Dead by so many things on and off stage. GAHHHHH! ♥

The Troubadour
Los Angeles, CA

warning: usual fangirl incoherent thoughts, wall of text, a long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

No bueno. Me no camera. I only took a few photos with my phone just so I can have one shot for this blog header. Hey hey, magic rainbow!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Woke up. Crawled out of bed. Showered. Rolled around with the dogs. So very hungry but didn’t want to leave the house. *lol* PJ finally drove us to Bruxie, a waffle sandwich place around 10:30am. IT WAS SO GOOD OMG. (reminded me of a waffle sandwich place Melody took me when I went to Las Vegas in 2011 ♥ 2500-calorie meal, at least *lol* )

Drove back home. Played with the dogs. Fell asleep. Best 4-hour nap ever. Woke up. Packed. Headed for LA!

Traffic was okay, we were listening to Thai radio station again. PJ was wondering if I listened to the radio when I was back in Thailand because I lived so close to school (about a mile), while PJ lived 20 miles away, and she usually listened to the radio in the car. I was laughing so hard because it’s a valid point. XD

Checked in to our hotel near LAX. Fought heavy traffic to Thai Town in East Hollywood for food (because food is important, remember? *lol*). I love Thai Town! ALL.THE.FOOD. If you ever want to try Thai food that actually tastes like food in Thailand, I highly recommend restaurants in Thai Town! :D  PJ and I had some noodles at one of my favorite places, they were sooooooo friggin’ spicy we were legit crying. *lolz forever*

Time to get going! We headed to the Troubadour, parked our car, crossed the street to the venue. And that was when I was told my camera looked too professional and was not allowed inside.

umm really? I swear my camera looked pretty much like ALL OTHER SUPER ZOOM CAMERAS OUT THERE. It’s even smaller than some usual ones. I tried to explain that my camera was actually a point & shoot, not DSLR, but the gatekeeper wouldn’t budge. He said it was a request from the band, and I was like, huh? fine. *weeps internally*

PJ and I walked back to the car, hid my camera somewhere and walked back to the venue. The dude looked inside PJ’s huge purse about 7 times, well, no sir, I told you I’d put it away and I did.

I didn’t bring my small camera with me since I didn’t want to carry too many things that night. So. NO CAMERA. *whimpers*

It took me about 10 minutes to deal with this fact. The only concern I had was how the heck I would get one, JUST ONE, shot for my blog header. *lolz forever* #Priority

Anyway, we’re inside! The Troubadour was a cool looking venue with a nice-sized stage and amazing atmosphere. I liked it already. I dragged PJ to stage right area since Sella texted me earlier that she and Ashley would be there. And I found them. ♥

*inserts mega hugging/glomping/screaming/etc-ing* We probably scared other fans around us but it’s been too long. The last time I saw them was at David Archuleta concert in Anaheim, December 2011, there’s a lot to catch up!! I ran up and down the whole place just to get the feel of different views. There’s a reserved seating area upstairs which was really nice. PJ went to sit at the bar during Jillette Johnson set because her left toe was swelling so hard it’s about to explode. (a result of standing for four hours wearing heels in San Diego the previous night. I actually felt like a horrible person for indirectly torturing my friend ^^”)

Jillette Johnson was LEGIT AMAZING. OMG favorited so hard! Great voice. Great pianist. Great sense of humor. A+ outfit. And her cover of Creep was amazing. I LOVED IT! I bought her album after I got back home and I’ve been listening to it all week this week. CHECK IT OUT, PEOPLE. ♥

Sella had to go charge her phone and bring a USB cable back from her car (I had a juicepack, but my cable was different). I went to stay with PJ at the bar. We lost our great spot on stage right. But I wasn’t too worry about it since I wasn’t going to take pictures, I was okay anywhere as long as I could see the stage! XD

The crew got on the stage to setup, I was walking around until I saw a tweet that Neal was there. Well, I kinda expected that he’d be there but when he’s actually there, I freaked out, okay? It’s a long story involved panic texts to Megan (who was spiritually there with me that night). *lol* Anyways. We still positioned ourselves on stage right side, PJ opted to stand against the wall while we were a few feet in front of her, mingling in the crowd.

9:30pm, the band walked on stage, everyone screamed! DCook was no longer a mountain man!

