*is dead on the floor*

Uptown Theatre
Napa, CA

warning: usual fangirl incoherent thoughts, quite a bit of photos, a very long post for my memory’s sake. Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap. Proceed at your own risk~

A band banner continues!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Where do I begin…

Probably when dates for California shows started popping up. At first, I actually wanted to go to LA for the Troubadour show so I could meet all my lovely girls, but the timing didn’t work out for me. Then, I bought a ticket to the wrong show. *lolz* Let me tell you, the struggle was real. I haven’t done any speedy-finger ticket buying in a while, and I got confused with the schedule. Shit Unexpected things happened when you tried to buy tickets ON YOUR PHONE while you’re IN A MEETING. #TheEnd XD

Anyway, I somehow ended up with VIP tickets to Napa and Sacramento shows.

This was going to be my solo trip because my friends couldn’t make it. Then, my family freaked out when they realized that I’d be all by myself (it’s not like I’ve never travelled by myself before!!), and my sister bought her plane ticket so she could be my babysitter. Being the youngest in the family is the best thing ever. *lol* It’s been a while (2011, maybe?) since I went to any DCook’s show with my sister. She absolutely refused to go to a GA concert, so I only bought her a ticket to Napa show.

Fast forward to Saturday 2/28. My brother dropped us off at the airport around 7:30am for our 9am flight. We got on the plane, and for once, I didn’t pass out. I heard the captain mentioned something about Mt. Rainier through my iPod earbuds, so I looked out the window just in time to snap this shot! #landmark #boeing737

We arrived at Sacramento a little ahead of schedule. The airport looked so new and shiny! And my sister complained I didn’t know how to travel light… *lol*

Picked up our rental, got confused by freeway (no surprise *lol*), drove to Fairfield to check-in, then headed to Napa for delicious lunch at Model Bakery! The grilled cheese sandwich was soooooooo good and the mushroom soup was legit a.m.a.z.i.n.g. #nomnomnom

Drove to the venue, got a parking spot a block away. Walked around Napa, doing some window shopping. Left my sister at an antique store around 3pm to go to soundcheck. Talked to a fan while waiting outside for a while, walked in and saw this face on the stage. Life was good. ♥

The staff told us to sit on the front rows of the theatre, I decided to stay on stage right side as my actual seat was on stage left side. Soundcheck started with I’m Gonna Love you. I loved the piano in this song, DCook sounded fabulous, and I was all hearts in my eyesssssss. *lol* Guitar solo towards the end sounded a bit different from what I remembered but maybe it’s just me and my ears.

DC: (at the end of the song) …professional fadeout..

Talked about the previous night show in San Francisco and how he had half a shot too many. *lol* Asked Monty to play something on his phone where they experimented on something that didn’t quite workout. I think he said they did a Zeppelin medley, and he gave Monty the mic to sing a part of the song. *lol*

MA: *fiddles with his phone, waits for signal* it’s coming
DC: *whispers* this is awkward
MA: I’m on AT&T ← *lolz forever*
DC: *laughs* I’m not gonna blame our tour sponsor…they’re not sponsors btw, we can talk all sort of shit
MA: *to a fan who has her daughter with her* hey, cover the kiddo’s ears
DC: *waits* *sighs*
MA: *silence* …AT&T man..
DC: wow, this is going really well

Eventually, the clip started playing, and everyone cracked up at Monty’s ‘arghhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~’. Monty played it again, and I was pretty sure the second time it started with GOD DAMMIT and ended with the ARGGGGGHHHHHHHH~~~~~!!! *lolz forever*

Ooohhhh, DCook decided to do Clocks next! *bounces* Then, he was like…

DC: oh wait, we’re gonna to do Clocks without the lyrics in front of me..

This was where the facepalm happened. *lolz* He told a story about a show in Des Moines, Iowa back in 2009, where he had a 17-song setlist and he messed up lyrics for every single song except for the two songs which were covers. Since then, he’s always had lyrics in front of him. *lol*

DC: I’m gonna be singing watermelon a lot ← so adorb

Clocks was awesome! He managed to screw up the lyrics from the start! *lolz* NickG came to the rescue around halfway through by bringing out his iPad. XD

DD: *piano solo*
DC: give it up to the one guy that’s playing the whole song right
NA: *makes face like, seriously man, what about me?!* ← legit hilarious
DC: *looks at Nick* *chuckles* the other guy that’s playing the whole song right

DCook asked the band if they wanted to do anything else, but SebStan Ramin Karimloo Arms said he was good. We almost got another song, but Rob (the tour manager?) said they’re running out of time. #boooooooooooo Come onnnnn it’s not even 4pm and door was at 7pm!!! *grumbles* We moved on to the M&G portion of this deal. I think he asked someone to get him some Starbucks too. Or that could’ve been me texting my sister, idk. #JumbledBrain ^^”

