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August 4, 2009 | et cetera |

It’s here! Somewhere in this country!! xD According to FedEx, this precious will be in Seattle by tomorrow morinng and I’ll get to watch Mr. Sex-on-Leg (Was it Ribi or Tsubaholic who came up with this? xD) after I get back from my doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. CAN NOT WAIT! ^___^

On a slightly bummer note, I got CDjapan notification this morning.. Takki’s 3rd single… 3 singles in one year, umm, 9 months?  I don’t think T&T ever had that many singles in one year. Just saying.. *hangs head*

I mean, it’s not like I didn’t expect this coming since he’s singing an evil puppy drama theme song, but you know, my tiny hope of T&T releasing something something in September was totally crushed.

Oh well.

Avex, tsk tsk. They’re not going to play evil and put only 1 song on Jacket A and B, huh? Jacket B anime PV doesn’t sound so tempting, but I’ll preorder them anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. ^^”

oooh I hope Jacket C cover is a picture of Takiranger! XD

And if there’s a pain-in-the-ass jacket D again, I’ll bloody hire someone to voodoo Avex properly.

Anyway, at least I’ll have D&R DVD tomorrow~ So life is still good!


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