Intro to Paper Heart started “ONE! TWO! ONE TWO!” and Sella completely lost it within 12 seconds. The return of vomcrying. WHAT JUICE IS A PAPER HEART was her favorite, okay? XD

btw, I got a text back from Megan before the show that Devin was also at the Troubadour. Major freaking out session, I was looking around all over the place. Finally spot NFT at the bar (aka: DISTRACTION #1). I got my fangirl panic attack under control, until I felt someone standing behind me. You know, when you’re short, people tend to stand behind you since they could get a better line of sight? Yup. I turned around and it was Devin. IT WAS DEVIN BRONSON LOOKING GORGEOUS LESS THAN THREE FEET AWAY FROM ME. (aka: DISTRACTION #2) *faints*

My life was so hard. *whimpers* I eventually took a deep breath, turned around and quickly told Devin that it’s soooooooo good to see him again and he could have my heart without falling to the floor. I counted that as a win. Ha. ♥

Now that the freaking out part was done, it’s time to singalong to The Last Goodbye!

DCook sounded kinda stuffy when he’s talking, was he sick? x_X” Asked if anyone had to go to work on Monday.

DC: screw that, call in sick, man, go get some drinks! ← that’s exactly my plan, how did he know?! *lol*

Monty had his mobile bar on stage with him. DC said they’d going to play some new material, asked if everyone was okay with that

DC: I don’t know why I’m asking, I’m not giving you an option

Carry You really grew on me, part of it was because DCook was so multitasking during this song. ♥

DC: I know it’s Sunday night… but I need more, WAY MORE, come on!
fans: *screammmmmmmms*

Said Monty’s ego was really fragile so we needed to be louder. *lolz*

Heroes with Champagne Supernova stuffing! Delicious recipe~ nomnomnom #ForeverHigh

Up next, my favorite airplane disaster song, Let Me Fall For You! Followed closely by We Believe! *claps claps*

DC: some of you got it already, I didn’t have to say the damn word!

At the end of We Believe, DCook was asking someone (at the bar) who just took a picture to hand him her phone.

DC: I just learned what a selfie was, we’re going to take the best damn selfie ever

Also told the cellphone owner to tweet it. Go take a look. A+ selfie, DCook, A+ selfie. *lol*

Dancing time! He demanded everyone to move.

DC: I will stop the damn song if I don’t see movement.. such an empty threat *laughs* 

As usual, Eyes on You started and stopped within 7 seconds. Said people in the middle were moving, but on both sides, upstairs, back in the bar were boohoo.

DC: Doctor, I see you back there, I’d better see some movement, there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re quite the dancer


So, Eye on You, take 2. There’s a fan holding up a dancing puppet (at first I thought it was DCook, but we learned later that it’s actually Monty!), DCook was laughing so hard. A+ prop!

Said he’d never played piano before this tour. Told us that in Kokomo, IN, nobody knew who Chris Issac was when he asked. *lolz*

DC: my grandmother thought this was my song
fans: awwwww
DC: *mocks fans* awwww grandma~ ← his voice, I cannot

Wicked Game intro started off in a weird key, idk, it sounded different than the previous ones. Anyway, the return of bullet mic! His voice was gorgeous and Sella was like: stop it, get out of my life!!!! *lol*

Andy, Monty and Nick ran off the stage. DCook told us that his acoustic guitar was still missing, so he’s going to play the next song electric. *throws confetti*

DC: this is Fade Into Me.. as soon as I plug my guitar in.. ♪ professional~ ← damn adorb *pinches*

At the end of Fade Into Me, I grabbed Sella’s arm in preparation. Sella was like WHAT?, and Time of My Life smoothly faded in, Sella was totally freaking out, I was laughing so very hard. *seal-claps*

Sella and I started a swaybot movement after singing (read: YELLING) “MAGIC RAINBOW” line at him. *lol* I’d never done this swaybot thing before at any other concert, but this song deserved it! DCook saw us and cracked up~

DC: ♪ now I’m coming aliv..oh no.. ← *lolz forever* #success!

Everyone was singing and laughing along. The ending was hilarious when he was repeating “♪ the time of my life” verse, in a smaller and quieter voice each time, while shhh…shhh.. us at the end of each verse. ♥

Andy, Monty and Nick came back. SCREAMFEST band intro.

Time for Kiss and Tell!

I thought we had it all but now your lips are turning cold~

*ahem* I heard someone quietly talking behind me, so I glanced back and it was Neal and Devin gossiping. *whimpers* YOU GUYS. DISTRACTION #1 AND DISTRACTION #2 TOGETHER BEHIND ME. I cannot with my life anymore. *thuds*

DCook told us to get excited that we had to go to work tomorrow *lolz* Also time for another new song! *purrs* Fangirling I’m Gonna Love You so hard. He sounded soooooooooooooo good.

fan: that was f*cking gorgeous
DC: wow, language..thank you, I fucking agree too~ 

Told us to singalong to the next song (which was not not on the setlist), someone said absolutely not, and he was like..

