was the song from his unreleased album, We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping!

Meet the producer of this song, Doctor Neal Tiemann~


How about some love for Monty? ;)


The band went kinda nuts towards the end of the song as you can see from the banner at the top of this post (yeah, that’s the picture of the entire gang, if you can see Neal LOL). At the end, Monty, Andy, DC, and Neal turned around to worship Kyle! It’s insanely amazing!! I was afraid Neal’s head gonna fall off!!! XDD


*purrs* I love Souvenir!!! I really really do hope that they’ll release it somehow, next album or deluxe edition, whatever. I WANT A RECORDING VERSION OF THIS SONG!!!! And I love it when David Cook made silly face while singing!! XD


The first track on this record, Declaration was such a fun song to dance and sing along! The super cute moment was when DC walked around the stage (earned lots of screams (as usual) along with one huge red rose! LOL), he walked to the left (my left, his right, well depends on which direction you’re facing xD) side of the stage, took a camera from a fan and took a picture (or two?) of the audience! He even checked the picture before returning the camera to that lucky fan! I wanna see the photo he took!!!! WHERE WHERE?!



CD pimping time! A fan in the front row has a record with her, so he told her to toss it to him. And he caught it with his index and middle fingers! Wow, what a catch! He really has good reflex!


He was gonna toss the record back to her when someone told him she has kids!! So he actually walked to the front and handed the CD back. XD He’s so so sooooooooo adorable the way he smiled and, dare I say, giggled? LOL

Light On! Andy was playing both keyboard and guitar~ ♥ Cookie made us sing along, and we did an awesome job!! :)



Ack! noooooo it was the last song! The stage went dark and the fans went nuts! The screamed was really really loud for like 2 minutes, then DC and the band came back out. YAY!!


The first encore song was Died in Your Arms! *flails*It was EPIC! The band went totally insane and Neal was on the speaker or platform or whatever, doing his awesome thing with his guitar. OMG *dies*  David wanted us to sing along, he even turned the mic around for us!


Love this photo for some reasons, thanks to weird stage lights! LOL


David finally made an announcement about the band name! He introduced Andy, Monty, Kyle and Neal. It’s the FIRST show that they have a band name, THE ANTHEMIC! He was like, tell your friends, some people might not care,

but I care, I love these guys


He thanked us for letting them come and play some music. Dude, you gotta be kidding me. It’s US who need to THANK YOU FOR COMING TO WASHINGTON AND BRINGING US SO MUCH JOY!

I have a confession though. I was expecting A Daily AntheM to be the closing song, come on, it’s THE ANTHEMIC for crying out loud, I wasn’t wrong to have my hope up!! So when he said ‘current single’, I mentally kicked Neal for not putting ADAM on the set list, mentally yo, just mentally LOL Oh well, I love the song, but Come Back to Me totally haunted me to no end during the week that I tried to get STAR stage tickets!!! LOL




The song came to an end. He threw out some picks and then left the stage.

And that’s it for my virgin first David Cook’s concert.

It was way beyond awesome. I totally had a blast! One thing I really love about going to his live concert is that he changed things up and made each song different from the records. I love every single performance, but Lie was definitely my favorite song from that night, simply because it showcased his voice to Pluto. A capella rules!!

What else could I say without writing a 12-page report? I felt so lucky they finally came to Washington.


We went outside, saw Neal taking pictures with some fans, I didn’t get to take any with him though. Then, when we walked back to the hotel, we saw a bunch of fans waiting at the bus area, so I dragged my sister (who’s tired and possibly sleepy and cold at this point) to wait there. She asked: how long are you gonna wait? I answered: not too long. Luckily, Andy walked back to the bus soon after that so we knew that the rest of the gang was coming. Monty, Kyle and Neal followed shortly, then David. YAY! He told us he’s sick (allergy?), so he’d give autograph real quick and get back on the bus.

Every once in a while I was kinda stupid, I gave him the CD to sign and told him that he was awesome and hope he’s feeling better soon. Dang it, I should have asked for a hug instead, so I could just DIE IN HIS ARMS THAT NIGHT! LOL Well, couldn’t really blame myself though, I was having my star struck moment yo! With him merely 2 ft away, I was lucky enough I didn’t faint or say something inappropriate. xD

He looked soooooooo incredibly good up close, sweaty, messy hair and all. SO FRIGGIN’ GORGEOUS!

Eyes + Lips + Voice + Sense of Humor = A Killing Combo

DC finally reached the end of the fangirl line and got on his bus. My sister and I headed back to our hotel (a block away LOL) as the bus started moving, heading West to Seattle.

ps1. I couldn’t thank my sister enough for going to Yakima with me. I love you I love you I love you! *chu*

ps2. playing catch up sucks! I want to write about STAR Stage today, but being OCD, I have to do things in order!! Ugh!!! LOL

ps3. stay tuned for round 2 – Showbox SoDo, Seattle!

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9 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 1 – Yakima

  1. ph246 says:

    Awesome recap and friggin’ amazing photography! You should send Andy and Neal links on their MySpace pages.

  2. jetcitypink says:

    I was Dave-virginized at this show in Yakima, too! I wish I had unlimited $$ so I could see them all over like some of the women I’d met during this Dave-week of mine!! I got so lucky, though – I had 2nd row in Yakima on Neal’s side and Front Row in Seattle between Dave & Neal, and I was donated 4 tickets to the Star Stage, so lots and lots of fangurlies there too. An awesome time!!

  3. naughtiest says:

    LOL Thank you! I’m a little MySpace bum, but I’ll try that channel! XD

    I know! I don’t even know how people can take time off that much, my boss will probably strangle me before I even ask for it! LOL

  4. Great recap and seriously primo pics! Sweaty arm porn always cheers me up! :-)

    I’ve seen him 3x already (Towson MD, Va Beach and Delaware) and heading to Charlottesville VA in Oct for show #4! He is amazing in concert and I can’t even listen to DCTR now because it totally doesn’t do the songs justice the way he does live.

    Thanks for posting these.

  5. hoaloha says:

    Great recap of the Yakima show, you and your sister are awesome! The uchiwa were hysterical. Your pictures are wonderfully clear and quirky. Thanks for capturing the concert for us.

  6. coco says:

    Very entertaining recap, thanks for sharing it.
    Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Hey! I know you girls! Saw you at the Car Toys thing and at Yakima, Seattle Sodo and the Starstage AWESOMEST :) event!! Will see you in Salem, too. Great recap! Will read your recap. Hope to get some pirated (arg) audio from the Q & A!!

  8. naughtiest says:

    ROFL I ♥ sweaty arm porn too!! I always want to go to the shows on East Coast, you guys have it more frequently than us! LOL

    YAY for my awesome sister! I didn’t know how she managed to bear with me on this! I’m glad you love the uchiwa, I cracked up while making it too! heee~ Thanks for stopping by!! <3

    you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it!

    *glomps* YES that was me and my sister! and I'm sorry I squeeeeeezed you so hard on Wednesday, I was just soooo giddy after I got a bear hug from them! Star Stage recap coming up soon! (I want the entire video they filmed during the show, any chance for that?!)

  9. kccatdr says:

    Wonderful photos – what kind of camera do you have? Loved your fangirly recap. We all turn into fangirls around David and The Anthemic. Heck even Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton are fangirls, not to mention Diane Sawyer.

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