Scratch what I previously said, this one was the BEST SHOW EVER.

Death by meth itch in a barn sounds like a pretty hilarious way to go to me. ♥

Dosey Doe – The Big Barn
The Woodlands, TX

warning: silly fangirl incoherent thoughts, a bit of photos, a few videos, a ridiculously long post for my memory’s sake, proceed at your own risk~

It’s easier to get a snapshot of the band when there’s only 4 dudes on a small stage, as long as Nick was not blocked by someone’s tummy. XD

Previously: DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! series


Thursday morning. PJ and I both refused to get out of bed. I finally kicked her to the bathroom first. *lol* While I was in a shower, she went out to get us some breakfast, my friend is a saint. 9am, we went out to pick up the rental, got a VW Passat (pretty decent car), and dropped PJ’s car off for service. PJ drove back home, dropped me off and went to work.

Alone in her apartment, I had nothing else to do but try uploading some vids from last night to youtube. That was when I realized how huge ass each video was. *lolz* Eventually, I managed to upload a compressed version of the files. Got Where Do We Go and Eyes on You stuck in my head all morning. EARWORMS. LOVE IT. ♥

Took a quick nap. PJ came back around noon-ish. We went to Whole Foods for lunch. nomnomnom. Before we left, I bought some lime, honey and sea salt for some dude we’re going to see that night. (It’s either these stuff or salted concentrated Chinese plum, okay? Trust the Asian, it works! *lol*)

And off we go!

What happened when I wasn’t familiar with a car I drove was I made some ridiculous braking choices that made my friend screaming in panic. And we weren’t even on a freeway yet. *lolz* Oh well.. Anyhow, we’re driving from Austin to Houston, and since it’s a long 3.5-hour drive, let’s talk about when I got tickets for this show…

Dosey Doe was actually the first ticket I bought for this trip. By accident, almost. I went to the venue website just to get the address and see some pictures of the venue before the show was “confirmed” and I saw that OMG the tickets were already on sale!! I looked up the seating charts and the VIP seats downstairs were all gone, only 10 VIP seats left on 2nd floor. Truth be told, I wanted a VIP but I also want to be close to the action. What would I do in that situation? (in Spock’s voice) It was only logical to buy two tickets! XD

At first, I was planning on going to this show by myself since PJ had to work. Then, a week before the show, she asked me how early I had to be at the venue, and I was like, idk, 5-6pm? So, PJ told me she’d ride with me to the hotel so I didn’t have to drive by myself. I told you, she’s a saint. ♥ I was like, you know… I actually bought two tickets for the show…, and I swear, I could hear her roll her eyes so hard over the phone. *lolz forever*

So, I was driving to the Woodlands for a show, where I could attend soundcheck and M&G, then had a seat close to the action, with my friend upstairs enjoying the show.

Life was pretty rad. ♥

At first I was planning on checking in at the hotel first before going to the venue, however just like everything else, plan A never worked. HOUSTON TRAFFIC, IHU. D: Got stuck in traffic on the way to the hotel that we had to reroute ourselves to the venue instead because I was running late for the VIP. %#)@(*$^+!!! . Took a wrong toll exit and wasted 75 cents (I think this happened to us the last time we went to DC show in Houston too *lolz forever*). After missing the exit on I-45 (GOOGLE MAP APP, YOU FAILED), we made it to the venue exactly at 4:45pm. I ditched the car and told PJ to find a parking spot, then ran. *lol* Which was so silly because they had us wait in the office for about 10 minutes before leading us to the venue.

Walked into the barn. Dosey Doe was a really cool looking venue with homey atmosphere. I liked it already. The guys were on stage, setting up. The host said we could sit anywhere for the soundcheck so I checked in and made a beeline to sit right in front of Andy..

