My office laptop is getting a new wallpaper after using the previous one for over a year! :D

Decided to make a lyrics wallpaper for DCook’s latest single: Criminals. Can we talk about how I f-love the lyrics? *lol* It’s catchy as hell. Plus it has soooooo many keywords that I adore. Eternity! Breathless! Baby! Scars! You & I! Stories! Emergency! Prison cell! Choices! ANIMALS! Fine, let’s stop here before I quote the entire song out of order. *lolz*

Pretty much converted my blog header into a wallpaper. RECYCLE WINS!!! haha. It took me quite a while to remove Nick and his drum set in the background. Also, threw in a few clouds layers to get some smokey effects that you could barely see (why, self, why? XD)

Spent a few hours on lyrics as usual, no surprise. Photoshop happened to crash twice while I was moving things around, and I ended up weeping miserably while trying to redo stuff. :P Leaving a bit of space on top for a few folders I have on my desktop. It looks a bit busier than usual because of that ginormous CRIMINALS. But I like the impact, so whatevs. *lol*

If you spot any typo, PLEASE let me know! :)


I made this one for my office laptop, so if your screen is larger than 1366×768, YAY you’ll have more space for stuff on your desktop! Set background to black, and set this wallpaper in the middle, don’t stretch! :)

Photo from Napa show earlier this year. Words from DCook’s Criminals lyrics

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Please do not edit or repost this wallpaper. Feel free to direct people back to this post. Thanks!

ps. All previous wallpapers can be found HERE, including other lyrics wallpapers. :)


2 Responses to [Wallpaper] David Cook – Criminals

  1. Lynne T. says:

    Hi Sara!
    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been here to your blog! I must say that I’ve missed reading about your adventures and seeing your fabulous photos and artwork!!! This latest work is Spectacular! I’m hoping that you will have an opportunity to see some of David’s upcoming shows and share more of your amazing photos and tales with all of us out here in “DaveLand”! ~Lynne

    • naughtiest says:

      Hi Lynne!
      Thanks for stopping by, it’s so good to see your name! :) I’m going to Seattle show for sure. *lol* Thinking about some CA shows, but not sure yet. Are you going to all shows? Hope to see you there if I can make it! :)

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