Someone please call CSI to pickup my body.

What happened in Vegas was effing magical I was dead on the floor. ♥

Hard Rock Live
Las Vegas, NV

warning: extreme fangirl incoherent thoughts, a bit of photos, a crazy long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

Blow it up to full resolution and boost up some curves, then you’ll see Nick’s hair behind the keyboard. It’s a band banner!! *lol*

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Okay. Let’s go back to November 4th, 2013, the day I flew back from LA from DCook’s Troubadour show. Once I landed in Seattle, I checked my twitter while waiting for Dad to pick me up, saw a new show announced and FREAKED OUT. #StoryOfMyLife

It’s a Saturday. It’s in Las Vegas. It meant I’d get to see Melody after almost two years!!

So I texted Melody to see if she’d be going and she said yes and I was looking up airfare. *lolz* #StoryOfOurLives  Mel had such high faith in my ticket buying luck (aka she didn’t know VIPs were recently gone in 60 seconds). Thank goodness I managed to snag VIPs for us. YAY! 

Next. I went on a 3-week vacation, came back to work for 2 weeks, went on another 2-week vacation, came back to work for another week, and TADA.

January was actually a bad time for me to go anywhere because it’s our 1st quarter business plan forecasting cycle which meant I had no life. But DAVID COOK >>>>> MY CAREER. That’s my work-life balance right there. *lol* (I’m kidding, I actually got all deliverables for Friday 1/10 done early, so I could flex my time~)

So, I got home early on Friday, packed, napped, consumed food, etc. Dad and Mom dropped me off at the airport, security checked was quick, and I somehow got priority boarding status (YAY) even though I didn’t fly with Alaska that much last year.

Anyway, the fun actually began when I arrived at a fancy terminal at McCarran Airport. Melody told me to meet her at the passenger pick-up area. I walked there, texted her the column number that I was waiting nearby. And she called me instantly. Apparently, we’re at completely different terminals. *lolz* #MeetingPointFailed Mel told me to go wait at the baggage claim area instead while she went to park her car. And after texting back and forth, I caught a shuttle bus to Terminal 1 and finally found my Melody!! ♥

We stopped at Raising Cane’s before we got home. I wasn’t going to get anything but Mel insisted that their chicken fingers were soooooo good, so I couldn’t resist a kid’s meal. *lol*

First time visiting Melody’s new place. What a lovely house! I loved it! ♥ We watched Iron Man 2 (and Les Miserables – criticized Cosette so hard *lolz*) while having chicken fingers at 11pm. Life was awesome.

Next morning, we went to Egg Works for breakfast. Food was delicious, and they had the most incredible banana nut muffin ever. EVER. So good that I had to buy a loaf of banana bread to bring home with me. *lol* Next, we went grocery shopping and returned some stuff. Melody wouldn’t let me help her carry a microwave.

Mel: Sara, I’m strong

I cannot with her strength sometimes. As some of you may recall, she tried to give Kyle a piggyback ride once… XD

Anyway, came home for a nap, ended up watching Snow White and the Huntsman instead. Then, the next three hours were so emotional when we watched US Figure Skating Championships. It was so intense we were yelling at the TV most of the time, especially during pairs free skate and ice dancing . Too tall! Too short! OMG she’ll cut his legs! This is so weird! Aladdin! He looks like Zachary Quinto! No, Les Mis! Do you hear the people sing?! She looks so mean! Oh no, they’re not in sync! Dang it, he gave up! Darn, she’s not going for it! Johnny Weir is Baby Loki! What’s going on with his hair?! I cannot with that lift! How are they not married?! That move was RIDIC! I don’t think I can look into my brother’s eyes like that! Phantom! The songs are not in order! Another Les Mis! Too close to the wall for comfort!! etc etc *lol* We were so exhausted by the time it’s over and we left the house.

Melody made an executive decision to book a room at MGM because she knew we wouldn’t have enough energy to drive home after the show. A+ move, girl.

(btw, completely forgot that delicious loaf of banana bread at Mel’s house. Sad face forever.)

16-123. Our room looked really nice with a bunch of arts, a fancy bathroom, NY NY view, and oversized bedframes that I slammed myself into ALL THE TIME. omg my knees and shins were full of bruises by the time I got home! >_<”

Anyway, we watched the last quarter of Seahawks-Saints game, which involved plenty of me screaming at every single thing possible, and Melody freaking out at what’s going on (with me). It was awesome.