By the time I got out of my row, I was in the back of a long M&G line and my only thought was that, my sister was going to kill me for taking so long. *lol* The cutest thing about this whole M&G was this little girl, Kiersten (who’s under the “10+” age restriction for this show, but no worries!), who just started her guitar lesson. She asked DCook to sign her purple guitar. He then asked her to play something for him. I loved that he just sat down and gave her his full attention with a genuine smile and that spark in his eyes. I ♥ LOVED ♥ IT. They took a picture together, then she asked for a selfie on her phone so she could show it to her friend, but her phone was passcode locked so she had to unlock it for him, and I just couldn’t deal with how adorable this whole thing was! ♥ Her mom asked if Kiersten could have his pick, so David sent Rob to go find one for her. #heisthenicestever

For this show, I decided to bring my huge ass smashbook with me since I could dump it in the car after M&G and didn’t have to carry it all night. There’s only a few pages left, so I asked him to write something on the last page. Then, I asked him to take his own selfie with my polaroid camera, but he was like, you’d better get in here too. Being such a kind soul, he waited to see how the picture developed. So while we’re waiting, we kinda flipped through my smashbook…

me: uh, this is not freaking you out, right? -__-”
DC: no no, this is great! *looks some more* hey Rob, you’ve met Neal right? At the Troubadour?
Rob: a little bit, why?
DC: here’s what Neal used to look like
DC: *looks at the Pet-a-Palooza pages* this was kinda like what he looked like now
me/DC: (in unison) but not that much ← *lolz crying*
DC: *looks at the polaroid he just took* look pretty solid, huh? :)
me: yup, thank you so much! :D

I got a selfie with him on my phone, a hug, then I was running out to go find my sister.

Dumped everything in the car. Had a major panic moment when I thought I left the key in the trunk. Oh it wouldn’t be a DCook trip unless I had a near-heart attack moment. Seriously, since when have I decided that this was a good concert tradition?! *lol* We had a couple hours to kill before the show, so we walked to Veterans Memorial Park. There’s a bunch of leftover Valentine’s spirits on the ground. My sister asked if I dared lying down. Well, it looked relatively clean, so I was like, fine.. To everyone who walked around the park during that time, we’re not crazy, we’re just a little unwell being silly Asian! XD

Walked back to the venue, discussed my sister’s superhero ability to recognize people by their ankles. For real. It was weird. ^^”

We got inside the venue. My sister’s seat was right behind the soundboard. Mine was 2nd row. So I hung out with her then went to my seat when the show began.

Dylan Gardner was the opener. He’s very energetic, jumping up and down so much that my sister worried about his knees. *lol* Also, he had a ridic dimple and looked about sixteen, I need to look him up and see how old he actually is. I liked the song “Invincible“, but the song that actually caught my attention was “The Actor“. Honestly, I didn’t really like Dylan’s voice in this song, but but but but BUT, I liked the bass player’s voice singing harmony a lot. A LOT. That’s how I roll~ *lol*

After Dylan’s set, I went back to my sister’s seat. Saw lots of dudes in the audience. We talked a bit about DCook, and she was legit upset that he’s not more famous, and I was like, oh yeah, you and me and everyone else in the fandom had that same thought. -__-”

The house light dimmed, intro music started, audience screamed, I ran back to my seat, it’s showtime!

Declaration was the perfect song to kick off the night! My heart, I MISSED HIS CONCERT SO MUCH.

DC: Napa, California, how’re we doing tonight? Let’s get those hands up!!
audience: *claps claps claps*

Before we moved on..

DC: if you’re sitting down, we have a problem

Wanted everyone to get up ↓ kinda thought these were not the fingers he actually wanted to raise though. *lolz*

The Last Goodbye is next on the setlist! My cheerful breakup song!

Time for some mini Monty banter and his Napa wine

DC: it’s booze and it’s good!

I Did It for You was dedicated as a ballad from Monty to his wine. XD

DC: make some noise for me, could you?
audience: *continuously screams our heads off*
DC: *chuckles*

Crazy guitars at the end, loved it!

Also loved the new fancy light strips on stage too!

DC: how sweet of Monty Anderson to dedicate that to his drink, huh? ← *lol*

Told Monty to talk to us.

MA: security guys scare the hell out of me, I don’t know what to say, cheers everybody!

Asked each side of the room to make noise. It was crazy loud! I liked it when he said “your left, MY right/your right, MY left. *lol*

DC: count this song off with me! ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO! ONE TWO! ← ♥__♥ I have a thing for counting numbers *knees weak*

He inserted Monty’s name into Paper Heart lyrics. What a dork!