..and Nick! Hi, Nick~

They’re still checking sound on stage, Andy was randomly singing. The mic on stage wasn’t working so DCook asked for another mic so he could talk to everyone. And Dave was like, do you guys want to do Q&A? Heck yeah. *lol*

Someone asked him about co-writers on the new songs. I recalled ASkib, Andy Waldeck, and a couple more names. I’m Gonna Love You is, vocally, the easiest. He enjoyed playing keys and some solo in Carry You. Andy hogged most solo now. ♥

He mentioned going to a conference(?) for people who play songs for television, talked about Wicked Game and how he messed around with the piano to make it simple enough for Dublin to play. *lolz* I believe he said he liked it so much that he’s thinking about putting on the album but cover song takes up spot for original song so… ← tough call, I really really really love his cover of WG so I’m all in for studio recording but I’d love to hear his new material too. A 20-song album shall solve this problem, yes please~

Talked about his allergies attack the night before in Austin. He was okay until right before the soundcheck and it’s getting worse as time went by. They tried to find a doctor to come fix him, but couldn’t find one, so he ended up at the Urgent Care, got a shot in his ass, before he came back to play the show. He’s currently on steroids. *lolz*

..and the itch began.. XD

Trying to find a home for his new album. Mentioned good relationship with RCA. Change = a good thing. He liked creative control. There was also a question about PledgeMusic. He said he could afford putting out music on his own, but he’s looking for a label to help with distribution. Mentioned it cost $90,000 to push a single to the radio (HOLY, idk if that’s per station or what, but that’s a lot of $$). Also mentioned Ryan Star and his EP.

No plan for outside USA at this point. Said people think that he just has to call the venue and book himself but that’s not how it works. He told the booking agency fans input. Talked about tour schedule.

Question about new tattoo. He said to ask him again in Tulsa. He mentioned “MY GOOD FRIEND NEAL TIEMANN” who has a bunch of tats, and quoted Neal, something about if you can answer how many tattoos you have, you don’t have enough (or something along that line, my brain quit working since I heard the name *lol*)

Kudos to his crew for putting on the gloves and hauling all equipment. A gentleman in the back commented something about he saw DCook carrying stuff, setting things up, etc too. And DC was like, it’s my cardio.. XD

Someone asked about in-ears (he actually asked Monty but Monty tried to run away), DC said there’s a lot of clicks(?) used when they play so they’re all synced up.

And my highlight of this Q&A. Probably half way through the Q&A, they’re working things out on stage, I saw Andy talk to Nick Gibson off to stage right, so I was following Andy’s movement when I heard..

DC: whatcha lookin’ at?
me: *freezes* *mentally facepalms* *slowly turns around*
me: *melted into a puddle of goo* ♥__♥
DC: *chuckles* BUSTED~~~~ (in his dragging sing-song voice)
me: *FOREVER DEAD ON THE FLOOR* (in tiny defeated voice) so hard.. *lolz*

Seriously. YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT SMILE. I cannot with that smile. *faints*

And to my defense, Andy looked like this. ↓ HOW COULD YOU BLAME ME FOR OGLING HIM?! XD

Anyway, I asked him about West Coast shows, so he talked about San Diego and LA. Excited to play at the Troubadour. Talked about Going Over the Edge in San Diego.

DC: I’m rappeling down a 350..
me: *mumbles* -65
DC: 65, thank you, I’d like to be exact, 15 feet.. a 365 feet building…
me: *lolz whacks*

He did some research, no one has ever got any rope-burn, he obviously doesn’t want to be the first *lol* Told us not to worry. Talked about how he likes working with ABC2. Asked a fan who did it before to cut her hair and do it for him (and he’ll take all credits ← *lolz*what a dork)

Talked about fantasy football. Also mentioned the sacrifice he made for being at Dosey Doe that night (Thursday night football, Chiefs was playing Eagles on 9/19, they won, btw!)