DC: that was uncalled for, this show is over
fans: *panics*
DC: no, it’s not, I’ve got nowhere else to go, are you kidding? 

Purple Rain sounded even better tonight, I cannot with him and his voice. I don’t know how he did this, when he spoke, you could tell he’s a bit stuffy, but when he sang, holy cow. ♥

Devin stopped watching my back and moved to gather around the side of stage right. *exhales* The hair on the back of my neck could rest now *lolz*

Where Do We Go! *claps claps claps* I loved this song so much!!! While I was busy clapping, NFT walked behind me (to join Devin)  and it’s like he pushed a pause button on me *freezes* #SoEasilyDistracted

DCook said he’s having a good time. Hoped we all know the next song.

DC: if not, we’ll get the people in the bar to sing it

I stepped back to stand with PJ during Come Back to Me.

DC: WHAT?! ← love this
fans: COME BACK TO ME~~~~~

Rainbow stage light! ↑ *points at blog banner*

The band left the stage briefly to put on some more make up.

PJ: there’s a guy walked by a few times, is he a singer of another band or something?
me: tall, good looking, long hair, long wizard beard?
PJ: yes, that one!
me: well, it’s a long story.. ← *lolz* I did give her a history lesson during our drive back to LAX ^^”

From Here to Zero was the first encore song. Have I mentioned before that I loved this song? BECAUSE I LOVED THIS SONG~ ♥ The chorus was like he’s singing love poetry about pending universe disaster to my soul. XD No, legit, I loved this song! Plus, Andy’s harmony~ *purrs*

life’s a countdown that never ends
and the world we know keeps on caving in
we can hold on
I will hold on

Said he’d stop the next song if we didn’t singalong. *lolz*

Intro to Light On, Andy was on piano, and he started cracking up. It was Neal and Devin, next to stage right, giving him all the thumbs down in the world *lolz*

Oh boy, that YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ note was so glorious.

Talked about when he moved from LA. Talked about how cool the Troubadour was, and how honored he was. Hoped to come back again soon.

DC: you guys have been AB-solutely incredible

Laying Me Low closed out the setlist. It was AMAZEBOMB.

And this was a summary of the night in a nutshell. *lol* ↓

At the end of Laying Me Low

DC said: thank you, Los Angeles!


We went to sit at the bar after the show, quickly firing out flailing tweets to sum up our night. Ashley left not too long after that, I believe she had a long commute. After a while, Sella, PJ and I were about to leave when we saw Monty talking to some fans. Being socially awkward human beings, we were creeping around in the back. I eventually got to say Hi to Monty, got a quick hug and realized I had a question for him..

me: did you normally score Andy and David during the show?
MA: like what?
me: I saw you give them sometimes a nine or a ten towards the end of the show *holds up my fingers to demonstrate* ← I saw this in SD too
MA: oh, that was for the last song! I give them how many hits we do (at the end of LML)
me: ahhhh!
MA: so tonight it was eleven~

AHA! Monty basically runs the show! ♥

We asked Monty about Souvenir, JUST BECAUSE. (Sella’s been yelling SOUVENIR all night  *lol*) *ahem* Monty said he remembered playing it before, didn’t know why (it’s nowhere to be seen on setlist anymore *weeps*), but he also said you’d never know. PRAYER CIRCLE. FOREVER.

We thanked Monty then headed for the door we saw David up on the balcony area talking to his friends(?) and I just had my Shakespeare moment..

me: *stops walking*
Sella: what’s wrong?
me: *points* my Juliet is up there!
PJ: *rolls eyes so hard* ← absolutely done with me *lolz forever*

So, instead of leaving, we were hanging around for a bit. Then I saw Neal and Andy walked to the bar. And I was like, FML I NEEDED TO TELL NFT THAT I MISSED HIS FACE because I didn’t know when I’d see him again. *whines* Sella was like, I’ll go with you. So, we left PJ near the stage (her feet hurt, she didn’t want to walk), and I dragged Sella to the bar. They were taking shots with some friends so we waited. Then someone came talk to Neal and when they’re done, well, I was really bad at human interaction, so I ended up gently poking his arm *headdesks* Sella was cracking up so bad.

