My new blog title: MOUNTAIN MAN MURDERS ME!!! ♥

The Griffin
San Diego, CA

warning: usual fangirl incoherent thoughts, a little bit of heavily processed pinkish concert photos, THAT ASS, a long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

Tiny little stage, hoorah band banner!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


First thing first. I blamed this trip on PJ. It’s all her fault. :P

No, seriously, I wasn’t planning on going to California. When the San Diego show was announced, at first I thought it was a start of the West Coast leg, and my only panic reaction was that I’d mentally strangle him if he came to Seattle when I wouldn’t even be in the US. *lol* Technically, I could make this trip easily but it’s just so close to my vacation that I didn’t think I should even think about it.


I went to Texas in September, hanging out with PJ for a few days, enjoying DCook’s concerts together. On the way from Austin to Houston, we were talking about everything we could think about. Then, PJ was like, why don’t you go to San Diego concert? And I was like, heck no, my boss will kill me. After I left Austin, whenever we talked/texted, she kept planting the idea of this CA trip (with an incentive of hanging with her dogs. Plus, she even volunteered to drive since I hate driving in CA!) and my crumbling projection kept fighting off that idea~ *lol* #Inception

Then I came back to work, my boss jokingly asked me about the next concert. Ahem. I saw an opening so I replied, November 2nd & 3rd and I’m going to be sick on the 4th, without a pause. And he was like, after the quarterly forecast? Okay. Also, please don’t tell me about your sickness in advance.

Very well. If he said so. XD

I called PJ to let her know, I couldn’t believe how gleeful she sounded *lolz* I bought our tickets to the shows and booked my flights (I’m excellent at finding cheap airfares, btw. *lol*).

Now, let’s just skip October, because October was so painful, quarterly business plan forecast sucked the life out of me. I did survive it without crying in the middle of the office though. #SUCCESS

Friday, November 1st! Hello, a trip to CA, an early birthday present to myself!

My dad dropped me off at the airport. Everything went smoothly until I got a news alert popped up on my phone about the shooting at LAX. What a horrid news. D: And I couldn’t believe my luck that I was flying into Long Beach instead of LAX. At first, PJ told me to book a round trip SEA-LAX so it’s easier for me, but thank goodness I found a cheaper ticket to LGB which was closer to PJ’s place, so I booked two one-way tickets instead.

The flight was okay, PJ picked me up at the airport, we stopped by Kula (conveyer belt sushi) for late lunch/early dinner, then went to a frozen yogurt place, then went shopping, and I was done for the day. *lol*

Saturday. Played with the dogs in the morning. Went to pickup our rental, went to Rubio’s for lunch. BEST FISH TACO EVER.

Got home. Played with the dogs some more before leaving for San Diego! The drive was great because I didn’t have to drive. *lol* We rocked Thai radio station on TuneIn app all the way to San Diego. Gorgeous weather except for a heavy fog moment along the way. We found the Manchester Grand Hyatt just fine, PJ used to live in San Diego, so she navigated the city like a pro. Parked. Walked over to the tall ass hotel.

GOT LOST INSIDE THE HOTEL. *lolz forever* Thank goodness for kind souls on Twitter for pointing the way, we finally found the pool area! YAY! Saw some familiar faces. Discussed dinner with PJ while waiting.

Around 3:15pm, DCook showed up next to the VIP area. *screams* He looked so adorb wearing that helmet. ♥

Getting some rappelling lesson!

*ahem* I swear, every camera zoomed in like crazy *lolz*

After this short practice round, DCook left to go 365-feet up for an interview before actually rappelling down! While we were waiting, DCook’s team made it passed the $30k fundraising goal! *throws confetti* I’m so glad to be a part of this force! (bummer Boeing wouldn’t gift match for ABC2 though. Booo)

Approx 3:45pm, we saw DCook’s butt hanging out of the starting point!! Everyone yelled/screamed/cheered!! Here’s my timeline of the event! Click for full-sized, the last one was my favorite, Megan said I got busted by DCook again *lolz* btw, thank goodness I’m not scared of heights (roller coasters and free fall rides are my favorite things. *lol*) or I might have an anxiety attack watching him come down. Bless his heart for taking on this ridiculous challenge to raise money and awareness for a great cause. ♥

And he made it safely to the ground. HOORAH!!! CONGRATULATIONS, SIR!  *LOUD CHEERS*

After that, PJ and I were about to leave for food (because food is important yo *lol*), when we saw DCook being interviewed then talking to fans a little bit before excusing himself to go prep for the show.