Miley Cyrus talk. He said Wrecking Ball was really good and I almost fell off the chair. I think he was talking about the lyrics, not the music video (since he said he didn’t see it *lol*). Said she didn’t do things people haven’t been doing for the past 20 years. #TrueTrue #ButStill #HannahMontana

Said he got very uncomfortable hearing himself on the radio, he’d change station right away. Also felt super weird when someone sang his song on TV. *lolz forever*

Next, they played Where Do We Go and Carry You for soundcheck. WDWG was climbing my favorite list so fast. Also, Seeing DCook on keyboard up close, my life was pretty much done. *lol* He was having problem with his voice altering mic (I believe he called it a bullet mic) as it wouldn’t stay in place and he was bending down to talk into it (← so adorb). Then, he sang the beginning of Wicked Game to test it out and I was seeing unicorns and rainbows. ♥

Quick panorama! *clicks for a slightly bigger size*

IT WAS THE BEST Q&A SESSION EVER. Long (40-45 minutes?) and very informative Q&A session, DCook was in a really really good mood (still high from getting steroids in his ass? *lol*), his smile was so ridiculous and he was so damn adorable I can’t even. ♥

We lined up to go upstairs for M&G in the “green room” and that was when I realized I forgot the stuff I wanted him to sign in the car. I told ya, things were going so well *lolz* I was towards the end of the line so I was thinking about running out to get it, but decided not to. While waiting for my turn, I got to talk to venue dude and merch dude, Ronnie (I hope I got his name right ^^”), a little bit about personal bubbles *lol*

btw, a couple and two other fans in front of me won at M&G, they were so awesome! Also, someone gave him a DICK-LARATION TAPE. *lolz forever*

When it’s my turn, I gave Ronnie my camera before walking in…

DC: *smiles* hey, sorry for calling you out like that
me: oh gosh no problem, that’s perfect *lol*
DC: *gives me a hug*
me: *gives him a bag* how’re you feeling?
DC: much better, what’s this?
me: for your throat, lime, honey and sea salt
DC: oh good stuff, thank you!
me: don’t add water though
DC: nope, no water, thank you so much!
me: *beams* btw, I actually have something for you to sign but I forgot it in the car..
DC: oh
me: so I have to improvise, can you draw me something that will make me smile?
DC: ahh sure!!
me: *gives him silver sharpie*
DC: *starts drawing*

Ronnie motioned me to go take a picture with him. Thank you, Ronnie!

DC: here you go! I have no idea what the hell it’s supposed to be though *chuckles*
me: *lol* awww that was cute! Thank you so much! ← photo towards the end of this blog, I think he’s been taking drawing class at Disney World! :D

Now, it’s time for the M&G photo.

DC: *puts his right arm around my shoulder*
me: *puts my left arm around his waist* *notices the size difference* *looks at him* *looks at his tummy*

My right hand apparently had its own brain without filter because the next thing I realized I was grabbing David Cook’s belly. *headdesks*

me: what is THIS? (evidently, my mouth had no filter either x_X” *heads his tummy*)
DC: *laughs* this is what you get when living off fast food!
me: *pats his tummy* it’s alright, nbd

Got the photos taken.

Ronnie: *hands back my Lumix* very nice camera :)
me: thank you! (Gavin Degraw loves it too! *lolz forever*)
me: (to DC) can we take a selfie?
DC: of course!
me: by that, I mean can you take our selfie since you have longer arms?
DC: *laughs* absolutely!
me: *gives him my phone*

The photo was lolz I loved it. His face. I’m done. It came out heavily grainy, damn low light and damn iPhone 5S for not coming out until 9/20 *lol*

I told Dave I missed seeming him on stage. He said something about that’s why they’re coming out, his smile was so ridic I couldn’t concentrate. ^^” Before I left, he gave me a hug~

DC: *huglifts* ← If you don’t know what this is, my Houston 2011 postshow M&G was where it started, I cannot even with that epic night
me: *shrieks* ← I didn’t expect him to remember! ♥

I thanked him and told him that I was so flippin’ excited for the show, then stumbled away to find my seat. I went downstairs to officially check in for the show, then went out to get PJ. We got back in, went to our seat separately. I ordered my food, and climbed the stairs to go hangout with PJ, who’s already made a new friend. HOORAH. My food arrived, I ran downstairs to eat and ran back upstairs to hangout with them some more.

