Today, I got an auto-renew notification for my site. OMG I still have a website! *headdesks*

Okay. It’s been a while. In case you’re living behind a rock or being slammed with RL like me, DCook is coming out with a new music “SOON” (for real this time, effing finally). You can pre-order the album along with other exclusive items on PledgeMusic. If you haven’t done so already, WHY?! JUST GO GO GO GO GO!




I LOVE THE ALBUM TITLE. From Analog Heart to Digital Vein. ♥  It’s like his analog heart get a major surgery to switch out the vessels. The flow may change, the heart remains the same, but stronger. I. LOVE. IT.

Track list for both standard and deluxe versions have been announced earlier this week, and to my surprise, EYES ON YOU DID NOT MAKE THE ALBUM. WHAT?! o_O” I LOVE THAT CREEPY STALKER SONG. IT’S RIDIC FUN DURING THE CONCERT. I hope it’s either a part of the anniversary package or a free download or whatever. I want a studio version of this songgggggggg. *whines* Well, I actually want everything he tracked (also, written), so yeah, more DCook, moreeeeeeeeee. *lolz*

Anyways. Let me mourn Eyes on You with this wallpaper I made last year. (yes, legit, I made this one since last July!! *lolz headdesks*)



I made this wallpaper to fit my office laptop, so if your screen is larger than 1366×768, set background to black, and set this wallpaper in the middle, don’t stretch! :)

Photos from various shows I attended since 2009. ((Cookies for anyone who can identify all of them *lol*)) Words from DCook’s Eyes on You lyrics.

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Please do not edit or repost this wallpaper. Feel free to direct people back to this post. Thanks!

ps. All previous wallpapers can be found HERE.

ps2. Can you see me? XD


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  1. Tina says:


    I got my eyes on you. ;)

    LOVE THIS SARA <3 <3 <3

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