October 30, 2015 | RL recap |

Let’s just say that October 2015 was a month to remember for me.

The craziness actually started in September (when my brother’s childhood friend brought a musical from Thailand to the US, and Seattle happened to be the spot for the 2nd tryout run after Pasadena) but it fully came crashing down in October. *lol*

  1. worked half day, Dad dropped me off at SeaTac, arrived at LAX, met up with PJ, drove to Thai Town (about 15 miles away), got stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours, are you kidding me LA? finally got food, drove back to PJ’s house, played with the dogs, showered, passed out around 1am
  2. woke up early, ihu internal clock, rolled around with the dogs, went to a farmer’s market, grabbed lunch, got home, played with the dogs, left for SD, got stuck in traffic, barely made it to VIP, DAVID COOK CONCERT, gelato, finally got on the bed around 1am
  3. PJ dragged me to a Core Power Yoga class, almost passed out *lol*, lunch at 4pm, grocery shopping at 5 different stores (what?), homemade chicken liver pâté, watched Mad Max Fury Road, KO’d around midnight
  4. rolled around with the dogs, watched some football, dozed off, woke up around 4pm-ish, packed, drove, checked in at hotel near LAX, drove to the Troubadour, SELLA!! DAVID COOK CONCERT, drove back to hotel, showered, hit the bed around 1am
  5. woke up at 3am, too early for human being to function, let PJ sleep, shuttled myself to LAX, waited for TSA to start their shift, got to the gate, got on the plane, passed out, landed in Seattle around 8:30, Dad picked me up, got home, showered, went to work, almost passed out around 1pm *lolz* bad life choice, but it’s business plan time, I had to #ZombieMode
  6. BUSINESS PLAN, 11 hours at work
  7. more business plan, after work, went to see Waterfall the musical for the first time, went to a bar with cast & crew, got home around 1am x_X”
  8. 12 hours at work, had to get preliminary stuff done as it’s all due on Friday, came home, packed
  9. went to Portland with my brother and sister, had an amazing lunch, had a ridic delicious ice-cream, drove to Eugene, DAVID COOK CONCERT, back at the hotel around midnight, bed around 1:30am
  10. went shopping at Woodburn premium outlets, went shopping in downtown Portland, got home around 11pm
  11. laundry, HOT CAKES, QUACK!, DAVID COOK CONCERT, home around midnight
  12. 11 hours at work, needed more sleep in my life
  13. 10 hours at work, went to see Waterfall again with my sister and her friends
  14. 12 hours at work, business plan = nightmare
  15. 8 hours at work (pretty much took Friday 10/9 off without having to use vacation time, yay flex), went to Waterfall official opening night, got an invite to after party, didn’t get home until 2am x_X”
  16. full blown #ZombieMode, worked 12 hours, finalized business plan, went to Snoqualmie casino for dinner with friends, grabbed some ice cream afterwards, home around 10pm
  17. SeaTac, lunch, ice cream, dad’s birthday!
  18. laundry! Dad’s birthday dinner, home around 10pm
  19. fixed some business plan issues, dinner with friends, mini party, home around 11pm
  20. presented business plan to fab finance director and core group, boss sent us home early, had a mini celebration with my team, YAY
  21. worked on some action items from the presentation, went to see Waterfall again (4th time *lol*), home at almost midnight
  22. emergent issues at work, head hurt, came home, passed out
  23. almost strangled a coworker (dude, you’re in finance, basic math is something you should be able to do *grumbles*), my sister’s early birthday dinner, home around 9pm
  24. cleaned my room, dinner with my brother’s friends, home around 9pm
  25. laundry, went to see the last performance of Waterfall in the afternoon, so emo T__T, went to hangout with the cast until almost 7pm, went to dinner with my brother’s friends, dropped one of his friend off at the airport on the way back, home around 10:30pm
  26. worked, went to pickup Mr. Super Star from Thailand (lead actor from the musical, he’s the only Thai cast in Waterfall) and his family up from downtown, went to going away party in Shoreline, didn’t get home until 1am
  27. yet another #ZombieMode at work x__X” (thank goodness the cast/crew are leaving, my brain cannot take this much longer)
  28. deep dived non labor actuals/forecast and found a bunch of errors, wanted to strangled a non labor focal, but she’s out (again)
  29. meeting, meeting, meeting, decided to finally install OS X El Capitan, almost had a heart attack in the middle of the process when I realized I hadn’t transferred photos from iMac to a backup drive yet
  30. revamped metrics for leadership team, deep dived more NL, created a new tool for better visibility
  31. (((ok, it’s 10/30 right now but I’m planning on sleeping for at least 18 hours, so Saturday shouldn’t have anything except kids knocking on our door *lol*))) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

That’s about it for October. November’d better be calmer than this!



4 Responses to Oktoberfest

  1. Tina says:

    Girl. I’m tired just reading this. I’m seeing you twice in November and insisting you take naps each time. lmao. Seriously though, you had an amazing month!


    • naughtiest says:

      NAP TIME WITH FRIENDS is my favorite thing, cannot wait! I had a ton of fun in October but it’s a little too draining tbh. GETTING OLD!!! XD

      5 more days until I see your face!!! <3

  2. Lynne T. says:

    Omg,Sara! I’m ready to sleep for a week after reading about your month of October!!!

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