Another fan came to show us her photos that David signed during M&G, the story that came with them were pretty awesome, I loved it!

I gave PJ my camera, told her to take pictures or whatever if she wanted, went back to my seat a little bit before the show started, got to know other fans at my table and then it’s showtime! :)

oh, not yet. Dosey Doe peep came on and asked us some trivia questions (where was DCook born? What was the first song he wrote?). I still don’t know who got the prize (Dosey Doe coffee). The band came on stage. DCook started chewing a piece of gum.

And now it’s really SHOWTIME! *screams*

btw, it’s so weird to be sitting at a dining table watching a rock show! I was like, are we supposed to sit or stand?! XD

Paper Heart kicked of the show that night! I loved loved loved the new drum intro!

DC: One! Two! ONE TWO! 

He sounded amazing tonight~ ♥

Pretty awesome view from my friend’s seat! ↑

First banter of the night was so adorb. He said he didn’t know how he felt about us sitting down, but maybe this would be a special one-off thing as they’d never done a show like this before, until the next time Dosey Doe books them.

DC: see what I did there? I made you guys feel like you get a one-off show and I told the guy that runs this place, maybe book us again~

His face. I’m so done with this bundle of adorb-ness  *pinches* #OffToAGoodStart

The Last Goodbye was next! Sing along so hard!! btw, there’s one particular guitar move during TLG that made me go *__* every time. I don’t even know how to explain it *lolz*

..and the itch continued…

DC: A+ banter tonight here! this is gonna be great! ← oh boy, and this was just a beginning *lol*

Band kudos. Audience cheered really loud. Talked about how they’ve been on the move nonstop since after their rehearsal, and the van started to smell already *lolz*

Time for a new song, Carry You! He reached for the piano and I fell off the chair.

His solo in the middle!

Nick G. brought him a guitar (can I mention how often they switches guitars during each show? XD) and some tea (I think), then turned Morgan Freeman (his golden skull from last tour *lolz*) on.

Talked about his allergies attack from the previous day and his shot in the ass.

DC:’s a painful needle in my left butt cheek.. ← I loved how specific he was *lol*

He gave a shout out to his doctor last night *thumbs up* (← damn cute), said that he’s all hopped up on steroids and he felt like he could haul a Buick across town. XD

So HOORAH, we’re going to get a full set! *flails*

Let’s pump it up with Heroes! He nailed all the high notes! ♥

(still love this lucky shot more, it’s been my iPhone wallpaper since November 2011)

Moving on to Circadian! *wheeeeeee* With Paper Heart as a show opener, I didn’t expect Circadian at all!

♪ mayday, somebody save me now ♥

Into to Let Me Fall for You started! Back to back to back awesomeness! My heart~ I f-loved LMFFY, especially its epic chorus throughout the song. *purrs*

A drum track started and at first I didn’t realize it was We Believe (oops). DCook said we’re the rowdiest crowd they’ve had yet, then proceeded to lick his guitar pick and stick it to his forehead. I cannot even. XD He grabbed a new one, took the one on his forehead off, tossed a pick out

DC: that’s not the one I licked and put on my forehead btw ← I dare you to be cuter than this, DCook~ ♥

Guitar switching time! Fans upstairs sent a bucket full of beer bottles on stage. Toast time! He thanked the audience for coming out to the show.

Up next, my new favorite: Eyes on You! I loved how he almost danced moved to the beat at the beginning of the song.

OMG DAVID AND ANDY. THAT DOUBLE GUITAR SOLO WAS EPIC HOT. ♥__♥ I totally missed that at the Belmont! And the way he paused at the end of the solo was almost like a robot move! ARRRRRHHHHH he did that ‘running his hand along the guitar neck’ thing again. LEGIT EYES ON YOU IS THE DEATH OF ME.

