Had a terrible headache since yesterday, so I called in sick today. Went to see my doctor, his prescription kicked the headache away, but left me with dizziness instead. Not that I’m complaining, it’s much better than sharp pain in my head. He also ordered me a CT scan this Friday… -“-

Anyway, USPS Express guy came this morning, he said he haven’t seen me in a while. Well, I didn’t tell him that I like FedEx better than EMS. LOL I went with CD Japan this time because of their ¥500 coupon and 700 points in my account. I have no idea since when I accrued that many points with them?! xD

Oh boy, abs + biceps + low-rise pants. This doesn’t help my dizziness at all! LOL

Fangirling thoughts behind cut, proceed at your own risk.


I’m getting better at taking all the cases apart! It’s a learning curve, indeed~ xD  Silver and black discs with that fiery logo that looks like either giant red lips or fire. It also reminds me of hot food for some reasons. LOL

I remember whining about Ai Kakumei that we only got to see Takki’s naked back. Avex answered to my prayer this time with abs and biceps! Lots of them! Thank you, Avex!! XD

Body painting. WWTP. I wonder who’s the designer. Red, black and gold color scheme. I couldn’t help but think that red/black = Tsu and gold = Takki. See, a T&T fangirl in me needs to find a way to make herself happy! ;) Btw, that giant black dot on his right nipple still cracks me up! Lucky artist!

Random gold dust looks more like they’re making a mess on him though LOL

Jacket A:

  • My most favorite cover shot!! ♥
  • The Black
  • he looked like an arrogant portrait comes to life with his face turned slightly upwards like that~  xD
  • great composition: face, abs, biceps, and frame. Left enough out for imagination. Perfect.
  • ooh and not to mention, black hair = love
  • the backcover shot was okay, he really did look like a portrait ^^”
  • low-rise low rise.. *licks-lips*
  • at first I thought it was a silver nail polish, but when I looked inside..
  • OMG! It’s a DIAMOND attached to his pinky fingernail!!! UNIT Love!! ♥ Can it get any more obvious?! <3
  • well, you may call it silver or crystal or whatever, but to me, it’s DIAMOND!! woohooo! ^___^
  • OMG OMG! his pants were REALLY low-rise! *faints*
  • I shall declare the picture on the left side of the case as my most favorite inside pix! love the composition, yummy object, and Diamond~
  • that drawing on his left arm looked like a plug, where’s the outlet? xD
  • I like his bracelets! The silver one looked just like a handcuff, no no, I think it IS a handcuff! *me likes* The other one that matched his belt was cool too~
  • oooooh, his right bicep was way bigger than imagination!
  • alright, this is totally out of curiosity: did he have to shave his armpits? ^^”
  • I swear, Avex tried to enlarge his chikubi and make it 3D with that right side of the case! *dies laughing*

Jacket B:

  • The Gold
  • now we get a closer look at Mr. Portrait ;)
  • he looked like he’s just about to come out of that frame but still thinking about which direction to go *turns left, turns right* xD
  • I love seeing the vein in his arm! I am an addict (to his biceps)! LOL
  • HOLY!! #(!@&$)!@$&#(!!! This is my most favorite backcover shot!!!!! *nosebleeds*
  • First, he looked so molest-able! Look at his face, his posture… It’s screaming S.E.X!!!
  • Second, the angle made his pants look LOWER than low! A tiny tug and Romeo will have us all at Hello! XD
  • which bring me to another question: happy trails, shaved or photoshopped?! should I start a poll? *runs like hell*
  • I also love the lighting!! That mysterious shadow!
  • inside, on the left side, it’s like he’s gonna take the frame and run. On a closer look, the gold paint on his tummy looked a bit like a mask ne.
  • oh yeah, I, Takki’s-abs-lover, was surprised the abs shot on the left wasn’t my most favorite too LOL
  • the gold dust really looked messy. I hope the idea behind wasn’t to make him sparkling like Edward Cullen! xD

Jacket C:

  • The Red
  • Takki looked pretty pissed, dont’ you think? LOL
  • his hair blended too much to the background
  • this one you can clearly see diamond on the cover
  • backcover = a portrait of a sculpture!
  • hmm the backcover slightly reminds me of Light Yagami in Death Note anime’s first opening theme for some reasons o_O”
  • oooooooh! YUMMY ABS! The red/black drawing on his left side made it looked like his abs got cut off on the first look, but once I looked closer, YUMMY!!!!
  • Ok, it’s a tie then! between this pix and the one from jacket A!  xD

Ah, almost forgot Avex’s quote:

All rights of the record producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring renting, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.


