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Three Sixty
St. Louis, MO

warning: usual fangirl rambling, a few photos, one shaky video, a long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

Just to make it clear, I wasn’t going to write a recap for this show but after all shit things we went through on Saturday, heck, it deserved to be a part of my fangirling history. *lol* Again, my blog is more like a travel journal than a concert recap.

I know it’s blurry but I could hardly see Nick that night, this one will have to do! *lol*

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


It started with David Cook singing a tiny bit of Crush intro.

Seriously. Not the song, just the ♪ oooohhhh intro. He did that and I didn’t know about it until a few days later. #FAILED I fired some texts to Tina whining about the fact that no one told me. *lolz* Anyhow, we decided we needed to see each other’s face again, and DCook had an “unconfirmed” showed in St. Louis, and it’s not too far from Tina’s, and it’s also not too far from Megan’s, and I was like..hmmm this weird ass show with no ticket and limited viewing area (seriously…) might work.

After more texts/emails to everyone, I managed to persuade Melody to say yes to this trip too! Hey hey, girls weekend, let’s do this! Mel and I researched flight times and coordinated our schedules so we could take early ass flights to meet in Phoenix and head to St. Louis together. Tina would pick us up from the airport, then we’d go meet the others for some cheesecake heaven. Hotel booked. Everything was all planned out. Hoorah!

Fast forward to Saturday 6/7. My brother dropped me off at 4:30am for my 5:15am flight, way too early to be out of bed. I got on the plane and passed out, dreaming of meeting up with Melody in Phoenix.

Should have known better, plan A never effing worked. T____T

Once I landed in Phoenix and turned my phone back on, it was vibrating nonstop from a series of texts. Melody’s flight was delayed and she might not make our connecting flight (no way), then the friggin’ flight was cancelled (NO WAY). By the time I got on the plane again, sitting right next to an empty seat that was supposed to be Melody’s (no sh*t *weeps*), Mel was still standing in line, trying to figure her flight out.

A few hours later, I arrived safely at STL and finally met Tina who circled around the airport six times while I was trying to find a passenger pick-up area and got lost inside the parking lot. #LIFE

me: landed!
Tina: which terminal?
me: terminal C!
T: that’s not one of the options! *lol*
me: crap, that was the gates *grabs some stranger* oh okay, terminal 1!
T: circling again!
me: detour! *runs* WHERE AM I?! *panic* stairs! *runs*
T: at terminal 2, circling back!
me: found it!
T: who’s that crazy girl waving at me?!
me: *almost got amputated by the trunk lid*

However, SADNESS. The airlines put Melody on standby for another flight but it ended up being completely full (F-NO, why did so many people come to St. Louis?!!! >_<). Her other option was to get on another flight that would arrive at midnight. So, Mel decided not to come. SAD FACE FOREVER. :(

We drove to the Galleria Mall to meet Megan, Marissa and Shannon at Cheesecake Factory and consume all food imaginable.

We drove to the hotel and checked in. Front desk staff suggested that we dropped our bags off before driving to the parking garage across the street, but we’re like, nah, small bags, we can handle it (FYI – that’s a lot of bad life decisions right then and there. *lol*) so we went to park our cars and by the time we walked out of the parking garage (less than five minutes later), it’s a downpour.

We decided to run across the streets, the hotel was just on the opposite corner, only two stoplights to cross, NBD. Oh, it was a big deal as the streets were literally turned into a river, there’s NO WAY to jump from the street to the sidewalk (or vice versa) without getting your shoes wet. So it was a SOAKING WET WITHIN TWO MINUTES BIG DEAL when we reached the hotel, even with umbrellas, hoodies, etc. *grumbles*

Anyways. Got to our room, changed and thought about going to the show in PJ because it’s nice and dry. Pretty sure 75% of the stuff in Megan’s and Tina’s bags were also wet. *lolz life* Tried to dry off our jeans/pants/shirt/shoes with hairdryer and iron the best we could. The logical part of my brain told me to just grab everything and go upstairs to a laundry room, but I was too exhausted lazy to do that *headdesks*