And here’s a shaky video for your viewing pleasure. 2:27-2:44. *dead in 14 seconds*


I didn’t have enough time to resurrect because Wicked Game was next #GoodbyeToTheWorld #Take2

Watching he performed the song from soundboard last night had nothing compare to this. His voice. HIS VOICE. So haunting I friggin’ loved it! *faints*

And while I was busy going #)!#&)@!~&#toomuchformypoorheart!&)$(#@()@!!!!, PJ was being the best friend ever upstairs. ILU girl. ♥


♪  what a wicked thing to do
to make me dream of you
and I wanna fall in love 
(This world is only gonna break your heart) ← love love love Andy’s voice here ♥

Everyone was cheering really loud after the song. The band left the stage, DCook got his acoustic guitar on and started talking about how he did Fade Into Me during last tour. Then..

DC: honest to God I don’t know why I play with my hair so much. I know it’s like the elephant in the room at this point. It’s like I got meth itch or something I don’t know what’s going on. uhh.. I don’t do meth btw.

OMG WHY SO ADORB DAVID COOK?! *dies laughing*

Okay. PJ asked me since half way through the Belmont show: what’s going on with his hair? because he scratched his head ALL THE TIME. *lolz forever* And I was like, getting used to new hairdo I guess? XD

Here, have some meth itch proof.. ↓

Anyway, back to FIM story, said he’d do A COUPLE SONGS that way, and he started playing with his hair again while he was talking like he couldn’t stop himself. Everyone was laughing so hard. He was hilarious. ♥



It was incredible. I watched the whole song with a hand over my mouth. PJ told me later that she thought I was going to cry. DUDE. I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES. Lie always had weird emo effect on me okay?

Capo’s on. Tuning for Fade Into Me! He talked about how appreciative he was getting to work with people he admired. Mentioned Kevin Griffin. Here we go, back to back acoustic attack. I had no words for how amazing he sounded that night.

Then, he added that tiny little spin, the second ‘til we start to breathe‘ before the last verse, and I literally had to clamp both hands over my mouth to stop myself from shrieking. It was effing brilliant!!! ♥

DC: you guys are insane, this is so much fun

Monty said next time they came to Dosey Doe, they should get paid by cheesecake. *lol* A fan gave him a gift (through Monty), he asked if it’s proper to open on stage *lolz* it’s a bracelet, he put it on, the band started playing jingle tune.

DCook was like, you guys are so calm are you even out there? So a fan in the front showed him a note, he grabbed it and read out loud “WE NEED TO STAND” and everyone was up on their feet! FINALLY. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT FAN WHOEVER SHE WAS! I wasn’t sure if I could bare sitting down much longer!!

DC introduced Kiss and Tell, and said it’s a perfect song to stand up!

The energy in Dosey Doe suddenly went up by 3000%. Andy led the audience clapping. OMG it’s so much fun!

btw, the camera I gave PJ was dead, so she used her iPad mini to take picture instead. Bless her heart. Truth be told, it always cracks me up when people using iPad to take picture/video at a concert, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. XD


They’re getting ready for the next song, but someone threw something at Monty because Nick wanted a beer! *lolz* It was so ridiculous I loved it.

DC: what time is it btw?
dude: PARTY TIME!!!!
DC: *cracks up* did you yell 2012?!

dude: NO, PARTY TIME!!!!!
DC: oh party time *cracks up even worse* ↓ not only it’s not the time I was thinking of, it’s also the wrong year!

Legit, cuteness overloaded.

DC: 2009! Whooooo~!  ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Nice segue into Declaration, sir! Dancing and singing along so hard! The song sounded different somehow or maybe I just haven’t heard it live in so long. *lol*

For the next song, DCook basically told the entire male population who came with their woman to rub up on her as long as they could keep it discreet. I cannot with him. XD

I’m Gonna Love You was soooooooooooooo gorgeous. ♥ Still loved Andy and Monty epic whoaooohoohoooohhhhh~ towards the end so hard!

btw, after listening to this song repeatedly earlier that day, I think it killed me and I loved it even more. It’s an I-LOVE-YOU-SO-MUCH-MAYBE-TOO-MUCH-IT-HURTS-IT-HURTS-IT-HURTS kinda song. Like being stuck in an ‘I don’t know how to let go’ LIMBO phase, and it hit me so hard it hurt. T-T

you left behind a memory..

