May 21, 2009 | david cook, et cetera |

I have relatives in town, so I didn’t have time to do this last night… for now…


Team Underdog FTW!

Not only Kris Allen won American Idol, Shawn Johnson also won Dancing with the Stars! I’m 2-for-2 this season! xD

BTW, David Cook is LOVE! Permanent was so emotionally powerful! Had I not got into T&T before, this man would own my entire soul! Go DC!

Proceed from this live performance will be donated to Accerate Brain Cancer Cure.
Details >> here.
Direct iTunes link >> here.

I ♥ Cookie!


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  1. glenda says:

    Don’t know if you’ll see this in time or not so you can set to record or something. Kris will be on Ellen Tues 5/26.

  2. glenda says:

    I see that you are on the road! Don’t know when you left BUT as an update to this comment I thought I’d let you know that the show was interrupted by the President announcing his recommendation for the Supreme Court. When all was said & done the only thing left of the Ellen show was a few minutes with Mandy Moore & then Kris singing No Boundaries. We totally missed out on the 2 songs he sang earlier in the broadcast. :(

    Ya’ll stay safe & enjoy your trip!

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