NEW SINGLE!! GO GET IT ON ITUNES!!!! Pre-order the album and download this track now. GO GO GO!!

Criminals is friggin FANTASTIC. I f-love the song from it’s lyrics to beats to layers to THAT glorious glory note. DCook’s voice. *purrs*

I’ll definitely work on a lyrics wallpaper for this one once my eyes agree to focus properly. D:

Photo taken at Uptown on 2/28/15. Not the best quality but I like action shots like this. :)

Random life events.

New job (still at Boeing in case you’re wondering) is going well. So many things to fix though, like, everything I try to dig into has some sort of massive errors. That’s why they hired me, I guess. *lol* I have a great team so I’m not gonna complain.

DCook announced a bunch of tour dates. SEATTLE! *throws confetti* HE’S COMING TO SEATTLE. *pops champagne* I’ll totally drag my sister to that show with me. *lol* But the rest of October though. There are a few shows within driving distance but I don’t think I can make it. *sobs* Worst month of the year in terms of work. Have to set a long range business plan (read: TARGETS) for next year so 4th quarter forecast is the worst thing ever. Boooooo..

It’s been super hot here in Seattle. I MISSED THE RAIN. GIVE ME SOME RAIN!!!!

Going to The Wave next month, I’m so excited!

Life is good!



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  1. Megan says:

    Guess you’ll have to come to Texas instead!

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