Since they didn’t know how to make a good setlist (that’s according to DCook, for me it’s ~awesome), we got two new songs in a row, my favorite earworm, Where Do We Go! I loved song with audience participation! *claps claps cpals*

At the end of the song, Monty wanted a high five, but when DCook went for it , Monty changed his mind. He walked over to gave DCook a hug instead. Awwwww~ ♥

DCook asked if we liked the new songs (F-yeah!!), said (jokingly) that he wrote them all by himself and he’d get all royalties *looks at Andy*

Andy: yes he did ← I love Andy *lol*
DC: *chuckles* that didn’t happen, I wrote a bunch of them with Andy

While he was talking to Andy, Monty started playing bass, Nick and Andy joined in, and I love DCook’s almost-dance move. It’s a Monty show, his dad was there that night and DCook would like to speak with him to figure out what was wrong with Monty. *lolz*

DC: against my better judgement,I just love that guy
fans: awwwwww
DC: *tries to overly imitate* awww ← what a dork

The band left the stage after Come Back to Me. Everyone was still clapping, stomping and cheering really loud.

They finally came back on stage. DCook thanked the audience. He said they’ve been doing this for the past five years, and this was the coolest show they’ve ever played! *throws confetti* The crowd went nuts!

Asked us to sing along the next song, Light On time!

One dude fan held up a candle (readily, yet unintentionally, available as a part of table settings). DCook saw that and pointed him out, smiling. Here’s what happened next. While he was closing his eyes, singing the next part, a bunch of fans grabbed ALL THE CANDLES and held them up. Other fans scrambled for their phone, turning on flashlight and/or Light On app. Everyone was singing along really loud as usual.

So, when he reopened his eyes and saw the audience, he totally lost it and cracked up so bad. It was incredible!!

It was THE MOST EPIC LIGHT ON MOMENT EVER. So friggin’ magical. All thanks to Mr. Ron (I really really do hope I got his name right), the trendsetter!

After the glorious YEAHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~ , he sang a couple lines as Monty, I almost died laughing.

DCook talked about what happened, still cracking up, he said he was in his head, nailing LO and when he opened his eyes, Mr. Ron had this “damn candle” in the air ← his voice was so flippin cute! XD

and look at his nailing it pose ↓ *lolz*

He said he normally didn’t say things like “you guys are the best crowd ever” (but Dosey Doe was magical yo!)

DC: tonight has been the most fun I’ve had in a very very long time, so thank you so so much

Thanked Houston for the warm welcome and amazing response every time he came back.

Laying Me Low was the last song of the night and the band was killing it!! And whoa-whoa-stomp-clap FTW!

Before the song end with epic drum by Nick..

DC said: thank you guys!


After the show, PJ came down to meet me at my seat while I was still catching my breath.

me: need to pee
PJ: can you wait?
me: nope, level 9! *lol*

We squeezed our way through the crowd as Dave was sitting at the merch area, signing stuff and talking to fans. I saw Nick Gibson standing next to the merch area.

me: *still wants to pee really bad* NICK! HI NICK! (omg bad manner)
NG: *smiles* hello!
me: I stalk you on twitter! *headdesks* (what is wrong with you, Sara?!) but you probably know my friend *name-drops* *lol*
NG: aww nice!
me: can I take a picture with you?
NG: of course!
PJ: (*whispers* I thought you want to pee) *takes a picture*
me: thank you Nick!
NG: and you can stalk me anytime!

Finally reached the CLEAN (according to the sign) restroom! *throws confetti* At first, we were going to leave right away, but one look at my face, and PJ just went to stand in line *lolz* I LOVE HER.