The rain eventually stopped. Oooh look, we could see Three Sixty from our room! XD

We walked over to the Hilton, I didn’t know about the others, but my jeans and sneakers were still damp. We took an elevator up to the 26th floor, an amazing view greeted us. Three Sixty was so fancy and full of people dressing up that I looked pretty much like a homeless person. *lol*

Anyway, there’s no table available inside, about 75% of the legit viewing area was reserved for VIP (the setup looked so much like a seminar or something lol). We found ourselves a spot to sit outside, it was so windy that my damp cloths started to actually dry!! #BONUS We’re taking pictures, joking around, meeting other fans, ordering food and drinks, criticizing 360 song choices so hard (come on, THAT song is NEVER okay, alright?!), etc etc. There was a commotion next to where we sat, omg a dude just proposed to his lady! Awwwww that was super sweet! <3

Then I saw “the family” came and sat at the VIP table inside. I have to say, messily eating pizza in front of ACook was interesting, sorry about his life. *lolz forever*

A little after 8:30pm, someone (a DJ?) came to introduce a local dude, omg it’s DAVID COOK! *lol*

I couldn’t see or hear anything from outside, so I sneaked inside. The thing was, I still couldn’t see the stage, so I crept forward to the bar area and somehow (later on) ended up next to the seated area. Megan later called it stealth, I called it “the beginning of me abandoning my friends so I could see that ridic dude and his band while feeling guilty about ditching my friends but did it anyway omg I’m a horrible person, but but but, only for you DCook!” #ItsAllHisFault! >_<

Anyway, back to the stage! Heroes kicked off the night! *bounces*

hmmm, something’s missing, oh it’s Andy’s ♪ you’re still standing~~~~  x_X”

It’s always weird atmosphere when it’s a sit-down show *lol* Plus, a bunch of people there were not there for the show, so there’s a lot of chatters. But everything was okay when we got to see this face. ↓ *lol*

Hey hey, Paper Heart! I liked the acoustic intro!

btw, I usually don’t tweet anything during the show because my brain does not support multitasking, but Melody and I have been into THE WINTER SOLDIER FEELS for the past two months so this needed to happen..

*lol* It’s my first time seeing Daniel Damico, and I do understand that the rest of the fandom probably called him ARMS, but something in him (lips? forehead? idk) reminds me of Seb Stan, okay? (Shannon was like, yeah, maybe an Italian, younger version of Seb Stan… XD)

DCook said they finished tracking for the new record. #SOON *throws confetti*

First full-band acoustic with new songs, said they’re gonna fake their way through them. *lol* OMG ACOUSTIC CARRY YOU!!! My favorite end-of-the-world-with-all-kinds-of-disasters song! His voice. HIS VOICE. It’s glorious. ♥

Megan called Mel during Come Back to Me, because it’s her favorite and we wished she was there with us. Loved the minimalist intro. Monty led the pack clapping. But the only other thing I could think of during this song was that I missed Andy’s voice like no one else’s business. Especially his glorious “COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~” *gross sobbings*

Someone yelled Eleanor Rigby!! DCook was like, really? six years too late I don’t know what that is~, then proceeded to hum the beginning of it. ← so adorb!

Moving on to the next song, it’s Secret Garden! ACOUSTIC SECRET GARDEN. *flails endlessly*

And DCook let Monty finish his last chord was soooooo cute!

Checked in with the family. Andrew was not drunk *lol* Then, it’s Declaration!

A weird ass sit-down show, as I mentioned before, I was so used to Declaration being soooooooooo wild. This kind of peaceful setting totally threw me off, like, should we sing along or should we just shut up and listen? XD I guess DCook felt weird ass too because he told us to make some noise~ *lolz forever*

Anyways. Monty totally ordered drinks during the song. Toast time!

DCook told everyone to stand up! FINALLY! Then I couldn’t see the stage even when I tried standing on my tiptoes. XD #SameOldStoryOfAShortPerson Eyes on You started and stopped within five seconds this time because it was super weird without the full-band sound. DCook asked if Monty could crank his bass up, but Monty said nope. *lol* Acoustic solo between DCook and SebStan was glorious I loved it!

