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May 14, 2009 | et cetera, header |

*gasps* OMG!! my first time with a non-T&T header! I feel like I’m cheating on T&T!! XDD
Well, it’s a temporary one, for only 7 days.

No, I’m not a big Idol fan. I really watched the show for the first time this year so I could understand what my coworkers were talking about each week. Office discussion is way more fun than watching the show itself LOL

And just to be clear, I love David Cook waaaaaaaaaay more than this dude. It really should have been a Cookie header (and it WILL be! xD), but last night result was soooooooooo friggin’ satisfying, I couldn’t help this! (My coworker even brought a box of donuts in to celebrate!!)


I like it when contestants play instruments on the show. And I’m a super sucker for pianists. So Kris easily won my mental support when he switched from guitar to keyboard early in the show *__* The dude is so talented!! Not to mention his songs arrangement rocks! And we’re all know that Idol judges suck. LOL

Actually, I don’t really care who wins next week. Kris or Adam. They’re both talented in their own different way.
But being me…

Go humble! Go sexy face!
Go Team Underdog!!


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  1. mich says:

    you know what?? i dun follow American Idol, and only watched a few episodes, but this guy in your header now is my favourite! LOL~ i think he looks the best… and i’m glad he made it to the final hehe…

  2. glenda says:

    I keep meaning to make a post about this on my lj but real life & JE gets me off task :p I’ve followed AI all 8 seasons. This season I had 3 faves. I was mad as hell when Allison went last week LOL That leaves Kris & Adam. I agree with everything you said about Kris. I think Adam is a fantastic performer but I tend to go for the underdog myself. Besides I don’t think Adam has to even worry about getting picked up by a record label. Kris is so pleasant on the eyes and the ears, ne.

  3. naughtiest says:

    LOL nice pick! xD

    I know!! I was so pissed when Allison got booted, especially after that SCREAM ON. UGH! I love it that Adam and Kris got along so well. The nail polish thing just makes me adore their friendship even more (especially when Gokey looked like an outsider LOL)

  4. naughtiest says:


  5. glenda says:

    The 1st time my husband & I saw Adam perform my husband was “is he wearing eyeliner?” “Yes” “Is that fingernail polish?” “Yes” “Isn’t that sort of weird?” “Considering that I fangirl over guys who wear feathers, skirts & sequins and such, I would say that it isn’t weird at all.” LOL Allison’s “Cry Baby” was remarkable!

    Gokey always struck me as being quite smug. I swear it looked like he was gleeful during Allison’s send off. Oh & to tell the judges after that scream that he thought he hit the note!?!?!

    *you’ve got mail*

  6. naughtiest says:

    ROFL! I bet your husband just went silent and shook his head XDD
    Allison’s exit performance of Cry Baby was the best!

    oh boy, to me, Danny never smiled, he smirked. Arrogant like hell. He thought he’s so gonna be in the final because of stupid judges.. My coworker was rooting for Allison, and she was extremely pissed at how Danny looked during Cry Baby exit performance (which was, again, SUPERB)! He’s always talking about himself. And that heart thing he did to promote his organization was booboo.. According to a bunch of blogs/fansites, that scream on was the worst note in Idol history already. Vocal masterclass my butt! LOL

    darn it, I should have started an Idol thread sooner so we could fangirl more! LOL

  7. glenda says:

    NO SPOILERS! If I’m not mistaken, you have not seen the show as yet. (It’s now 8:37 p.m. my time.) I’ve not started voting yet. We have 4 (!!) hours to vote but there’s no way I can steadily vote that long LOL It’s a hard decision for me. Soooo much easier when I was voting against Gokey :p

  8. naughtiest says:

    not yet not yet! i’m trying to stay away from blogging world, fans are going nuts! LOL From what I ran into earlier, the coronation song sucks big time. Kara should get fired!

    4 hours! o_O” Oh boy, I have to work tomorrow!! Last week 2 hours for Kris was painful enough LOL ditto to your last comment!! Maybe you should vote for both of them this week ;)

  9. glenda says:

    Good luck with your voting! ALL lines have either been busy or dead air for me. Last week I got in 300 votes for Kris on a telephone. Talk about hand cramp! I’m almost glad I can’t get thru on any of the 6 numbers (checked them all out) because 4 hours would be torture ^^

    Okay, back to trying to vote.

  10. glenda says:

    Oh forgot something! I did get one vote in for each of them. I wanted to hear them say “Hi! It’s ___. Thanks for voting for me.” Like they’ve done since Season 3. But noooooooooo. It’s that regular voice guy that simply says “thanks for voting for contestant #” I feel like I’ve been ripped off LOL

  11. glenda says:

    You should photoshop a picture with Kris, Tsubasa & Takki all dressed up in their plaid shirts ^^ So tell me did you think the song co-written by Kara stunk as bad as I did? *shudders*

  12. naughtiest says:

    holy! before anything else, that winning song really sucks! ewww! She must have written it with Gokey as her inspiration! boooooo! no wonder she looked so shock last week!!!

    15 minutes, got about 45 votes in, this week is tough to get through!

  13. naughtiest says:

    ROFL!! that’s exactly what i thought when I saw Kris in his plaid shirt! LOL they’ll be sooo cute together! btw, do you think Tsu will be thrilled to meet Adam? I think they’ll be fun together xD Plus, Adam can sing One and make Tsu go fanboy~ LOL

  14. glenda says:

    LOL When Simon said he talked to Bono himself to get permission for Adam to sing that song I immediately thought of Tsubasa. Adam & Tsubasa might like to check out each others closets for rocker outfits ^^ But no way Adam could look better than Rocker Tsu.

    btw husband has seen T&T concert dvds and really enjoyed them…heck, he even likes Nightmare! Apparently he has no problem with nail polish on performers in Japan. :p

  15. naughtiest says:

    definitely, rocker!Tsu can beat Adam anytime! And Tsubaushi is forever cuter than Kris. LOL this is how biased we are~

    Bono’s name is forever associated with Tsubasa for us, eh? xD

    next thing you know, you’ll drag your husband to Japan to a T&T concert! ;)

    Thanks to Dad’s cellphone, I got ~200 votes in after an hour woohoo~ I hope it doesn’t mean that Kris fans stopped voting already?!

  16. glenda says:

    Kris in a skirt >>> Adam in a skirt LOL

    I don’t think the fans have stopped voting. My voting time just expired and I was still getting busy signals for the most part. I had split my votes but in the end I got a few more in for Kris over Adam.

  17. naughtiest says:

    i found it easier to use cellphone to call, home phone never gets through for me. I think I’m not quite motivated to vote compared to last week, you’re so right, voting to kick Gokey off was more interesting! *runs*

    can’t wait for the result show, i don’t really mind who wins, they’re both doing great (except for that shitty song, but it’s not their fault!). I’m looking forward to seeing DC perform tomorrow night ^^ some fans said Idol should crown him again this year LOL

  18. glenda says:

    It’s going to be a “star-studded” result show but unfortunately bloated with commercials. Ah, last year I voted for both Davids LOL In the end I went with David Cook all the way. Little David had not paid his dues in the music business & would only have become another bubblegum artist which we have waayyy too many of these past few years.

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