If you think my brain can survive pianist!DCook right in front of my face, you clearly have way too much faith in me. *lol*


Sacramento, CA

warning: usual fangirl ramblings, some awkward camera angle photos, a long post for my memory’s sake. Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

Drums, guitar, guitar, bass. Hey, hey, it’s another band banner!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series



Woke up way too early by my recurring weekday alarm. Forgot to turn it off. Dang it. Stayed horizontal on the bed for as long as we could, watching more Thai series. Finally decided that food was a pretty good idea. Went to Jimboy’s Tacos for lunch. Megan recommended this place to me back in January when I told her I bought a ticket to a Sacramento show. TBH, I was a little hesitant that morning because My sister was never a fan of Mexican food, but as it turned out, she loved it!

Funny story: we went to Jimboy’s on Wisconsin Avenue because it’s the closest one to our hotel, and it happened to be the one that Megan went to when she lived there many many years ago, the place still looked exactly the same including the Ms. Pac-Man machine in the corner! I was texting my girly gang during the meal, and got cheese all over my screen. *lol* But legit, Jimboy’s was so delicious I wish we had one up here in Washington. #nomnomnom

Next, we drove to Hagen’s Orange Freeze (also recommended by Megan), it was soooooooooooo ridiculously refreshing! #noms~

With almost four hours to kill, we went to Old Sacramento for some sightseeing. Walked around for a while. Took some pictures. Ran out of energy. Went back to the hotel for a nap. *lol*

My sister woke me up a little before 5pm. Still refusing to go to a general admission concert, she dropped me off at Harlow’s. There was a long line in front of the venue already. Harlow’s didn’t send out tickets for the show, they just had people’s name on the list, and gave us a wristband when we got inside.

It’s a small and cozy venue. People who got in before me were sitting at tables around the GA area already. I opted to sit in the back against the soundboard. Waited a little bit before the guys walked onto the tiny stage.

DCook said it’s weird seeing us sit down, then told us that they’re behind schedule so there’s only time for one song.

DC: I know it sucks, but we’ll do a full show and you can see that too ← *lol* 

He quickly noticed that one fan was there without his wife by his side (they’re always at his show together, Bill and Shirley, I saw them a couple times at TX and CA shows, super lovely couple), and asked about her. FYI – I f-love how caring he is, how he pays attention to everything, and how he always remembers the details. This is a part of the reasons why I have so much respect and admiration for him.

The band did Everybody Wants to Rule the World! YAY another new song for me! *bounces*

And I just realized what people meant when they said the new light strips blinding the camera. #OIC. *lol*  ↓

They’re still adjusting the sound during the song. After the song, he said he couldn’t tell what they sounded like.

Fans were so well-organized! By the time I moved my ass off the chair, it’s a looooong M&G line already. Talked to a few fans so sat nearby a little bit (we’ve met before!) before I got in the line. Rob was like, only ONE item to sign, 30 seconds per person. Somehow, it immediately made me think of I love Lucy clip, you know, the chocolate factory one? *snickers* Nice try, Rob! XD

After 30 minutes or so, it’s almost my turn. The person before me came with a friend (who’s a fan), she told DCook “I’m not a fan” and it totally cracked him up. *lol*

I didn’t really bring anything for him to sign, so I peeled a few wallpapers off my scrapbook before I left the hotel. Which turned out to be a good decision.

DC: what’s happening? let’s see what we’re adding to your scrapbook! ← legit knew how to throw me off balance!! 
me: *lolz* here.. *shows him the zombie!IGLY wallpaper*
DC: *laughs* I missed that show! *to Rob* ((STORY TIME WITH DCOOK)) we did a show on October 30th, 20…
me: 2011
DC: *nods* 2011, we walked on stage like this and NOBODY got it.
me: uh, not true! ← that’s one of my favorite shows! 
DC: we did our own costumes
me: wait, WHAT?! you guys did that by yourselves? ← because I f-loved that bloody tear track, and Andy’s neck wound still haunted me
DC: we did it, ooooh no, the make up we hired a local dude, but all the wardrobes we did it our own *giggles chuckles*
me: it was awesome!