DC: please be seated~

Customer survey, asked if everyone was satisfied. *lol* what a dork~

The Last Goodbye got an extended intro because DCook wouldn’t start singing. He’s so adorb I cannot with him. And the weird-assness continued, audience singalong was ummm (I wouldn’t say it’s inaudible but it’s really really really far away from loud and energetic that I’m used to) it practically cracked him up. ^^”

Mandatory banter before the next song

DC: make some noise if you’re here with your significant other
fans: *screams*
DC: you guys know what to do

Told Andrew he’d find his lobster(?)

DC: now make some noise if you’re single and you’re here tonight
fans: *screams*
Monty: *yells*
DC: ladies and gentlemen, Danny Damico ← *lolz*

Told fans to find somebody with mutual attractions and snuggle.

DC: maybe somebody not on stage.
Monty: @)$&#&*^*!!!  ← *lolol*

As beautiful as it is, I still don’t think I’m Gonna Love You is a happily snuggles love song though. IT HURTS.


Give Monty a mic! I wanted to hear that epic whoaaaaaohohohhhhhh~~~ (and Andy’s voice, ugh legit missing his voice more and more.*weeps*)

The band took a quick break during Fade Into Me. Have I mentioned before that I loved his voice? Because I loved his voice, jsyk. *lol*

♪ ‘til we start to breatheeeeeeeee~ 

And it’s faded into Time of My Life! weeeeeeeeee~~

Time for a cover of a song he wrote, Kiss You Tonight! Told us to go buy David Nail’s single so he could pay for booze. XD Anyhow. Kiss You Tonight, take 1 lasted about 15 seconds..

DC: *plays wrong chord during intro* *cracks up* *starts singing* you know what, screw it, let’s start over, I don’t care! let’s start over ’cause I screwed up!
Monty: you wrote it!
DC: I wrote it and I screwed up!
Danny: I thought it was me..
DC: the new guy thought it was him, that’s awesome, let’s go with that, GUYS! let’s boo the new guy because he messed up!
Danny: so wrong! I didn’t even mess up! ← soh SebStan, why so adorb~
DC: did I really just get you guys to boo the new guy for no reason at all? *cracks up*

okay, Kiss You Tonight, take 2! The first time I heard this song live, I LOVED IT SO MUCH OHMIGAH. ♥

Kiss You Tonight was so awesome, a nice lady next to me had to ask who he was. Oh yeah, potential new fan! :) Note to self — next time, bring 3 copies of DCook presentation to concert. XD

Told everyone to go get the next song if they didn’t have it already, and send request to radio station. HA. Acoustic Laying Me Low remix was my new favorite thing! F-LOVED THE ARRANGEMENT!! ♥

DCook called Nick Gibson to the stage! OMG gonna be my first time hearing Nick sing live! Andrew was also called to the stage. Okay, it’s get really crowded with six dudes on that tiny corner. *lol* SebStan was back on keyboard~ *flails*  Sweet Home Alabama was awesome! btw, Andrew’s face.. XD

Thanked audience. Said he’d be hanging around after the show.

Light On

DC: Thank you guys so so very much!


Saw Nick Gibson, went to say Hi and ask for a picture, accidentally got ACook in the frame. *lol*

Went to find the girls, pretty sure they’re so done with me for disappearing during the whole show. #HorribleFriend ^^”

Shannon: you’re dead to me. ← I AM SO SORRY~ x_X”

Didn’t hang around for any unofficial M&T. Got in line to come down from the bar and take selfie with DCook instead! Kind thought about stealing that poster board but didn’t know how to carry it home so I ditched the idea. *lol*

Walked back to Drury, noticed sparkling sidewalk, chilled in our room, walked Marissa to metro station, walked back to the hotel, saw the newly engaged couple again, omg it started to rain again, RUN!

