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September 26, 2015 | david cook |

DIgital Vein

Artist: David Cook
Album: Digital Vein
Release date: 2015.09.18



  • love how DCook revealed the cover
  • love that it’s B&W and gold ♥
  • love that he finally got away from the ‘David Cook’ fonts and script fonts (what font is this btw? a fancy version of century gothic?)
  • love that he doesn’t look like a serial killer (come on, Wait for Me, hello~)
  • jeans jacket FTW!
  • also, eyebrows yo!
  • love how clean the cover looks (which is why I like the standard edition a tad bit more than the deluxe edition *lol*)
  • but the deluxe edition has the gold band on the back insert to match, so, cookie points for that!
  • really nice photo on the back insert, his eyes are almost glowing, and he’s watching us alllll!
  • is it just me? his upper body looks so long (probably the jacket too) which makes his legs looks shorter than usual *lolz*
  • hello, backbend~
  • hello, analog heart music logo ♥ in purple, no less. LOVE IT.
  • btw, a VERY NICE gold paint job! I actually thought the necklace and tie were gold when I first saw it XD
  • liner notes make my heart melted :)



First and foremost, this is not a review. This is pretty much my rambling post after a week with Digital Vein. I was going to write a reaction post after I first heard the full album stream, but let’s be real, this album is too much to handle. I need more time to get over Heartbeat absorb all 18 songs! ♥

Waking up to the streaming the day before release date was legit awesome. Getting album download from PledgeMusic an hour(?) later was even better. btw, I didn’t get my deluxe CD until Tuesday 9/22, definitely no love from USPS, but I downloaded my deluxe album from iTunes anyway, so it didn’t really make me go nuts or anything. *lol*

I went to a Walmart near my office on Friday, and found the exclusive version after the employees insisted they didn’t have it. Luckily, they told me that Anderson rep was there that morning, so I knew it was somewhere in the media section. XD


  • Heartbeat starts with heartbeats #appropriate
  • it starts off slow and keeps building and building and building and when it comes crashing down I legit can’t breathe
  • the way the lyrics set up, I just can’t deal
  • the slight change in the chorus verse is perfect
  • love the heartbeats throughout the song
  • love love LOVE DCook sings harmony to himself
  • his voice. HIS VOICE. *faints*
  • I’ve read before that heartbeats can be used to hypnotize people, pretty sure it works on me ^^
  • I kinda feel a Daily Anthem-ish too
  • and when it abruptly ends, I almost didn’t realized I’ve been holding my breath
  • f-love how it starts off so dark and gloomy but gets brighter and brighter with love, hope and future at the end
  • Heartbeat is his journey
  • Heartbeat is everything


  • no, seriously, I run like hell whenever this song comes up #BeastMode
  • love the galloping beats
  • f-love the lyrics, how it rhymes and how he sings, it’s catchy as hell
  • plus it has soooooo many keywords that I adore. Eternity! Breathless! Baby! Scars! You & I! Stories! Emergency! Prison cell! Choices! ANIMALS! Fine, let’s stop here before I quote the entire song out of order. *lolz*
  • and that just like we’re ANIMALLLLLLLLLS~~~~~~ so glorious~ *purrs*
  • okay, just go see the super rad official video already
  • btw, I blame @imogenPH now that I see enoki mushrooms all over that video XD
  • also, lyric wallpaper, anyone? ^^

Broken Windows

  • starting off a little country-ish, we’re getting ready for an earthquake kind of a song!
  • have I talked about layers yet? because LAYERS everywhere
  • BIG sounds, heavy guitar and drums
  • can we talk about his powerful voice again? yes?
  • omg, I F-LOVE the bridge part! ♥
  • along with that clicking/clapping sound ♥
  • and that background vocal
  • I’m still not sure if it’s actually a completely doomed relationship that they just won’t admit it and refuse to let go
  • or there’s still hope since “I won’t give up if you won’t give up” “we could still stand up when the world is shaking
  • I’d say false hope, let’s throw the windows into Mt. Doom and let the fire take care of it! XD

