Death on the dance floor. How does that sound? ♥

Cain’s Ballroom
Tulsa, OK

warning: usual fangirl incoherent thoughts, a bit of photos, a long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

Back to a wider setting stage, thank goodness for Monty because Andy never moved. Band banner yo!

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


*yawns* Usual routine. Woke up. Showered. Got breakfast. Went shopping. Dropped off rental. Checked in (legit dirt cheap airfare from Dallas to Tulsa), Took a shuttle bus to DFW (#3). At security check…

me: *hands over my boarding pass and credit card*
TSA#1: *smiles*
me: *smiles* ← still didn’t realize
TSA#1: miss, you gave me your credit card, do you want me to buy something?
me: o_O” OMG I AM SO SORRY *frantically grabs my ID*
TSA#1: I thought you wanted to buy me some stuff
TSA#2: that’s very nice of her!
me: *heads podium*

And my brain malfunction saga continued. It’s going to be a long day. *lol*

Boarded the plane. Got ready to nap. Dude next to me was partially drunk. Dude ordered more vodka. Helped dude with his powerpoint presentation.

dude: are you from Tulsa?
me: no, Seattle
dude: oh you’re here for work?
me: nope, I’m going for a concert
dude: a concert? You came from Seattle for a concert?!
me: *smirks* YES :P

The other lady next to him was surprised too. I didn’t even know why~ and they didn’t even know about my Texas journey. *lol*

Landed, exited the plane, saw Tina through the glass door. *runs* Performed a mini Chinese fire drill with Tina. ♥ Dude from the plane told us he’d be at Cain’s Ballroom that night. *lolz*

Tina told me that she’s worried because my flight was not listed on the arrival board. There’s no flight from Dallas! *adds to the weird-things-that-happened-to-me-during-this-trip list*

We got out of the parking lot without getting lost, and headed to the Cheesecake Factory because Tina had an ongoing thing with this restaurant *lol* btw, it was quite hilarious how Google Map app read ALL THE FREEWAY NAMES all at once. So confusing! XD

Anyway, Cheesecake factory, I couldn’t remember anything but Tina’s S’mores cheesecake and her face when she took the first bite. #SexOnAPlate ♥

After food, we went to the hotel. I booked our room through Hotwire, but when Tina looked it up, Google said it’s closed. Imaginary hotel, it’s all in our heads. XD If that’s not enough, when I went to check-in, front desk lady told me she had no record of my reservation. Imaginary reservation too! *lol* Anyway, I showed her my confirmation and she gave us a room. YAY.

This Holiday Inn had a super weird configuration. From front desk, I had to turn left-right-left to find an elevator they hid in a closet at the end of the hallway. The elevator itself was fairly creepy too as you can see from our creeped-out faces. XD #ElevatorGoesUp #ElevatorComeDown ♪ #A+CameraAngle

A little bit of downtime meant cellphone charging time! We played with my Instax mini a little bit, totally failed at selfie on that thing, but we finally managed. HOORAH. Tina also had a battle with her shirt, she won after a few rounds. Saw a picture of DCook’s new tattoo, Tina thought it’s a totem pole owl.

Headed to Cain’s Ballroom around 7pm. We saw a parking lot across the street from the venue. Tina turned into that lot, we’re looking for $5 to pay when I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me.

I DID NOT HAVE MY WALLET WITH ME. @$#&!@(#^*!@^!!!!!

What was wrong with me?! Yesterday was a concert ticket, today was my wallet. At this rate, had I gone to another concert the next day, I’d definitely forget to bring myself to a concert at that point. *headdesks*

Tina calmly paid for parking and parked her car while I was freaking out big time. *lol* A quick check at the venue’s website told me that I didn’t need an ID to get in. Thank goodness. We eventually went to stand in line and got inside. And I was like OMG WOODEN DANCE FLOOR, and that reaction didn’t make any sense because the sign said “CAIN’S BALLROOM DANCING” of course, it’s a dance floor. *lolz forever*

me: I’m gonna go grab some water
Tina: okay
me: *walks away* *pauses* *walks back* Tina, can I borrow your money ← no wallet, no cash *lolz*

