Oh boy. It’s been nine months since my last wallpaper. o_O”


Eight months ago, I told DCook I wanted to make lyrics wallpaper for all his new songs, then proceeded to bug him for official lyrics. HA. Well, look at how I’ve been inactively doing that! :P

After poking through my iPhoto albums, I decided to go with I’m Gonna Love You with a hint of crack. It fits right? Zombie vs endless love! *lolz forever*

I went back to my favorite color combination: black/white/red. It took my quite a while to strip off other colors. The trickiest part happened to be those tear tracks on his face as they were greenish brown on the original photo. So I had to recolor them.

Spent a few hours on lyrics as usual, messing around with fonts and layers. It’s a bit different from my usual lyrics wallpaper as I repeatedly used same handwritten font for places where I wanted to focus on.

Enjoy this singalong wallpaper. If you spot any typo, PLEASE let me know! :)


If your screen is larger than 1280×800, set background to black, and set this wallpaper in the middle, don’t stretch! :)

Photo from Austin show back in 2011. Words from DCook’s I’m Gonna Love You lyrics, which btw, I still don’t think of it as a happily ever after kinda love song. *lol*

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ps. All previous wallpapers can be found HERE, including other lyrics wallpapers. :)


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  1. Lynne says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Sara! Hope to see the printed version one of these days . . . Hopefully, “SOON”!

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