Caesar salad is forever ruined by Cesars Salad. *lolz crying*

Tractor Tavern
Seattle, WA

warning: usual fangirl ramblings, some photos, a long post for my memory’s sake. As always, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Saturday! While DCook was busy doing his laundry, we were busy eating and shopping. *lol* We spent a few hours at Woodburn Premium Outlets, then stopped by downtown Portland on the way back home. YAY for no sales tax!

On the drive from Portland to Seattle, we had a long discussion, led by my brother (seriously, he’s the one brining it up!) about how come DCook was not more famous. He was kinda annoyed with music industry, and I was like, welcome to the club, big bro! ^^”

I also got a text from my ex-boss (aka best boss on earth 1.0) that he couldn’t go to Seattle show on Sunday with me. What? NOOOOOOOO!! One of his employees just had a baby on Friday and he had to go to work over the weekend to finish her quarterly business plan deliverables as they’re behind schedule already. Bummer! He was so excited about the show. :(

Which lead to another issue of who’s gonna go to a concert with me?!  Of course, I had to wait until Sunday afternoon before my dearest sister caved and agreed to go. *lol*

It took me less than 30 minutes to drive to the venue. YAY LOCAL SHOW. *throws confetti* There’s a line in front of the venue already when we got there. Found a parking spot two blocks away in front of Hot Cakes – Molten Chocolate Cakery. It’s still about half an hour before door time, so we’re like, why not~ Oh this heaven in my mouth. ♥

Walked to the venue. I thought I saw Monty in a pizza place near the venue. Or maybe I was just hungry again, it’s hard to tell. *lol* Got in line. Saw a young fan right outside the door who said she’d be attending the concert from that spot. It’s a 21+ venue so she couldn’t get in. :(  (ps. I *think* it’s a girl, but if I’m wrong, I’m so sorry! ^^”)

Got a stamp on our wrists and we’re inside. Tractor Tavern was a dark little venue, with a bench along the wall, a small seating area in the back, and a bar on the other side. $2 for a bottle of Talking Rain water? Best deal ever at a concert venue. *lol*

Finally met Grace! ♥ HEY GIRL! *BEAR HUGS* We’ve known each other for years but never met before that night. I think we were both at DCook concert the last time he was in town too, or maybe the first time, or both shows? idk, it’s been way too long! XD

8pm-ish, Andrew Ripp took the stage! We were hanging at the back of the crowd. As always, Andrew nailed it as an opener, getting the crowd going. The hot beef and cheese saga also continued! *lol* We loved you, Andrew! ♥

Nick came on stage to set up and shred some guitars. We made our way a bit to the front, standing behind some tall peeps, I figured I had to go through some heads to take my shots. *lol*

Light out. The band walked on stage, it’s SHOWTIME!

DCooooooooook~  ♥

Heartbeat heartbeats intro got a little extension, DCook had some issue with his guitar. But Nick was there to troubleshoot it during the song, and we’re back!

DC: how the hell we’re doing, Seattle?!
crowd: *screams*

OMG he wore a Seahawks 12 pin on his jacket. *lol*

Paper Heart was up next!

DC: help me count it off Seattle, ONE! TWO!

Hi Monty!!! ♥

DC: SEATTLE! you guys like my pin?
DC: right now there’s fellow Chief fans in Kansas City get ready to…
someone: GO BRONCOS!
DC: go Broncos? get the hell out of here *chuckles* I KNOW we’re not in Denver!

Ahhhhh. Seattle, we’re definitely off to an awesome start! I loved this football banter so much. *lol* He also dropped an F-bomb when someone said something about KC, and he was like, I believe the word is fuck Kansas City *lolz*

DC: let’s not focus on differences, let’s focus on our similarities
someone: what are those?
DC: what are those? *lol* I know what they are, we are at a damn David Cook show!
crowd: YEAH
DC: we’re here with the new record
crowd: *cheers*
DC: bullshit Seattle, let’s try that again! WE’RE HERE WITH THE NEW RECORD!
crowds: *CHEERS*

It’s Broken Windows time! ♥ clapclapclapclapclapclap~~~~~

Someone yelled SEXY~~~~~ at the end of the song and DCook legit cracked up. *lolz*

DC: that was well-placed, ma’am, thank you *chuckles*

Said it’s weird, like most people were dragged to the show by their significant other. *lol* Told everyone to fart again.