It’s not until we got back to the hotel that we realized that the show was a 14-song setlist. I felt like 10-11 songs, Megan felt like seven. Well, they couldn’t really hear much when they’re outside ^^”

Sunday. Shannon left to prevent her parent’s dog from destroying the house before I was fully awake. Amazing free breakfast at the hotel. Drury, ilu. Left St. Louis behind, heading to Champaign. Found my new favorite city name along the way, Tina had to stop and let me take a picture because I kept missing it along the freeway. *lol* Finally arrived at Megan’s, and here’s my day in 9 8 frames!

Monday. Up by a 2-year old alarm clock *lol* Went for brunch before Tina and I headed back to St. Louis. Missed Megan so much already! :( Spent the next three hours talking about AI7 and some old stories. *ahem* It was pretty awesome. Got a text message from Southwest that my flight was delayed. Nooooooooo. Tina dropped me off at the airport. MISSED TINA SO HARD ALREADY. Got through security check. Arrived at my gate. Sat and waited for my flight. Read everything Megan sent to me. So glorious. Finally got on the plane. Slept all the way through. BAM. SEATTLE.

And that’s it for my  weekend!


ps2. #SOON

ps3. Biggest thanks to my girls: Tina, Megan, Shannon and Marissa for this wonderful weekend. ILU GIRLS. Thanks for having me with you. Let’s do this again soon. I’ll try not to disappear. Or maybe just go on a trip together. I think concerts can be a little too much for us. *lolz*

ps4. Kinda knew from the beginning that most photos would be LQ *meh* I fiddled with my camera throughout the show. Truth be told, five months of just using my phone and I legit forgot how to navigate my camera and its shortcuts. *lol* iso was also pushed too high for my liking, but necessary because I was standing on my tiptoes, zooming in through gaps between people’s heads. XD Whatevs.

ps5. Hi! Thanks for visiting my crazy blog! *lol*

ps6. oops, almost forgot, in case you haven’t heard, #ElevatorSelfie is a thing now!

ps7. OMG I KEPT FORGETING THINGS. *headdesks* Tina reminded me that I need to talk about Selfie Arm of Doom™, my accessory that pretty much cracked everyone up. It’s a monopod combined with one of those octopus clamp thing. Long story short, I used it so the person taking selfie (most of the time = me) doesn’t have to be the gigantic head in selfie shot (see above elevator selfie for example). It gives me more angles to work with. Take a look at this photo below, and our photo with DCook poster…

*lolz forever* why am I explaining this?! XD




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4 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 23 – St. Louis

  1. Megan says:

    1) Only for DCook. WE DIDN’T EVEN EAT THE SMARTFOOD. That view was glorious though.

    2) I think my bag might still be wet. LOL. Oh St Louis, you made an impression.

    3) needs more #elevatorselfies and maybe some more YAAAAAAAAAAANCY.

    4) IDK who she is, but that is a SUPER cute baby. with good taste in superheroes ;)


    PS – we were all cheering you on from the patio, saying you were the only one with the persistence and ability to fit your way up front. Applause from all of us. #NOJUDGMENTWEEKEND

    • naughtiest says:

      Yancy… Yancy…. oiiiii~

      That super cute girl is a part of superhero team, she just needs to find her hammer! ;)

      And we did get to eat that popcorn! At your house! *lolz*

      Oh, did you mean stubborn? XD


  2. Tina says:

    THIS IS A PERFECT RECAP. Your pictures of DCook are always A+++.

    Lol do not feel bad about abandoning us. As Megan said, we were cheering you on. I will tell you that the advantage of watching from the balcony is that I got to stand up (and even occasionally exhibit some questionable dance moves) for the entire show. It’s ok the be jealous ;p

    I can’t wait to do this again! Lets leave all those singing boys behind next time though <3

    • naughtiest says:

      I’ll beat my pictures of DCook with pictures of DArchie. Just you wait… XD Please tell him to go buy more clothes and schedule a tour already.

      Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend. ILU. I’m sad I missed your dance moves though. Maybe next time?

      ps. Agreed on leaving the boys behind! lol

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