Got us some water. Walked around this cool venue. I liked it a lot as it reminded me of when I was very into ballroom dancing. Silver level, baby! ;)

A bunch of people gathered in front of the stage already, we stayed a bit further back. I saw a fan whom I sat next to at Texas Tango the previous night, so I went to say hi (as I should have done so in Dallas ^^”)

Caroline Glaser was the opening act of the night. She was accompanied by another dude whose name I couldn’t remember. He played guitar and keyboard for her. Caroline was super cute and I loved her outfit and her killer dimples (which reminded me of Ramin Karimloo *lolol*). She had a unique voice that I enjoyed a lot. After a few songs and some awkwardly adorable banters, I told Tina she reminded me of David. And by David, I meant David Archuleta. *lolz* Tina totally agreed that Caroline Glaser was a female version of David Archuleta! XD

After Caroline’s set, the crew came on stage to set up. David’s keyboard was turned to face forward. I guess it’s because the stage was larger (which made me wonder why they didn’t do the same thing at Verizon Theatre?!).

A couple more minutes later, drum intro to Paper Heart started and it’s showtime! *bounces*

DC: how’re we doing, Tulsa?
fans: *screammmmmmmms*  ← totally normal :D

I adored his ‘in memory of † I don’t remember‘ t-shirt. While Monty had a Cain’s Ballroom t-shirt on. #PromoSquad

Andy! ANDY!! Still the same shirt!! ♥

The Last Goodbye was up next. Singing along so hard!

He asked if everyone was having a good time, and got a lot of screaming back as an answer *lol*

DC: I got family here tonight, you all are making me look good  ♥

Time for Carry You! I loved this you-and-me-against-natural-disasters song so much!

Teased Monty about wearing venue t-shirt for $10 and free 6-pack of beer.

DC: I can be bought for the same price

Then he had to tell the audience to calm down. *lolz*

And speaking of Monty, he’s ON FIRE that night. Monty was dancing, singing, bouncing, spinning all over the stage. Totally won the night! ♥

Another favorite singalong song, Heroes!

♪ you’re still standingggggggg~~~

btw, I just want to showed that when I mentioned evil red stage light, it was THIS red *lol* #PhotoshopForever

More Monty action during Circadian!

DCook led audience clapping which morphed into Let Me Fall for You. I loved it!

More clapping and I got rid of my camera to fully participate during We believe!

After WB, he introduced his golden skull as Norman Freeman. NORMAN. It was MORGAN 3 days ago at Dosey Doe! XD

Said it took forever almost three years for This Loud Morning..

DC: I’ll be damned if we’re gonna do that again~ 

Time to dance to Eyes on You! I loved this catchy stalker song so much! And that ASkib-DCook solo killed me in the most ridiculously awesome way. ♥

DCook asked the venue to turn the house light on so he could see the crowd, he spotted one guy and was super impressed by his mustache.. (my photo didn’t do him justice, I wish you could see the details and the curve thing at the end *lol*)

DC: holy cow, hold on a second, I need this man on stage, you guys gotta see his mustache! it’s legit!! oh my god~

His voice, I cannot ♥

It was a crack-filled banter about facial hair (if you come to a show with crazy facial hair, you get to go on stage *lol*), how scripted his show was, Money (O’Jay’s For the Love of Money) intro (his almost-dance-move!) ♪ money money money moneyyyy~ and how they’d never get invited to be on Fox Morning Show. XD

DC: I was on a show, once, we had to sing other people’s song every week ← my apologies, I legit didn’t watch that show, sir ^^”

Wicked Game was simply gorgeous. ♥

He looked so serious playing keys~

it’s strange what desire will make foolish people do

Acoustic guitar! Time for back to back awesomeness. Lie and Fade into Me! *purrs*

Someone yelled “I LOVE YOU!” and he was slowly side-eyeing her. *lolz so hilarious* ↓

I loved how he lightly tap this guitar during the ‘quiet’ moment during Lie.

Fans tried to sing along but totally failed at the almost last lie, lie, lie~ verse. However, we succeeded at cracking DCook up *lolol*

DC: I sang the first ‘lie’ and I heard the echo (aka: audience fail) and I was like oh shit I missed it..  XD

Talked about how fortunate he was over the past five years to get to work with people he admired growing up.