Laying Me Low

  • I’m trying to think about my reaction when this song came out in 2013, good thing I have a blog so I can dig my old post up *lol* let’s see some key points~
  • a vocal roller coaster!
  • whenever he hits those high notes, MY HEART SEES UNICORN AND MAGIC RAINBOW
  • f-love how “..try to be strong~~~~~~~” leads into “~~~~and I fall apart..”
  • that oh oh whoa oh oh oooh (you know what I mean) is going to be the death of me
  • and that last hook, how everything stops and his voice pops right back to grab my soul
  • btw, “I cry when I kiss you” ← I HAVE A THING FOR CRYING DUDE *lol* HOW DID HE KNOW?!
  • and he’d rather burn the friggin’ house down~ oh oh~ XD #FiremanAU anyone?!
  • I F-LOVE THE WHOLE THING, fantastic mix, the beats, the sounds, again, ALL THE LAYERS
  • yup, my reaction is still the same after 2+ years! ^^
  • oh, and also a lyric wallpaper XD

Better Than Me

  • the only song in the album that he didn’t write
  • so I was super curious about it
  • and BOOM, HIS VOICE ♥
  • then the lyrics, dude, what the heck? can it hurt even more?! >_<
  • seriously, “it hurts like being alive“, I mean GO ON, GO ON, JUST STAB ME ALREADY
  • I = shadow; you = light → shadow sticks to the object, not light, light chases away (technically kills) shadow eh? x_X”
  • this is a doomed relationship, like a Sauron-level of doom
  • whoever left to be in Sauron’s spotlight, duh, must be one of those Witch-Kings *lol*
  • it’s definitely different from his other song, I guess this is the blue-eyed soul one someone mentioned so many months ago, right?
  • btw, it should be a movie soundtrack

Carry You

  • you-and-me-against-all-sorts-of-natural-disasters song!
  • seriously, we have lightning through the heart, endless rain, storm, and no more sun
  • hello, water world apocalypse!!
  • this is like, a sequel to Right Here, with You → sun stops burning, world stops turning XD
  • such a beautiful song with so many layers and his voice that carries us all through this journey
  • love the subtle harmony layer that makes the song so rich
  • it’s so so sooooooo good to be able to hear this song in HQ after my first time hearing it live in Austin 2013 (where he got a shot in the ass *lolz* #NeverForget)
  • I think I previously called this his multi-tasking song since he was on both keys and guitar and also sing!
  • another lyric wallpaper, anyone? *lol*

From Here to Zero

  • aka the song I’m thankful for ♥
  • of all the unreleased songs prior to this album release, this is the song I wanted the most
  • so when I saw it on the tracklist, I legit screamed ^^
  • it’s so positive and so happy
  • the lyric is sooooooooooooo beautiful
  • I cannot deal with subtle harmony track I want to cuddle it forever ♥ ♥ ♥
  • I was hooked from the first time I heard it so many years ago
  • it’s amazing both acoustic and full-band electric
  • kinda have to adjust myself to the background vocal a little bit, I was so used to hearing Andy’s voice clearly during this song ^^”, so the walkie-talkie-kinda-BGV threw me off a bit, but I LOVE IT

Kiss & Tell

  • the heaviest song in this album
  • kinda BBS of DV
  • futuristic feel
  • the chorus really makes me want to move during the concert
  • REALLY love the mix in this song
  • love the left-right sound (or is it my headphone dying? *lolz*)
  • solid rock song in HQ *purrs*

Wait for Me

  • a single released in 2014, pretty much telling us to wait for him, the album is coming soon! XD
  • surprisingly enough, Wait for Me wasn’t an instant hit for me when the single came out *hold your rotten tomato, no throwing!!*
  • I guess it’s because I wasn’t sure what’s going on in this relationship *lolz*
  • pretty sure it’s doomed (it’s a theme)
  • but is she beating the shit black and blue out of him before she left? or the other way around? *scratches head*
  • why is he the one to blame?  this gotta be an abusive relationship! (see my train of thoughts? ^^”)
  • see you on the other side ← is one of them locked up ^^” maybe it’s a mental institute AU!
  • but if it’s doomed, why would he ask her to wait for him
  • OMG maybe she ran into a witness protection program and he’s gonna turn into a creepy stalker/serial killer
  • now I got confused about who’s supposed to wait for who *headdesks*
  • see how confused I still am?! *lozl forever*
  • btw, I love this “crying salt into an open wound until I feel again/dying slowing from this open wound until you come home again
  • the smell you on a pillowcase bit is multisensory!
  • anyway, everything was good after seeing DCook on keyboard, right in my face at Sacramento show this year, signing this song *lol* his live music spell, oh boy
  • I’m as drunk as the morning sun ♥

