That’s it.

LOL No kidding! Who could still think properly after seeing this married-life-calendar? xD I’ve dropped dead far too many times to remember last night, sqeeeeeeeeing ‘OMG OMG soooo cute so cute socutesocutesocute OMG OMG’ *is hyperventilating yet again* LOL This is definitely worth the wait though I still want to send a bomb to DHL for routing my package all the way to Alaska anyway.

The only major thing that’s been missing is their nude pictures LOL and with that being said, this year calendar is perfect. ^___^


What else could I say, this calendar is So.Much.LOVE! My non-JE fan friend said it doesn’t look very idol-ish, but that’s exactly the reason why I love it so much! LOL Great job, photographer-san, for capturing their lovely natural moments, all those smiles are so adorable. ^^ Also, I really like the fact that this calendar only has T&T together, unlike the previous year where there’re T&T/Takki/Tsubasa in 3 different sections. Even though I’m really fond of their solo shots, I’ve displayed only T&T pages during 2006-2007 as I felt that it’s supposed to be a unit calendar not a solo one. ^^”

Love Tsubasa’s jacket in April. me wants! xD

Takki and asparagus cracks me up in May.

For June, which host club are they from? LOL T&T in either black or white or nude kills me every time.

Is this the same car from Venus cover? I think so ne~ XDDD

Ahh, so much love for outdoor sports shots in August! Those smiles! XDD

I thought we’re supposed to hit the cue ball? *giggles* In fact, I was expecting a nude shot for this anniversary month! LOL

/me loves sunset in October

And, November! I have to made a comment on my special this month! The picture is cute, no doubt, it’s just like they’re walking their kid to school or something ^__~ but what’s going on with Takki’s outfits?! ROFL!! I almost died laughing when I first saw it, it was like, oh well, just dump everything on me! XDDD Give him a shopping cart, and he can transform into a super gorgeous homeless bum in no time! LOL *runs*

Where did they go shopping in December? The place looks to me like Costco or somewhere like that since their cart was packed with a wide range of stuff, and that meat rack looks so familiar. ;) A bag of onion, a bag of garlic, a box of tomatoes, muffins, cookies and green apples?! What are they going to cook? XD And is a bottle of wine enough to get Tsuba-chan drunk, Takki? LOL

Edit: OMG! It really is Costco! I just saw the Kirkland brand on that roll of ribbon! ROFL!~

Eating!Takki is LOVE! What a good way to start off a new year! ^__~ And I don’t see any onion on their table, where are they?! That entire bag! LOL

OMG *thuds* Those smiles… *melts into a puddle of goo*

Nice way to end this calendar with a very nice pix of them looking back ^___^

Those tiny offshots at the end… *dies* soooooooooooo CUTE! cute cute cute cute cute (my apologies for being so repetitive XD)


As a photographer, I adore both photobooks very much. Quite a contrast between these two, conceptual vs natural, but still so much love ^^

I really love Takki’s book of Tsubasa (oh boy, this is confusing for a non native English speaker like me xD, Anyway, I mean II VIII III). Juliet really caught me off guard even though I’ve read about it earlier LOL That red rose and Tsuba’s close up shot on the next page are really really pretty, especially the close up one, I totally love the lightings. Anyhow, my most favorite shot is the one at the beach, the picture of Tsubasa spreading his wings ^__^ Taki-sama, you rock!

Moment, by Tsubasa, is pure love. Takki’s sleeping face is my MOST favorite shot out of the two books, perfectly peaceful moment, thumbs up to Tsubasa. And I want to see those pictures before Takki is fully clothed! A lot of cute shots, I wonder if Tsubasa would just point his finger at whatever and say ‘Hide-kun, go do this this and that’ and Takki would’ve agreed to do everything his princess commands LOL I also really adore the picture of Takki sitting by the window with those flowers as a foreground, great composition. And the fact that Tsubasa is also wearing the bathrobe makes my TxT imagination runs to no end LOL

Okey dokey, that’s about it for now, I’ll come back and add something else later, for now, sweet dreams! ^___^

Edit: 2007.03.07

I should have learned long before how Photoshop can consume all my free time, tweaking a crappy quality photo taken with a cellphone is a pain! X__X but as always, T&T icons are love ^__~

Looking back at Tsubasa wallpaper I made last month, my imagination of the photobook Takki might produce. Darn it, I nailed only the copyright part *tsk tsk* XD Gotta try my psychic power harder next time!! LOL


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