A little after 5pm, we went down to the casino area to find food. At first we’re going to get something light at Wichcraft but it was closed. I was craving sushi so we went to The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar, and ordered too many rolls for two people. After trying our very best to finish the food, we still had plenty of leftover. Mel said she’s going to use her God-chopsticks to eat it during the show. *lol* I love her, okay? XD

During the meal, we talked a little bit about setlist and new songs. Apparently, Mel had been completely out of the fandom as she hasn’t heard any of the new songs yet. She asked about Magic Rainbow, whether he’s still singing it, so I told her about Fade Into Me/Magic Rainbow combo that he’s been doing. Then I stopped talking about setlist so she could experience it herself. :)

A quick bite turned into a long ass dinner, by the time we finished our meal, we decided to go to the venue instead of heading back up to our room.

Hard Rock Live was about 5-minute walk from MGM. We kinda doubted our ability to withstand the cold on our way back to the hotel after the show. (Legit, my dilemma of going to a concert in winter time. I am always cold. ALWAYS). I didn’t want to carry a jacket during the show so I was thinking about getting a DCook hoodie. Melody was so surprised I didn’t have one already. (I do have a David Archuleta hoodie though. *lolz*)

We were waiting at the small seating area, and someone totally learned how to blow the surprise from DCook *lol*

The next thing we knew, there’s a whole bunch of people lined up on the stairs already. Once the line started moving, we were at the end of the line, then got to bypass some non-VIP fans to get inside. Security check was hilarious. Security dude had that metal detector thing to wand over everyone. When it’s my turn, he saw my Seahawks t-shirt..

huge dude: a Seahawks fan, huh?
me: *beams*
dude: *serious face* I’m sorry ma’am, you gonna have to step to the back and wait in that area
me: o_O”
dude: *cracks up* okay fine, you can get in, are you going to watch the game next week?
me: *laughs* of course! go Seahawks!

This happened while the other security dude confiscated our leftover. Mel was so disappointed, no mid-show snack! *lol*

We got in line for M&G, a little bummed out that there’s no soundcheck. But it was okay. Things were always okay when I was with Melody. *lol* When it’s our turn, Mel went to talk to DCook first (after asking Austin for his name) and took a picture with him. Then it’s my turn. After a brief greetings, I went in for a hug and got my huglift. *squeaks* Man, I missed this! ♥ #HUGLIFTFOREVER

DC: what do you have for me?
me: here… *shows him the print* ← 2 copies, to prevent another Pet-A-Palooza panic attack *lol*
DC: *laughs* oh no~
me: can you write a caption for each spot?
DC: of course! *starts writing* *pauses* *continues*
me: *giggling at his answers* ← why so adorb, DCook?

btw, since I spent a lot of time on this photoshop, matching curtains on each floor to make sure I had all arrows at the right spots, I figured I’d have him help me with my smashbook. *lolz forever*  (ps. later, Melody had to turn on her flashlight for me to take this picture because it was so dark in front of the stage before the show. *lol*)

me: I swear you’re looking into my camera *points at the biggest circle*
DC: oh really?! *looks closer*
me: *lol* (yeah right, from 500 feet~ XD)

I got a picture with him. Mel and I got a group picture with him. #CrazyAsians I thanked him and started walking away…

DC: btw, this is nice graphic
me: *BEAMS* *stops walking* *turns around* HIRE ME!!! *lolz*

Dear David,

I really do wish you know that even though I keep yelling “HIRE ME” at you, I am your free labor whenever you need. Just so you know.

Ridiculously yours,
Sara :)

Anyway, I checked my photo with him, and Austin broke my heart, it was blurry!! *headdesks*

(I accidentally got another shot, DCook said Austin could get too excited sometimes. *lolz*)

We placed ourselves kinda towards center stage. I wasn’t planning on taking a lot of pictures anyway, so anywhere was awesome. Second row was perfect. We chatted with a couple of fans around us for a little bit before the show. It was fun. 

9PM. The opening band, Paper Tigers took the stage. And the gentleman in front of me was the kindest person ever. He told me to switch place with him because I was so small. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SIR. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR KINDNESS. :D

So, back to Paper Tigers. A 3-piece band with a lead singer. They were bouncing all over the place. It would have been nice had I known any of their songs in advance so I could appreciate their live performance more. There was one song with mega harmony that I really liked. Gonna have to check back when their album comes out!

