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warning: usual fangirl ramblings, some photos, a long post for my memory’s sake. Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

Ooooh, that’s not-Nick, but it’s a band banner! XD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


((Oh boy, it’s been a month since I went to this concert. October, what happened to you?! >_<“))

MAY was probably a good place to start because DCook launched his Pledge Music campaign in May! ((OMG FINALLY)) And let’s not talk about how well this whole PM thing worked on me. *lol*

The next two months went by so fast as I was busy with 3rd quarter business plan while trying to fix things that happened in 2013. No kidding. x_X”  July 17th was when everything was due, I was super exhausted when I came home. I remember sprawling on the floor watching TV with my family when this tweet came.


The thing is I didn’t really expect him to come to Seattle since it hasn’t been on his tour route for the past FOUR YEARS, so I was like, does he mean when he was here in October 2011? *lolz headdesks* #SkepticalIsMyMiddleName ^^”

BUT IT REALLY WAS A TOUR DATE. !&$*$”%^@$!!! He’s coming here! OMG!! *throws confetti*

More tour dates were announced. San Diego and LA kinda caught my eyes since I could make it with minimal time off. So I texted PJ, and the conversation went…

me: wanna go to some concerts in October? San Diego and LA?
PJ: same dude?
me: same dude
PJ: *lol* ok
me: ILU ♥

FYI – October is absolutely the worst month for me to take any vacation time because 4th quarter business plan is pretty much HELL ON EARTH.

So here’s my next conversation..

me: do you think I can take some time off at the beginning of October?
boss: it’s business plan blackout, where are you going?
me: California, umm, for concerts
boss: the guy on your computer?
me: yup
boss: he’s not coming here?
me: well… he is coming here, but the first few shows are in CA…
boss: okay
me: eh what?
boss: go, do it!


A few weeks later, I ended up asking my boss for another day off on 10/9. *lolz* Pretty sure he wanted to strangle me at that point as it’s a preliminary due date for  business plan, but he said yes anyway. YAY!

Now, back to October!

Thursday 10/1. Worked till almost noon to make sure everything got submitted. Dad dropped me off at SeaTac. Arrived at LAX. Met up with PJ. Headed to Thai Town. Got stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours. Seriously 2.5 hours to travel less than 15 miles! CA TRAFFIC. NOPE! Got food. Got groceries. Hopped back on I-5 to go home. Saw Disneyland’s firework along the way. Arrived around 10pm. Played with the dogs til almost midnight. Showered. Passed out.

Friday 10/2. Woke up. Rolled around with the dogs. Went to Laguna Hills farmers market. Grabbed some fish tacos for lunch. Headed home. Rolled around some more with the dogs. Headed to San Diego! Stopped by PJ’s cousin’s house in San Diego. Left for Music Box. Got stuck in traffic. AGAIN. OMG CA TRAFIC. NOOOOOOOOO!! From having about 1.5 hours to find dinner, we arrived at the venue at 6:30pm, JUST in time for the VIP. x_X”

According to the email, VIP includes:

  • VIP laminate (I expected a plastic laminate like the one from 2011 tour, but it’s a nice satin sticker with tour date written on it instead)
  • Personalized copy of Digital Vein (aka a copy of a sealed regular CD)
  • M&G and photo with DCook (venue security dude told us to go in 2 at a time, umm, excuse me, what if I went to the concert by myself, did it mean I paid for VIP to take a picture with a stranger? -__-” I knew he’s sick so it’s probably to limit the amount of time to spread germs, but still…)

Got Neon while we’re waiting in line. Saw a Neon banner in the VIP area (3rd floor). Thank you, Neon for sponsoring the tour! ^^

When it’s our turn, PJ and I walk in,

DC: I’m so sorry i couldn’t give you a hug today (went on and told us about his sickness)
me: ((*mentally headdesks* DUDE, do not ever apologize for that, you’re sick!)) *laughs* why are you always sick when I come to the show? ((I’ll forever remember the night he got a shot in the ass *lol*))
DC: because I know you’re coming! ← *whacks* XD

Got our photo taken, PJ had him sign the CD insert, I asked him to sign the Criminals wallpaper that I made. Told him how excited I was for the show. And boom, done. Fastest VIP ever. *lol*

Music Box was a fancy venue, recently renovated, 3 levels, nice stage with a huge ass screen. Fantastic lighting during the show. The fact that they have 3 levels made the venue look empty at first though. ^^” We came downstairs to get some food. Dinner were calamari and garlic fries. #FoodChoices Found ourselves a spot on stage right side. Talk to a couple fans around us.