Annnnnnddddd, the beginning of B&W photos because I couldn’t deal with magenta light anymore *lolz*

After the song ended, he did his “rock kick” thing at the end of the song again because the first one was lacking. ← you adorable dude, please let me pinch you

Talked about the previous night show in San Francisco, aka “the enemy territory”.

DC: I’ve already made my Royals fandom clear to everybody, let’s move passed it
fans: *yells something*
DC: hey, I moved on! Hey, you all got the trophy, calm down

The whole point of SF banter was to talk about Slim’s where there’s a picture of Chris Isaac from 1989. A perfect segue into Wicked Game!

His voice was ridic gorgeous. A dude behind me was like, wow, that was amazing, that was really good. Ha! Welcome to our world, sir!

Heroes was awesome, lots of dudes shouting at the end of the song. YAY male population!

Dark and blurry, but I liked this shot. ↓

Saw two girls with their arms crossed, said he’d win them over by starting a dance portion of this show.

OMG OLD SCHOOL BILLIE JEAN. *dies* I CANNOT WITH HOW HE IMITATED MICHAEL JACKSON. *lolz forever* I laughed so hard I was wheezing by the end of it!!

Mentioned his wikipedia page, said he moved to Nashville three years ago. On his 3rd writing session back in 2012, he wrote a song with Trent Summar and Jay Knowles, felt good about it, but nothing happened. A year later he got a call from a friend, telling him that a country artist was gonna do this song.

DC: and I said “what?” ← so friggin cute
dude: DAVID NAIL!!!!
DC: YOU JUST BLEW THE WHOLE STORY!!! ← his face, I cannot
audience: *cracks up*

He talked about Kiss You Tonight and how it performed on the chart.

Said the denim jacket was a little country (really? XD), however for some reasons, he stopped wearing cowboy boots when he moved to Nashville (*lolz*)

DC: we’re going to play a little country music for you tonight, WITH a little and old familiar David Cook rock & roll~

oh boy, my first time hearing Kiss You Tonight with full band non-acoustic, it’s super fab!


And DCook was singing harmony which was one of my most favorite things ever ever ever. *faints 3000 times*

DCooooooooooook~~~~~ ♥

The amount of giggles on that stage was ridiculous it’s awesome.

Totally waiting for that kiss from Nick. *lol* ↓

DC: he didn’t know I was gonna do that ← thank goodness you did just that, sir!

Went back to the two girls from earlier, asked for their names.

DC: you gonna have to speak up, sweetheart
dude: JASON!!
DC: Jason? that sounds right *chuckles*

After he got their names, he told everyone to shut up (or maybe he said “absolute silence in this room”)

dude: woooooooo~~~
DC: Jason, I swear to God… ← *lolz forever*

Told the girls to make as much noise. Others started screaming, and DCook was like, uh, nuh-uh, no,no  no no no, shhhhh, let them do it! GO GO!! It’s so friggin adorb. I think eventually they produced some noise. *lol*

DC: *laughs* alright, they’ll never come to another one of my show, so..

Laying Me Low was so much fun. Stomp-clap was still my fav concert activity!

Btw, I apologized to the person next to me who gave me weird look almost every time I sang along or screamed my head off. Sorry not sorry. It’s a concert venue not a library.

Mentioned February and how it’s the last day that his banter would make any sense. *lol*

DC: we’re gonna celebrate Valentine’s day two weeks late, sorry we couldn’t get here sooner ← dude, if you got there sooner than this, I’d have missed the whole tour! *lol*

Went into the ‘get closer, look around for someone’ part of the banter for the next song.

DC: CONSENTING adult. CON-SEN-TING ADULT ← *lolz* consent is important yo! XD

Caught Nick taking picture at the beginning of I’m Gonna Love You. Ha!

Okay, 2nd time around, the piano sounded fantastic, but the guitar riff really did sound weird, it’s oddly slow/dragging at some points. idk.

Moving along right away with, Come Back to Me! *claps claps claps*

Not gonna whine about how I missed Andy because I f-missed Andy. #boom!

Thanked the crowd, told us to get loud and pretend that they just got back out from the encore. *lolz*

DC: this next song is ridiculous difficult to sing. RIDICULOUS. But screw it, we’re gonna do it anyway  ← F-yeah! 

He faked clearing his throat a few times along with a silly vocal exercise, then proceeded to SLAUGHTER Separate Ways. MY HEART. OMG. He’s a magic unicorn.

Arms was full-time on the keyboard, so we got NickG back on stage for ridic guitar work. I LOVED THIS SONG. SO MUCH. ♥

Separate Ways ended with a bang! DCook totally had to drink some honey after the song (legit, from a bear bottle *lol*). Audience cheered really loud for a big while.

