Wait for Me

March 7, 2015 | david cook, header, ps-dc |

I was going to write a blog but got a little sidetracked. The last time I changed my blog header was SIXTEEN MONTHS AGO. OMG WHAT?! *headdesks*

Photo taken at Harlow’s on 3/2/15. Brought four camera along with me on this trip (don’t worry, I only used one during the show *lol*). But my favorite shot happened to come from my phone. *smh*

Random life events.

Currently I’m fairly frustrated with work and everything around it. I have amazing coworkers, thank goodness, but everything else is just meh right now. It’s strange for me to be so sick of work like this, i’m usually known for being the positive force, but last week was just too hard to stay that way. Oh well, things will get better. *fingers and toes crossed*

Life will be good!



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