Andrew Ripp (and his stupid hot arms (TM Melody)) kicked off the night. OMG I LIKED HIM. He’s legit hilarious!! XD ARipp was really good at audience interaction. He told a story of when he’s on the Bachelor. He told people to smooch during one of his song, then proceeded to rap about it, He also told us the story of how he met DCook on the plane so many years ago when DCook (along with his beef and cheese sandwich) was on his way to LA for Idol, but couldn’t tell ARipp, so DCook basically lied about his trip. *lolz*

PJ: isn’t beef and cheese sandwich a cheeseburger?!
me: yup, pretty much *lolol*

His last song, Peace Like a River (not on his recently released album though) was my favorite. It’s the song he wrote for his wive and it’s beautiful. :)

9:30pm-ish. SHOWTIME!

Cook and the band came out with heartbeat sounds, and I loved it already! #3SecondsIn #WhatElseIsNew? *lolz*

First shot!

Heartbeat was such a perfect opening song, the built-up was beyond amazing. Thank goodness for backing track because DCook singing harmony to DCook was pretty mind-blowing. ♥ ((I think it’s a good move, since Andy left, I could barely hear any background vocal during concerts. ^^”))

DC: What’s up, San Diego!

Heroes was next!

Also, hello, not!Nick Adam!

Ohh ohhh! Something that’d never happened to me at DCook concert before happened during Heroes. DCook tossed a pick, it bounced off about 20 hands in center area to land on my foot (off to the stage right side). I had an awkward moment of whether or not I should pick it up. That moment lasted about 1.5 seconds before I got a pick in my hand. LUKCY~ ♥  Told PJ, I’d never caught one before, PJ said technically I still haven’t caught one because this one landed on me *lolol* whatevs!

DC: alright, I’m on like 15 forms of medications, this is going to be one hell of a show~
Arms: famous last words

Paper Heart countdown! One! Two! One Two!

Towards the end of Paper Heart, he turned around and just noticed his faces on the huge ass screen (it was there from the start though *lol*), so he kept looking back at the screen.

DC (to someone in the back, probably Rob): that dude up there look pissed, can we change that? it’s upsetting me ← so adorb, i cannot

He told us to just talk among ourselves when they’re figuring the screen out *lmao*

DC: do you have any pictures of the cast from the old Nickelodeon show “Hey Dude”? I swear to God, if you have that I’m gonna lose my mind

Apparently, the challenge was silently accepted ;)

Someone was trying to take a selfie and DCook was like you’d better angle it right, and have Monty in the picture *lol* then, he posed for the selfie with Monty. I cannot deal. XD

While he’s at that, the huge ass screen popped up again, with a picture of Hey Dude cast. And DCook just lost it. He cracked up so hard. ♥

Arms: how is that even possible?! ← *lol*
DC: holy shit, thank you guys, good night! XD

Said he wanted to see how far we could go with this thing so he asked for a season 1 cast picture of Mr. Belvedere (I never heard of it *lol*), while they’re playing Come Back to Me.