While we were waiting, I tweeted Megan a photo of Nick and me. And Megan was like, did you get a hug because Nick was the best hugger ever. So, my saintly friend PJ waited in line for me while I went back to Nick who was talking to Nick Adams next to the stage, showed him Megan’s tweet (she facepalmed so hard for this *lolz* ILU Megan ♥), and got a super awesome hug. It’s like being hugged by a bear, you guys! (well, not that a bear ever hugged me before, but whatever! *lol*)

I talked to both Nicks about Zero Gravity in Dallas (I did Nothin’ But Net back in March and it was pretty awesome, so I told them to try it if they had a chance since they had a day off *lol*). Anyways. Took a picture of them. Took a selfie with them (still damn your timing, iPhone 5S *lol*). Another fan came to tell Nick A. how awesome he was and how hard it was to take a picture of him.

NA: *shakes head* I don’t know why (people can’t see him)
me: I think it’s because you’re behind Dave, he’s kinda.. *makes some hand gestures*
NA: *cracks up* yeah, that’s it!
me: please don’t tell him I ever said that

Andy walked by so I told Andy that stage lights hated him (the fairest of them all (← that’s what Tina called Andy at Cain’s Ballroom show and I loved it *lolz*) always gets wacky stage light). Andy was like, that’s true. *lol*

I thanked them for an awesome night and went back to PJ. Bought a CD for PJ, Ronnie remembered me buying a t-shirt the previous night. When it’s our turn, I asked Dave to sign the photos.

DC: *looks at the first photo* where was this taken?
me: *grins* Council Bluffs, Iowa 2 years ago ← I swear I printed the photo out before the first show *lol*
DC: I think I wore this shirt 2 nights ago
me: yes you did *lolz*
DC: *looks at the second photo*
me: it’s Laying Me Low lyrics
DC: *looks closer* ohhhh nice! *looks even closer* I told you this before right? You did a really good job with these.
me: *BEAMS* yes, thank you, and I told you to hire me. HIRE MEEEEEE *lolol*
DC: *chuckles* right? you could have helped designing the t-shirt! ← *lolz I wouldn’t go that far, sir, but TY!

<<<< TIME OUT!  PJ took this while he was talking to me~ ↑ I cannot with his face, but especially his eyes. ♥ I love how he looks everyone in the eye and listens carefully to what we ramble say. I love how he always, ALWAYS, pays attention his fans and all tiny little details. I love how he remembers these little things because, to me, it means he cares. And it makes me feel so effing grateful and happy to be his fan. ♥ >>>>

me: *laughs* (well, since he’s talking t-shirt) *points at the new shirt* that’s not your handwriting right? (I was pretty sure it wasn’t)
DC: no no, I FOUND the font that works *laughs*
me: it works. btw, the lyrics on the back..
DC: yes?
me: reminds me of MAKE BELIEVE
DC: oh really?
me: *nods nods* “where does love go when it dies” ← confession time, I have a thing for MB
DC: *pauses* *nods* huh that’s right, thank you so much!

Took a picture with him. Got another huglift. *BEAMS* Thanked him. Got caught double fist-pumping by Dosey Doe staff, they laughed so hard. Left the venue.

Driving to the hotel, my hands were shaking from concert high. PJ told me that people were shrieking while Dave was huglifting me, I was like I did not hear a thing. #InTheMoment XD Also, she told me she saw Ronnie put my honey in his tea~ HOORAH!

PJ said that it’s actually nice that the previous night show that the Belmont wasn’t super awesome, because it made this show supremely amazing. HA. #PositiveThinker

Arrived at the hotel. Checked in. Took a shower. Looked at some photos and realized how dusty my lens was. *lol*

Also I tried to order a new phone at midnight, then realized that it’s not midnight PST yet, so PJ and I stayed up until 2am to order my new phone before passing out.

The next morning, PJ dragged me out of bed so we could go downstairs for complimentary breakfast. *yawns* We left Houston a little before noon, listening to the new CD I bought PJ at the show (she’s the one who put it in, new fan yo, new fan), heading to an outlet mall not too far away. However, the rain started POURING, like, I COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING AT ALL ARE WE GOING TO RUN INTO THE CAR IN FRONT OF US kinda pouring. #PaperHeartMoment! *lol* I mean, I’m from Seattle, I’m fine with driving through the rain but this was down-pouring in an unfamiliar territory with some flash floods along the way. Oh boy.

