Legit had a heart attack prior to getting inside the venue with a reason completely unrelated to DCook’s performance.

But I blamed him any way. HA.

Texas Tango 2013
Verizon Theatre
Grand Prairie, TX

warning: a short post for once, more about my day *lol*

Four dudes on a big stage, bundled up in the middle, I can work with that! XD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Saturday started off pretty normal. PJ and I drove to Costco to get some gas before we dropped off the rental. We went to La Madeleine for breakfast, ordered too much food and PJ had a lot of leftover to deal with. *lol*

Went back home to pack before PJ dropped me off at the airport. She also talked me into taking another trip in November. The worst enabler, ever.

I chose to fly from Austin to Dallas since airfare was only $70 and I wouldn’t have to worry about car rental ‘location drop-off’ fee. (I usually prefer flying to driving so I can sleep while traveling *lolz*)

Security check was a breeze, thanks to my new yoga pants. Wait a little while before boarding and off we go. Clear blue sky, super nice weather, no sign of rain from yesterday.

Landed at DFW (#2) ahead of schedule, took a shuttle to pickup a rental. Got a Nissan Versa, I wasn’t a fan but I’d be driving for a total of 22.3 miles, so I didn’t really care *lol* Drove to the hotel (6 minutes, I chose to stay in Irving instead of Grand Prairie), checked in, napped, woke up, watched Titanic, then left the hotel for some serious tango!

As you can see, my day was normal enough, I knew that DCook’s set would be short according to 102.9 website, so I was going to skip this blog. Little did I know. *lol*

I drove to Verizon Theatre, about 7 miles from hotel, paid for parking, parked my car, grabbed my bag, and that’s when I realized that I didn’t have my ticket with me.

I DID NOT HAVE MY TICKET WITH ME. #)$&!)@~#*?+<$!!!!!


I was pretty sure that my sailor-self from the past life would be extremely proud of my bilingual swearing. *headdesks*

I had a moment of a full blown panic attack because it’s like 5:40pm, 20 minutes to DCook’s set and there’s no way in hell I could make it to the hotel and back in time. Legit, I was so ready to weep.

Then, I realized, dumbass, box office!!! 

So I ran. The lady at the box office was really nice and helpful but she couldn’t find my order in the system and my phone suddenly couldn’t load my order confirmation email. I was about 3 seconds away from buying a new ticket when she finally found my records and reprinted my ticket for me. THANK GOODNESS.

Seriously, I should stop asking myself “WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG?!” because something would go wrong. Trust me.

When I was finally inside (ran passed merch table and noticed all shirts were priced at 150% premium *lol*) and arrived at my seat, Harper Blynn was playing their last song (or second to last, couldn’t remember, I was still panting). I was sitting right in front of all.the.speakers on stage right, so it was really loud, I could feel all.the.bass. through my entire body. *lol*

Anyhow. After Harper Blynn set, the crew came up on stage to set up, it was quick because the next thing I knew, the band was on the stage! *bounces*

All DC fans were instantly on their feet. Some lucky fans were allowed to stand at the barricade too! #DoYouHearThePeopleSing~ XD (oops, couldn’t help it *lol*)

NEGL, I was hoping DCook had a better performing spot that night. I mean, he said it himself at Dosey Doe that he’s nowhere near the top of the totem pole, but I still wish more people would get to see him perform and hear his new music. The venue was probably ⅓ full when he started. There were a group of One Republic fans in the row behind me, and I heard one girl said, OMG HE’S CUTE. So I counted that as a win. XD

So, let’s do things in bullets since it’s a short setlist and he didn’t really talk much.

  • Come Back to Me started off the night
  • and I wanted to whack whoever at the soundboard because his mic didn’t work at the beginning >_<
  • it was a great decision to kick things off with CBTM since it’s the song that most people knew already
  • also A+ decision to exclude TLG from the setlist. Don’t get me wrong, I like that song, but it’s not really his sound. *lol*
  • btw, ginormous shadow band on that white backdrop *lolz*
  • he followed that with the two new earworms, Where Do We Go and Eyes on You
  • I admired his guts for playing brand new songs to audience who quite possibly didn’t know him
  • but again, if they didn’t follow him, every song probably sounded new to them *lolz*
  • keyboard alert! keyboard alert! *melts into a puddle of goo* ♥

  • DC slayed Wicked Game and judging from the very loud cheer, everyone loved it!
  • at this point, I believed Andy would wear the same shirt every night for the rest of this tour *lol*

  • Andy’s back on his keyboard for Light On!
  • I’m David Cook, this is my fantastic band, give it up for them~” ♥
  • Laying Me Low was the last song of the night.
  • whoa-whoa-stomp-clap~

At the end of LML:

DC said: Dallas, Texas, thank you guys so much!