Whoever worked the screen control had a better idea. It’s now playing opening credits from Hey Dude during CBTM intro, and DCook just started singing when everyone was pointing at the screen. He turned around to take a peek and legit cracked up so bad he couldn’t even finish the first line. It was amazing. *lol*

We watched the whole opening credits before we continued with the concert, Come Back to Me, take 2! Melody’s fav song! Or I-MISS-ANDY-LIKE-WHOA song (sorry guys, it has to be done ^^”)

Asked if we had the new record, pointed out the merch table so everybody could have it. *lol*

A new song! Broken Windows! OMG it’s AMAZEBOMB live, I loved that rapid clapping thing!! ♥

Mention Andrew Ripp, and his embarrassing sandwich story. Said he’s not going to tell it again (from his POV) because it’s redundant and the crowd would leave. *lol*  Someone in the back was taking a selfie, and DCook was like, are we in the picture back there?! then posed for it, and when it took longer to snap the shot

DC: are we doing this or not?! ← *lolz*

Said every tour they’d like to bring back some old songs that they haven’t played in a while. It’s Permanent, and I was done. T____T

DC: San Diego, you guys are quiet as shit, what happened? ← umm, Permanent happened and we collectively lost our shit? ^^”

Told us to make some loud noise.

Mood swing! It’s (my) Declaration!

So, he walked to stage left, then to stage right, but instead of walking back to the mic, he walked to the corner of stage right and started walking along the wall!!! (I found out later that it’s a metal track behind the seating area, about 10″-12″ wide, maybe). Nick G was there at the end of the track waiting for him along with venue security peeps. Pretty sure they went bonkers for that move. *lolz*

No pants were ripped during the journey, I was so bummed out. XD He went back to the stage to finish the song.

DC: I should have practiced that before I did it, holy shit, that conner was tricky. *chuckles* (security) they didn’t know, I went off the grid for a while ← so friggin’ adorb

Checked in with people upstairs. Someone said Monty’s not rowdy. And Monty said that he’s rowdy, rocking it out on stage already without Patron. *lolz*

Cover time! Wicked Game! Sooooooooo hauntingly beautiful. I also loved it when he played guitar solo. ♥

Said Nick dressed up just for San Diego peeps because he normally just wore black t-shirt with a word “dang!”. Said he’s excited about Nick’s vest. *lolz*

Told us to go check out Elf movie opening credits where there’s a toddler running in elf costume, then he imitated that run, and I couldn’t deal with his cuteness anymore

Picked on person from the 2nd level to make noise. Told everyone to match that.

Let’s stompclap during Laying Me Low!

Hi Daniel and his man bun! XD

Arms wanted to toss a pick to people upstairs.

DC: you’re going to get one to the crowd down here first, baby steps

Arms was really bad at this *lolz* DCook just flicked one up to the 3rd level. #showoff

Said it felt like a holiday season. Arms played Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. *lolz*

Someone was yelling BAR-BA-SOL, and DCook was like, Breakfast Club? It’s a great movie. XD

He walked away from the mic, walked back

DC: wait, I walked away and it’s my cue, shit, shut up

Better Than Me was simply gorgeous. ♥

Started to get too much push from a group of drunk ladies next to me, so I decided to go sit on the metal track behind the couch (where DCook walked before), that was when I realized it actually hurt my ass. *lol* Not an ideal angle but it gave me a better visibility of the stage though. :)

Said Kiss and Tell was not for people in a loving committed longterm relationship, as it’s for a few pairs of people, meet in a club, go home and weird shit happens (with reverb, good job, soundboard *lolz*).

Oops, caught by Adam! *waves*

The Breakfast Club joke continued. ^^”

Up next was Home Movies! With full SFX. omg it’s so beautiful I f-loved this song. *weeps*

Talked about long long he’s been playing music. A SONG FROM ANALOG HEART! Straight Ahead! *squeeeeeeeeees* OMG I haven’t heard this song live in forever! I legit sang harmony and the other fan turned around and said GOOD JOB! *lol* THANK YOU!

And he’s like, San Diego! Thank you guys so much! and I was like WAIT what, no no no no nooooo, come back!!!!!

Okay, phew he’s back! Thanked the audience. Thanked Andrew Ripp.

