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October 17, 2013 | david cook, et cetera, header |

I was going to make a wallpaper, but decided to go with a smaller stuff. It’s my blog yo, I want to pretty it up first. *lol*

A simple banner with few light and texture layers.


Photo taken at Cain’s Ballroom on 9/22/13. A lovely show with my lovely friend. ♥

Random life events. Worked. Worked. Worked. Worked. Worked. *lol* Is this random enough?

Okay, maybe not. But I haven’t had much of a life over the past two weeks. I worked too much overtime that I feel like a bad rechargeable battery that cannot hold any juice. ^^” There was one day that I worked from 7am until 11pm. I might as well work for 7-Eleven! And most days I worked until 9pm-10pm. EXHAUSTED. And what do I do when I’m exhausted? I shop. I went to the new outlet mall last week, walked into two stores, spent $650 in less than an hour. *lolz oops* Came home, randomly looked something up, ended up buying a new thing that I clearly didn’t need (but kinda want *lol*). Retail therapy forever.

I just need to get through next week, and then life will be back to normal with 3 trips coming up. Oh vacation. I cannot wait. ♥

Life will be good!



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