DC: I’ve done it three times since I’ve got up here, let’s try it
crowd: nooooo
DC: don’t say no to me, I have a damn microphone I don’t give a damn, one, two three~
crowd: *makes some air noises*
DC: oh jesus ← his face *lolol*

DC: seriously somebody farted, you know it ← *lolz crying*

Moving on to Heroes!

you’re all I need tonight~~~~~~

DC: I’m calling an audible! I’m changing the setlist (lolz thanks for the ~translation, sir), I feel like we to wake up, we need some caffeine and shit

Said the song was appropriate because of the venue disco ball, Adam was starting it off, omg it’s Rock ‘n Roll!!! *screams* (negl, this song makes me miss Devin so much ♥)

He licked his pick and put it on his forehead. XD (does it count as licking his own forehead?! *lolol*)

The ending of R&R was friggin’ fantastic. ♥

Told the “dude outside” (aka that young fan who couldn’t get in) to come in since the show was better inside ← awwww (hmm, I still think dude outside was a girl though ^^”)

DC: here’s what I’m gonna tell you fine folks of Seattle, not only do we come to you with new music…
crowd: yay
DC: Seattle, seriously, come on, new music~ ← his voice *lol* ♥
crowd: *cheers way louder* YAY
fan: over here, Mr. Cook!!!
DC: *laughs* okay, what?!
fan: don’t you forget about me, baby!
DC: I can’t forget about you when I don’t know who you are to begin with!!! *pauses* ahhh it’s a song, oh shit ← LMAO

Said the next song was also a song. Daniel got confused again, he’s at his keyboard, and the band was looking at him, and he was like, what are we doing? *lolz* and Monty was like, you’re on guitar!

DC: changing the setlist and our guitar player didn’t even know what we’re doing, I fucked him up~

*bounces* it’s Straight Ahead!!!!! ♥

Wanted to hear how loud the crowd could get.

Hi DCook~ ♥

Daniel tried to throw some picks but failed miserably so he asked Dave how to do it.

DD: *asks Nick for more picks*
DC: what’s the proper technique? are you gonna do this? oh shit! *to the crowd* GUYS!! *to Arms* hold on, don’t do it yet, don’t..
DD: *throws a pick*
DC: DON’T do it yet ← his face when Arms threw that pick *lololol*
DD: oh, don’t do it?
DC: DO NOT DO IT! because I’m trying to explain to them that you don’t do this, and you’re doing it, and it’s a big deal, damn it! ← *lolz forever*

Told the crowd to get excited. And told Arms to mirror his move. DCook explained how to hold it and how to flicked it out. He threw one as an example and it didn’t go as far as usual

DC: that was shitty, I’m gonna try again again

So he threw some more picks and my sister, who stayed in the back, caught one of them! Apparently, she’s way luckier than me. *lolz*

Talked about hitting some audience in the eye and got sued. *lolz*

Up next, Declaration!

Showed the audience how to clap clap during the song. ♥

Grabbed a phone from one fan and took a video of  everyone, including Nick on the side. XD

DC: don’t you dare, just stay excited, Seattle! you’re on video now~

Wicked Game was so haunting I loved it so much. The chill. THAT GLORY NOTE. His voice was ridic amazing. ♥

DC: thank you so much, Seattle!
fan: thank you, david!
DC: oh thank you, person ← *lolz*

Asked for her name. Asked for people’s name so he could thank them individually. Asked where people came from. GERMANY! ALASKA! NEW ORLEANS! and the list went on.

fan: JAPAN!
DC: Japan? seriously? damn, put Alaska in perspective, doesn’t it? *lol*

Someone asked where’s the roadie was from, and he’s like, roadie is from Oklahomie, then had Nick came up to say hi

DC: that’s Nick from Oklahoma, and this is Laying Me Low from Nashville, Tennessee ← LMAO probably my fav intro to LML


Someone (Vickie, it was you, right?) gave him a magazine.