We exchanged some awkwardly hiii nice to see you, then I got a photo with him, then I told him WE MISSED YOU, and NFT was like I missed me too *lol*

I think he said the band did a great job and he missed playing with them (SELLA, HELP?!). Told him I saw he and Devin gave Andy thumbs down, and Neal was like, yeah we’re trying to make him feel like shit (or something along that line, I WAS BUSY LOOKING AT HIM OKAY?!)

Sella asked for another MWK show, in LA. Neal told us to go talk to Andy. I told him I’d totally come from Seattle for that. Sella was like, Sara flies in for everything. NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! XD

We thanked Neal and turned around and saw Andy talking to other fans. Being a horrible creeper, I was like, creepily smiling at the fairest of them all from behind someone’s back *lol*

AS: *sees an Asian creeper and smiles* hi~
me: *sheepishly smiles* I have one question for you, are you planning on wearing the same shirt every.. (got cut off by his reply)
AS: yes~ ← *lolz* I knew it!

Then he went on to explain how it made his life easier, plus the fabric was comfy and not wrinkly, etc etc. Andy was so adorable I cannot with him. Told him congrats (re: baby!Skib). Told him he was amazing. Told him he had issues with stage light *lolz forever* Andy said he didn’t know why (stage light usually didn’t work for him), and I was like, I’d keep trying, maybe after the 38th attempt, it’d work and I’d send him a portfolio. He laughed. <3

Sella and I walked back to PJ (who was busy looking up driving directions to get back to LAX *lol*). DCook came down to talk to fans. I was mini-waving at him, then Sella and I took a selfie with David as a background *lolz* We were watching him play with puppet!Monty. Way too adorb. Anyways, at some point, he probably didn’t know what to do with this Asian creeper (read: ME) anymore.. *lol*

DC: hi!
me: hi~~~~
DC: *reaches down to give me a high five*
me: *walks over to properly receive a high five* thank you, YOU. ARE. AMAZING.

Then I was trying to take a selfie with DCook, but Sella took a phone away from me. Looking at this photo now, it’s such an awkward position *lolz forever*

I thanked him again , told him to have safe travels, and we left.

We crossed the street to the parking lot, saying goodbye to Sella *inserts massive hugs* with a promise of extreme cuddling the next time I’d be in LA. I missed Sella’s owl face already. Why couldn’t we all live in one big city? :(

PJ drove us back to LAX, dropped off our rental, got dropped off at Hilton, went to our room, had issue with shower head *lolz*, eventually got to shower, watched TV and dozed off.

The next morning, I woke up at 5:30 to leave my boss a message (just for the record *lol*). PJ and I walked to Carl’s Jr for lunch before we took a hotel shuttle to LAX and went our separate ways (different terminals). SAD FACE. I missed PJ already. :(

btw, my terminal was the one where the “incident” happened on Friday, so I walked around for a while, trying to recall the map I saw on CNN. ^^”

Boarded the plane. Slept all the way through Seattle. Dad picked me up from the airport. Home.

And that’s it for my early birthday trip! HOORAH!


ps2. I’d like to tell everyone to check out Sella’s live tweeting during this show because it’s the best thing ever. ILU SELLA AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH. ♥

ps3. I’m still a little bummed out that I didn’t have my camera with me during the show (no, iPhone doesn’t count when you’re more than 6 feet away. *lol*) mainly due to the fact that the Troubadour has fantastic lighting and I wish I could have a better shot for my blog banner (I only took 12 shots during the show *RECORD LOW*, and thank goodness one came out okay!)

But on the other hand, I’m also glad that I didn’t have my camera with me at this kickass show. Without a camera, I didn’t have to worry about framing the right shot, waiting for the right moment, or messing around to get the right settings. I could just let myself go and soak it all in. It’s a PURE JOY of live concert that no type of recordings can match. It’s memory.

I’m not saying that I won’t be taking anymore concert photos *duh lol* but this was a great reminder for me that my primary goal of going to a concert is to have fun, not to take pictures.

ps4. Well. Let’s talk FOMO for a bit. People want to know/see/hear everything from every show. Plus, logistically speaking, not everyone can make it to a show. I understand. Two of my favorite artists are Japanese, it still drives me nuts when I can’t go to their concerts because I live so far away. This is where technology comes into play and I think we all have been obsessively spoiled by that. The better the technology, the higher the expectation. The worse FOMO has become.

