THAT FACE. *lolz-crying-kthxbye-thuds*

HiFi Music Hall
Eugene, OR

warning: usual fangirl ramblings, some photos, a long ass post for my memory’s sake. Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


When the tour was announced, there were 3 shows within driving distance: Eugene OR, Seattle WA, Spokane WA. Obviously, I was going to a Seattle show, but it didn’t offer a VIP package. Eugene and Spokane were both five hours away. I didn’t like driving that much, but I kinda wanted a VIP deal (tbh, the only reason I wanted a VIP was because I assumed there would be a soundcheck *hangs head*). Eugene made a bit more sense since I’d only have to take one day off instead of two (remember, October was the worst month ever? Yup, technically, I shouldn’t be going anywhere. *lol*).

Anyway, I didn’t want to go there by myself so I totally played a ‘youngest sister card’ for about three days until my brother and sister couldn’t stand it anymore, and they both said YES, WE’LL TAKE THAT FRIDAY OFF AND GO WITH YOU. #success!! YAY! *lol* At first, my brother said he would just drive us there since he didn’t want to go to the concert, but I whined my way until he changed his mind. *lolz* I have the best siblings ever. ♥

That was back in August when tickets went on sale.

Guess what. Thursday 10/8, I got an email from TicketWeb that they just added a special VIP experience for Seattle show. What.The.Actual.F. I was so ready to punch some faces. And no, I didn’t even think about buying the Seattle VIP at that point, and I certainly didn’t tell my brother and sister that Seattle now offered VIP because the whole reason of our Eugene trip was because Seattle. Did. Not. Offer. VIP. *grumbles*


It was a really long week for me. Started with #ZombieMonday, followed by #TerribleTuesday (11 hours at work, catching up on quarterly forecast and fixing other issues), then #WaterfallWednesday (more forecast, after work went to see Waterfall the Musical for the first time, went to a bar with the cast and crew, got home around 1am x_X”), and #LongAssThursday (12 hours at work, got all preliminary forecast done, triple-checked everything, went home, worked some more, packed).

And #DCookFriday!

Woke up early for a conference call. Left the house around 10am. Stopped for lunch at Pok Pok in Portland. Had too much ice-cream at Salt & Straw (OMG sea salt with caramel ribbons = BEST EVER ♥), Drove to Springfield. Checked-in. Siblings nap time! Believe me, we were super excited about nap time. *lolz*

Woke up a bit before 7pm. Drove to Eugene. Got a parking spot right behind the venue. Met a bunch of familiar faces. The VIP was fairly unorganized, as in, nobody told us what to do, we just hung around in front of the box office area. My brother and sister were waiting at the bar. Eventually, someone told VIP peeps to get in line, I was waaaaaay in the back. *lol* While we’re waiting, I heard the news about Monty’s impending departure, and I was like, nooooooooooooooo o_O” From the very first DCook concert I attended, Monty was the only constant, the last bit of the Anthemic left. The thought of him leaving just crushed me. >__<” I mean, I wish him all the best, of course, but I just couldn’t help feeling a ginormous pang of nostalgia. *sighs*

Box office finally opened. No tickets, everyone got a stamp on their left wrist. VIP got the satin sticker which they forced us to put on, and I was like, can I keep it for my scrapbook? *lolz* Nope, didn’t work, that thing went on my jeans. ^^”

We’re waiting in line for DCook when Daniel came handing out Neon. I didn’t realize he’s a brand manager. I showed him a picture from the Troubadour, he told me to post it on Instagram (btw, dude still needs to download a Repost app…). VIP line moved kinda fast, when it’s my turn…

DC: what’s up?
me: *waves* hiiiiii, how are you feeling?
DC: much better now!