By the way, band members were really good looking, their bass player was like MODEL GORGEOUS  (this was like Rickard moment all over again XD). Melody said she wanted to yell “HANDSOME” at him all the time because he’s soooooooo handsome. I called him P90X because the lead singer said they met in P90X class (don’t worry, I actually looked them up on their Facebook after their set and got their real names. Still calling him P90X though, I mean, take a look at his twitter profile pic. I cannot… ).

Saw Andy and Monty watch the show near stage right. I believed they wore matching hoodies.

After Paper Tigers set, Melody decided that she found a new favorite person and totally dumped me at Hard Rock Live. XD

Setup time with the crew! Saw the big “SURPRISE” on the setlist. WHAT IS IT? Ha!

Hey hey, Norman!

Around 10:15pm, it’s finally showtime! *SCREAMS*

Off to an awesome start with Paper Heart! I loved concert feels so much. ♥ Andy was still wearing the same shirt like he said he would for this whole tour. Monty was spinning all over the stage. Nick was killing it on the drums while I couldn’t see much of him besides his hair. They keyboard was blocking my view *lol* #PermanentProblemOfOneShortFangirl  DCook was wearing that amnesia t-shirt again (and I swear, it had even more holes than the last time I saw it  XD).

I was grinning like a lunatic which was perfectly normal.

Spotted Devin next to stage left. Hoorah!

DC: Las Vegas!
fans: *screams* 

Andy’s intro came in for The Last Goodbye, DCook totally ordered us to get louder since we’re too quiet *lol*

♪ cause we were everything that’s right at the wrong time ← still my fav line :)

Time for a quick piece of gum.

DC thanked everyone for coming out, taking a break from AVN expo *lolz*

DC: Monty Anderson, how are you doing over there, brother? 
MA: you said i’d never used this thing (his mic) so tonight I’m using it
DC: *laughs*
MA: we’ve got beer, we’ve got wine, we’ve got vodka, we’ve got Devin Bronson over on stage left
DC: uh oh~~~ *chuckles* 

Said there’s this show, then two more, then they’re off the road to work on the new record!

Up next, the multitasking song, Carry You! I love this let’s-fight-all-sorts-of-natural-disasters-together song so much! ♥

Someone yelled BILLY JEAN, and DCook was like, three songs in and you already called for Billy Jean, really? ^^” 

Asked if we had his first record, it’s time to get high with Heroes/Champagne Supernova combo! Singing along so hard! 

Saw Nick G creepily came on stage to fix something for Andy’s pedal board(?).

At the end of Heroes, Andy started his opening riff for Let Me Fall For You. But DCook wouldn’t start singing it. *lol*

DC: ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Mr. Andy Skib over here, let’s see how long he can play this riff before it gets really awkward ← dork!

Andy was like smiling, nodding, blinking, looking at DCook but DCook was like, not yet, I don’t feel it yet *lol*

So, Andy changed his stand, and played it like he’s so very into that riff. Nick, Monty and everyone were clapping along with Andy, and David finally gave in and clapped too. It’s gotta be almost two minutes of pure opening riff. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. XD

Monty had to go give Andy some love once DCook started singing.


Said he was looking at the TV at the bar and it looked like really badass old Bon Jovi’s video.

MA: Van Halen! ← gotta set records straight! So Monty got a mini headbutt. *lol* ↓

Clapping time with We Believe! *pokes NBC* ahem, winter Olympics theme song, ahem~ *pokes NBC*

Andy~ ♥

At the end of the song, DCook was pointing at Nick for one last hit on his drums. And DCook gave one addition strum to close the song out. It was cute. *lol*

Nick G came on stage with guitars, fans cheered really loud, and DCook was like: they love you, Nick, listen to them. And someone yelling something that sounded very much like “NICK GIBSON IS A SEXY BEAST“, idek.

MA: yeah, damn right ← *lolz forever*

Said he see a bunch of dudes in the audience. He wanted everyone to DANCE. Told people to get off their seats. He’s looking for hip movements. Mentioned twerking. Wouldn’t give a damn if anyone came in on a wrecking ball (← but he wouldn’t show us how, his dancing day was done with the group numbers). *lolz*

Eyes on You, take 1, lasted about 3 seconds.

DC: bullshit, stop it right now! Vegas. SIN. CITY.
*stands still, crosses his arms* that’s not SIN. THAT *points to the bar area* Whatever the hell that was, is a sin, I’m kinda sure. ← *dies laughing*

He wanted to see some good old Las Vegas dancing. You’ve got it, sir! Here we go, Eyes on You, take 2!

