*random mode*

watching the final round of the Open was pretty heartbreaking, especially the last 4 holes.

Tom Watson.. T___T

it’s been really hot in Seattle lately. and by hot, I mean 80F+ (which is friggin’ hot for Pacific NW people)

so I went through my treasure box and dug out T&T uchiwa xD

finally found a good use of that thing!

popped Harucon DVD into the player today, but got too emo so I stopped watching.

yeah, life of a T&T fangirl.

James Rollins’ The Doomsday Key rocks!!!

What an evil cliffhanger he left us with. Who was she? Who was she? Guh, how on earth can I wait another year?!


All my friends are soooooo into facebook applications, which spammed the life out of friend page

2 main ones are probably the Mafia and the Farm.

and I should get rid of one FB account too.. having 2 is kinda confusing that I ended up not checking either one of them lol


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