DC: *fakes a really hoarse voice* thank you guys very much, now, have a great night~
audience: *laughs*
DC: *back to normal* we’ve got a day off tomorrow, so whatever
audience: *more cheers*

His voice was perfection during Light On. The honey worked. XD

Some shots of the band in B&W. DCooooooooook~ ♥

Sebastian Stan Ramin Karimloo fine, Daniel Damico, aka Arms. He’s been having #99Problems with his pedal board all night, and it completely ditched him during Light On mid-song riff. *lol*

Nick Adams. That damn cymbal was my enemy that night. *headdesks*

And Mr. Monty Anderson who’s still wearing a brace/wrap on his right wrist from the surgery in January. Hope he’s 100% recovered soon!

Invited Kiersten, a ‘young lady’ from M&G, on the stage with him. Told everyone that she’s pretty good, asked her to show us what she could do. I swear, he’s the sweetest ever. Kiersten played a few notes. Arms took pictures of them. ↓

DC: you’re fired, Arms ← *lolz*
Kiersten: *thought he was talking to her* I know~
DC: not you, sweetheart! Give it up for Kiersten, she’s better than anybody else on this stage!

Told Rob to give whatever she wanted from the merch table.

DC: (to Arms) that was better than the guitar solo you played on the last song ← *LOLZ FOREVER SNARKY DCOOK IS MY FAV*

Someone said it’s her birthday, and DCook was like, we discussed this already. *lol*  She asked for Kiss & Tell for her birthday but he gave her the next song as a compromise.

Said she had Monty to look at all night, and if that’s not her flavor, she’s got Nick in the back too. Then, DCook was like, if these two still didn’t do it, she could look over to stage right. *turns around to find no one there* Arms totally ran to the back and hid behind the curtain already. It was hilarious.

Then, he just dove into Billie Jean. MY BRAIN WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS IT LEGIT SHORT-CIRCUITED. His voice. HIS VOICE. *thuds*

Audience went completely nuts after the song. Apparently, while my soul left my body during Billie Jean, ↑ my sister was running around the venue, taking pictures. *lol* ↓ Best sister ever.

DC: May 21st of this year, it’ll be seven years, that’s the craziness.

Sincerely thanked everyone for coming out and supporting live music.

Kiersten came back in front of the stage to thank him.

DC: you’re my favorite ← and YOU are my favorite, David Cook! ^^

Talked about the latest single..

DC: if you don’t have it, what the hell.. (*lol*) it’s been four months, so.. if you like the song, go pick it up, if you don’t like the song, go pick it up, if you’re on the fence about it, go pick it up, if you’ve never heard it before, go pick it up ← best sales pitch ever *lolz*

He’s legit phenom during Wait for Me. btw, I didn’t know beforehand that he’s playing keys on this song, so please imagine my sister peeling a puddle of lifeless goo off the floor after the show. *lol*

DC: Napa, California, thank you so so much, have a good night!


After the show, we walked outside the venue, someone told me that he liked my “NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT” t-shirt, thank you, sir! *lol* Briefly sneaked back inside the venue to discuss Dylan’s dog. Told Dylan we’re worried about his knees, and he was like, it’s his feet that hurt. *lolz* Told Mark that he’s so multitasking it’s impressive. Told Mike that I liked his voice, he was legit surprised. They’re really nice.

Saw a bunch of people waiting around the stage door. Didn’t want to stand in the cold. Walked back to the parking lot. Drove back to the hotel in Fairfield. Showered. Watched some Thai TV series while waiting to come down from concert high. #NotGonnaComeDown~ Fell asleep at some point.


Woke up early to head to Napa again. We went back to Model Bakery for their world’s famous English muffin (sold out by the time we got there the previous day), and it’s so so sooooooooo gooooooood. After our amazing breakfast, we hit the road again to go to Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, about 40 minutes north of Napa. We’re so lucky the weather was perfect. Sunny and warm with clear blue sky. Had a lot of fun touring the castle and wine tasting. idk, shipping 12 bottles of wine back home was kinda lots of fun in my book. *lolz*

Drove to Vallejo for an “emotional” (according to his website) dinner at Michael Warring restaurant. Tiny little place. Very intimate setting. Ridic delicious food. What an amazing experience!

Drove all the way to Sacramento. Checked in. Showered. Definitely passed out as soon as I hit the bed.

ps1. David Cook. You’re my favorite. ♥

ps2. I had a ridiculous high after this concert. Probably because it’s been a while since my last full blown show. Need more tour dates to keep my system in check, DCooooooook~ *hints hints* Cannot wait for the new album, whenever it may come!

ps3. Biggest thanks to my sister. Without her, this trip wouldn’t be as much fun. I probably didn’t get to do so many things. And I’d definitely get lost 50+ more times. *lol* I love you, my dearest sister! :)

ps4. I liked Napa! It’s a tiny little town with cool vibes and delicious food (food is important yo!). Really want to go back there again sometimes!

ps5. Hello! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my ridiculous blog!



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