Loved Andy/David solo. Loved the beat. Loved that I couldn’t stand still during the song. Legit loved this song. ♥

DC: Monty, how did you feel about the dancing?
MA: I saw no nakedness, so, shit. Vegas is about naked…
DC: the view expressed… ← like the warnings you see on DVD commentary *lolz*
MA: shit~

Fan said Monty had to get naked first, but Monty was like, YOU first. And DCook was like ALRIGHT, WE’RE MOVING ON! WE’LL TALK LATER. *lololol*

Mentioned amazing venue, with amazing rock history. Cover time with Wicked Game! ♥ Simply amazebomb. *purrs*

Toast time! Thanked everyone for coming out.

Forgot to plug in his guitar again *lol* Kiss and Tell was awesome. I loved clapping along during this song so hard. And I especially loved his opening riff. ♥

Hi Monty! :)

Mood swing, ballad time (aka: GRAB YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER time). A fan said her husband was in the back, holding her coat.

DC: *cracks up* somebody has to buy that man a drink. I guess this song is all’s just.. find somebody.. to hold you coat~ 

I’m Gonna Love You was gorgeous. So flippin gorgeous I melted into a puddle of hurting goo while watching him. *forever dead on the floor* ♥__♥

Nick G came on stage with a mic stand. DCook’s guitar was off. Legit vomcrying right now.

DC: so, it’s actually said on the setlist, “SURPRISE”
everyone: *screams*
DC: now, we have a good friend here with us tonight~

Devin Bronson, my effing Heart Ninja, walked on the stage, got a big hug and kiss from Monty. He bent over to pick up a wine bottle and I might have seen his butt crack, idek because he bent down again to put that bottle down and my finger snapped a shot before my deep-fried brain could order it, so said ass photo might have been in my possession. I cannot with my life anymore. Bless his pants. 

DC: we have not played this song in a very long time, but i think you’re going to know it, and you’d sure as hell better sing along. Nick Adams, HIT IT!

HOLY Rock and Roll & Whole Lotta Love, I flippin’ missed this feels where my heart was beating so fast I thought it might explode.

Legit forgot DCook at the beginning of the song. Sorry David, Heart Ninja called. He slaughtered me. ♥ 

The amount of PURE JOY on that stage was so ridiculous my heart hurt. I’d never seen Devin so happy on stage like this before. David was smiling. Andy was laughing with Devin. Monty hugged Devin all the time. Nick even came out from behind his drums to give Devin a big hug before he left the stage. It made me so effing happy and nostalgic I couldn’t even explain.

I might have screamed something along the line of “F*CK YEAH” at the end of the song, because I completely lost it. So, F-YEAH. ♥

Totally turned around and told Mel that I couldn’t breathe. I think that was the closest I’d ever come to fainting at any concert. *lolz forever* For real, the high from that moment was so insanely incredible, it’s addictive. Someone needs to write a 50-page paper on how David Cook concert is better than drug.

DC: Jesus
dude: that’s me!!
DC: huh?!
dude: THAT’S ME!!!
DC: that’s you? *chuckles* thanks for coming to the show, man, appreciate it ← *lolz*

Setlist changed. First extra song of the night, Declaration! Dude, you’re not gonna give us any time to recover from the previous kickass song, huh?! I LOVED IT!! *sings along hardcore*  

Wheeeee~ DCook was back on keyboard for Where Do We Go! My earworm clapping song, favorited so hard! 

Monty and Andy were totally loving each other behind DCook’s back during Come Back to Me. Fans were screaming and laughing so DCook turned around to take a look at what’s going on. *lolz*

Have I mentioned before that I loved Andy’s COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~ so much? ♥

The band left the stage, no no no COME BACK TO ME!! Time to scream/yell/shout/chant/etc until they’re back!

DC: *chuckles* I love that Monty came back out and just did the round, dude, that was nice! 
MA: called it a good time, David, a good time. I won’t say much but what I do is pretty fucking important ← totally wins the night XD

BE STILL MY HEART, it’s Secret Garden!!! *flails endlessly* I had a history with this song , okay? #BlastFromThePast #Gahhhhhhh~~~~

to that place where you can’t remember 
and you can’t forget

My first time hearing him sing this song live, so. much. in. love. ♥ ↓ And he effing killed me right at this moment. *__*

Talked about the last time they were in Las Vegas in 2011 for Tiger Jam, playing an eight song set. (which reminded me, I completely failed to blog about that show *lol*)

DC: given this venue, I prefer this, I think

Light On started off differently! His voice came so clearly before the piano and it blew my brain. *__*

Holy cow, the slight shift on his face when he pushed himself a little more to drag that first YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH glory note a little longer. I had no word for this dude, he’s too amazing for that. ♥

Thanked Las Vegas, Hard Rock Live, Paper Tigers. Kudos to the band. Thanked the audience.