Fade into Me was amazing. That second ’til we start to breathe’ still took my breath away. ♥ Monty, Nick and Andy were cheering so hard next to stage right after the glory note. And then it’s the singalong part where DCook asked if we’re ready. Heck yes!

I loved audience singalong because we’re doomed to fail 98% of the time. As we did again here, and again cracking DCook up. I think he said he kinda expected it. *lolz*

Nick G came back on stage with DCook’s guitar, the band was back too. New song alert, Kiss and Tell!

It’s Andy’s turn to lead audience clapping! btw, Monty was totally dancing on stage!

And we’re back to the beginning with Declaration. I loved this song so much, it’s such a kickass concert song. Singalong hardcore! *claps claps claps*

Took his guitar off, tied his shoe, talked about how he fell on stage before (and Monty was like RIGHT HERE!!!), then went on to list ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES where there must have been pictures/videos of his falls XD

The amount of love I had for I’m Gonna Love You was pretty ridiculous, but it was soooooo heartbreakingly beautiful~ ♥

While Andy and Monty were going at my favorite epic WHOAOHOHOHHHHHH~~~  DCook was actually walked over to stage left. I might have dropped my camera when that happened. *__*

Up next, my favorite earworm, Where Do We Go! *claps claps claps*

I loved the way he put his hands up to end the song. ♥

DCook announced that after the show, he’d be at the merch table! HOORAH!

He apologized to Monty for badmouthing him for the past 4.5 years. Everybody awwwwwwww~

DC: now get the hell over to your side of the stage~ XD

Come Back to Me was the last song on the setlist and it was amazebomb! I loved Andy’s COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE glory chorus so hard.

The band left the stage, and the chanting/screaming/yelling/etc-ing began until they came back to us!

Talked about Cain’s Ballroom, how honored he was to be there that night. Thanked the audience, friends and family members.

THEN he saw his nephews in the audience. And it was the cutest moment ever. His two nephews came on stage, gave him a hug, and everyone melted into a puddle of goo.

He carried the younger one in his arm and told him to wave and say HI, which he did. hiiiiiiii. There’s a hug and a quick peck and everybody melted into a further stage of puddle of goo.  ♥

And while we’re all busy awwwwwwwwww-ing~ and I was like OMG he’s going to be a kickass dad (as well as Andy!!), he went…

DC: how many extra CDs did I just sell? ← *lolz forever*

After he handed his nephews back off the stage, he was like, seriously, what are we talking about, 5 CDs, 6 CDs? TEN CDs?! XD said he’s got to pay the bill and he’s gonna start hiring nephews for the shows. Also introduced Monty as his nephew. *lolol*

And the moment I was scared sh*tless. As soon as Light On intro kicked in, a hand shot up with a lighter, and Tina and I went (⊙_☉)(◎_◎;) next to each other.

And the lighter remained up like that throughout the song. I mean, if I were a person in front of that lighter-person, I’d be extremely paranoid. DCook saw it at one point and I legit think he looked concerned. ^^”

Other than that, Light On was awesome! I loved singing along to this song during concert so much. ♥

Laying Me Low was our last song of the night. Monty totally stole the show! :D

Before Laying Me Low…

DC said: thank you guys so so much!


After the show, Tina and I went to sit at the bench so I could calm down *lol* We planned on sitting there forever until the DCook line got shorter. However, venue peeps told us they had to clear the floor, so we went to position ourselves at the tail end of the long ass line.

While we were waiting, I saw Nick Adams hiding in the shadow next to the stage. Imagine me waving like a lunatic. Yup. ^^” I took a picture of Nick with my Instax, then tried to toss a sharpie and that poloroid at him *lolz* Nick was super nice, so he came out to sign the photo while it’s still developing, so he didn’t know whether or not he’s signing upside down or across his face, oh the joy of polaroid~ xD Talked to Nick for a little bit before I let him go.