DC: dammit, I should have picked the worse opener… ← *lol*

Mentioned the band, the crew, still loved the Breakfast Club. XD

Selfie with DCook and a new friend! XD

DC: thank you guys very sincerely from the bottom of my heart for coming out and supporting live music ← DUDE, as long as your tour dates will not end my career or my retirement fund, I’ll be there~ ♥

Light On! Still one of my fav song at the concert. ♥

*salesman mode* showed off Criminals t-shirt and tossed it to one lucky fan.

DC: ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dave Cook, thank you all so much for coming out, this is Criminals!

so let’s run for our lives just like we’re animalssssssssssss~~~~ ♥

At the end of Criminals

DC: San Diego, thank you guys so much for having us!


We left the venue, heading for I-5, when this happened..

PJ (who used to live in SD): dude, there’s a really good gelato place not far from here
me: are they still open at 11?
PJ: yeah, they used to open late
me: let’s go

So we’re at Gelato Vero Caffe, having a post concert gelato at 11:15pm. Life was awesome. *lol*

Finally got on I-5, got stuck in traffic. AGAIN. OMG CA TRAFFIC AFTER MIDNIGHT. NOPE! >_<” Finally got home around 1am-ish. Rolled around with the dogs. Showered. Passed out.

ps1. David Cook. You’re still my favorite, sir. ♥

ps2. He was so smiley I cannot deal. ♥

ps3. What a kickass setlist we had, 15 songs with 8 SONGS FROM DIGITAL VEIN. *purrs* Permanent, though. T__T Truth be told, it’s been on my bucket list along with A Daily AntheM for the longest time. Never thought I’d get to see it live so I legit lost it after 2 seconds of the piano intro.

ps4. PJ, ILU. ♥

ps5. October was a ridiculously busy month for me. Between travel, DCook shows, Waterfall the musical, food, work, business plan, I hardly had time to sleep. For real, I only average about 4-5 hours of sleep on most night, that’s clearly not enough for analytical brain cells. *lol*

ps6. *waves* Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, feel free to say hello, I don’t bite. Otherwise, YAY creepy IPs! *lol*


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10 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 26 – San Diego

  1. Megan says:

    Yayyy concert season is the best season! 19 days!!

    (Teeeechnically, we should TM Melody for the stupid hot arms line. I say it all the time, but she wrote it!)

  2. janine says:

    Hey there. I actually finally met you at this concert. It was right after the show I think. There was so much excitement I hardly remember. There were a couple of other fans around you and someone I was with blurted out, hey that’s naughtiest! Or the girl who does the blog. I said, what? That great blog? I love reading that! Then I looked up,and said the same to you..that’s pretty much all I remember except that you have a pretty smile..so anyway, hope I run into you sometime when I am sane and not cookified with excitement. And oh yes, thanks for the recaps, the blog, and the great pics. So nice to be able to relive and/or share these special times!

    Janine….On Twitter, I am Henny3428

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Janine! Thank you, glad you like the blog! Also, nice meeting you and your friends! I thought that was at the Troubadour, but it’s probably at this show, it’s all blurry now *lol* I remember the hugs though! See you next time! :D

  3. Jan says:

    Hi. Are you the girl who David picked up in Eugene Oregon? If you are then inn sure we met. Hi..
    I agree with everything you say about DFC.
    I loved your thoughts there about and your observations. Thanks.

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Jan! Yup, that’s me. ^^; Glad you enjoy the blog! Eugene blog will be posted after I’m done with the LA one, stay tuned! :)

  4. Aida says:

    Hi Sara!
    I was expecting your blogs anxiously!
    Indeed, this was such a fun show! The banter was so much goof and laugh, and the setlist of course! Permanent… u.u. I was on the same track as you, couldn’t believe I was listening to it.
    And how can’t I forget the #dirtythirty banter (bday girl) right before tossing the Criminals tshirt, hilarious!

    BTW, I’m so glad to finally met you even it was til LA concert, lol.
    We need another concert round, PRONTO!
    Waiting for the rest of the blog, see ya!

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Aida, nice meeting you too! And I’m glad you’re home safely after that LA show. *lol* sorry it took forever to update my blog, October was crazy busy for me. This month is slightly better so I should be able to get the next one out soon. :)

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