DC: oh, it’s DOPE magazine *chuckles*
fans: it’s legal
DC: yeah, I know

(FYI: fun fact, Washington and Colorado were the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. That’s why they called Super Bowl XLVIII between Seahawks and Broncos the “weed bowl”/ “bong bowl” *lol*)

Told us about a place called Cesars Salad next to their hotel (yes, I spelled it correctly, check out their website, the fonts is totally from Caesars Palace *lol*). James, merch dude, wanted to get a salad for lunch, said it’s a very misleading name, and James walked out very disappointed. LMAO

fan: it’s legal in Oregon too
DC: it’s legal anywhere else? in Oregon? in Colorado? you know where it’s not legal? in Tennessee ← *lol*

fan: David, do you need one of these?
DC: do I need Neon energy drink? I’m all set, man, I’m full-up but thank you for bringing up our tour sponsor, that’s awesome, well done ← *lolol*

Asked for a few cans so he could hand them out. Said it taste delicious, wonderful, all natural. *lol* Fans in the back wanted him to throw it

DC: you sure you want me to throw it? that’s such a bad idea, I don’t think I can do it, there’s a reason I play music, and I don’t play sports
fans: throw it!
DC: *hands it to people in the the front row* y’all can boo all you want, man, litigation is a bitch~

He fake-acted as someone who got hit by a can (← so friggin’ adorb), and Rob added so much reverb to it, and he totally cracked up. ↓

Standard Kiss & Tell banter!

DC: how many people here are in a healthy committed relationship?
crowd: *raises hands and cheers*
DC: everybody put your hands down, let’s try this, Seattle, you’re at a fucking show, we don’t raise hand, we make noise
crowd: *cheers super loud*

Said it’s a song for people who’d meet that night, go home and get weird

dude: HECK YEAH ← *lolz forever*

Mentioned the hot beef and cheese sandwich, confirmed that it’s a cheeseburger. *lol* Said Andrew had some back issue, told us to make noise for him

fan: you should get a caesar salad!
DC: I swear to god I’d better get some free stuff from Cesars Salad

It’s Come Back to Me!

I ran to the back to get a picture of the band before they left the stage. Look at the wonderful yellow and magenta combo light! *lolz* Let’s just stick with B&W tonight, eh? *lol*


The band came back on stage. Said they randomly decided to play three more songs. Did a recap for the night. *lolz* Talked about the new record. Crowd cheered. Made us cheer louder.

DC: and the best part is if you don’t have it, caesar salad!James is selling it over there!! ← so adorable

Said it a badass nickname for James.

DC: so if you like this next song, go get the record, and if you don’t like this next song, I don’t give a damn

The magnificent Better Than Me! ♥


♪ all the hot lights and the famous streets
it’s just the first step in forgetting me 

Tried to throw a pick at the disco ball. Told Arms that if he hit the disco ball, he’d give Arms his friendship and nothing more. But if Monty hit it, he’d give Monty $5. *lol*

Trivia time! A song written by a local, and it’s his first single after that show. Light On, it is!

And Seattle nailed the break part. DCook did raise a hand to stop everyone, just in case though. XD

Told us for make some noise for the band, Andrew, his crew, and local crew

DC: it has been a damn long time since I’ve been on that show, and the fact that this many years later, you guys keep coming out, keep going to shows, keep support my record, that means the world, so thank you very much

DUDE. Thank YOU for keep making music. ♥

Talked about how people putting less emphasis on paying for music. Thanked the crowd for supporting live music.

Last song for the night, Criminals!

At the end of Criminals

DC: Seattle, thank you guys so much, have a great night!


Legit one of my most fav shows, not simply because it’s in Seattle, but because DCook was sooooooo chatty that night, and he dropped F-bomb all over the place like a good sailer (yay 21+ show ^^). I LOVED IT. ♥

Left the venue on a real rad concert high. Dropped Grace off at her place. Drove back home. Showered. Bed. Definitely not thinking about work.

And that’s a wrap for my October DCook adventure! :)

ps1. David Cook. You’re ridiculously amazing, sir. ♥

ps2. This was my last show with Monty on stage. *sad face forever* Good luck, Monty, I’ll miss you!

ps3. Grace, girl, your eyesight is legit the worst. *lol* I’m glad we finally met!

ps4. ILU, my dearest sister! ♥

ps5. I shot almost the whole show in B&W, kinda missed the colors tbh, but B&W is magical sometimes. :)

ps6. ♪ ONE DAY MORE~

ps7. Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Megan says:

    His expressions were amazing this show. Love it.

  2. Robin says:

    Truly was one of my favorite shows and sets. Once again very thankful for sharing your amazing photos. You always capture the mood of each show. And yes, Vickie was the magazine gifter.

    • naughtiest says:

      thank you! it’s soooooooo good to see you and the gang at Tractor Tavern! Hope he comes back here again soon (or sooner than 4 years *lolz*)!

      and thanks for the confirmation on the magazine! <3

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