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I don’t know what exactly about David Cook that made me like him so much.

For sure, I love his voice ♥ So powerful. I can listen to his songs all day all night, and I’m not even a rocker chick to begin with. I also love the way he sings and handles the stage~

His eyes. He’s not the best looking dude out there, but his eyes.. HIS EYES! *faints* (I hate the excessive abuse of guyliner on his first album cover though LOL) To make things worse, I melted into a puddle of goo whenever I saw him in tears. I surely love the fact that he’s not afraid to show his emo side. I think it might be when I saw a heartbreaking clip of him on Race for Hope day that made me fall for him completely. It’s no longer just a fangirling fun. I admire him.

David Cook is the second guy in my book that I didn’t whine about not shaving. He looks really raw, sexy and yummy for some reasons. Urr.. I hope this doesn’t turn me into a cougar? I’m a couple years older than him but I don’t think I’m that old yet! xD

(come to think of it, I’m a Cougar by default, because I graduated from WSU! Go Cougs! LOL)

BTW, if you’re curious, the first one was Viggo Mortensen. Weird choice, huh? LOL For crying out loud, Viggo was sorta old, he looked dirty, he had long weird hairdo back then, but I was head over heel in love with Aragorn for 3+ years (and I’m still obsessed with LOTR, just not as much as I used to be xD), it’s like falling in love with your uncle which was scarily insane! LOL

Oh and sorry, Tsu! I love your baby face too much I couldn’t add you to this tiny list!

Back to DC. I also like it when he smirks or smiles or laughs. He’s just so cute I want to pinch his chubby cheeks. Or poking his chubby tummy maybe. LOL Listening to his interview always makes me smile. Wickedly funny. Word nerd. College grad. Ex-bartender. Whatever. Confident. Soulful.

Anyway, I don’t want to stay up all night listing why I fell for David Cook, so a new banner it is! xD

Another blood drive at Boeing today.

Got the same heartless technician as last time. How lucky was that? My arm turned into a bloody junkie one again, thank you very much. The bruise will stay on for a week, probably.

If you couldn’t feel my vein to stick a needle in properly, maybe you should admit it and ask for help from the beginning, Mam..

On a sucky note, I decided not to go to Japan at the end of this month, despite the fact that my vacation was approved and I found damn cheap tickets to Tokyo. Should have known better that once I scratched plan A & B, plan C would become the new plan A, which never works. Duh.

I wanted to go to Takki’s solocon so bad. It’s not easy for me to sort my priorities through and remind myself that I still do have other things in life I have to focus on too.

And my boss didn’t even help. He kept asking me if I really wouldn’t be going to Japan, along with teasing me that what if it’s the last solocon? Excuse me, dear boss.. *whacks!!*

Responsibility sucks. Even to yourself.

There’s only one song that’s kept playing in my head over the past few weeks, no matter I have my iPod on or not.


David Cook’s charity single, Permanent, is so friggin’ awesome.

As I mentioned before, had I not got into T&T first, David Cook would own my entire fangirling soul.


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