But just like everything else in real life, sometimes we have to calm down and let go. DCook talked about “barriers” and I think it’s not just about limited numbers of designated photographers/videographers (btw, unless you hire someone to do that, I don’t really agree with this idea because these fans won’t get to fully enjoy the show), but more about fans reigning ourselves back and simply just enjoy the live experience. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate those who upload stuff. But 4-5 years ago, we survived with just photos or a few videos from the show. Now we want to see every single move and hear every single word from every single show. I think it’s too much. I don’t know, I’m probably not dedicated enough, but for me, not having everything is actually a good thing as it makes me look forward to the next opportunity for the next journey to my next memory whenever it may happen.

There you go, my unpopular two cents. oops.

ps5. Wow, long ass PS, I should stop now. If you’re still reading, thank you, I hope you enjoy my wall of insane text *lolz* If you consider leaving a comment and flailing with me , thanks again! Otherwise, HI! :)



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17 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 21 – Los Angeles

  1. Megan G says:

    DC: Doctor, I see you back there, I’d better see some movement, there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re quite the dancer



    ilu. thank you for your recaps. I adore you. and I am thrilled you finally had a shower malfunction at a DC show.

    hearts from here to Seattle.

    • naughtiest says:

      the rest of that text is so precious, I’m keeping it all to myself~ *lol*

      that shower incident was a further proof that you’re with me that night!!

      ILU Megan, and I really really do miss you. *HUGS*

      • Megan G says:

        Only funny because it’s true. 10xthousand.

        ghostly breezes moving curtains out of the way – that’s me creeping your concerts.

        I MISS YOU TOO. Ughhh, someday soon, we shall be reunited~. (I know a little girl who needs to meet/snuggle her auntie Sara!)

  2. Lynne says:

    Hey There, Sara!
    Well, this post was a pleasant surprise when I got home tonight! Thanks so much for helping me to relive DC’s amazing Troubadour experience . . . I think that’s just as true for him as it was for us! I know playing there was on his “Bucket List”! And even though some of us knew how sick he really was from Soundcheck (a Doctor came to the venue to give him a shot) . . . He gave a completely Spectacular performance – he is amazing! What a wonderful weekend of music – What a gift! Have a terrific vacation and I hope to see you again in January! ❤️ ~L

    • naughtiest says:

      Thank you! I had to try to get this blog done prior to my trip, or it will never get posted. *lol*

      aww, I didn’t know that he was that sick! D: it’s so ridiculous that he sounded sooooooo good when he’s sick. x_X”

  3. analythinker says:

    Thank you so much for this recap! Being a fan of Distraction #1 and a recent one of Distraction #2, I really appreciate the tidbitd! lol

    Oh, and I agree wholeheartedly on the FOMO thing :) *joins the unpopular group*

  4. mon says:

    <3 ur recaps! Thanks!

  5. Dragondaisy says:

    If you’re an Asian creeper, I’m Asian creeper #2! I own the Monty puppet.



    Wicked Game, lol, I think when he announced the song I just exclaimed “SHUT YOUR MOUTH” and then he started and it was “GET OUT OF MY LIFE” “NEVER LEAVE” “SHUT UP” “STOP IT” “DON’T STOP” “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS” “SING IT SISTAH~~”

    Lol forever at the Sway Bot Movement, it was so perfect and necessary.

    Also, I can’t read the recaps of our ~band encounters because of all my second-hand embarrassment, more like reliving my very real first hand embarrassment, I just smiled like this :DDDD and stood behind you and said unhelpful things that made no sense.

    Neal conversation, yeah he said he missed playing with them, and that he’d really like to play with them again, AND MY HEART CRIED AND THE TEARS WERE BLOOD. You remember everything correctly even through your ~fangirl haze~ this is why you recap and I just live-tweet stream of consciousness feels lol.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Sara!! And for sharing such an amazing experience with me!! (Aaaand… for letting me flail on top of you and ask you incessantly about the new songs every 2 secs lol) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR TEXTING ME ABOUT THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE OMG GO TO AFRICA TURN OFF TWITTER ALERTS MISS EVERYTHING GOOD. You are wonderful and lovely and precious and a delight and a wonder and I’m so lucky to know you and flail with you, never leave us and never change <3 <3 <3

    • naughtiest says:


      I love going to concerts with you so hard. Your excitement during the concert is so addictive. FLAILFEST IS BEST. IT’S AWESOME. And I’m so glad I decided to text you on top of twitter DM *lol* btw, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH” and “GET OUT OF MY LIFE” are my favs. XD

      omg thank you for confirming the moment our hearts cried bloody tears. T__T

      Thank you for having me with you that night. You’re amazing in so many levels and I cannot wait to see you again (and it’d better be sooner than two years, okay?!) ILU!

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