Then he gave me a huglift~ ^______^

I didn’t really have anything for him to sign so I asked him to draw something on a CD insert. Dave was like, hmmm, what should I draw?, and Rob was like, a sandwich!, and I was like, lolol

me: and…. it’s hot? XD
DC: *adds a few more strokes* yes it is… either that or it stinks *chuckles*
me: *lolz*

me: question…
DC: yeah?
me: But You Won’t, is it a plot twist of Come Back to Me?
DC: *laughs* interesting, I’d never thought of it that way but now that you mentioned it…  ← *lol*

Got a selfie with him, I cannot deal with his face. *lol*

My friends said it looked like I took a picture with his poster! *lolz*

Venue staff didn’t kick us out after the VIP, so after the last person was done, I landed a spot in front of stage left, and suddenly felt that it might be a little too close. *lol*

A few minutes later, they let regular peeps in. My brother and sister found me and took my other camera so they could walk around taking pictures. That was when I found out that I forgot to bring a spare battery for my main camera. Uh oh. The one inside my camera was last charged BEFORE the Troubadour show, and I did turn my camera on and off looking through my photos a lot while I was waiting for my flight. UH OH. I figured I probably had about 50-60 shots left, and I’d better not view any of them during the show. *lolz*

Usually I’d take 10-15 shots of the opener with my camera to mess around with settings, I took ONE shot of Andrew Ripp that night. And his face was out of focus. *headdesks*

I loved that Andrew usually started his set wearing a jacket or a plaid shirt before ditching it to show off his stupid hot arms. *lol* A couple at the bar legit ‘sucked each other’s faces’ when he told audience to do so, hence the rapping part during the song was fantastic that night. XD

Nick came on the stage to setup everything. I just noticed he had a ‘Paved Dave” (one for the cards from Garbage Pail Kids series) badge sticking out his pocket. *lolol*

10ish-PM, woot woot, it’s showtime!

Heartbeat sounds kicked in, we’re all screaming, the band walked on stage, and my only thought: DEFINITELY WAY TOO CLOSE!

((My problem with being too close is that I feel uber guilty for taking pictures! Most of the time I don’t want to raise my camera up to eye level, so I get weird ass angle or out-of-focus chin photos a lot. *lolz crying*))

The endless night we sing along~

DC: Eugene, Oregon! My name is David Cook, and you’re stuck with me for the next hour or so! ← umm dude, I wouldn’t mind an 8-hour show, okay? jsyk XD

DCook legit threw all his picks away before the first chorus of Paper Heart, he shot his last one at Nick, and Nick had to come replenish them during the song *lol*

Moving on to Broken Windows! I wished he reinforced the clappings more. ♥

Said it looked like we’re holding a fart. His constipated face. ↓ *lol*

Told us to do something he’d never done at any show before, and proceeded on telling everyone to fart on a count of three. #NoOneWillKnow~ XD

DC: somebody farted, you know it, somebody did it! *chuckles*

What a segue into Heroes~ There’s a lot of pick flying on stage.

Told us to make loud noise.

someone: she loves you~~~~
DC: who loves me? can we turn the light on so I can see who loves me?
audience: *cheers*
DC: waddup girl, waddup girl, waddup girl, waddup dude? equal opportunity~ ← dork!

Said they’re touring to support a new record. The crowd cheered.

DC: holy shit, Eugene..back up! back up! the most delayed reaction we’ve got the whole tour (with reverb *lol*)

So he said they’re touring again, this time the crowd cheered much faster and louder. Said if anyone who didn’t have the record should go see James (merch dude) after the show.

More new music with Wait for Me~

Hi Arms!

Talked to the dude in the front row, who went to the previous show at Grants Pass, and M&G earlier..

DC: I’m going to give you a job
dude: let’s do it
DC: you are my cheer captain tonight, here’s the deal, Eugene, nobody stops cheering until this dude stops cheering
crowd: *long and loud cheers*
DC: keep it going, this is Declaration!