I’m Gonna Love You

  • my zombie love song ♥
  • to me, I’m Gonna Love You is always a “limbo” love song where a person is stuck with the love that’s already over, and will not let go, even when he/she knows that it’ll never be a happy ending, so to me, it hurts to be in that state
  • when I asked DCook earlier this year, he’s like, the love is not current, the relationship was over, but it’s content
  • fine, how about content but hurt? *lol*
  • ready for yet another lyric wallpaper? *lolz* I need to stop

Wicked Game

  • a heartwrenching cover of Chris Isaak’s song
  • love the arrangement
  • love the haunting opening
  • love his voice. HIS VOICE. gahhhhhhh ♥
  • love the glory note
  • love the creepy whisper at the end ^^

Home Movies (Over Your Shoulder)

  • love the SFX of film rolling
  • Piano intro reminds me a bit of Permanent
  • F-LOVE the lyrics
  • it’s so raw, emotional, and personal
  • and the film stops rolling at the end before the last piano notes
  • I think anyone who’s ever experienced personal loss will feel this song to their core
  • I can see that tape rolling
  • but it’s enough just to have you here again / living on the wall
  • the pain of losing someone (or your dog) you love will never go away, but you eventually learn how to make peace with it because live goes on
  • I think he did
  • watching him talk about this song during his album release concert, I was legit weeping, he’s so strong and courageous I don’t even know how to deal
  • excuse me while I go cry until eternity

[Bonus Tracks]


Three tracks from deluxe edition and three more tracks from Walmart exclusive (which totally came as a surprise! YAY!)

Where Do We Go

  • my favorite ear-worm, it’s soooooo catchy I was hooked from the first time I heard it at the concert!
  • love the piano lead-in
  • fantastic lyrics with a big question mark on where do we go when everything is over, LOVE IT
  • when the light leaves our heart / will we know where to start? ♥

 Firing Squad

  • wowza, big sound
  • the very beginning makes me think of Arrows to AthensStars
  • love the drums, put me in fighting mode, for this war! *lol*
  • imagine Hunger Games, we’re storming the Capitol now! ^^
  • if it’s our fate / we’re not afraid / yeah we can face your firing squad
  • of course, he’s bulletproof from Criminals *runs* XD
  • also from “create stories that world will tell their children” in Criminals to “won’t be the ones that time forgot” here ^^
  • btw, is this a follow up song to Laying Me Low where he burned everything down too? XD
  • we wear the stars like battle scars ♥

But You Won’t

  • gorgeous vocal
  • love the simplicity of this song
  • okay, at first it sounds like Goodbye to the Girl 2.0!
  • but it could have been Come Back to Me 2.0! *lol*
  • like, the girl actually comes back at the end, but he’s like TRUST NO ONE,  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, NOPE, BUT WE WON’T!
  • I really like this line → so please understand I can’t believe a single world you say *ouch*

We’re Not in This Alone

  • I believe in movie scenes that love can lead us back / from the seas that we bleed these broken heart attacks
  • I cannot deal with this much blood ♥
  • love this theme: sun / night / light / darkness / glow / tonight / daylight
  • can it be a distant relative of “This Is Not the Last Time” where everything will be alright because “we’re not in this alone“?

Secret Garden

  • to that place where you can’t remember and you can’t forget
  • I saw Jerry Maguire with a certain someone who’s no longer here
  • *inserts Home Movies moment* T__T

Eyes on You

  • aka “the weirdest song he’s ever written” (according to DCook himself)
  • aka DCook will stop this song during the concert if you don’t dance *lol*
  • creepy stalker song!
  • love the mix so hard
  • so funky so catchy
  • the other thing I associated with this song is a Monty doll at the Troubadour, I’m hoping to see it again #TeamAsianFans XD

David Cook. I don’t know how to deal with this album. I want to capslock everything I type but I don’t want to yell at you while I’m flailing about how awesome your music is (or maybe I do want to? idk *lol*). It’s way beyond amazing. It’s ridiculously fantastic. It’s so so so worth the wait. It’s everything. From Analog Heart to Digital Vein. I admire your heart, your dedication, and your strength. Thank you so much for always making great quality music. And thank you, for being you. You’re my favorite. ♥

Good luck and see you soon, sir! :)



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