((you can find my blog on that crazy zombie show >> here <<))

Anyway, since we’re on zombie lyric wallpaper of I’m Gonna Love You, I asked him about the song.

me: I’m Gonna Love You ← it’s a statement, not a song title.. *lolz* I’m kidding! it’s almost like when I told him, I’ll ‘come back to you’, at Seattle show M&G, and he was like, oh you’ll ‘come back to me’? *lol*
me: I know you leave your songs up to interpretation, but to you, is this song a happy love song or a sad love song?
DC: *thinks* it’s….., the love in that song isn’t current, like, that relationship was over, but it is content. It’s not an angry love song, or a sad love song, it’s just content *notices my eyebrows start raising* *chuckles* does it make any sense?
me: *laughs* of course it is!

And it is. I always see IGLY as a ‘limbo’ love song, as in, the person in this song is voluntarily stuck with the love, will not let go, even when there will never be a happy ending. So, the only difference is that while he chooses to be content, for me, this love hurts. Well, fine, content but hurts. *lolz* Anyway, that’s the reason why I chose zombie for this undying love, fairly accurate, eh? XD

((In case you’re looking for a DCook wallpaper, zombie!IGLY can be found >> here << ))

Got a selfie with DCook, went in for one last hug and got the signature huglift. *shrieks* oh man, I missed this! THANK YOU, DAVE! #HugliftFoever ♥

I lingered around for a little bit. Heard a fan asked him about the album, he said he didn’t know when it’s coming out, then added..

DC: the album will NOT come out next year, it will be this year, if the channel we’re working on right now doesn’t come through, I’ll release the album for free and hit the road

MY HEART. >_<” I just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and hug him. And the way he said it, I just…. ugh *kicks music industry*

There were two Asian guys towards the end of the line. One dude was definitely a filipino. Dave was telling him about a show (or shows?) in Southeast Asia but couldn’t give him more details. I think he said nothing in Philippines, so Vietnam, maybe? Oh, how I wish I could go!

Oh, someone also asked him about Seattle, and DCook was like, Seattle didn’t even book us this tour. *lolz crying*#FAILED Seattle, failed on so many levels! ^^;

Before I left the venue to go line up and come back inside again, I went to the bar to get a bottle of water because I was super thirsty. The bartender told me that her register wasn’t open yet so I couldn’t pay for it. She told me to just take the water. I told her I’d be back to pay her during the show.

Time to go out and brace the cold! (well, it might not be cold for most people, but I’m easily cold and I’m pretty much cold all the time *lolol*). Venue staff told us to go wait on one side in front of the venue as VIPs would get to go back in before regular tickets. Thank goodness, I was freezing. I was way in the back of the waiting area, so when we’re let back inside, there’s a bunch of fans in front of the stage already. I looked for an empty table, but most were reserved or occupied. Then, I saw an open spot in front of stage right so I went to that tiny stage and thought: this is Council Bluffs 2.0, the stage is even lower than that one, it’s going to be way too close. *lolz fml*

While waiting for the show to start, I was sitting on the stage, making photo collages, and posting stories of our trip to Castello di Amorosa from the day before on Facebook. My family and friends were waiting to read about it, and I was a day late already! XD My sister apparently did the same thing from our hotel, cranking out collage after collage on FB. *lol*

One lady came to sit next to me, it’s her first time at DCook’s concert. Told her she’s gonna love it. She asked if I went to other Idol shows, I told her I went to Kelly’s and David Archuleta’s shows, and that’s about it. (True fact: again, I don’t watch Idol! Legit, I’m never a fan of the show. I did watch season 7 about a year after it’s aired. After that, I only watched the show when DCook or Archie was on. *lolz*)

Opener! Dylan Gardner! Still super energetic, even though he couldn’t bounce around that much since the tiny stage was so cluttered. *lol* Mike, Mr. Bass Player, was about 3 feet in front of me, I might have had a hard time concentrating on what’s going on. *lol* Watching him sing harmony during “The Actor” was amazing. Loved his voice! btw, I looked up Dylan’s website, he’s 18 (still looks 16 though.. *lol*). Dylan said it’s Mike’s last night with them, I totally gave him a meh face and he totally saw it. XD

After Dylan’s set, I went to the bar to pay for the water, the bartender seemed surprise to see me. *lol* I thanked her again for letting me take the water first before I went back to get ready for DCook show. Some dudes behind me kept shouting other idol’s name, ranging from Kris Allen, we’re ready for youuuuuu to Come on, Clay Aiken, we cannot wait~~~~. Pretty sure their girlfriends smacked them a few times. ^^”

Saw the setlist on the stage, took a few pictures for some fans around me, didn’t even read through it. Chatted with the lady next to me, offered my  portable battery for her phone since it’s running out of juice.