By the time we got back in Austin, I was all tensed, my shoulder hurt. But there’s nothing good food could not fix, we went out for late lunch/early dinner (dunch? linner?), stopped by Target to get me a pair of yoga pants so I wouldn’t beep more at airport security check (best idea ever), had some delicious boba tea, picked up PJ’s car before we went home, watched all the movies available in my vudu account, and finally fell asleep to Wall-E around 2am.

ps1. DAVID COOK. Thank you. ♥

ps2. The band was on fire that night, I love their chemistry! Plus, I love Monty so hard. btw, Nick, a new band member tends to steal my heart, what’s with all these heart ninjas? XD

ps3. I love how the teleprompter was replaced by a simple binder. #BackToBasic

ps4. Dosey Doe must have a pet unicorn in the back or something, that place was MAGICAL. Amazing vibes. Fantastic crowd. Great lighting with no evil smoke machine. I LOVE IT.

ps5. My friend PJ is the worst enabler ever! And I love her for that. *lolz*

ps6. Last but not least, I don’t even know how you can still be reading at this point, but THANK YOU for your visit, I hope you enjoy my concert experience with me. If you consider brighten up my day by leaving a comment, thank you! Otherwise, hello blog creepers! ;)




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14 Responses to DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!! Round 17 – The Woodlands

  1. Your concert blogs are full of win. Always a pleasure to read.

  2. Lynne T. says:

    This response is a test, because I have written two “Thank You’s” to you and neither one posted!

  3. Lynne T. says:

    No worries, it was me, not your site! Duh! Put info in wrong line! Will repost later. ~L

  4. Tina says:

    Dosey Doe must be the best show ever because it has the best venue name ever. The end. And I still finding it 100% hilarious that DCook called you out for creeping on Andy. HA.

    Your recaps and pictures always make me ridiculously happy. Why isn’t there a rule that you and I must go to every concert ever together? Let’s propose this rule. <3

    • naughtiest says:

      I’m all in for this new rule! I love going to shows with you!! <3 and I need to be more discreet the next time I fangirl Andy. Got caught by Andy, got busted by DCook (forever fav moment), I don't really have a good track record here *lolz*

  5. riz says:

    this is my nth thank you to you.. I hope you can go to more DCook shows so that I can read more of your recaps..

  6. Megan G says:

    He mentioned “MY GOOD FRIEND NEAL TIEMANN” who has a bunch of tats, and quoted Neal, something about if you can answer how many tattoos you have, you don’t have enough (or something along that line, my brain quit working since I heard the name *lol*)
    I am forever the saddest because this happened IN HOUSTON AND I COULDN’T GO, but maybe it’s better, BECAUSE I WOULD NOT STILL BE BREATHING.

    Ughhhh most awesome ever. *sigh* ILU.

    • naughtiest says:

      you have no idea how hard I wished you were there. *hugs* It’s almost on par with we-don’t-know-Souvenir moment. Houston is a magical place.

      ILU and I miss you <3

      • Megan G says:

        Still miffed about that, he’s such a diva :p

        seriously though, the variety of venue and style of show is really cool this time around. I honestly think, as much as I wish worldwide fame and fortune for him, I love the smaller locations. He’s so PERSONABLE, and that’s a lot of the appeal for me at his live shows. Hard to get that in a giant arena. I’m so excited you had such a perfect DC experience AND THAT YOU GOT THE HUGLIFT.

        • naughtiest says:

          ditto ditto ditto! I truly want him to be super successful doing what he loves, but I have to say I love his concerts on a smaller scale like this way more than any of the big venue ones. Plus, it was very nice of him to spend time after the show talking to everyone.

          ps. I wish I could go to a show with you!
          ps2. btw,huglift is our thing now, as he apologized for not being able to give me one at Cain’s (he’s sitting behind a table with a security dude standing guard, so I couldn’t jump over *lolz*), I cannot with him sometimes. ^^;

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