Mr. Mountain Man. ♥

Also, check out this official helmet cam video to see DCook in action, it’s AWESOME! :)


PJ took me to Phil’s BBQ on Sport Arena Blvd for dinner. OMG BEST BEEF RIBS EVER. SO GOOOOOOOOD.

After dinner, we went to Balboa Park to kill some time. And as if we did not consume too much food already, Extraordinary Desserts was our next stop. *lol*

Alright, now that we’re full to the max, it’s time to head to the Griffin!

I was confused about door/show time but apparently things were delayed so VIP went on super long. By 8pm, we were still outside the venue waiting in a long ass line. And I was freezing. Saw Monty and Nick came out to the van after VIP was done and the venue slowly let people in. By slowly, I mean SLOWLY. I believe we didn’t get inside until 8:30pm. The venue was packed, Satellite was on stage, sound checking. Their lead singer reminded me of Aaron Tveit a little bit. XD

We found a spot on stage right, in front of a small seating area. The stage was TINY and pretty low so I could not see a thing. #StoryOfAShortPerson A really nice gentleman we just met tapped me on my shoulder to let me stand on the edge of a slightly elevated platform (for the seating area). I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. THANK YOU, SIR!

Satellite officially took the stage a little before 9pm. Their set was quite long. Unfortunately, I think they didn’t get a chance to properly soundcheck and set up because the sound sucked major butt (at least at my spot), everything was too much to the point that I couldn’t really hear the words. PJ and I weren’t impressed which was a bummer because I checked them out on their website and I liked their songs!! PJ quickly left to go stand in the back because it was way too noisy for her. x_X” I was testing out my camera settings and seeing my photo ops failure approach at a rapid rate *lol* Anyhow, I hope I get to see Satellite again with better settings!

After that, the crew got on stage to set up. PJ started to predict the time we’d arrive home, I was pretty sure she wanted to strangle me at that point. *lol*

Almost 10:30pm, DCook and the band finally took the stage!! *SCREAMFEST* oh beanie mountain man~ ♥

I had a crush on DCook counting off “ONE! TWO! ONE TWO!!” at the beginning of Paper Heart so hard! (Finance major, I have a thing for numbers, okay?! *lol*). The sound for DCook set was awesome, yippy!

DC: we’re gonna try to keep things moving because it’s hot as balls in here… this is going to be a damn good night~

Up next was the Last Goodbye, my cheerful breakup song!! Forever singalong~ *whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaa*

He saw a sign that a fan would be rappelling down the Hyatt the next day, so he told us to go watch. (so cute he couldn’t remember the hotel name XD)

DC: I did today, it’s only like 2-storey so it’s not a big deal

In fact, it’s from the 37th floor. Andy didn’t even watch him while he was doing it because he’s either having anxiety attack or drinking *lolz*

Talked about playing new songs.

DC: I hope that it’s okay, ’cause if not, it’s going to be a real short set *lol*

Carry You was my new favorite singalong song!

Band introduction time, super loud cheer for all band members!

DC: and my name is Dave…

Heroes was next on the setlist. One good thing about being in the back was I could see audience reaction. LOVED IT HARD when everyone did the “YOU’RE STILL STANDING” thing (you know what I mean *lol*) while singing along really loud.

Champagne Supernova snippet! Haven’t heard it in a while! *squeeees*

Intro to Circadian kicked in while we’re still screaming our heads off! I should write a 12-page report about my love for this song. Mayday~ Mayday~ ♥

The series of awesomeness continued with Let Me Fall for You! DCook made some boooooo noise with a thumbs-down when we weren’t loud enough. Princess demanded more decibels yo!

They continued right away with We Believe. *claps claps claps* At this point I was wondering that we wouldn’t get any banter as he seemed to plow through the setlist, like BAM! BAM! BAM! *lol* I loved songs with audience participation, and his last few ending notes cracked me up. XD

Toast time! How about a flashback? Same shirt. Same beer. Almost the same magenta shade. Different years. All the same awesomeness. ♥

Funky dance song, Eyes on You started then stopped within 15 seconds because audience weren’t dancing. *lolz* After instructing everyone to move, the song resumed.