I didn’t mentioned this before but the hall had a weird layout where a bar with small seating area was behind the stage, so DC did his Declaration walk on the bar counter, trying to get people back there to come out and watch the show. *lol* He’s back to finish the song, I was waiting for him to step away from the mic stand at the end WHEN THIS HAPPENED…

…and I almost face-planted on the stage *lololol crying* MY NEW FAVORITE CONCERT PHOTO! EVER!!! XD


Nick came on stage with a “CHEER CAPTAIN” strip of duct tape, and put it on the dude’s back. It’s now official. *lol*

Needed to clear up some misinformation from Andrew Ripp.

DC: a hot beef and cheese sandwich? that’s a fucking cheeseburger ← LMAO

Said Arby’s didn’t exist in the airport or it might have been a hot beef and cheese sandwich.

DC: but it was a cheeseburger, bruh!

Everything else was accurate. He then told everyone to say BRUH together. *lolol*

DC: so, to recap tonight, we farted, we cleared up the cheeseburger/hot beef and cheese fiasco, and (to the dude) you got a new job title, and we said bruh, that’s a full night, good luck having a better Friday night, Eugene~

Thanked audience for spending Friday night with them. Daniel was at the keyboard, Wicked Game intro started..

fan: DAVID!!!
DC: I can’t talk right now I have to sing, sorry ← *lolz forever*

btw, my sister was clearly moving around during the show. *lol*  (^_^)v

Cracked up because Rob duct-taped a word “DICK” on stage where Daniel stood. The band was yelling at each other and DCook was like, *whispers* guys, there’re people here and they can see us. *lol*

Said he went to University of Central Missouri and it’s not quite the same vibe as Eugene (in case you don’t know, Eugene is a home of University of Oregon (UO aka Oregon Ducks), and because there was a football game that weekend, hotels in that tiny town were sooooooo expensive, boohoo.).

I really liked the yellow light during Laying Me Low!

Apparently, my sister thought so too! She took a shot at the same moment. HA. #braintwins

Toast time! Thanked Eugene for having them come make noise.

Hi Monty!

Up next, a song for people who would meet someone that night, and go back to their dorm room or off-campus residence..

DC: ..and get weird (with a ton of reverb *lolz* go Rob!) …’don’t let the campus police show up’ kinda weird
Monty: ain’t no fun like that eh?
DC: jesus, Monty *laughs*

Kiss and Tell was super amazebomb!

DC: cheer captain, I need you, cheer captain, cheer captain, cheer captain, cheer captain, I need you ← so friggin’ adorb
audience: *cheeeeeeeers*
DC: you guys want to hear another song from the new record?
audience: YES
some dude: or THIS LOUD MORNING!!!
DC: oooh, aren’t you namedropping? *chuckles*

I never heard him count: one, two, three, four for Carry You before! *squeeeees* ♥

Explained how encore worked, said they didn’t want to walk around the bar in the back and walk back again, so they’d just play the next song and stay on stage, but we would have to cheer just like they’re doing encore. *lol* Not a problem, sir!

Come Back to Me! Totally loved colors on this one! ↓ #GoHawks! *lol*

audience: *LOUD CHEERS*
DC: thank you so much for having us back out! XD

Football talk! Said UO was playing WSU (I legit yelled GO COUGS, luckily I made it out alive *lol*) the next day, and he’d root for Oregon (bad pick, DCook, WSU did win, 45-38! HA!) if everyone’d root for his KC Royals. Someone was like, GO CUBS! and DCook was like, you can leave.

DC: I’m kidding, as long as you’re not rooting for the Yankees, we’re good

Had a fan (and her friend?) come up on stage because she shamelessly wore a Royals shirt to his show. *lol* She said she went to school with his cousin and he’s the hometown hero. Pretty sure both she and her friend were a little more than tipsy. ^^”

Made everyone say: GO ROYALS!

His voice during Better Than Me was ridic amazing. ♥

Yoohoo Adam!

oh so blue~ :)

Talked about when he went to Andrew’s show in Nashville last year. And when he planned this tour, he was like..

