Ken Leeeeeeeee~

April 17, 2009 | et cetera |

I almost choked to death last night when I watched this clip!

It’s definitely a mood booster because the subber did such a great job! I laughed my butt off every time I watch this performance. Perfect clip for a stressful day~  xD

I guess you have to be either really really good or really really strange to be famous. This one got more than 11 million hits on Youtube!


3 Responses to Ken Leeeeeeeee~

  1. loonykat says:

    ok.. my English is bad.. but her is definitely hilarious!!!! Wahahhahahah.. lmao.. thanks for this, dear! my toes wont stop giggling too! N the last part when the judge ask tat qn, her ans is priceless!

  2. mich says:

    LMAO!!! this is so damn funny!!!! XDD

  3. naughtiest says:

    your toes can keep giggling with mine! I love how confident she was too LOL

    glad you get a good laugh~ XD

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