DC: this is Eyes on You, take two

And the dude a few feet in front of us won the best dance award. PJ and I loved him so much. XD

Still loved ASkib-DCook solo more though~ ;)

The band left the stage, DCook was still with his electric guitar. He told us about their eventful travel day (Friday) where they were diverted from LAX (due to the shooting incident) to Phoenix, then they flew into San Diego but their stuff were left in Phoenix, and eventually got to LAX. They got most their stuff in San Diego now but they’re still missing stuff, including his acoustic guitar. o_O” fans were making awwwwwww ooooooohhhhhhh noises

DC: it’s okay, my babies, it’s okay ← *dies laughing* his voice, I cannot~

DC: I’m gonna attempt to play this next song. Electric. By myself. Because dammit, the show must go on. 

Fade Into Me. Electric. By himself. *thuds* OH. MY. HEART. It’s F-GORGEOUS. ♥__♥

OMG Fade Into Me faded into TIME OF MY LIFE! And I burst out laughing. *lol* ♥ *scratches Magic Rainbows off the list of songs I never thought I’d hear live*

DC: ♪ ..and looking for that.. *pauses*
everyone: *screams* MAGIC RAINBOW!!!!! ← so loud *lolz*
DC: *smiles/grins/smirks* ← depends on how you see it~ XD

TOML ends with southern twang. Everyone cracked up.

DC: thanks for covering that one line, I appreciate it 

Talked about an article on about 8 worst things you could do as an audience member.

DC: #2, yell out any cover song at a concert; and #1, yell out Freebird

Said previously they were planning on playing the whole 27-minute version of the song and just walking off the stage if someone requested it.  ← ILU DCook

(ps. I actually looked the article up. *lol*)

Anyway, we’re up for another new song, Kiss and Tell! No bullet mic. WAIT. WHAT?! Where did that alien robotic voice “but I’ll never kiss and tell” come from?! I LOVED IT!

Someone passed a cellphone to him, requesting a cover song (umm, right after he just talked about that article, no less ^^”). He said they couldn’t at first but said they’d do it anyway. Guitar off. It’s time for Wicked Game sans bullet mic!

Wicked mountain man~ ♥

Hi Monty!

Hi Nick!

I’m Gonna Love You with his customary intro where he told audience member to get close, hold their significant other and/or booty call

DC: squeeze their butt, I don’t know.. 

What a heartbreaking love song. IT HURTS, OKAY?!

DCook tried to pitch Monty against Andy. *lol* But they hugged instead.

DC: he (Andy) kissed you (Monty) on the neck?
DC: listen, listen, that’s not the segue into the song we’re playing, that’d be the worst, lamest segue of all time!

BUMMER! *lolz* And while he got us all screaming and cheering, he just burst out..

DC: ♪ fly me to the moon~

Andy was actually going for it for a bit, and I was screaming my heads off. *lol*

Well, he decided to fly us all to Declaration instead! Mood swing in full effect!

Entered negotiation period! Someone had a Light On app opened, DCook said Monty said it’s not on the setlist (yet). So, he was like, how about one more song? NOOOOOO!!!

DC: Will four more be okay?!
fan: four more is not okay
DC: how about five more? END of negotiation!

My new favorite, Where Do We Go! *claps claps claps so hard*

Hi Andy!!!

Said they would skip the short break and power through the remaining songs. YESSSS!!

Told us to help a little, warm up

DC: memememememememe
audience: mememememememememe
DC: *snickers* you guys are doing everything I told you to do, seriously, it’s awesome

Come Back to Me! *claps claps claps*

A band photo!! *lol* ↓

DC: encore starts now.. *lolz*

OMG OMG OMG PURPLE RAIN!!!! *flails forever* We almost got a story time with DCook too *lolz*

Legit dead. Purple Rain was FANTASTIC. ♥

let me guide you to that purple rain~ ← *follows obediently*

Up next, From Here to Zero!!! omg omg omg my first time hearing this song live!! I almost gave up on it since they didn’t play it during the 1st leg shows I went to. I LOVED THIS SONG SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU, DCOOK!!! *pinches*

Mega singalong time during Light On!! Audience weren’t loud enough at ‘the pause’ before singalong so he gave us another thumbs down boooo. *lolol*

Thanked Satellite. Said they might be his new fav. Mentioned bromance. Mentioned Kyle! (omigah Kyle!!)