One thing that really warmed my heart. A Pinoy dude from the M&G was front and center at this show. I saw him sat down on the floor waiting for the show to start. Front and center. There’s also a fan in a wheelchair at this show. I asked her when we first entered the venue if she wanted to stay next to me but she told me she wanted to be in the middle. Next thing I noticed, she was in the front row with the Pinoy dude standing behind her wheelchair. I wanted to give him a medal. Fandom is great.  Kindness is the best. ♥

It’s almost 9:30pm, intro music started, and it’s showtime! *bounces*

DC: Sacramento, make some noise!!

Paper Heart kicked off the night. I ridic loved counting off this song!

Being too close to the stage, I didn’t have a lot of room to work camera angles. Plus evil smokes. The goal was to get at least one band photo for my blog banner. That’s it. *lol*

btw, I have a thing with his fingers and guitar neck. That thing when he wiggles his fingers, you know what I mean, right?!

Arms and his 99 PROBLEMS with pedal board continued during The Last Goodbye. NickG came to save the day. Someone needs to build this dude a new board. -__-”

Legit pooped.  #Dermic #Ass #Bruhhhhhh

DC: what?! *laughs*
fan: you look hot!!
DC: it’s a jacket, thank you ← *smh lolz*

Hello, sir! ♥

Heroes was next on the setlist!

you’re still standing~~~~~ 

NickG came back to fix the pedal board some more during Dave-Monty banter. He probably duct-taped it, idk. *lol*

DC: you guys are a little quiet, what the hell’s going on?
audience: *SCREAMS*

It’s my Declaration time! *claps claps claps*

♪ you’re my inspiration~~~~~ 

DC: how many dudes are here because their girlfriends want them to come
dudes: HECK YEAH!!!!
DC: *chuckles* sorry~ we’ll try, you might get at least one song you might like, idk ← so adorb!

Hot damn. Rock ‘n Roll was so amazebomb! Nick’s and Arms’s back-to-back solo was fantastic. Oooooh Whole Lotta Love insert. Be still, my heart! (still, not stop yo! *lol*)

And my crack shot of the night! XD

Continued on right away with I Did It for You! Oh boy, I loved that last “I did it for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~” so hard. Crazy guitar at the end. Loved it! ♥

Introduced Arms aka Dermic.

DC: you’re gonna be a new guy for a while ← for almost a year already.. *lol* 

Talked about singles

DC: we have a couple songs out right now, if you don’t have them, what the hell, go get them right now, we’ll wait, seriously..

Laying Me Low! Live version of this song was way cooler than the single.

Arms and his multitasking skill. XD

DC: we’ve finished tracking a new record
fans: *cheers*

Wanted to hear the whole room making noise

DC: for that, we’re gonna play a new one

And it’s Kiss and Tell! Gahhhh~~~ ♥__♥

Oh, hi Nick! :D

DCook told Arms to play something on piano. Arms started playing something and DCook was like, you can do better than that, so Arms did a little snippet of Piano Man, and I might have had another hearts-in-my-eyes moment. *lol*

Said Arms had been drinking since they finished soundcheck. Monty was like, we trained him well!

DC: we like to put covers in every now and then, and by every now and then, i mean every night ’cause what the hell ← *lolz*

Wicked Game was phenom and haunting as always. I cannot wait for the studio version!

Here’s my favorite shot of Arms. I posted it on twitter when I first imported it to iPhoto, he reposted it on his instagram.  Thanks for cropping my name out, dude, next time it’ll be on your forehead. *lol*

Sent a 20-second clip to my girls during Come Back to Me. Oh how I wish they were there with me to hold me through the absence of Andy’s COME BACK TO MEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH!~~~ >_<”

Said normally they’d walk off the stage, and then came back out after encore, but it seemed dumb. *lol*

Talked about Promo(?) Dave, his and Monty’s friend from Tulsa. Told everyone to say “hi promo Dave~“, which we did. XD

Said that was the loudest combined noise we made all night (so not true *lol*), told us to top that, which again, we did!

DC: Sacramento, thank you so so much for having us back out~ ← what a dork!