  • Sha·La·La
    ARGHHHH!! shalala lalala lalala lalala lalala~ I have Sha·La·La stuck in my head in loops!! It really is a very catchy song, that even when you cannot sing along, the melody still attaches itself to your brain! XD This song definitely has T&T vibes. Same kind of music. Fun and kiddie cute tune, with DXable lyrics LOL
  • Mugen no Hane
    Ooooh I love this song! Another Takki’s song that sounded like OST to me. Totally love the music! This is what I was talking about when he released Ai Kakumei, that I wanted a rockish song instead of Home Party.
  • YOU Yacchainayo!!
    Umm.. is this a song to worship Johnny-san or what? I can totally picture Johnny-san whacks Takki’s head for this! LOL Does he really sound like this in RL? The ‘Bwahaha!’ laughing sound is back! Home Party revisit!


  • Sha·La·La


    I was going to write about this PV after I first saw it, but decided to wait for the single, and now I forgot my first impression LOL
    The intro was so cute, Takki wearing specs!  and his high leg kick! XD
    Takki looked so good in this PV, especially in that black shirt and gray suits and silver scarf!
    OMG! He looked soooooooo good in that bar shot!
    And his glorious cross ring was back!
    Cute furitsuke, I love the way he tapped his chest during “kokoro” part
    that girl was an evil alien with red lips in disguise! LOL  TOOOO RED! SCARY RED LIPS!! Go! Rescue Team!! She’s gonna eat him alive!!!
    Takki reading the how to hit a girl at the bar manual, soooooooo adorable!
    oh please, stop zoooooooming up on her face already *shivers*
    I love the sepia-ish color scenes!
    Not a big fan of solo dance, but I do like the move where he brushed his shoulder
    And he looked as if he’s 17 again! xD
    this PV is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy better than Ai Kakumei PV
    ROFL, the ending was just so cute, he’s wearing his jacket like that, a cute geeky Peeping Tom!!

  • Sha·La·La (offshot)


    I love how he could turn from laughing into serious face in 2 seconds~ Actor mask!
    I want THAT water bottle! Do you think staff-san will sell these little things off on ebay or Y!A? LOL
    his *CHU* face was sooooo CUTE!
    BTW I love his necklace, I think it’s the same one that he’s been wearing for a while, just add a pendant ^^
    arghhhhh!! so many smiling faces! *purrs*
    spec!Takki is the best!! cute cute cute!!
    I like it when 4 dancer girls did the flip thing togehter
    weeeeee!! Takki snapping his fingers! KAKKOIIIIII!!
    hmm, the actress actually looked pretty cute when she didn’t make a face like she wanted to eat Takki up! Get rid of that red lipstick and she’ll be okay. xD
    my favorite outfit was the one with white shirt and black vest! ♥ he looks soooooo much nicer simply without that suit jacket!! *__*
    OMG! look at the hair of the dude that put that silver scarf around Takki’s neck! chou familiar!! XDD

  • Mugen no Hane


    Takki looked soooooo good all by himself in this PV! I totally love the color scheme!
    Those two chicks were so cute!
    Takki!chick danced to the music too LOL
    9/11!! 9/11!! 9/11!!
    OMG!! Takki!chick was holding an APPLE! ROFL!! SUPER WICKED!!!! This is brilliant!!! Eat this, you crazy Onna Ringo!!
    I love it when his pencil knocked the chick’s head xD
    awwwww poor Takki!chick went x_X , he’s crying because he’s missing his Tsu!chick..

    Okay, here’s my take on his PV. It’s a T&T PV obviously. My storyline goes:

    T&T were walking hand in hand on their unit road *yup, those two little chicks are T&T*, Tsubasa paused to take a look at flamenco flower, so Takki fell into a trap solo hole. Even though he got to fly solo, doing what he loved, he was exhausted like hell with all solo activities throwing at him. And he missed his partner, terribly. In the end, Takki lifted himself up and brought himself back to Tsubasa, who waes also searching for him (while on another solo route) too. Whatever the hell was blocking the unit road, Takki opened that door.

    I believe this is Takki’s way to tell us to hold on to the unit. Never lose hope. He fought once to debut with Tsubasa, and he will do it again to bring the unit back. He will find a way.

    When Takki told a story, I listened, I watched, I believed.


  • Another nice single from Takki.
  • The songs are really catchy, I hope he get good feedback on this one.
  • I can’t wait for Jacket D!! I want 「Tegami」!!!
  • However, I’m still waiting, patiently, for T&T release.
  • btw, the posters that came with Jacket A and B are HUGE! They’re even larger than the usual J&A poster. And why did CD Japan had to roll it that tight (I know, I know, to protect the posters), it’ll take me weeks to un-roll them to see Takki’s face without the posters trying to curl themself back! xD No, I’m kidding, I like the one with him in black ^^
  • Mugen no Hane PV wins it all. Because I believe.

Go Sha·La·La!

Jacket A: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket B: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV
Jacket C: Amazon || CDJapan || HMV

(If you ask me, I love Amazon the most! LOL)

Last but not the least…



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  1. lovespiral says:

    hmmm i was thinking that the chick represented tsu, but i think you might be right that it’s takki instead! the mugen no hane pv is so cute~

  2. naughtiest says:

    yeah, at first I thought it’s Tsu too, but after watching it for a while, I decided it’s Takki LOL As long as it’s a T&T PV, I’m good xD

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