DC: you guys have been absolutely amazing, thank you so much for having us!

Told us he’d be at the merch table at the show! Said goodbye was always so awkward so “see you again soon, how about that?” Fans cheered but wasn’t loud enough so he gave us another boooo/brrr/blowing raspberries sound. Then he looked at his mic and started wiping it with his hand. XD

DC: gross ← *lolz forever* I cannot with him. XD

Laying Me Low wrapped up the night and it’s AMAZEBOMB!

DC: alright San Diego, let’s STOMP-CLAP! ← YES, SIR! btw, is this an official verb now? *lol* I’ve been calling it correctly since I saw them on Idol!! YAY ME!! XD

Before the last note of Laying Me Low

DC said: San Diego, thank you guys so much! 


After the show, I turned around and PJ disappeared from where she was standing. I panicked for 30 seconds then ran to the merch table. PJ went to get in line for me. Told ya, she’s a saint. ♥

The line got longer and messier really fast while I was waiting (PJ went to have a seat *lol*). There were some peeps who totally cut in line in front of me and acted like they were there all along. For real. Whatevs.

DC: hey, good to see you!
me: omg good to see you too
DC: *gives me a hug*
me: *gives him my Carry You wallpaper* ← this is not a barter system btw *lol*
DC: *looks at it*
me: this one has Carry You lyrics. I want to do this for all your new songs…
DC: that’s cool!
me: but do you have official lyrics out there somewhere? Or can you proofread them for me? XD
DC: I need to get the official lyrics out huh
me: yup!
DC: *looks some more* I’m going to sign…right…here ← it was really dark at the merch table

me: thank you! ♥
DC: do I sign both? Or this is mine? ← I always bring two copies to avoid Pet-a-Palooza disaster *lolz forever*
me: that one is yours
DC: awesome! *gives me a big hug*
me: *clings* YOU. ARE. AMAZING.
DC: *chuckles* are we going to see you tomorrow?
me: (DUDE, OF COURSE) yup!
DC: that’s cool!

I thanked him again before signaling PJ to meet me at the exit. We walked back to the car. And PJ drove us back to her house in Orange County. Got home around 1:30am. Played with the dogs. Showered. Decided that sleep was a good idea. Passed out.


ps2. PJ is best. I don’t even know how she could stand me flailing all night *lolz*

ps3. Beanie, black shirt, dimly lit stage, red light, and me in the back. Not a winning combo. I switched back and forth between in regular and B&W for a while, then I kinda gave up. *lol*

ps4. I just realized that constant flash photography is really distracting, not only for performers, but also for people around the flashing area. ^^;

ps5. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my food blog. And some DCook stuff too. *lol*  Thanks for stopping by. :)



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11 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 20 – San Diego

  1. Aida says:

    LOOVE the recap! Wish we could be able to rewind this awesome day! :)

  2. Lynne says:

    OMG, Sara!
    Thank You so much for helping me relive this fabulous night! Such great memories! I loved watching you watch Dave at this show! When I first saw that tiny little stage with the “Red” spotlights & two “iffy looking” speakers . . . I wondered what we were in for in this tiny jammed packed venue (especially after listening to the opening band)! And, go figure . . . it turned into one of the most wonderful DC concert’s that I have ever seen/heard! So glad to have shared it with such amazing people! Thank’s again for another wonderful recap!

    • naughtiest says:

      *lol* omg, I hope I wasn’t too crazy or too loud! *hides* It was an amazing show and it’s super cool to be able to meet you again. <3

  3. Always love your recaps! I was there too. Are you going to do a Troubadour recap also?

  4. Robin says:

    As always, love experiencing shows through your blogs. Fangirling and all. Of course eagerly anticipating the Troubadour show recap.

  5. LynneT says:

    No! One could never be “To Loud” or “To Crazy” at a DC concert! And I agree . . . it was such a great one!!!

  6. Robin says:

    I also agree with “boo” to Boeing for not recognizing ABC2 as a matching charity :(

    • naughtiest says:

      omg it was so frustrating! it kept telling me to donate to ECF instead, something to do with ABC2 is a health and human service org, so it’s not eligible for monetary matching gifts D: boooooooo~

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