Line moved. Took a picture with Tina, grainy but I like~ ♥

Line moved, moved, moved. It’s a long line, okay? *lol* While we were waiting, here’s the recap of the show:

  • David is sticking out his tongue all the time during the show
  • Andy is the fairest of them all (← according to Tina, and I concur)
  • Monty rocks
  • Nick is a heart ninja in the dark

I decided to go with a polariod shot with David just to try something different *lol* When it’s our turn…

me: HI!
DC: WHAT’S UP?! how are you?
me: good, how about you?
DC: I’m good!
me: well, I don’t have anything for you to sign but I have a question
DC: yes!
me: when you sing FIM or Lie, do you want audience singalong with you or do you want us to be quiet??
DC: oh if you’re all singalong, then I don’t have to sing it!
me: *rolls my eyes so hard* ← about 0.7 seconds from whacking him
DC: HAHAHAHAHA~ ← damn adorb

He said he didn’t care as long as we had a good time. Well, sir, we ALWAYS have a good time at your show~  :)

btw, it was a legit question since I didn’t know the concert etiquette for these songs. Previous tour, he was all unplugged, but this tour, he had that fancy microphone, so.. should we singalong?! *lol*

Got a photo taken with him, people in the line were laughing so I was like, do I want to see this? and he was like, oh yeah! XD

David gave me a hug, and he was like..

DC: I couldn’t do the lift-up because of this (the table), I’m sorry~
me: *giggles* I knowwww, I’m sooooo saddddd *lol*
DC: *laughs* yeah yeah~
me: thank you, David :)


Tina got a high five and a really cute ‘serious face’ photo with him. We thanked him again and David just got up and gave me another hug.

me: *mumbles* I’ll miss (seeing) you (on stage), I hope I get to see you again
DC: alright, hopefully you do!
me: *mentally books a trip* XD 

We walked to our car. I couldn’t find my phone in my bag. NOT. AGAIN.

me: *panic* where my phone?!
Tina: oh, here! ← I handed it to her to take a look at her photo with DCook and I didn’t remember *lol* #GoldfishMemory
me: *phew* I have to send you the photo..
Tina: already did! ← *lolz* I love Tina so much ♥

We stopped at QuikTrip across the street from our hotel. My first QT visit! *lol* That  frozen drink machine blew my mind. *__* #SoColorful~~~~~  Got some drinks, got back at the hotel, quite possibly watched some TV while catching up on everything we missed during the concert, definitely passed out.

The next day, poor Tina had to bear with me humming “I’m gonna love youuuuuu, I’m gonna love you endlesslyyyyyy” ALL THE TIME. *lolz*

We ditched complimentary breakfast for QT food, best decision ever.

Confused by Tulsa freeways, but we did not get lost, we took a scenic route! Tina dropped me off at the airport. MASSIVE HUGGINGS. I missed her already. D:

Bought this magnet as a souvenir. Wish I had more time to explore the city.

Munching QT and leftover cheesecake while waiting for boarding time. The Steak & Cheese taquito was soooooo gooooooood (idk, I think it’s gotta be at least 700 calories there *lol*)

The flight out of Tulsa was delayed. By the time we landed at DFW (#4) I only had 18 minutes left to find my way from terminal A to terminal C (or C to A? whatever) *runs up Skylink platform* *runs down Skylink platform* *runs to the gate* arrived at the gate with 6 minutes to spare. Got on the plane. Passed out.

Woke up right before we landed safe and sound in Seattle, dad and mom picked me up, and I was home.

And that’s a wrap for my awesome trip where my sanity flew away at some point with a big chunk of my brain. *lol*

ps1. DAVID COOK. Why so awesome and adorable and nice and funny at the same time? I’m grateful you’re real. You are my favorite, sir. ♥

btw, I didn’t realize it that night, but looking back at some of my photos, there were a bunch of random holes on his shirt! idk, moth holes?! XD

ps2. Tina was the most awesome concert buddy ever, we should go to all concerts together. Deal? ILU girl~ Thank you for this fantastic memory. ♥

ps3. I’m glad I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do at his shows, because I got to enjoy the show more. I mean, I still wanted ALL THE ACTION SHOTS in the world (of course), but I didn’t need them that badly. So I opted to have fun instead.