DC: we’re gonna go home..
fans: noooooooo
DC: .. to work on this record
fans: YESSSSSS! ← fangirls are so hard to understand *lolz*
DC: and when the time is right, we’ll meet back here, deal? 

Told everyone to go check out Laying Me Low on iTunes. Last song of the night and I missed his concert already. Dang it! ♥


Totally discussing how many hits at the end of the song. Monty said FOUR! So, four it is! ↓

At the end of Laying Me Low

DC said: Las Vegas, thank you so much!



Over 90 minutes of kickass rock show. I legit almost fainted during that friggin’ awesome surprise. *lolz*

We hung around for a bit. Melody told me I didn’t need DCook’s hoodie to survive the walk back to MGM so I didn’t get one. I was trying to get Mel to go take a picture with P90X, but she wouldn’t do it. Said she’d be creepily following them around LV from now on instead. *lol*

We talked about the new songs, Mel thought Carry You was perfect for Pacific Rim movie. She loved Eyes on You. We eventually talked about the fact that DCook didn’t sing Fade Into Me, Mel’s fav song (I tried to point out (to no avail) that CBTM was her true fav ^^”), the ONE song I spoiled her earlier that day that he sang it at EVERY show. Melody was soooooo mad at me. And at DCook. We’re so sorry, MLee!! >_<”

Got back to the hotel, showered, Mel was still mad about this FIM deal while she took care of our leftover (yes, we got our sushi back before we left, security lady was so upset with us since it was kinda smelly, Mel told her it’s the security dude’s fault *lol*) . She said she’d never go to DCook concert again (until he’s back in LV the next time *lolz*). Eventually passed out.

Sunday morning. Stayed horizontal for as long as we could. Checked out. Went to In-N-Out for a quick lunch (*purrs* soooo good). Melody dropped me off at the airport (we found Terminal 3 this time! *lol*). I missed her terribly already.

Slept all the way back home.

And that’s a wrap for my quick sin city vacation that I shouldn’t be taking but I took it anyway!


ps2. DEVIN BRONSON. ♪ You just steal my heart away~

ps3. MELODY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for having me with you over this emotional weekend. I’m glad we found a bunch of Zachary Quinto’s in 24 hours. *lol*

ps4. I didn’t take too many pictures during the show because of these unfortunate microphone locations. *lol* A minor downfall of being near center stage. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to see everything so clearly with my own eyes, but it’s really not a prime spot for photos. (but he was so smiley that night so I snapped some anyway. XD)

ps5. I cannot wait for DCook’s new album. I. CANNOT. WAIT. ♥

ps6. *waves* HELLO! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy my insanity! *lol*


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  1. Robin says:

    As always, loving your craziness. In awe of your photo skills and impressive recall.

  2. Megan says:

    Mel thought Carry You was perfect for Pacific Rim movie.
    Crying. It is.

    I am ecstatic that of all the shows he decided to play, heart ninja was at this one. HE KNEW.


    Ps google Thorki skating au sometime. :D

    • naughtiest says:

      Right Here With You is perfect too!!

      Heart ninja, we’re totally mfeo *lol* I had to go back and re-read what MLee wrote for me the other day. XD

      brb, getting of office computer to google that!


  3. Aida says:

    Thank you for the recap! That was a hell of a concert!! Will always keep it on my heart <3.

  4. Mon says:

    Always love your recaps!

  5. leigh says:

    Naughtiest you are an amazing writer, do you write for a living – you should. I look forward to your recaps because you capture all the fun,adventures of “what fans go through to get to a David Cook show”, the awesome mesmerizing vibe of Dave and your beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I saw you at three of his shows. Someday hope to say “Hi”. Look forward to more of your recaps down the road. You rock !!!

    • naughtiest says:

      *lolz* I can’t write to save my life! These blogs are just flows of my insanity~ ;) Thank you so much for your comment and I sure hope one day get to say Hi to you too. :)

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