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May 1, 2009 | et cetera |

Because Plan A never works! LOL

About a month ago, A-san asked if I wanted to go to Japan with her in July. Without really thinking, I said YES, of course! So, I went to talk to my boss if I could take a few (5-6) days off in July. His first question was WHEN in July, as we’d have 3rd quarter business plan to work on. When I told him it’s the beginning of the month, he gave me an OK.


Plan A: Go to Japan with A-san in July, probably 7/1-7/12

Then, a couple weeks ago, my relatives in Thailand changed their travel plan. Supposedly, they’d come to Seattle on 4/22, and the entire family would go to Canada together for 10 days, leaving me behind, playing Home Alone, since I had 2nd quarter business plan to deal with. Yeah, it’s always like this, me missing family trip due to work.

Now, the plan got postponed for a month, they’ll end up being here on May 20th instead, and the family will leave for Canada. They wanted me to go with them, I wanted to go with them, as a result, I decided to ditch a trip to Hokkaido with A-san *headdesks* My boss was, again, okay with the change in vacation plan.

Scratch Plan A.

Plan B: Go on a family road trip to Canada, 5/23-5/31

Then, Takki just had to announce a solo tour. WT*!? ARGHHHHH!!!  What am I gonna dooooooooooo?!

Well, knowing me, I did exactly what I shouldn’t really do. Here we go, a conversation between my boss and me on late late late thursday afternoon…

me: boss, can I ask you for something?
boss: today or tomorrow?
me: *rethinking* on a second thought, maybe I’ll wait until after the business plan…
boss: what is it?
me: ….
boss: what is it?
me: *in tiny voice* you’re going to kill me for this…
boss: vacation?

(dang, am I that easy to read?!)

me: well, yeah, kinda, yeah… I’m wondering if I can take another week off in July on top of the one in May? *grabs calendar and points* It’s basically 6 weeks after the one in May *bites tongue*
boss: *silence of the lamb*
me: well, there might be a concert during that week and I wanna go~! *sounds desperate*
boss: *cracks up* you… *laughs more* those guys on your wallpaper?
me: yup, one of them ^^”
boss: go
me: I have to wait for concert schedule..
boss: go, don’t miss this. Buy your tickets and go! (I didn’t even try to explain J&A balloting process LOL)
me: *squeeeees* (silently screams ILU BOSS repeatedly!) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

My boss just laughed LOL

I swear I have the best of luck when it comes to having a super kind boss who understands my obsession! My first manager at Boeing let me take a week off to T&T concert in May 2007 too! (after I started working there for less than 6 months! XD)

So, scratch plan B too!

Plan C: A family trip in May AND a Hokkaido trip in July

Now I just pray that Tono will be kind enough to have a concert during that week, then everything will be perfect! *crosses fingers*

Anyway, the past two week has been quite stressful. We’re working on our quarterly business plan with a bunch of new requirements from Core Finance.

But it’s all done now! Well, until July 13th at least. XD

Plus, I’m going to get those 2 weeks of my life back with 2 weeks off on 2 vacations in less than 2 months!



2 Responses to scratch plan A

  1. loonykat says:

    LMAO! ur conversation with ur boss crack me up!! I hope I’ve the same luck as u with my new boss.. *keep finger crossed* I hope the concert dates come out soon.. Then I can try to ask..

    My office gonna shift in a month or so.. just when i get use to the bus journey.. -,-;; however the new office looks more nice n spacial.. hehe.. dun really mind.. now need to check how to get to the new place fm my hse.. though it’s near to the old working place but the bus there are different..

  2. naughtiest says:

    I lvoe my boss! hope he won’t kill me for changing my vacation dates yet again! And I hope your boss will be nice to you!!

    Ahh office move is such a pain! Especially when you got used to the commute already. Last time I moved, I had to buy a car.. x_X”

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