Well, not yet, but soon enough LOL


I don’t even know where to begin.

Maybe I should start back in June when I looked up DC tour concert dates and found one in Salem, OR on 9/5. At that time, there’s no tour date in Washington at all (living in Pacific Northwest really sucks sometimes, but most of the time I love it here LOL), so I made up my mind and practically planned to drag my entire family down to Oregon with me. Luckily, my brother will be having a golf tournament that weekend in Portland. So, it worked out perfectly. I got concert tickets for me and my (awesome) sister. Hotel rooms for the entire family. All set. YAY!

Then, in July, they announced additional tour dates and a few of those shows will be in Washington:

Capitol Theatre, Yakima (8/23)
Showbox SoDo, Seattle (8/24)
Knitting Factory, Spokane (8/25)


What should I do now?

No doubt. I just clicked and bought tickets to Yakima and Seattle without even really thinking. Yakima is about 2.5 hours away from my house so I should be able to manage that. However, Spokane (4.5 hours) on Tuesday night is a bit too far to go considered I still need my career to pay for my obsessions LOL I mean I might be able to drive there, but I don’t know if I can drive back home safely, exhausted, lovesick and everything. I did think about flying there though, but it’s a bit pushing, so I reluctantly dropped Spokane off my list.

A few days later I got tickets from Ticketwest and Ticketmaster. BTW, these companies really make a fortune off their fees, huh?

My (again, awesome) sister agreed to go to Yakima with me, but not the Seattle one. She said the venue looks scary and we might die if there’s a fire or something… -__-”

My big brother offered to drive us to Yakima, since he didn’t want me to drive back at night. I-90 can be pretty dangerous. So I offered to buy him a ticket to the show together, but he simply refused. Said he’d rather wait in the car or at the library or hotel lobby or something. ummm… -“-

Anyway, I came up with another plan. Hilton Garden Inn is less than 500ft away from the Capitol Theatre. We could spend the night and drive back in the morning. Big brother is off the hook! *makes reservation*

Now, my dad is worried sick again, since he doesn’t want me to drive there myself as I never drive that far before (while I think he should be more worried about me going to Showbox by myself!). He started giving me driving lesson at home and repeatedly asked if I really could drive to Yakima. (For the record, yup, I’m the youngest lol).

So, everything was kinda under control. I strongly believe that this was still nothing compared to flying all the way to Japan for a concert. Hence, my craziness was still in check.

However, I was counting down the day when some thing totally caught my attention… and my brain went completely out of control…

I was looking up local radio stations when I saw that our lovely STAR 101.5 will hold a private acoustic party with David Cook on 8/26. There will be ~60 lucky audience, and the only way to win a pair of tickets to this show is to listen to the radio and call in when they say so. Not to mention you have to be caller #10 to win this dang thing.

You’ve gotta be kidding me, I couldn’t even remember the last time I intentionally listened to the radio o_O” Plus, internet radio is about 20-25 seconds delayed and my cellphone reception for FM radio sucks in my office.


(I even told F-san I’d never wanted anything more in my life. He just laughed but helped me call anyway (and he lives in Florida, for crying out loud!) LOL)

They started giving away tickets on 8/10, usually 3 times a day, and I dare say my life was screwed for that entire week. I tried to call but most of the time I got busy signals. Those times my call went through, I wasn’t caller #10. Dang it!

My sister and F-san started helping me call around midweek, and realized that this was not an easy task (I TOLD YOU SO!). My sister even told me to give up already LOL

So, after a week of failure and frustration, there’s another chance! Car Toys, the main sponsor of this event, was having a tent sale at the Westfield Southcenter Mall. STAR 101.5 would be there and gave away 5 pairs of tickets from 9-11am on 8/15.

I bugged the life out of my awesome sister, as usual.

sister: what’s gonna happen if you don’t get the tickets
me: I’m gonna cry
sister: o_O no way
me: really, I’m gonna cry, I really really want these tickets
sister: well, you have to prepare yourself, just in case…
me: I know, but I really really want these tickets.. *dang stubborn*
sister: it’s not the end of the world you know, we’ll be going to the concert anyway
me: yes.. *in a really small whiny voice* but this one is an acoustic party, and I really really want to go…
sister: …

We arrived at the mall parking lot around 8am Saturday morning, the radio station just arrived and set up their booth, so we’re waiting in my car. My sister handed me a tiny book to read. She got this book from my aunt when they came over to visit earlier this year. It’s kind of a self-help book written by a Japanese monk in Thailand. Not even religious or anything, but it teaches us to have a positive perspective. The book title is “Lucky”. Basically, even when bad things happen, we should be saying “Lucky”, “I’m grateful/appreciated” and “Thank you” and everything will be better once we focus on the positive side of things.

I read the book out loud for a few chapters. Whining every now and then that I understood these points but I really really want the tickets anyway. (see how stubborn I could be?)

Well, 8.45am, we went over to STAR booth, and dropped our name into the drawing box. One ballot per person…

First drawing, one dude who put like 5 ballots in the box won it, under his wife’s name who’s not there yet. The staff gave him tickets anyway, and we’re pissed because it’s not fair! The rule said you have to be PRESENT to win. Whatever.

My sister considered using our friends and family’s names to bump up our chance like the first dude, but I think it’s cheating, so we decided to stick with the principle and do the right thing by doing nothing but waiting for the next chance.

20 minutes later, second drawing. First winner, not there. Second winner, not there. Third winner, not there. My sister quietly told me that the staff only picked the ballot that wasn’t folded (and we folded ours!). Right after she said that, the next ballot was a folded one, and my sister started muttering her name.

Thank goodness for my 20/20, while the staff struggled with how to pronounce the name, I could see through the thin paper and SAW MY SISTER’S NAME.




I went instantly nuts, practically jumping up and down, bouncing and screaming, glomping my sister, calling my brother and F-san while still bouncing .. all in the middle of the mall parking lot, in front of a bunch of people ^^” Embarrassed? Not at all. LOL

They handed us a pair of tickets and a winning letter and took our picture.

I bet I had the silliest grin ever.

So, that’s how I came across 4 different settings for the upcoming David Cook’s performances:

A musical theatre in Yakima. A warehouse-turned-concert venue in Seattle. An acoustic private party in Seattle. And an outdoor amphitheater in Salem.


I know he’s gonna kill me and I’m happily getting ready to be murdered~




earlier this week when I told my boss about all this, he just laughed and let me flex my schedule to accommodate my fangirl life. Before I left my office on Friday, he told me to have fun, stay out of trouble and take lots of pictures. LOL

I swear I have the best boss on earth, seriously.

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2 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! The Intro

  1. glenda says:

    I seriously look forward to hearing all about your adventures when all is said & done (sung & done?). Hooray for the sister!! It’s so nice that your family was willing to help you out with this. I hope you got to meet him; I hope you didn’t faint; I hope someone got a picture of you & him together; I hope you enjoyed the cons!!

  2. naughtiest says:

    LOL my brother just told me on Monday night that I created all sorts of troubles for everyone in the family. My dad was worried sick. My mom had to wait up with him. My sister was sore all over from standing too long. My brother had to drive up and down dropping me off and picking me up since he didn’t want us to walk from the venue to the parking lot at midnight (oh yeah, my awesome sister ended up going to Showbox with me!) LOL

    Yup, I got to meet him, I didn’t faint, I got his autograph, but not a picture with him T___T


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