COD: drown in the sea of Permanent tears.

The Troubadour
Los Angeles, CA

warning: usual fangirl incoherent thoughts, some photos, a long post for my memory’s sake. Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Saturday 10/3. PJ dragged me to CorePower Yoga studio for a class. Pretty sure it was a payback for dragging her to a concert the day before, I was so ready to faint during that class. *lol* Came back home, cuddled with the dogs, lunch around 3pm, snack around 4pm, grocery shopping at five different stores before we found chicken liver *lolz*, home around 7pm, helped PJ made chicken liver pâté (her family recipe, so so sooooooo good), watched Mad Max Fury Road, dozed off.

Sunday 10/4. Spent most of the day playing with the dogs. Let’s be real. DCook was coming to Seattle. I legit didn’t have to travel for a show. But one of the main reasons I chose to go to CA was because of this handsome dude. His name is Chewy (yup, Chewbacca). He’s very smart, super sweet, extremely gentle (when he’s not humping his favorite bean bag ^^”), and he loves to snuggle. I’ve known him since he’s two months old and now he’s approaching 11. PJ’s never failed to remind me that Chewy is getting old (more often than usual since we lost our dog in June >_<“). I kept whispering to him to stay healthy and be with us for a long long time every time we snuggle. Love you, Chewy! ♥

PJ’s other dog, Bella, doesn’t really like to snuggle but she loves to stay on top of things, like your body, for example. *lol* Bella is a hilarious dog. She loves to sing. She hates a camera. Most of the time, she’ll walk away when we try to take her picture. *lol*

Football. Italian food. Napped. Woke up around 4-ish. Packed. Drove to LA. Checked in at the hotel near LAX. Drove to the venue. TRAFFIC, again, nothing’s new. *lolz* Arrived at the venue at almost 8pm. Managed to smuggle my camera inside! YAY!!! *throws confetti*

((Story time! My camera was not a DSLR, but the last time I was at the Troubadour in 2013, the bouncer/security dude said it looked too fancy. And I was like, it’s just a superzoom P&S! I ended up having to leave my camera in the car. And when I got inside, I saw a bunch of people with bigger cameras than mine. of effing course… -__-” ))

Anyway! Got inside just in time for the beginning of Andrew Ripp’s set. Looked for Sella. Found Sella! MASSIVE HUGGING SESSION!!! ♥

Saw NFT. Freaked out. Creepily said hi to him. Awkwardly got a hug. Told him I hadn’t seen him in forever, and he’s like, yeah, my beard is this long now, so i was like, next time it’ll probably be your knee length. ^^” #MagicBeard

Hi Andrew~ :D

Same banter as the previous show but the hot beef and cheese sandwich, and his wife’s hometown got more details. *lol* I liked this dude a lot. :)

9pm-ish. SHOWTIME!

I always love the moment at the beginning of a concert, the first song, the excitement, the giddiness, etc. And Heartbeat delivered effing everything. ♥

DC: Los Angeles, how the hell are we doing tonight?

Moving on to of Paper Heart which got an upgrade countdown! Instead of the regular 1-2, 1-2, we got…

DC: One! Two! Los Angeles, make some fucking noise!!

Also, it’s my favorite thing to see Sella lose her shit during her favorite song. #WhatJuiceIsAPaperHeart #Forever XD

Asked Rob to adjust his guitar sound in his in-ear and told everyone that Rob was 9-feet tall. #Accurate

DC: thank you guys for hanging out with us tonight, shit, this is awesome

Teased Monty about his leather jacket: shitty Rocky impression, checked! *lol*

DC: hi guys *waves at Nick’s station at the side stage (right)* how are we doing over there? ← apparently NFT was sitting with Nick. I saw his hand. DONE.