Said they had a few more songs, some dude yelled “FREE BIRD.”

DC: who said Free Bird?! hold on! hold on! hold on! hold on! the shit, what? *chuckles* ← legit at least 4-5 “hold on”s, maybe more *lol*

Arms started playing the tune on piano and DCook sang a line ((..I’m as free as a bird now..)). *flails* Seriously, need MORE even when I couldn’t imagine surviving the full 10+ minutes of this song. *lol*

DC: I don’t know the damn song what the hell
(same?) dude: STAIRWAY!!
DC: *sighs* stairway.. right..

Joked about the guy spending all day at Guitar Center picking out songs to yell at a concert

Arms: *starts playing the tune*
DC: *turns around* are you playing Stairway? *laughs* of course you know it
fans: *cheers*
DC: ….*mumbles the lyrics*…. and she’s buying a stairway to heaven~ ← so effing adorb, pretty sure he didn’t even sing the first verse *lolz* 

*dies and crawls on those stairs* DO WANT. BOTH SONGS. STAT. *whimpers*

Light On was amazing. Lots of people sing along. Glory note was glorious. A perfect concerts song!

Oh boy, it’s Billie Jean next. His voice. That “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~” was ridiculously hot out of this world, I was screaming my head off by the end of the song. *faints*

Why so amazing, DCook? ♥

DCook and Arms switched spot. He’s at the keyboard now and I might be mentally screaming gibberish, idk.

Thanked people for coming out and supporting live music. Told everyone to go get the latest single.

Wait for Me. David Cook. Piano. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. #kthxbai *thuds*

Fun fact, I took the above picture with my phone, and it came out better than all pictures from my camera. *lolz headdesks*

At the end of Wait for Me

DC: Sacramento, thank you guys so much!


Fan were cheering really loud for a really long time after they left the stage, hoping they’d somehow come back out. Nope, didn’t work. *lol*  I peeled the setlist off the stage floor and just realized that a “NEW SONG” was replaced by Zeppelin. What was that new songggggggg, I wanted to knowwwwwwww!!! *lol*

Called my sister to come pick me up. While I was waiting, a super kind fan gave me a DCook pick. #ThankYou! ♥ We agreed that DCook wasn’t really happy (which was understandable, considered he’s working the album deal). And don’t get me wrong, he put on an AMAZING show, giving us 100% and more, but I felt like he’s rushing through setlist at times. idk, maybe I was thinking/feeling/concerning too much. ^^”

Bought Dylan’s CD because Mike said he’s in one of the tiny frames (so tiny I’m still not sure it’s him!). *lolz* Had the world’s most awkward conversation with Mike, wished him good luck, before I ran outside to jump in the car. My sister got to the venue in under seven minutes, that was really fast. *lol* Plus, she came with McNuggets since I didn’t have dinner. BEST. SISTER. EVER. ♥

Back to the hotel. Watched more Thai series (it’s really good, you have no idea *lol*). Dozed off.


Woke up. Packed. Went to Mahoroba Japanese Bakery for food. We tried a few things, and OMG they’re all SO GOOOOOOOD that we bought almost everything back home to try. I ended up having to check my luggage so I could carry the pastry/bun box on board. #$25wellspent *lol*

Dropped off the rental. Caught a shuttle to the airport. Checked-in. Wandered around the airport taking pictures. Eventually got on the plane and arrived at SeaTac airport 2+ hours later. My brother-in-law came to pick us up. And that’s a wrap for my mini vacation!

ps1. David Cook. You’re my favorite, sir. ♥

ps2. Arms was great (except for his 99 PROBLEMS with that pooped pedal board *lol*), but I missed Andy. So friggin’ much.

ps3. You know, magenta is a ridiculous color to deal with in photoshop. I simply don’t know how to get it  right. Being a lazy bum, I usually either turn the pictures into B&W or let magenta win (as you can see above). *lol*

ps4. For some weird reasons, my sister was into taking a picture of me fake-texting during this trip. She’d tell me to go stand/sit/lie down and pretend to text or take selfie wherever she wanted. And I don’t even text that much IRL! *lol* fyi, I immediately dumped my jacket into a washing machine when I got back home. :P

ps5. With these two California shows, I finished my first DCook Smashbook! YAY! *throws confetti* click to see some of my favorite pages!

ps6. *waves* Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, creepy IPs! *lol*


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