I didn’t take a lot of pictures that night since I was off to the far right (or left, depending on how you look *lol*). Here’s my only lucky shot, right at the moment where DCook tossed his guitar pick. ♥

Wish I didn’t push ISO up that high but I was zooming in from faraway land so I kinda had to.

Anyway, DCook only had about 30 minutes to capture the audience attention and show people outside of his fandom his music. Short as it was, I think he made the most out of it by his song choices. And his amazing voice. ♥ I also loved how the band sounded together, not just their instruments, but their voices as well.

Plain White T’s were next on the lineup. I was surprised I knew most of their songs. *lolz*

Johnny Rzeznik kinda stole a portion of my heart. My favorite quote from him was “if I can remember how to f***ing play this song.. this is why I hired a band” ← BEST. EVER. The dude sure knew how to work the crowd.

Sara Bareilles blew me away. ♥ When this show was first announced, I was going to skip it and spend another day with PJ since I didn’t enjoy going to a concert by myself (did it once at Milwaukee, it was great but weird), but when I saw Sara Bareilles on the lineup, I was like OMGIHAVETOGO *lol* I love her music and she’s just amazing on stage. Not to mention her fancy props and her pants.

Remember when I said something would always go wrong? *lol* Half way through Sara Bareilles set, I thought I lost my camera. I was looking all over, searching my bag, looking under my seat, and still couldn’t find it. Fifteen minutes later, I found it under a seat in the row in front of me. Apparently, it somehow dropped off my bag while I was watching the show. Luckily, didn’t go kaput.

Headliner for the night, One Republic. I was debating myself whether or not I wanted to stay as I was freezing my ass off in that theatre.

Decided to stay, enjoyed their set and their ridiculous stage a lot. Ryan Tedder was running all over the place. I wasn’t a fan of his voice, but I had to admit he knew how to entertain. Everyone was on their feet. Dudes were dancing to his music. DUDES.

Since this was their last show on this tour, there were a few pranks on stage. Ryan Tedder got ‘Iced’ by Sara B.

During the last song, I ran from my seat up to the soundboard area and took this pic. It was quite amazing, seeing a ton of fans on their feet singing along to 1R song. I wish they were all there for DCook set too. HA.

I ran out the venue before the last note to avoid parking lot traffic. And as I said, nothing went my way that day, I couldn’t find my rental! *headdesks* Because I was so out of it when I left the car, I couldn’t remember where I parked. x_X” Luckily, I took a picture of the license plate so I could use that photo to track it down. *lolz*

Staying in Irving proved to be a good idea, since other cars were forming a looooooooooong line trying to make a left turn to Grand Prairie, while I was one of the only few cars flying passed them, turning right. Score!

Got back to the hotel, showered, watched AC360 talked about Miley Cyrus, couldn’t get the free wifi to work, so I decided to pass out instead.

ps1. DAVID COOK. JSYK, Sara Bareilles stole my heart. ♥

ps2. Verizon Theatre was freezing cold. I was so glad I grabbed my scarf before I left the hotel, or I’d be freezing to death before the end of the night.

ps3. Texas Tango was pretty awesome. Great lineup. Nice crowd. Amazing music.

ps4. Texas allergies were insane. I was itching, sneezing and tearing up like there’s no tomorrow. Put myself on Zyrtec but it didn’t really help much. x_X”

ps5. Seriously, something was wrong with my brain that day, I was so out of it. *lol*



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6 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 18 – Grand Prairie

  1. riz says:

    Lolz at your recap.. thanks..

    • naughtiest says:

      looking back, it was quite hilarious how my brain wasn’t working the way it should that day, maybe I really should list out all the things that didn’t go my way during this trip *lolz* :)

  2. leigh says:

    Always love your recaps/adventures, you are so cool, you make me laugh. I wish I could have met you at Tulsa. Don’t ever stop writing about David Cook, thanks :)

    • naughtiest says:

      thanks! I’m glad you get a laugh out of my crazy day *lol* ahh Tulsa was so much fun. Maybe we’ll run into each other at the future shows! :)

  3. Very entertaining recap! Great pix (what kind of camera?) I know what you mean about DC…we fans want everyone to share the joy of him! Festivals like this are good though…exposes him to more people who might not otherwise listen. Seeing him in 2 weeks in PA…then again in Nov in D.C. Can’t wait to hear the new songs live!

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