Said they’re there to play some songs, from old and new records

fan: will there be Permanent?
DC: maybe..
Sella: don’t do it!
DC: *whips around* don’t do it? *chuckles*
Sella: I can’t take it!
someone: JUST DO IT!
DC: this tour is not sponsored by Nike

Said the tour was sponsored by Neon, and asked Nick to come out on stage. Of course. *lolz*

Broken Windows! The rapid clapping spree during the bridge has become my new favorite~ ♥

And the moment where I was half a second too slow but got kinda lucky~ ↓ :)

DC: *switches guitar, sees something in the audience* oh shit *laughs* he’s made a comeback, we’ve gotta bring him back up.. *laughs* ← his laughs, so adorb I cannot deal *lolol*

The return of Monty doll! XD He took the doll, tried to strangle it, tried to give it to Monty (who never took it *lolol*), ended up leaving on the drum platform.

DC: just.. I know it’s there and it’s making me uncomfortable ← LMAO
Monty: MOVING ON!!!! XD

Said it was all warmup, asked for hands up, and told us to make some more f-ing noise!

Singalong time with Heroes!

Hi Daniel, you looked so green! *lol*

Daniel: *plays a few notes on keyboard*
DC: we’re doing that now?!
Daniel: YUP!
DC: alright, I have no idea what’s going on tonight

Checked in with audience.

DC: (to people on stage left side) team Monty is good
fans: *cheers*
DC: (to people on stage right side) we’ve got team Dermic over here
fans: *cheers*
DC: (to people in the middle) this is my squad right here
DC: (to people upstairs) you guys up there, you can have the drummer, i guess
fans: *cheers*

((What can I say, we legit cheered at everything. *lololz*))

Monty said the Monty doll freaked the shit out of him, he wanted it disappeared. *lolz crying*

Back to new music, Wait for Me!

♪ so I’ve been crying salt into this open wound~

DC: (to Daniel) you’re acting weird, are you ready to play the next song?
Daniel: I don’t even know what the next song is!
band: *looks at setlist*
DC: we’re all thought it was a different next song ← *lolz* so cute
Daniel: I WAS RIGHT!!!

So smiley I cannot deal. ^____^

It’s Declaration and Sella was jumping up and down so hard her necklace legit exploded. Next thing I knew we’re crawling on the floor trying to gather all beads, my apologies to other fans around us. ^^” I magically produced a mini Ziploc bag to store the loose beads. #MagicBackpack *lol*

While we’re busy on our hands and knees, DCook asked how many people had the new record.

DC: (in super cute sing-song voice) that’s not everybody~ damn it, so here’s the deal, it’s not too late, you can still get it after the show. OR during the show, you go to the merch table, grab it and come right back, we’ll still be here. In fact, everybody who doesn’t have the record, go do that right now, we’ll wait ← so cute ♥

Cover time! *purrs* that high note during Wicked Game got me every time.

Asked if Daniel was ready for the next song. Daniel was like, yeah. And Monty and DCook were like you’re on piano! The setlist confusion continued! XD

Laying Me Low was next!

DCook legit called an audible (he mouthed PERMANENT to Daniel, holy shit, me dead again). He said Daniel asked for this song when they discussed setlist earlier, and DCook was like idk if I want to play that song tonight, so Arms offer to go get food from the Addiction Bistro as a bribe an exchange. Monty was the one who actually went to get the food though. *lol* DCook mentioned his eternal friendship with Monty, fans were AWWWWWW ♥, and he’s like shhhh, don’t make it weird, I already did that. *lolz*

So. It’s Permanent. And I had no words. Just tears. All over Tourbadour.

fan: don’t do that to me again
DC: *cracks up* sorry, *asks for her name*, I’m sorry I made you cry, Monty cries all the time, what can I do to make you not cry? can I tell you that our tour manager is farting upstairs? she’s smiling, we’re back in business! sorry Rob, I had to do something. ← I cannot deal with him anymore XD

Wheeee! Better than Me!! ♥

♪ go on, go on~

Well, since he’s so encouraging, I ran from my spot to the bar area (couldn’t see sh*t there *lol* life of a short girl!), and continued on  to Monty side! *lol*

Hi Monty and his leather jacket! :)

Asked who had to go to work. DUDE. IT HURT. >_<”

Thanked a fan who came all the way from Korea just for San Diego and LA shows.

