August 7, 2009 | et cetera |

I should have learned my lesson two months ago.

Today, there’s another blood drive at Boeing, and I was stupid enough to be a good citizen again.

This time I got a new technician, so I kinda kept my fingers crossed that she’s a good one.

You know what, all female technicians SUCK. Period.

When she first poked my finger to do the initial testing thingy, it hurt. And that thing shouldn’t be hurtful by default. Bad sign, bad bad sign.

Then, I offered her my left arm, she marked the spot, made me squeeze squeeze squeeze and hold the squeeze toy, then poked the needle in. No surprise, she could not find my vein. So, the search began, damn heartless woman. After about 5-7 minutes of pain, she told me that it’s going too slow, would I mind restarting?


I was like: fine, whatever.

Bad call. Should have run.

She pulled the needle out, the blood ooooooozed from the needle mark for like 2 minutes, even after I applied pressure, I kept bleeding, She wrapped my arm up just like that. Great.

Next, I got another techinican. This dude came, looked at my right arm. Confidently said, ahh here it is.


He poked the needle in, history repeated itself, missed the vein. So he pushed it like another inch deeper, and it hurt like hell. My blood started flowing, but not as strong. He readjusted the needle like 5 times, and it still hurt like hell.

He had like 7 pieces of gauze on my arm, because it was bleeding!!!! By the time he lifted those gauze up towards the end, I saw a trail of blood running down my tiny little arm. Ugh.

I ended up spending 25 friggin’ minutes on that bed, for something that usually takes about 6-7 minutes.

He had the nerve to tell me not to be discouraged by this mishap and promised me that next time it wouldn’t be like this.

Like hell I’d believe him.

I’ll never ever donate blood again.

Well, at least, not at Boeing. This traveling blood drive bus#5 sucks major butt.

Now that I took both wrappers off, my right arm had a tiny bruise, but my left arm looked like it’s been tortured or something (exactly!). Giant purple bruise will definitely be there for at least a week or two.

Happy Friday, indeed.


2 Responses to bloody

  1. glenda says:

    Good grief that made my arms hurt :p At the rate those two were going I’m surprised you didn’t become a recipient instead of a donor! *pats*

  2. naughtiest says:

    LOL well, almost 2 weeks later, and the bruises are still visible on my arms, how’s that?! ;)

    If I was on the receiving side, they’d probably give me too much blood too fast and I’d end up with swelling arms instead!! xD

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