DC: dude, I have to try to get that dude, I said it exactly like that, shit
Cheer Captain: BRUH!!
DC: cheer captain, don’t start *lol*

There’s a hilarious moment towards the end of Light On, where he normally did that YEAHHHHHHHH~~~ glory note, then the audience sing the last break, then it usually had a small pause, before he picked it up with the last hook, you know exactly where in the song I’m talking about. However, Eugene peeps knew no pause, even when he kinda held up a hand, they kept singing. And he had to sing over them. *lolz* So, as soon as the song ended..

DC: we’re gonna do the break again..wait for it

Then he lead everyone singing that last break, then pause/count, before the band came crashing back in. And Done. *lol* #TrainingSession

Said he knew we have a million things we could do. Talked a bit about music industry. Thanked audience for supporting live music. Thanked HiFi.

Current single, Criminals!

At the end of Criminals

DC: Eugene, Oregon, thank you guys so much!… You guys have a great night!


After the show, I couldn’t find my brother and sister. I was about to go look for them outside when my brother grabbed me. Apparently, he was trailing behind me, yelling my name repeatedly, but I couldn’t hear it. Post-show deafness was real yo. *lol*

Left the venue. Stopped by McDonalds for some hot beef and cheese sandwiches. XD Looked for the :P photo and managed to snap a picture from the screen before my camera went dead. Back at the hotel around midnight. Showered. Zzzz….

ps1. David Cook. ^____^ THANK YOU!!!!! ♥

ps2. You know I have a thing for hands, probably since my previous life. #HandKink *lol* That night, his left hand was right in my face, eye level, and he messed around with those knobs on his guitar ALL THE TIME, so I kept staring at his hand, it’s soooooooo distracting! XD

ps3. I love my brother and my sister so much. ♥

ps4. I also love it when my sister is at the show with me, taking pictures. Have I ever mentioned that she won a huge concert photography contest when we were back home? She was on TV and one of the judges legit said he could hear the guitar sound from her photo. HA!

ps5. I really liked the lighting at HiFi Music Hall! Normally, most venues I went to were dominated by red and magenta, here we also had really nice blue, green and yellow. I LOVED IT!

ps6. Yoohoooooo, creepy IPs!


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7 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 28 – Eugene

  1. Tina says:

    SARA. I love all your recaps!!

    Cheer captain is the best thing ever to happen. He needs to be at every show.

    Also, I was laughing reading the part about Cook seeing Andrew Ripp in Nashville last year. Because Archie was with him at that show! 0_0 BIG DECISIONS WERE MADE. heh.

    Bro and sis get an A++ for being good concert companions :D :D

    See you sooooooooooooooon!!! <3

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you, Tina! And I think every artist needs a cheer captain *lol*

      I wish I knew about Archie bit before this show! Or even better, I wish he told us he went to see Andrew with Archie! Haha~

      YAY for siblings!

      Three more days! <3333333

  2. Robin says:

    As always, supper funny recap and spot on! Great night with a very talky Dave. Love the last “rainbow Dave” photo.
    Hoping for more of this in 2016!

  3. Robin says:

    Also; your first paragraph? Exactly my thought process. First time I made up an emergency to escape from my job. I was so far behind with half our staff already away that week. Vickie was a little easier to convince that we HAD to go at all costs. Arm barely bruised. She gets it :) Now trying to convince her to go to the show at Chumash Casino in January. Are you?

    • naughtiest says:

      *lolol* I know, right?! Trying to fit our work to DCook’s concert schedule is insane. My boss just gave up on me, I think. ;)

      I wish I could go to CA in January but it’s right in the middle of quarterly business plan on a Thursday, so I won’t be able to make it. T______T I hope you both go, and sing along extra loud for meeeeeeee~~~ You and Vickie are my fav <3

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