DC: I’ve been on that flight, it sucks, so thank you, safe travel back!


♪ come back to meeeeeeeeeeee~

Banter time! A song for people who just met that night, so they could go home and do weird stuff. *lol* Monty said he’s open, so DCook was like we’ve got a day off tomorrow so Monty can always Uber to the next gig. XD

DC: I like that you’re going home with a stranger and do weird stuff and they’re not gonna give you a ride to the next show, they’re gonna make you Uber it
NFT: I’ll drive him
Nick: Neal will take him!
Monty: Neal will take me~

Kiss and Tell banter at its best. Side stage commentary FTW~ #NEALMONTYFOREVER ♥

Said they’re just gonna stay on stage, not even do an encore *lol*

DC: make some damn noise, Los Angeles!

Thanked fans for coming out on Sunday night. Floored by the fact that he got to do what he does for a living, got to play shows at the venue like the Troubadour..

DC: ..and then people show up, it’s so rad, so thank you very much ← dude, thank you! ♥

Next song from the new record, said he hasn’t mentioned it by name yet and his manager was probably pissed. DIGITAL VEIN! DIGITAL VEIN! *lol* Ok, just a little more info, Carry You, Digital Vein, track 6, and it’s about the end of the world XD

HOLY. He started off Light On acapella. HIS. VOICE. *hearts in my ears*

Thank you list. Andrew Ripp. The Troubadour. The band. Neon. INgrooves. Everyone. Mentioned that tv show.

DC: I picked up a guitar at thirteen to impress girls. ← it works! XD

Thanked people for supporting live music

DC: and damn it, go buy my record, and if you already have it, go buy it again! ← dude, do you know how many copies of this album I have? like it multiplies itself! *lol* Now, my boss and coworkers own the album~ XD

Look into my soul, DCook~ ♥

At the end of Criminals

DC: Los Angeles, thank you guys so much, have a great night!


Looked for the more loose beads. Found a couple more loose beads. Met some familiar faces, also met some new peeps. :) Lynne cracked me up when she checked to see if I had my camera with me first. *lolz* Didn’t look like DCook would come down from the green room soon, so PJ and I decided to leave. 6am flight, I’d never do this again. XD Next time, I’ll just take Monday off and chill. *lol*

Crossed the street to where we parked. Took a picture of the venue from the other side.

Headed back to the hotel. Showered. Repacked my bag. KO’d around 1am.

Woke up at 3am, said goodbye to PJ *sniffs*, let PJ sleep some more, shuttled myself to LAX, waited for TSA to start their shift, dozed off at the gate, got on the plane, passed out, landed in Seattle around 8:30, Dad picked me up, got home, showered, WENT TO WORK, almost passed out around 1pm *lolz* Legit a bad life choice for not taking Monday off, but it’s business plan time, I had to go in to make sure my team get things done.


ps1. David Cook. Smile~ ♥

ps2. NFT, I’m so sorry for being creepy. (ps. how I wish I get to see you on stage with DCook again >__<)

ps3. SELLA!!! I missed you already! I need more hugs! And I want to go see Hamilton too!!!!!

ps4. Also missed PJ and Chewy a lot. Ahem, when is the next trip? XD

ps5. These back-to-back concerts with insane travel schedule are killing me. I need more sleep. Zzzzzz…

ps6. Hi! :)


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  1. Aida says:

    Yep, this is where we finally met! :)
    Thank life for this opportunity to come to my 1st LA show. Unforgettable. And so much fun!
    Can I go back in time? Where’s the Delorean or Dr. Who when you need ’em? ;(

    Hopefully we see each other in another concert!

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