1st = smokey. 2nd = busy fangirling plus PJ taking videos. 3rd = short. 4th = exhausted. *lolz*

And I also learned that turning a camera on and off drains more battery than leaving it on all the time. HA. *runs out of juice*

ps4. speaking of photos, I had a series of unfortunate microphone positions throughout this trip, I really need to figure this two-microphones thing out. *lol* I usually don’t prefer dead center spot since I’ll have a microphone in front of his face most of the time. BUT. Staying on stage right side, I get his butt back when he’s on keyboard (well, unless the keyboard is facing forward, so it depends on stage size too). Staying on stage left side, there are two microphones readily available to steal my focus point. My life is so hard. #FirstWorldProblem *lol* I’m an analyst, okay, I over-analyze pretty much everything. XD

ps5. Truth be told, I was friggin’ exhausted from this trip. Four concerts in five days were absolutely too much to handle. My brain went kaput after the second show, confirmed by all brain-dead moments during my second half of this trip. ^^”

ps6. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my craziness. I’m pretty sure my blog doesn’t make any sense most of the time, so thank you for sticking with me. :)



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16 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 19 – Tulsa

  1. Megan G says:

    all the hearts in the world.
    your posts make me so happy.
    (and they remind me how terribly I miss you!!!)

    • naughtiest says:

      I miss you a ton!!! If I didn’t have a quarterly forecast to submit on 10/18, I would totally be with you and Shannon!

  2. Tina says:


    Thank you for inviting me to join you in Tulsa — I had such a great time!! Probably the most chill, no stress concert trip I've ever been on lol. Even if I did think we might die on that ghetto road before we got to Cain's. ha! We should definitely implement a rule that we are required to go to all concerts together :)

    And I think we should also implement a rule that every town in the US needs a QuickTrip. Posthaste.

    Also. I am so in love with all your pictures. Deep abiding love. And Monty is a heart ninja.

    • naughtiest says:

      omg that ghetto road, how did I forget?! *lolz*

      I just told my brother yesterday about QT and all the food and drinks (we were at a gas station), and he was like, why didn’t we have QT here?! XD

      Thank you for having me with you. Cannot wait for our next time together. <3

  3. LynneT says:

    Hi Sara! Thank You for another fantastic and hilarious recap of your DC adventures!!! Love, Love, Love all the pix’s

  4. What a great recap of this great show!!! So glad I experienced this one too and feel the same as you … “Why so awesome and adorable and nice and funny at the same time? I’m grateful you’re real. You are my favorite, sir. ♥” :) re: David Cook! lolz

    • naughtiest says:

      @Carry You,
      aww thanks! This show was one of my favorites!
      btw, I couldn’t see your tweets but I believe you’ve RT’d some links to my blogs so Thank you! :)

  5. Best recap I’ve ever read. Loved all of it and your comments about the show itself really let me relive it. It was a wonderful weekend for me and my friends and it sounds like it was for you and Tina, too. Wish I could have gone to all of those Texas shows. David is my favorite, too, and I so agree with you about him being awesome and adorable and nice and funny. I would add smart, too. He has brought so much fun and so many great friends into all our lives. Your pictures are fantastic. You always seem to get great pics. Thank you so much for your recap. It was a joy to read.

  6. thanks for sharing! That was a blast to read, felt like I was there with ya!

  7. This was a delight to read! So funny and real…I forget things all the time when I’ve got David on my brain lol! I was at this concert…flew out from Maine and got to meet up with wonderful friends, spend time with them & see the show together. David definitely brings people together. This was a fantastic concert! I loved hearing your perspective of it, and yes we all were a puddle of goo when he brought his nephews on stage.

    BTW I’m now famouis because of you! Well, and because of Youtube as well lol! I’M THE ONE! THIS —> “Someone yelled “I LOVE YOU!” and he was slowly side-eyeing her. *lolz so hilarious* ” That was ME! My friend yelled “I LOVE Lie” and he chuckled at her then I yelled “I love YOU” and he gave me that look (my friend says he “spanked you with his eyes” lol) as if to say don’t be trying to “one-up” your friend LOL! I will die forever remembering that and re-living it through the YT video and now in your blog. Thanks for including it! :-D And thanks again for your blog. Love it!

  8. I have never seen David in concert but I really really enjoy recaps like this one. It made me feel like I was there, sort of…LOL
    Great pictures, btw! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! I really did enjoy your blog. Greetings from Puerto Rico. =)

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